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Hypocritical Self Righteous Religious Bigot

That is what almost all religious people are, hypocritical self righteous bigots, that is (not to say that so called non religious people are not almost all also hypocritical self righteous bigots too). Yes, I have been doing some self evaluation again. It has never fully (until recently in 2008 C.E.) enter into my mind that I am religious. But looking at what I write about and what occupies my mind and activity most of the time whenever I am free from the cares and labors of life, I have to say that I am.

Which leads to the question in the blog title, am I a hypocritical self righteous religious bigot? Do I come across as such in my blogs and in my daily dealings with my neighbors?

No one has ever called me such. I have been called other names but that title as above has not been my honor to receive, yet. Which of course, do not mean that they (the ‘neighbors’ that is) don't think so. I believe that unless seriously provoked, people just aren't going to go up to your face and call you that, even if privately they think of you as such.

Not to say that I haven't seriously provoke people before. People often don't say what they think especially people here in the 'Eastern' nations. For the moment still, anyway.

That is unfortunate for me because I almost always say what I think. It kind of made me out as a person at odds with his society. However that doesn't mean that I blurt out at anything and everything I encounter every opportunity I get. I do have some self restraint (well some anyway). I shy away from things I don't know anything about and reserved comments on things I don't want to be involved in. Also I try not to speak on things I don't have enough information about (try is the operative word here). But on things that I am passionate about I do ramble on. Double sigh.

Hmmmmm...... Didn't start out that way but this article is beginning to sound like another exercise in self indulgence. (Triple sigh, yes there were others). But never mind, I will finish what I have started.

Self Perception - Q and A (had to remove the ampersand symbol as Blogger screws it up).

Sane? Maybe. Or should the question be insane? Either way the answer is the same.

Know it all? Possibly.

Righteous? Absolutely not. I have no righteousness at all. Absolute zero. Not to say that I don't try. But mostly I fall flat on my face (yes, my sins are many, my screws up even more). I supposed if I dig a hole in the ground and bury myself in it. I could be righteous throughout that duration if I don't talk to myself or do any self evaluation stuff.

Self Righteous? Hopefully not.

Wicked? Sometimes. Too many times. (Quadrillion sigh).

Sinful? Never laid calm to being anything else.

Stupid? Yes definitely. The way I have screwed up my whole life is clear evidence.

Knowledgeable? In some subjects but only barely just enough to get by.

Intelligent? Yes. That is also what made me so stupid. You can't fault a person who is born stupid. But one who is endowed with intelligence, then screw up his whole life. What else is there that needed to be said? Except that I am not alone. Scary thought that. No, not the ‘intelligents’ who screw up their lives, but that I am not alone, that there are actually others out there who are like me.

Friendly? Yes but in an anti social way.

Lazy? Hmmm......... this one is private and confidential. No comment.

Hardworking? Refer to previous.

Sleepy? 90 percent of the day and 10 percent of the night. (I know, it is starting to get ridiculous)

Reliable? Only when I want to be.

Consistent? Only when it comes to inconsistency.

Sweet? Only as far as lemon goes.

Cute? Definitely, ugly but adorable. Is there any other definition?

Desireable? Only as much as a pain in the neck.

Now The Serious Stuff. Readers Q And A (Hypothetical).

Q. Do you come across as a hypocritical self righteous religious bigot in your blogs?
A. Most probably.

Q. Do you come across as a hypocritical self righteous religious bigot in your dealings with people?
A. Most likely not, unless they are intimately acquainted because 'looks are deceiving'.

Q. Why do you want to come across as a hypocritical self righteous religious bigot?
A. Want has nothing to do with it. Knowledge puffs up. Any kind of knowledge, little or much. Or for that matter any kind of power at all whether real or perceived (i.e. imagined or fantasized).

Q. If you know it why can't you stop yourself? Why don't you change?
A. It is in the carnal nature or human psyche. The best you can do is fight it with next to (but not absolutely) zero chances of success (that is the ‘fall flat on the face part’). Change? Into what, a cockroach?

