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The End Of The World Or Not?: Part 4

The End Of The World Or Not?: Part 4 of 7
Part 4 of 7: Another Religious Prophet Of Doom?
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Special caution to all first time readers of this author's work, PLEASE READ FIRST AND FULLY the ‘Contents Warning’ and the‘Special Notes’ before reading any of this author's work in order that they understand the contextual basis of all the discussions of the author.

Is This Author Also Another Delusional, Crazed And Half Insane Religious Prophet Of Doom?

Most of the regular readers of this blog (and also the other Christian blogs of this author) would (or should anyway) not be wondering if this author is another delusional half insane prophet of doom, If any are, then they need to seriously examine their intelligence (their ability to ‘put two and two together’ – meaning knowing how to logically analyze and examine an issue) or sanity (i.e. driven to insanity by excessive lust).

Others who stumble upon this blog (or this author's other blogs) either from searching for something or through a link and then took the trouble to read through one or more of this author's work barely enough to get some idea of what these blogs discussed, might in all likelihood be wondering or even be thinking exactly that. And that won't at all be surprising.

Because today more than at any other time since the flood that drown all the Antediluvian world except for the family of Noah, there is a worldwide social order of humankind where nearly everyone with some education has been gorging themselves into insanity super feeding their egos (aka ego superfeeding or ego supergorging). Not really knowing anything much or anything important about something, someone, some issues or some events they pronounced and announced their self perceived supremely knowledgeable and most brilliantly intelligent conclusions and judgments on all these.

And herein is the reason why anyone asking whether this author is not just another delusional crazed Prophet of Doom, is just clearly, plain and simple blatantly (i.e. arrogantly) stupid andor brazenly evil. Because anyone who is ignorant or in ignorance on a certain issue or subject or topic and is not blatantly stupid or evil will, before they make judgment calls and pronouncements, study to find out  asking questions on any point of uncertainty or doubt, reading thoroughly seeking to understand what is being discussed and also doing a complete thorough research through all the resources and recourse available. Whereas the blatantly stupid and the brazenly evil hardly knowing a single thing that is true will from the banalities of their lust and greed fueled supergorged egos sprout forth all manner of arrogant judgment and pronouncements. This is something so pervasively universally witnessed in all the forums and comment discussions posted on every internet sites from social networking to every internet publishing sites that allowed discussions and comments such that anyone who considers himself/herself to be intelligent and enlightened yet is not aware of this would also be willfully and blatantly stupid.
Please read the previous installment of this topic for the discussion on ‘ignorantce, willing ignorance and willful ignorance’ to understand the context and concept of what is meant by the term ‘blatant stupidity’ used in the blogs of this author.

Obsessive Greed, Lust And Ego Super Feeding

Nearly every single privileged member of humankind living today are not particularly interested in anything except those which will get them: more money and stuff they crave; more sensual (physical, emotional and/or psychological) pleasurable sensations; more power; more fame, popularity, glory and self image delusion; and/or more youthfulness, attractiveness and desirability. From the days of their youth until the day before they enter the grave, that is all they are mostly focused on and preoccupied with. Hardly are there any who would for a moment, take into deep consideration the reality of their life until it comes under threat and/or is in grave danger of being snuffed out. And even at that point most would still be focused on how to prolong it so that they may continue on in their vain lust seeded pursuit.

This is to a certain extent understandable considering how severely limited we all are, our lives and well being depended upon a long list of favorable conditions. From basic sustenance to basic needs (safety, health, sleep, activities and comfort) through basic rewards (interactions and affections, sensual, emotional and psychological pleasures and satisfactions) that makes live desirable to be prolong.

Human beings are indeed very intelligent, our minds capable of understanding all the parameters of our existence and life to know how we are, who we are, when we are, what we are and ultimately also why we are. And it is for this reason that we cannot be excused when despite our magnificent intelligence and brilliant ingenuity we choose to be obsessively greedy and through it to loose our perspective of ourselves, our environment and existence, to become from partially to completely insane and consequently also extremely and blatantly (that is, arrogantly) stupid. If we are indeed ignorant through no fault of ours, having not opportunity to find out the truth, we cannot be faulted. But all those who have access to read this blog (having access to all the information freely published on the internet), then willfully choose not to find out the truth through doing a comprehensive and thorough research (from material easily and readily available) but instead to arrogantly pronounced and proclaimed that all that is written here is nonsense when they know or understand next to nothing true, cannot have any legitimate excuse for being so blatantly stupid exactly as all those partially insane followers and subscribers to all those infamous prophets of doom of failed prophesies have been.

