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The Fall Holy Days Season.

It is that time of the year again and the fall Holy Days are soon approaching. By that I meant the autumn Holy Days Feasts that the Christian GOD ordained for HIS nation by Covenant. Today this Covenant is the Everlasting Covenant made by and in the BLOOD of JESUS as the LAMB of GOD who died for the sins of the world. And as always again this year I will be travelling forth to keep this Fall Festival of ALMIGHTY GOD. This year I will, according to GOD's grace, be travelling a bit further to keep this Feast and might linger a while before returning. This might mean that for the first time since this blog starts publishing I might miss a month in my routine publishing schedule.

Of the Feasts which are the outline of GOD's schedule or plan for bringing all repentant humankind into HIS DIVINE FAMILY, three had already been implemented (one completed and two already started and progressing or are being carried out at the appointed rate) namely:

The autumn Feasts foreshadowed: the return of JESUS as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords  Feast of Trumpets; the imprisonment of Satan  Day of Atonement; the thousand years of peace before Satan is released again for a short period to manipulated all the other nations  the Feast of Tabernacles; all the rest of mankind who will repent at the Great Judgment entering into the Everlasting Covenant and the Kingdom of GOD  the Last Great Day.

The religious and semi religious Jews of today still keep a corrupted ('paganized') version of this fall Feasts (called ‘Sukkot’ which is the eight days of the combined Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day) even though they have not kept it according to the ordinances and commandments of GOD since before the days of the Gospel records. Basically the Jews have been keeping their own twisted version of GOD’s ordained Feasts from soon after the time of the Babylonian captivity after they were returned to the Promise Land during the reign of Media-Persia in the time of King Cyrus. For a short time after their return they were ‘fairly faithful’ to GOD until those whom GOD raised up to lead them (Prophets and scribes such as Nehemiah and Ezra) passed from the scene. They soon began to return to their old unfaithful wicked self expedient ways. That was the reason in the Gospel records the Apostle John wrote of the ‘Jewish Feasts’ instead of the ‘Feast of GOD’ in describing the keeping and commemorating of these Holy Days by the Jews of those times. For the same reason too, GOD sent them Prophets such as Zechariah and Malachi to correct them warning them that the promised MESSIAH was soon coming. Those Jews held Moses who mediated the Ten Commandments Covenant as their greatest Prophet. Moses warned them through their forefathers who inherited the Promise Land that GOD would one day send them another Prophet like him. This was in the context of Mosses role as the mediator of the Ten Commandments Covenant between the Israelite and GOD. Mosses acted as the one who presented and formalized the covenant of GOD with Israelite.

When JESUS CHRIST died in 30 C.E. establishing (that is putting into effect) the New Covenant which is the New Covenant Passover in HIS death as the LAMB of GOD to make redemption and salvation available to all humankind who would repent to begin being fully committed to obey GOD, the Jews were then given a period of forty years to accept and enter into this New Covenant made through JESUS Blood represented in the New Covenant Passover Commemoration by the cup of red wine. This period of forty years given to the Jews of the Apostolic days paralleled that of the Old Covenant, the Ten Commandments, which was given at Horeb in Mount Sinai. The ancient Israelite entered into the Promise Land forty years after GOD instituted that Covenant through Moses. But most of the Jews of the days of the Gospel records rejected the MESSIAH and the New Covenant and became cut off from a relationship with GOD as their GOD and KING. From that day forth these Jews (until today) ceased being the people of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their nation then even just as the vassal nation of Rome ceased to be the Nation of GOD and became just another worldly (or pagan) nation which is just another Beast nation or pagan nation. Read the Keys To Unlocking The Mystery Part IV of Bible 101 to understand the Beast symbolism in the Christian Bible.