Q. Why don't you come off your high horse or the pedestal you put yourself on and stop judging and condemning everyone and telling them that they are wicked and GOD is going to kill them all?
A. The operative word I believe is ‘judge and condemn everyone’ which is not what I am doing. I am basically just telling everyone what I have been granted to understand about what is soon going to happen to this world hoping that the information I provide will allow all those who believe to escape the Great Tribulation (for the Elect and genealogical descendants of the Patriarch Jacob) and the Day of the LORD, a Type of the final Judgment Day (for the rest of mankind). It is hoped that all who read may not be deceived. What judges the world is what the world does. Wickedness is doing (in performing andor communicating) something wicked. This is exactly just as telling a lie is saying something that is not true. There is no high horse and no pedestal. I am basically relating and relaying the message of the Christian Bible. It is a responsibility.

Q. What about all those 'people of God and the elect stuff'? Don't tell me you don't consider yourself as among these?
A. If you were in my position what would you believe, knowing the stuff you know and understanding the things you understand? Of course not to leave out the commitment that had been made and to continued on with the commitment.

Q. If you are a wicked sinner and have no righteousness just like everyone else, how does that make you an elect or whatever you claimed yourself to be and different from the world that God is going to destroy?
A. For the full discussion on what constitute an Elect, you will have to read my book, Bible 101 — The Holy Bible Expounded in that chapter title, as it is not a one line, one statement or one paragraph answer. As to what makes me different, part of the answer is in that chapter, ‘The Elect’. Here I will just say because I actually sincerely believe GOD and keep HIS Covenant and commandments. Now if I am righteous in my own right then I wouldn't have to as GOD loves the righteous. But since I have no righteousness at all, I seek to keep the righteousness of my GOD which are HIS commandments; I obey HIS voice which are the teachings, examples and exhortations of the Scripture of Truth; and I honor, keep and perform the Everlasting Covenant mediated by HIS SON, the MESSENGER of the final and everlasting Covenant. Basically I consider myself as being generally and mostly the same as everyone else and my appeal (i.e. plea) to everyone is that we should all refrain from doing evil, and to seek and endeavor to do that which is good against which there is no judgment and condemnation. For a more detailed discussion on what constitutes a true Christian please read in ‘Christianity — Know The Basics’ of the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’ in the blog, ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ by yours truly, me.

Q. So what exactly is so evil and wicked about the world?
A. The answer to that is in the Christian Bible, in my blogs and in the daily news. It is not my problem if you don't believe the Bible, and oblivious and clueless to what is happening around you. If you don't believe the Christian Bible it shouldn't even be your problem. That is, until the Day of the LORD or Judgment Day whichever will be relevant to you. Please also read the short discussion ‘Random’ on GOD righteous judgment. But if you really sincerely want to know exactly what evil is, as defined by the Scripture of Truth, you can find a very brief definition under the Glossary post of my main blog, the ‘Glossary of Terms’, or just click on any of the wordevil’ in this post.

Q. What if, all that you wrote proved to be untrue just like all the other Prophets of Doom that had come and gone?
A. Then I will be the laughing stock of all my readers and I can then take up a job as a stand-up comedian. I heard some of them are pretty well paid. But seriously there is no chance of that happening. I mean about all proving to be untrue.
Those who seriously and sincerely want to know the difference between this author and all the Prophets of Doom, can read the answers in the posts, ‘The End Of World Or Not Part 3 – Credibility Issues’ and ‘The End Of The World Part 4 – Another Religious Prophet Of Doom?

Q. If what you say is true why don't you go to the news network and warn everyone?
A. Others had, and are still doing that. But hardly anyone sane believes that stuff anymore by reason of the ‘cry wolf’ effect (although quite a number of incompletely sane/insane people still do). At least not until something scary happen such as a Martian invasion or giant comets crashing into the earth or a head of a large religion performing powerful signs and wonders. Then ‘all hell will break loose’ and they will believe even Chicken Little aka Chicken Licken**. The year 2012 end-of-the-world rumor advanced by all the Chicken Licken** Types Doom Day Prophets, that is currently going around is just another one of those adding to this cry wolf effect.