If these have indeed done as comprehensive a research as best they could, going over all the related and relevant materials they can get their hands on and still come to the conclusion that this author is nothing more than just another half insane crazed prophet of doom then I would not fault them too much, even though I may have seriously doubt about their sanity and impartiality. But if indeed their conclusion is derived from a truly sincere (as opposed to a self deceivingly and arrogantly done to give an impression of sincerity) effort to learn the truth and understand, then no one can rightly fault them.

But this post is (as well as all my blogs are) written for those who acknowledge that they either do not have enough information (are ignorant by circumstances), or are not clear for some reason (such as lacking adequate experience). This means that the things I write about and discuss are for those who are basically ignorant but sincerely choose to learn and find out. So all those who believe they already know everything there is to know without seriously reading what is being discussed here, please go somewhere else to pursue and indulge in your ego supergorging lusts.

This discussion here is not for the willingly ignorant yet arrogantly so, who knowing next to nothing yet behave like they know and are the definitive experts on everything. It is not for all the willfully ignorant know-it-all “rocket scientists” or “rocket scientists wannabe” who not really knowing anything about a subject, topic or issue yet believe themselves and conduct themselves as if they are the ultimate experts and authorities on anything and everything there is, even things they have never ever even give a thought to before. These ego super feeding gluttons you can find on every forum, every site that allows comments and every avenue, publication and discourse where they have a chance to sprout forth their supremely arrogant opinions making a complete fool of themselves yet oblivious to this fact and continued to gloat on.

And this discussion here is absolutely forbidden to all the willfully ignorant who cares for nothing except the feeding of their obsession to twist, spin and subvert anything and everything to glorify themselves and justify their lust, greed and pride. This is not to say that I would (or could) forbid anyone their free will choice to do whatever they want, but that I should not be accused of offending their sensibilities and to avoid providing them an excuse for their craving and lust for violent murderous rages.

Is There Going To Be An End To This World?

Is this world actually going to end anytime soon and when, if it is? That is first thing we would need to consider if we are going to prove whether this author (namely me) is a half insane crazed prophet of doom or not. Am I just like all those infamous ones whose predictions and claims have all turned out to nothing but just fictions, fantasies and lies?

In this context then we need to examine the Christian Holy Scriptures because this has been where I speak from, the entire perspective and basis in the discussion of this author.

Is there any validity to what have been recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures found today in the numerous versions and translation of the Christian Bible? If you are absolutely convinced without any shadow of doubt that there isn't any truth, that there is no truth at all to the Christian Holy Scripture, whatever your considerations maybe based on, then you should just stop reading here and go find something more meaningful for you to do. But however if you are bored to your skull and needed some distraction or entertainment then by all means read on for your judgment.
For the discussion of the Christian Holy Scripture's message about an end of the world please read the next post of this series, ‘The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of GOD

But Not Exactly The Same

Some over two billions people alive today claimed they believe in the GOD and the JESUS of the Christian Bible and another more than one and a half billion claimed to believe in this same GOD and the same JESUS but not exactly in the same way even though they claimed the GOD and the JESUS are the same, but then again not exactly. Among these, as well as also many others who claimed to believe in this JESUS as well as this GOD of the Gospel accounts of the Christian Bible but not in the same way even though they claimed it is the same JESUS and GOD they believe in, but not exactly. Then again, there are also more others who also claimed to believe in this JESUS and also the GOD of the Abrahamic religions but they also believe that all the other religions also believe in the same God, but not exactly. In total we would have more than six billions people today who claimed to either believe in the Abrahamic GOD and/or the JESUS of the Gospel (and New Testaments) accounts of the Christian Bible, but not exactly.

In the same way too there are all these people who claimed they are Christian and the followers of JESUS CHRIST. And because of that, they claimed they believed the Christian Bible is the word of GOD and that they believe in JESUS CHRIST, but not exactly believe. Likewise too there are people of the Jewish faith of Judaism who claimed they believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that they believe that Moses was their greatest prophet, but also not exactly believe.

All these people have this vague incomprehensible (meaning insane) notion or idea that you can just claim or say you believe in someone without knowing anything important about them or believing anything they have to say about themselves or believing anything they say at all. And these people are all going around thinking that they are the smartest and most supremely intelligent and rational of all of humankind because of these beliefs of believing just whatever they wanted to believe while claiming to believe in someone without believing anything essential, totally refusing to believe anything that matters, about the someone or anything important that someone was recorded to have said.

