Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary of the Church of GOD.

Yesterday (Friday evening sunset to Saturday evening sunset) was the one thousand nine hundred and eightieth anniversary of the founding of the Church of GOD. The Church of GOD is now one thousand nine hundred and eighty years old.

Yes, yesterday was the day of Pentecost, literally meaning to count to fifty from the day after the Sabbath that followed on Passover, (aka Feast of Weeks and Feast of First Fruit), the very day the HOLY SPIRIT from GOD descended upon the one hundred and twenty or so faithful who had obeyed JESUS CHRIST to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from GOD. This was also the same Sacred Calendar date that the ancient Israelite, freed from their slavery in Egypt, received the Ten Commandments Covenant at the foot of Mount Sinai.

JESUS set up HIS Church in 30 C.E. exactly on the very day of the Feast of First Fruits also known as the Feast of Weeks, one of seven annual Feasts of GOD given to the ancient Israelites during the time Moses as part of the Old Covenant

Now how many professed Christian actually know this? And how many actually observed this GOD ordained event just as the approximately hundred and twenty faithful and obedient disciples of JESUS CHRIST did in 30 C.E.? Now consider this, if JESUS indeed came to do away with the need to obey and keep the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath and the Passover (including all the other seven Holy Days) as has been the claims of the Christmas religion ever since, why would JESUS begin the New Testament Church of GOD exactly on the very day of the Feast of Weeks/First Fruits of the Old Testament? And why would HE institute the New Covenant made in HIS blood through HIS death as the LAMB of GOD exactly on the Old Testament Passover?

But instead, nearly all of professed Christianity know when Easter is and when Christmas is. What has these days which were never even once mentioned in the Holy Christian Scriptures to do with Christianity? Nothing, these are the holidays instituted by Satan the Devil through his agents and disciples to make sure that the bulk of humankind especially all these professed Christians who know next to nothing that is significant and true about Christianity continued on to believe in lies living out their lives while sowing evil and wickedness, heaping harm and suffering on others and ultimately too reaping for themselves. You cannot sow evil and wickedness and not have it eventually backfired on you.

Now consider this (but don't be stupid enough to take it literally and carry it out - a special note to the masters and disciples of the Christmas religion): if you were to take a machete and going out from your house and begin attacking and chopping up everyone that you meet, see how long before you yourself will be killed. This is a very simple analogy that you can't continue to do evil before it ultimately affects you.

Why do I have to explain this to a world social order of extremely brilliant, intelligent and educated shifters and shapers of the world order of today?


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