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Why do I believe in GOD?

Some supremely wise and super enlightened readers may ask, ‘Why in this modern age of scientific knowledge and understanding about the universe, how it is formed and about how evolution brought life to our earth, would anyone still believe in a ridiculous idea of an all powerful, all knowing creator god who is good when the very existence of evil in the world contradicts the concept of such a creator?’

My answer, ‘Precisely.’

I look at everything we can see and hold and touch, the immense universe, the diversity of life and I can understand that some one or thing who is both all powerful and all knowing, has to be only reason that this is all exist and have their functional expression in reality.

The basic defining code or law that says an atom is made up of this and behave like this, who defined and established that it should be such? Is it really the be-all-end-all ultra mega supremely all powerful, brilliantly ingenuously intelligent Absolute Nothing, as our supremely ingeniously and brilliantly intelligent men and women of science had proclaimed and asserted rather than the ‘totally ridiculously stupid’ concept of an all knowing all powerful intelligent CREATOR GOD ‘invented’ by a fear fueled superstitious weak minded mankind?

Has anyone bordered to answer the question 'Why is an element with one proton in its atomic nucleus a hydrogen while one with two a helium?' The proton is the same, since this is so why can't we add two apples together and get ourselves a papaya or a durian? The question is why not how.

Why would one string of DNA form a monkey and another form a cockroach? Why would they form anything at all? I have eaten a lot of spaghetti and for all that I can recall they have always been spaghetti no matter how long or short, fat or thin they were or whatever gravy and garnishing were used.

Why does light consist of a spectrum of colors and not just white? And why as waves not just a plain and simple straight line?

Why do mankind aged? Why can't we be forever renewing and forever young, why would evolution do that to code aging into so many of its products? Why death, why does all living things die? Why can't living things live perpetually without aging and without dying?

Why do animals and plants reproduce only their own kinds? Why don't elephants give birth to giraffes and donkeys and monkeys to “rocket scientist”? Why do apple trees only bear apples and not blueberries too, or better yet every tree produce an unlimited kinds of fruits depending on climate and soil factors or even independently of anything? Why do only plants (and bacteria) able to harvest sunlight to manufacture the food they need to sustain their growth and life, why should not all life be able to do the same? We can harness sunlight to manufacture vitamin D what stop us from using sunlight just like plants can? Who or what defines (and why) the amount of energy that is need to do such and such amount of work? Why are the parameters to spawn and sustain life on a planet so restrictive such that only the planet earth in our solar system have an abundance proliferation of life but not all the other planets or even every tiny asteroids traversing our solar system, all being able to sustain life?

The answer of course, is that it is in the preset and predefined code, dummy!

Our ultra mega supremely brilliant super geniuses scientists talks about forces, fields, waves, particles, matter, dark matter, antimatter, energy and dark energy but they are totally and completely clueless why they exist and take on such forms and what made them to be what they are, but yet they strut around in their ego gorging lust perceiving, advancing and proclaiming themselves as the gods of knowledge enlightenment and ultra mega supreme intelligence, as they brazenly and blatantly parading their clueless lust fueled insanity exactly as all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions and all those who have been granted to attain to positions of power authority (whether through politics, military, philosophy, academia, economic or other social avenues) in the entirety of the human social order even when these positions of power authority is over just one other human being.

The law of what and why physical things are, and how they behave are predefined before they can come into existence. This is one of the most simple thing that our brilliant men and women of science just plainly in deliberated stupidity refused to understand. Before the (physical) universe can exist the framework that allow for its existence must first exist (i.e. be defined and specified) exactly as before life on earth can come about, the framework that allow for the genetic functional expression to produce them must first exist (i.e. be defined and specified).

Yet many believed that the law of the conducive conduct of relationships has been done away with, nailed to the cross. Sigh.

The One Most Simplest Thing

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

More accurately and literally translated Genesis 1 verse 1 would read:

In the beginning POWER [’elohiym H430] created the heavens and the earth. For the discussion on this please read the multiparts installment post, ‘GOD’ in the blog, ‘The Scripture Of Truth’.

Our ultra mega supremely brilliant super geniuses scientists talks about forces, fields, waves, particles, matter, dark matter, antimatter, energy and dark energy, then some decade or so ago they started talking about black holes, event horizon and singularity which naturally (but not reasonably or logically) from that they came out with (i.e. invented) the theory of a universe from absolute nothing (aka a quantum vacuum which was very quickly changed and evolved to not a real or not really an, absolute quantum vacuum but just a near one or just nearly one).

But yet to this very day, ego gorging science continued on to in deliberated stupidity refused to recognized one of the most simplest things that they have learned about our universe. In all their proclamations on forces (primary forces weak and strong), fields, waves, particles, matter, dark matter, antimatter, energy and dark energy, they totally refused in deliberated stupidity to understand and recognized that embedded in everything in our universe is power and not Absolute Nothing. Absolute Nothing of the Big Bang is not the cause to this universe but power from GOD is that which created this universe and all that is in it. And this power is reflected in every particles, waves, fields and energy as the cause to them existing as reality.

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