The only thing I can say about all these people who make all these claims is that they are either totally confused from lying to themselves so much, or they have exactly as all the ego super feeding supremely arrogant willfully ignorant people have, become blatantly stupid and about just one or two notches away from being so insane that they would have to lock them up in an asylum to prevent them from harming themselves and others. This is not to say that many of them have not been harming themselves and others, many had, and are still doing so, both directly and indirectly - most maybe a bit more discretely nowadays. Not only are they still doing that but they are also still instigating, manipulating, encouraging and commanding others to follow suit (especially the part on harming others).

So if any of you who are reading this and still choose to continue to believe any, some or all of these religions and systems of belief that claimed to believe in one God or one and the same God or many Gods and also believe in JESUS but all not exactly believe, I have only one thing to say to you, 'Wait for Chicken Little (aka Chicken Liken), he is bound to show up soon to fulfill your wildest lust seeded fantasies.'

Some Very Simple Things

Who is this so called God that more than six billion of the more than seven people in the world today claimed to believe in but not exactly believe?

Is He the GOD of the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Christian Holy Scriptures? No, not exactly. Not even remotely.

And the so called Abrahamic religions are not necessary (no, not even remotely) the ‘religion’ or faith and belief of Abraham the Father of the Faithful of the Christian Biblical account (which also included the Old Testament records which is one of the claimed basis of the Jewish religion today). The Abrahamic religion so called is a word coined to describe the three major religions of the world (and numerous other minor ones) that laid claims to tracing its roots and origin to a man named Abraham recorded in the Old Testament records of the Christian Holy Scriptures. They all claimed to believe in the GOD of Abraham, only just not exactly believe.

The Christian Bible is the translation of the Christian Holy Scriptures comprising of records of the books of the Old Testament as well as that of the New Testament. While the original Christian Scriptures is the Holy Word of the CREATOR GOD (the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), the Christian Bible is far from so. This is because the translators interpreted the records according to their held beliefs and perverted agenda rather than to sincerely and faithfully translate the text from the original languages. For the discussions on this please read another blog of this author, ‘The Scripture Of Truth’, which is a sort of Christian Bible commentary which discussed the various passages, verses and words of the original text that had been either erroneous or intentionally mistranslated by the Christian Bible translators to forward the evil agenda of Satan the Devil and his sanctioned religion the Christmas religion.

Simple Things To Know About The GOD Of The Christian Scripture
Please read the post titled ‘GOD’ in ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ blog on what the term ‘GOD’ actually meant when GOD had it recorded in the Holy Christian Scriptures the several words used to denote and address the GOD of this Scriptures.
Here are some of the most simple and basic things to understand about the CREATOR of all things, of which nearly all the religions which professed to believe in HIM, never ever seem to even remotely understand. This can be seen reflected in many of their extremely evil and ridiculously insane doctrines that very clearly, explicitly and deliberately blaspheme the CREATOR while they blatantly pretend to praise HIM.

GOD is:
1. Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresence  really, fully and totally. Not just claimed to be or only pretended to be, as implicitly reflected in all the evil doctrines (teachings) of all the anti GOD religions that pretend to praise GOD in their explicit blasphemies. All these so called Abrahamic religions claimed that is, what they believe GOD is  omnipotent, omniscience and omnipresence, only just not exactly but hardly and barely. (See item 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7).
2. Not self contradictory and not stupid; not bungling and not always messing up and not always desperately trying to fix things that had gone terribly wrong; not clueless and prone to misjudgment, errors and mistakes; not ignorant and totally clueless about communications in words and languages having totally no idea what they are all about or no idea what names are supposed to be for. Not obsessed that HE must be addressed or prayed to by a specific name or worshiped/praised in a specific language. (See item 1).
3. Not deceitful, not vindictive, not malicious, not self glorifying, not calculative, not unjust, not insane and totally clueless about what HE had created having no idea how things turn so out of hand (with human civilization filled with evil for thousands of years and a host of angels in rebellion and still insisting that it is all according to HIS will, not obsessed with controlling people or angels or HIS creation, not obsessed with punishing people in vehemence hatred, not obsessed with preventing people from exercising their free will choice and choice of behavior. (See item 2 and 6).
4. Not restricted, not limited (see the pretend part of item 1 and item 5), not forgetful, not weak and powerless and totally unable to contain or to stop or to prevent evil. (See item 1).
5. Not obsessed with sex whether to wickedly tempt HIS believers to be fixated on it by promising them an eternity of endless supply of it if they kill themselves to kill others for HIM, nor find it repugnant or sinful or filthy or defiling, nor finding new born babies who have not done a single wrong sinful because they were conceived through it. Not obsessed with torturing people, mutilating people or killing people. (See item 2).
6. Not totally clueless why evil is so pervasive in the human social order (ever since creation) and still having no clue and totally no power to stop it except to threaten and threaten them with an eternity of torture in hell when they die and still totally clueless after thousands of years that it is not working with millions to billions having died (and are supposedly in the hell of torment ever since, or destined for the hell to be horrendously tortured forever). (see item 1).
7. Does not have HIS “existence” and “definition” in the creation and is not restricted and limited by the laws of physics of the universe (such as being defined and/or confined by the number three or any numeric or voluminous quantifiable quantity; or by being confined and defined by a word or a specific language such as a specific name or some magic scripts or paranormal phrases; or confined and defined by anything a man can utter with his mouth or imagine in his head). (Refer also to item 1 and 4).
8. (This last point purposely left out, will be added when this series installment is fully finished.)