Like all the rest of humankind the Jews then as well as today have no real love for GOD and no true desire to obey HIM. They persistently refused to abide by the binding agreement they entered into with GOD to become HIS nation inheriting the land promised to Abraham. Though they claimed Moses to be their greatest prophet, they, just as their forefather before them refused to listen to him or to believe him. And like their forefathers who throughout the time since Moses had rejected the corrections GOD sent through HIS Prophets even killing many of those sent to turn them from their wicked self seeking wickedness, the Jews of JESUS' days did exactly the same thing. They rejected and murdered the very MESSIAH they pretended to be eagerly waiting for.

Jews Have Been Keeping Their Own Perverted Version Of GOD's Ordained Holy Days.

Just as the observation of Easter by the whole world of professed “Christianity” is the covenant the founder of the Christmas religion made with Satan the Devil to replace the Forever Covenant mediated and instituted by JESUS, with an evil counterfeit, so also the Jews observing the fall Feasts is keeping they own perverted pagan feasts. The Jews today are basically keeping their own perverted traditions that do away with the commandments of the GOD they calmed to worship in the exact same way as the whole world of professed “Christianity” have been doing keeping Easter, Christmas and all their other pagan festivities and celebrations.

When you add to and take away from (which conceptually is changing/replacing) what is commanded or invent your own, you are basically saying that you are superior to GOD, that what HE ordained, instituted and commanded is not good enough or suitable for you. While these Jews pretended in the deception of their wicked hearts that they hold sacred GODs Name which they considered too sacred to be written because (according to what is currently calmed by these self righteous bigots and hypocrites) once written it must not be erased. So they write the consonants leaving out the vowels. This faked reverence for GODs name is nothing more than self glorifying false religious piousness which is not any different from all the fake indignation of religious zealots screaming bloody murder whenever they think that their religion have been insulted. These Jews exactly like the masters and experts of the Christmas religion are full of doublespeak claiming to love and honor GOD when all their doctrines basically blaspheme GODs Name, Holiness, Goodness and righteousness. The Jews then as well as now make a pretense of honoring and reverencing GOD with their mouth while their practice of religion basically blaspheme GOD exactly like the doctrines (wine) and celebrations (revelries) of the Christmas religion.

Self Expediently Wicked.

The Jewish people are not a foolish people with marginal intelligence but are a brilliant and shrewd tribe of humankind. Their religious authorities and experts whether of modern, orthodox or ultra-orthodox views are not morons with borderline intelligence. Then tell how is it that they don’t understand their religious Scriptures, what it recorded, taught, foretold and the things fulfilled? Is it because they dont believe these Scriptures, what their Prophets and Scribes from Moses to Malachi spoke, wrote and recorded? If they do not believe the records of their Scriptures which they claimed as from their GOD then what basis do they have for their faith and religion?

Somehow what were clearly written in their Scriptures do not seem to figure in their beliefs or understanding. Now if they were all morons with borderline intelligence than I would not find it amazing that they seem unable to comprehend what these records clearly foretold. And if all these prophecies never came true as they apparently seem to believe than these records must surely be nothing but fictions. And if these religious Jews (modern, orthodox or ultra-orthodox) believe these records are fictions than what basis then do they have for their being religious (Jews) except to show off and glorify in how pious and religious they are?

If you have thoroughly read the Old Testament of the Christian Holy Scriptures and understood what was written surely you must know that the entire basis of the Jewish faith or religion rested firstly on two men - Abraham and Moses, and secondly on their being a physical nation (the people and citizenry) of GOD by the Ten Commandment Covenant inheriting the Promise Land, a land that GOD had specially separated out for them. This inheritance for Abraham's descendants through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob was promised by GOD to Abraham because Abraham had been faithful to GOD believing GOD enough to obey GOD completely, faithful keeping, honoring and performing all of GOD's commandment and laws.

And if you believe the Old Testament records of the Holy Scriptures you would know that four hundred (and seventy) years later according to what GOD had told Abraham, the children of Israel entered and began inheriting the Promised Land after they made a covenant with GOD forty years earlier at Mount Sinai in Horeb. You would also have understood that the reason they only entered the Promised Land forty years later was because they refused to believe and obey GOD to enter into the Promise Land forty years earlier and wanted to return to Egypt. This despite the powerful deliverance from the Egyptians and  the covenant they made with the GOD and CREATOR of all things just forty days earlier to faithfully obey HIM accepting HIM as their GOD and LORD (RULER and KING).