Some Simple Things To Know About This Author's Blogs

Number 1
First and foremost, I am not telling you that the world is going to end at this and this date and this and this time. I have structured down a list of events to look out for that must happen. And these events are not all tiny little events that can happen without anyone noticing. Of these sequences of events many are major world events that the whole world of the human social order will clearly notice. Then I have shown where in the Christian Holy Scriptures where it was prophesied. You are of course free to disagree but just make sure that when you see all these things beginning to happen you do not continued on to disagree and be swept into the evil that will swallowed up everyone whose hearts have chosen to be willfully ignorance or wickedly evil. Also understand I am not the one foretelling these events, it is the Christian Holy Scriptures which did so (prophesied of all these) some two thousand and more years ago.

I make no claims to be a leading expert or authority on anything. I am just a stumbling, bungling student striving to understand life, reality and the things recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures and looking fully to the AUTHOR of all these things for the answers which I have diligently striven to faithfully present in all my blogs. My main hope is that whoever reads this work would rationally use the intelligence that GOD had given to every human being to think clearly and logically to make decisions on their lives based on clearly thought out, thoroughly researched reality based information avoiding irrational fear, greed, lust and self image supergorging fueled ridiculous myths, superstitions and fantasies.

Number 2
I am not after your money or your support or anything at all that you or anyone own absolutely, period. I am not desperately trying to save your “soul” or anything like that. You are a free will independent minded personage with your own prerogative and onus to decide how you want to conduct your life – it is your call what you do with your life and how you want to run it day to day. I have nothing directly to do with you and you have nothing directly to do with me (for most of you reading these blogs).

I am not doing all these to win any popularity contest. Simple fact is no one likes being told that they are doing something wrong let alone something evil. Most people (including my own Brethren, the Elect of GOD) will hate me for writing what I am writing. Nobody sane, whether mostly or just barely, wants to hear from someone telling them that they sowing and perpetuating evil in the conduct of their lives. I am not saying all these things that you hate to hear about yourself to gloat over you or anyone or to elevate my self image. Writing all these things is something I really rather not do, I have numerous better and more enjoyable alternatives I would rather spent the few remaining years of my short life doing. Telling people that they are evil and blatantly stupid is not something I delight in or want to spend any part or time of my short life doing. I am sane enough to know that from the perspective of a personage living this temporary life that ends in death, that for such personage it is wiser and more rationally intelligent to seek the things that give us satisfaction and pleasure. For me that would be in life and in nature and to stay the hell away from humankind as much as it is possible. This is not to say that there are no aspect of human beings that are beautiful and lovely but these have for all intent and purposes being obliviated by their unbridled greed and lust.

Don't think that I am judging people or condemning people either. Basically I am writing what I believe fully to be true as any truly sane person can see that the only way to stop evil in the human social order is for every single human being to endeavor never to do evil no matter what. Now I am not saying that is going to happen ever on account of the current human social order deciding to do so on our own accord. No, realistically that is not going to happen. And that is the very reason GOD is going to destroy ninety percent of the human population on the Day that HE has appointed to punish this world of evil humankind when JESUS returns. The hope of this work is that all those who read this will stop continuing the pursuit of evil in the process of their lives either now or when they see the clear and unmistakable signs I wrote about coming to pass. The main thrust to do this is to get decent truth loving people to recognized and understand who, what and why we are, that we are severely limited creatures encumbered by our many needs and wants but endowed with a magnificently intelligent mind and the ability to channel our thoughts and motivations such that we can control the direction we choose in the ordering of our lives. This work is more about education and enlightenment. that we should recognize ourselves as what we are and understand the motivations behind our attitudes and thinking and consequently recognize our emotional weaknesses that drive us to seek greedily to gorge ourselves with everything we desire and crave of which the most destructive to us and our societies is the of super feeding our ego to elevate ourselves in our own eyes and the eyes of others that we might believe that we are somehow superior in some or all aspects to the other members of humankind.

From what the Holy Christian Scriptures had recorded, I would expect that of those who actually read (at least a few posts of) my blogs, nearly all will either not believe it and/or hold me to scorn and ridicule. Of the rest who might actually believe it enough to read much of what is published here, most will not be duly concern about the evil that permeates the entire human social order enough to make a commitment to stop doing evil in the ordering of their lives much less to make a commitment to repent and start to believe and obey the CREATOR. Unless scared witless, human beings are just not willing to care particularly about stopping evil in themselves despite most of them blatantly pretending that they hate evil and love good in all that they condemned and dissed others for being evil.

So on my part it should be obvious (to anyone fully sane) that I seek not to convince anyone or to impress anyone. I seek and endeavor only to sincerely and diligently carry out my duty, to be faithfully honoring and fulfilling the Covenant I have entered into with the CREATOR of all things, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in executing all the requirements and responsibilities that is entailed.

Number 3
I am not putting on that only I have supreme intellect to understand the secret to when the world is going to end and no one else can understand it. There are no cryptic secretly hidden codes and no privilege totally secret communications from aliens from other parallel or alternate universes, no mysterious frightening visions or visitations. The very reason I have been presenting all these works (against much obstacles and discouragements, and the threats of arrogantly evil people) in my blogs is because I believe that any adult man or woman with minimal intelligence can comprehend and understand what I have been discussing. It is my hope that when all those who have read and are familiar with my work see the events which I spoke of (as was recorded in the Scripture of Truth) coming true they will understand to not get caught up in the pervasive great evil that is coming on this earth before the end comes. Anyone who wants to disregard everything I have said and embraced these evils is totally free (from any coercion by me) to do so. I am not laying down the law for anyone not even giving any advice (though I do exhort) but testifying to what I fully believe to be true as the carrying out of my responsibility. Those of you who will never believe or listen to anyone except those who make the claims that they are the leading experts and authorities, here is you cue to stop reading and go find some of these leading experts and authorities and give them all your money and fall down before their feet to worship them. Nothing here should be of interest to you.

Number 4
I have all along been saying that there are ways to escape the coming end time destruction and terror and what I have been saying is available without membership encumbrances or subscription fees or royalty dues. They are free on the worldwide web to anyone who wants to read and who will want read that there are ways to escape the coming destruction and terror. You don’t have to pay me money or give me your all your properties and worldly goods, nor need to pledge allegiance to me in order to survive the coming terror and plagues. There is no requirement to commit to me or to my cause. No man or woman or organization or nation entity is paying me to write all these things. There is no hidden agenda to frighten anyone to enslave them to me.

Number 5
I have been speaking out against an established world order of numerous ridiculous system of beliefs that have been totally embraced by a population of over seven billion, plus an extremely evil (historically proven to be so without a shadow of any doubt) religious organization that is a sovereign nation state with over a billion followers' subjects today (and set to increase dramatically a short while before the end times events pick up pace). This is more than all other sovereign nations on earth today except maybe China and India. Once they notice that what I say is gaining popular attention, many among these (as well as among those who are arrogantly wicked) will seek to silent me by any and all means. And this is a confirmed truth from the lesson of history which I have also shown, and against which anyone can easily check.

I also know for a fact of all those who actually took the trouble to read through more than one post (or article) of my blogs, most will totally forget about everything they have read here by the next day if not sooner. And of those who have actually been following this work here more than 90% will eventually give up to focus on other things more pertinently important to them. Even when the things I write on have become very obviously coming true in frightening ways, most of those who have read about it here will not coherently remember anything significant. So I am under no delusion whatsoever that this work will have any significant impact on the social order of this Age of Man. If anything of what I have done here is repeated elsewhere it will mostly be repeated by all those who directly or indirectly serve Satan the Devil, as they twist and pervert everything that is true into lies to advance their agenda and themselves in the super feeding of their egos.