And if you believe the whole of the Old Testament record of the Holy Scriptures you would have understood that soon after the time Joshua and Caleb led the children of Israel into the Promise Land the Israelite began to be persistently unfaithful in their commitment to perform and live according to and abiding by the covenant they made with the GOD of all things. They not only persistently broke their covenant with GOD breaking HIS commandments (the Ten Commandments), HIS laws and HIS Sabbath, and refused to obey HIM, they even persecuted and murdered HIS servants sent to correct them and turn them from their idolatry and worship of pagan gods and deities.

And you would have understood that each time these people (both Israel and Judah) became unfaithful to seek and pursue after other gods and to follow after the manner of the nations around them, GOD let them fall into the hands and oppression of these nations around them exactly as HE told them according to the terms of the covenant they made with HIM. And when the oppression of their enemies become too hard for them the Israelite would cry to GOD and HE would sent HIS Judges to deliver them. But no sooner than they were delivered from their oppressors they would slowly return to their old faithless rebellious wicked ways. This was the pattern of events during the time of the Judges before Israel asked GOD to set a king to rule over them rejecting GOD as their King. The Israelite thought that by having a king directly over them they would be safe from being conquered and ruled over by the nations around them. They just could never get it that the reason they fell into the hands and oppression of the nations was because they failed to honor their commitment to the covenant they made with GOD to faithfully obey HIM as their GOD and KING (RULER) performing and upholding HIS laws and commandments. They refused to believe and understand that the covenant with GOD that saw them inherit the Promise Land and of their nationhood in that land as the subjects of GOD carried the requirement that they faithfully serve and be loyal to their GOD and KING.

You would also have understood that because of the unfaithfulness of King Solomon in his aging years, GOD divided the Kingdom taking ten tribes of that nation from Solomon's son Rehoboam. These ten tribes were given to Jeroboam the son of Nebat separating the United Kingdom of Israel into the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah.

But Jeroboam and all that followed after him near totally pursued the path of idolatry and paganism. So GOD had them all carried away as captives and slaves by the Assyrian. From that point the nation of Israel ceased to be a nation of GOD by covenant and most of those carried away eventually lost all knowledge of the true GOD becoming pagans. After the divorce of Israel, the nation of Judah through the Kings that ruled over her also were mostly unfaithful in the Ten Commandment covenant and this saw their nation becoming oppressed and ruled over by the nations around them until Judah too was carried away as captives and slaves to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.

After seventy years of captivity and exactly as prophesied by the Prophet Jeremiah and revealed through the Prophet Daniel, the Jews began returning to Jerusalem and Judah to rebuild the temple and city. However soon after the leaders whom GOD raised up to lead them to rebuild the ruin cities passed from the scene the Jews reverted to their adulterous and rebellious ways against their GOD and KING. By the time of the Gospel records and through the Apostolic age their nation was mostly a only vassal nation (as opposed to a fully sovereign nation) ruled over by Rome. From the time after the Babylonian captivity through to 70 C.E. the Jewish nation never regained their full sovereignty which it had during the years when their Kings ruled over them.

From all these if you have not being as wicked as these Jews and the masters and experts of the Christmas religion you should be able to figure out (by putting two and two together) that unfaithfulness through breaking the commandments of GOD (and thus the covenant with GOD) for the nations of Israel and Judah (or any nation who has GOD as their GOD by covenant) means calamities, weakness and falling under the sway and power of their enemies (the nations around them) or to become subject to, ruled over and oppressed by the nations around them. Conversely faithfulness to GOD means blessing, prosperity, power over and deliverance from their enemies. The Jewish nation of Israel today is just another pagan nation and the Jewish religious faith of today is just another pagan religion as much as is the Christmas religion. All of traditional Christianity” and near all of professed Christianity is just as pagan as all the other religion that this “Christianity” of today derides as paganism. Read the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ by this author for the full disclosure and proof of this.

Here then is a summary of the key points of understanding of the Jewish Scriptures which the religious Jews seemingly never appeared to be able to grasp.

First the basis of the Jewish faith or religion.
1. Being the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob (later named Israel) according to the promise GOD made to Abraham. This being that these descendants will be given the Promise Land as their national inheritance to become a nation of GOD. All these three Patriarchs had entered into covenants with GOD accepting HIM as their GOD. All these three men had been faithful to their covenants with GOD obeying HIM throughout their lives. The Jews of today, as also the Jews in the days before their nation ceased to be in the first century, focused on this promise and the covenant of GOD with Abraham but wickedly refused to admit to the second covenant, the Ten Commandment Covenant which is their Covenant with GOD by which they become GOD's people and nation. This Covenant was what gave them their inheritance in the Promise Land. This is more relevant and crucial to them. Like the many Antichrist religions of today focusing on Christmas, Sunday and Easter refusing to acknowledge the requirement to keep and honor the New Everlasting Covenant and to obey and perform the Royal Law and Holy Commandments of GOD, the Jews refused to acknowledge the their own required covenant with GOD that saw them and the ten tribes inheriting (taking possession) the Promise Land (see point 2 below).
2. Entering into a covenant with GOD to be HIS nation so as to inherit the Promise Land. The promise inheritance was with a condition of accepting GOD as their GOD through accepting, keeping and honoring the Ten Commandment Covenant with HIM. It is a covenant of nationhood of being the nation of GOD having GOD as their GOD and also having GOD as their LORD and KING.

Second their own covenant with GOD and what it means to make a covenant with GOD to accept GOD as their GOD and to be the nation of GOD.
1. Obedience to the laws, ordinances, statutes and judgment of the nation is a prerequisite. Obeying the commandments and instructions of the SOVEREIGN RULER, LORD and GOD KING is also a prerequisite.
2. Faithfulness expressed through obedience carries blessing, prosperity, well being and sovereignty for the people of the nation.
3. Unfaithfulness through idolatry, paganism and alliance for protection with pagan nations carries penalty of becoming subject to the rule and oppression of these nations eventually leading to the lost of national sovereignty
4. Continued unfaithfulness led to the lost of nationhood as GOD's nation or kingdom on earth. This happened first to the ten tribes of Israel. The two tribes of Judah and Benjamin (including the Levites) too temporary lost their nation when Judah was conquered and carried off by Nebuchadnezzar. Judah finally lost their nationhood completely just as the Kingdom of Israel did, after the Jews rejected the MESSENGER of the Covenant prophesied specifically by Moses, Isaiah, Daniel and Malachi. They were given a forty years period to enter into the Forever Covenant mediated by this MESSIAH in 30 C.E. just as their forefathers were given in the first Covenant mediated by Moses. In 70 C.E. their nation ceased to be a nation of GOD and eventually ceased as a nation altogether until they were brought back through a DIVINE act after the Second World War. This return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the establishing of the modern sovereign state of Israel as a pagan nation was prophesied by the Prophet Daniel. (Read the post titled ‘Jerusalem The Focus Of The World’ in the blog ‘The End Of The World How It Is Going To Happen’ for the full disclosure of this prophecy given to the Prophet Daniel. Just as the ancient nation of Israel became pagan after they were carried off by the Assyrian because their covenant with GOD was terminated so also the ancient nation of Judah after 70 C.E. Today the nations of the other ‘ten tribes of Israel’ and the ‘two tribes of Judah’ that descended from the Patriarch Jacob are full sovereign nations of the world today. But they are just as pagan as all the other sovereign nations of the world today.

In the next post we shall examine the Old Testament Scriptures in the context of what were foretold and what came to pass and what will soon come to pass for the descendants of the Patriarch Jacob according to GOD's unbreakable promise to the Biblical Patriarchs and to King David. This I will do in the second part titled - ‘No Scriptural Basis For The Jewish Religious Faith Of Today.

Special Note
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