I have been telling those few who have come in contact with me that it is not compulsory to become a Christian, it is a free will choice. There is no denying that for a fair percentage of humankind, on this planet even in this every age of technology and knowledge, life can be hard, and stress and distressed filled. For some, through no fault of their own, life hangs by a thin thread almost daily. But neither should there be any denial that for a huge number of humankind if we are in distress it is mostly from our own doing.

Christianity is a binding Covenant between a human being and the CREATOR GOD. In this Covenant we admit that and accept GOD as GOD (the supreme ruling power over all things), meaning as the ONE who owns us and have absolute authority over us (even as in reality GOD owns everything and have absolute power over everything being the ONE who brought everything into existence). If you cannot live up to that requirement, the requirement of the Covenant why then would you want to enter into just so you can in bad faith and evil deceit break a Covenant you never intended to keep and honor. Is not your current conduct of life full of enough evil for you to want to add the greatest of evil to your lists of crime against GOD?

But I do exhort everyone not to embrace evil and not to continue on to perpetuate evil in the conduct of their lives, there is no law or commandments against doing good or in virtuous conduct. And that is my main exhortation (or impassioned plea) that each and every human being who has the basic freedom to decide how they want to conduct their lives should not need to resort to evil to live out their very short and temporary life. The GOD who created all things is completely wise and just, and HE looks on the attitudes in our hearts whether we conduct our life in sincerity to do (and speak) what is good and right. Everyone who walks humbly and seeks good is looked upon favorably by HIM no matter what system of beliefs either religious or not they subscribed to, having been inducted either from their parents or their educational system.

There is a punishment that awaits every single human being who has ever lived (and no, the punishment is not an eternity of torture in a horrific hell). And this punishment that awaits every sinner and evil doer is not because the person is a non Christian (for the majority of humankind) but for evil words spoken (i.e. any form of communication of thoughts conceived in the mind) and evil acts carried out even if the act is just of telling a little lie or eating a single forbidden fruit. Death is not an obstacle to the GOD WHO created us all that HE would not be able to resurrect all those who had been dead back to life to carry out the fitting punishment for every evil word spoken and every evil deed acted out. And no, the punishment is not going to be carried out in hell (or hades i.e. the grave on dead carcasses/bodies) but on this very same earth that you and I are living in today.

This GOD will do at appointed time of the Great Judgment when HE acts to remove completely all evil and all the wicked from HIS creation forever. GOD did not create humankind in HIS image and likeness to no purpose or just so HE could finally destroy most of them or so that HE can punish most of them in an endless eternity of horrifying torture (as are the evil doctrines of every anti GOD religions that pretend to be for GOD and to praise GOD); but that the creatures should learn the crucial lesson that evil is a free will choice that comes as an integral part of having free will and freedom.

And when this lesson is fully learned through the process that GOD had ordained from the very beginning, outlined in HIS master plan revealed through HIS prophets, then all who persist on to refuse corrections to recant and turned from their evil ways will be destroyed (not tortured) forever that the creation should be purged of the evil that every self glorifying self righteous member of humankind pretends to condemned as they continued on to sow and perpetuate it in the conduct of their lives.

It should not be an impossible thing to figure out that evil can only cease when all those empowered with free will would freely, willingly and without wavering (not through being coerced by threats of murder and eternal tortures as are the evil doctrines of evil anti GOD religions) choose at every single instance never to take the easiest available recourse to get what they desire for themselves in their lives at the expense of, or to gain over, or through doing harm to others. And if you would believe the testimonies of the Holy Christian Scriptures it should not be impossible for you to understand that this has been exactly what is being work out by the all knowing GOD through the process that HE has ordained in the temporary lives of men and women with free will and the relative freedom to do evil that is currently granted to all humankind (as well as to the Angels of Heaven).

Number 7
And here is one last thing. You do not need to be a true Christian to escape being casualty in the end that is coming on this world order. In fact many, many true Christians are going to be persecuted, tortured and murdered in the events leading to this end. If you are not a true Christian through the Everlasting Covenant, just make sure you are not complicit with all these murderers either actively or passively. Mind you, I am not making a pledge or guarantee to anyone that they will survive the coming End of the Age's calamity and destruction. When I speak of an escape from the end time destruction, this is in the context of GOD's punishment against all perpetrators of evil. Ever since humankind rejected the GOD who created them, the relatively weaker and those less able to defend themselves whether innocent or otherwise have always been the prey of the wicked and it is not going to change until the current social order of evil rebellion is effectively ended. Read the full details of how you can survive through the end of this Age of Man in the last installment of this topic.

Now don't get me wrong I am not telling anyone to not make a commitment to accept the CREATOR GOD of all things as their GOD. If you are fully and sincerely (as opposed to self deceiving pretend to be) committed to it then it is a wonderful thing, for in it there are great rewards that are forever. But be warned, the rewards are not mind-boggling never ending sex with multitudes of virgins, nor are they forever sitting around playing harps or sitting idly staring forever on the face of GOD. Such are the insanity and perversity of the evil blasphemous anti GOD religions which more than half of the over seven billion people on earth arrogantly and stupidly embraced.

But nearly every single human adult alive today are just not prepared to sincerely make that kind of commitment, not even the Elect and Saints of GOD today. Most of the true Christians of today are scattered, the majority from being spewed out from the Church of GOD when GOD allowed the THE Antichrist or Son of Perdition and his cohorts to take over the Church turning it apostate.

This is because nearly all the Elect and Saints, the true Christians in the Church of GOD of this Last Days, were never sincere in their commitment to the Covenant that they have entered into with the ALMIGHTY GOD. That is the reason many of them will be going into the trial by fire in the Tribulation, delivered into the hands of those who hated them because of their unfaithfulness and deceitfulness. It is the consistent records in the Holy Christian Scriptures that GOD had always allowed HIS people who were unfaithful and refused to be corrected to fall into the hands of their enemies.

Most of the Elect and Saints were, and are still, mainly interested in saving their own skins and pursuing their lives expediencies, only pretending to love GOD and to love the truth. Of these things the Christian Scriptures foretold long ago as I have also shown in all my writings. That was why the Christian Scriptures spoke of an end time ‘Elijah who is to come’ to turn the hearts of the FATHER to the children, and of the children to the FATHER, failing which, GOD will totally wipe the earth out of existence.

So make sure you intend to do better than all these self deceiving liars if you think you really want to make a commitment to be faithful to the GOD of all things to accept HIM as your GOD. Be sure of your sincerity before you take the step through baptism as a symbolic gesture of your repentance and of a symbolically dying to your self which signify to GOD your commitment to accept HIM as your GOD. Then and only after baptism can you (and must you) partake of the Passover, as the Covenant you have entered into, at the ordained time of its annual commemoration as an annual reminder to you of JESUS' death to redeem you from the death penalty that once hung over you. The commitment to GOD or to never do evil which ever is your decision is never about ability but about willingness, it is never the can or can't but the will or won't. The decision  to become a Christian must be an un-faked, un-feint truly sincere, steadfast, commitment to the CREATOR GOD accepting HIM as your GOD and OWNER RULER to faithfully and really believe in HIM and seeking continually, determinedly, steadfastly, unwavering to fully and totally obey and unreservedly love HIM. The decision to never do evil is not going to be easy either but definitely easier than the commitment to the Forever Covenant made in BLOOD of the SON of GOD.
Please read in The Holy Bible Expounded’ and Living By Every Word’ the basic requirements of the Everlasting Covenant that every man and woman must meet (fulfill) and be faithful to who chooses to forsake the evil and wicked ways of this world order to turn back (repent) and accept the CREATOR of all things as their GOD.
As I said, it is not compulsory during this period of the Age of Man to become a Christian - just don't do evil and don't take the course of evil in the daily ordering and conduct of your life. Now that is compulsory for every single member of human kind irregardless of your system of beliefs. Choosing to not do evil in the conduct of life is a very, very simple thing to do but it is not easy. The path of righteousness, goodness and virtue is never easy. So let all those who understand understand, and the rest continue on not hearing and not seeing that the wickedness in their hearts and minds may be exposed for the whole creation to witness in the Day that GOD ALMIGHTY, THE ONLY SUPREME POWER, will judge HIS creation.
You might be surprise that evil is such a simple subject to understand yet nearly everyone living today don't really know what it is. Please read in the post 'The Evil Is In Us And Among Us' to understand what it means to be free and what evil is

So It This World Going To End?

Read the answer in the next installment - The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of GOD.

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