You can read the discussion on all these Prophets of Doom and their ridiculous lies in the post The End Of The World Or Not Part 3   Credibility Issues’.

Q. You mean the world is not going to end in 2012, didn't the Mayan prophesy said so, then when?
A. Definitely not 2012 C.E. as some of the incompletely sane have claimed. Sorry I don't do Mayan or any religion other than my own. It is all in my blogs systematically laid out.

Q. So when did you know about this and why are you only publishing it now?
A. People has short attention span and even shorter memory. If I had told it twenty years ago, close to no one who had read would remember anything coherently. In fact many who are now reading this discussion will hardly remember any of the things they have read in my blogs when the end actually comes.

Q. You mean it is going to be very soon, when?
A. That is what I have been saying throughout my blogs. It is in my blogs all systematically laid out.

Q. If hardly anybody believes all these dooms day stuff why are you still writing about it?
A. Would you believe it is because I have want of a better thing to do? Seriously though, you should read the Marvel comic's tagline for Spiderman which is, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Of course that is not applicable to the real world. The tag line would more likely read, 'with great power comes the great ability to push and kick others around with impunity'.

Q. Hold on a minute, you mean to say there are others out there talking just like you?
A. Prophets of Doom have been around for centuries since the time the Christian Bible became available. And they are still at it today. Only problem is, that is just exactly what they are, having no notion or understanding of the Christian Bible, its focus, its framework, its perspective. Being totally rule-based they are completely unable to grasp the fact that most of the issues of doctrine raised in the Scriptures are concepts. So they are forever struggling with trees never ever being able to see and understand that they are in a forest. And just like Chicken Little (aka Chicken Licken**), every time an acorn falls on their head they ran around screaming, ‘The world is going end, the end of the world is here, aaaaaaaaaargh we are all going to die’. Oh yes, aside from prophets of doom there are also ‘prophets of not yet doom’, but that belongs to another question.

Q. Isn't it overly presumptuous of you to think you know what is going on whereas all these others so called prophets of doom don't? What makes you so special?
A. The facts and truths speak for themselves. First read the Christian Bible completely from cover to cover, then check out what these hundreds (thousands if you count those with small followings) of so called Prophets (past and present) said and claimed against what I wrote. If you can't see the difference I suggest you get better reading glasses. The answers are in my blogs articles and my book Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded. I will sum up three of the reasons for you. [1] Many scriptures are sealed for the time of their fulfillment and cannot be understood fully until that time. [2] Many prophecies and Scriptures are meant for the ‘Time of the End’ and cannot be understood until the time of the end, which is now unfolding. That is the power of prophecy and the testimony of JESUS CHRIST. These are the undeniable proof of the authenticity of the Christian Biblical accounts and the authority of the Christian Bible as GOD's Word. [3] I am not alluring my claims to some mystical knowledge or some cryptic numbers, but to simple clearly observable signs and events that anyone with average intelligence can track and follow, and thus easily confirmed as these events unfold. As for what makes me so special you will have to ask GOD, HE is the ONE making and completing me. And if you really seriously and sincerely want to know you can also read it in the post, ‘The End Of The World Part 4 – Another Religious Prophet Of Doom?

Q. This so called theory that you are also forwarding about mainstream Christianity not being Christian but an evil counterfeit, it is a bit too far fetched to be believed.
A. Have you considered that when you said that, what you are actually saying is, ‘the Christian Bible is a bit too far fetched to be believed’? Because everything I am saying is straight from the Christian Bible. I am just putting all the puzzle pieces together (putting two and two to give the whole complete message) so you can get a clearer picture. Verifying what I say is so simple as the Christian Bible is widely available in numerous translations. But not to unduly worry yourself because most scientists today say the same thing about the Christian Bible too. In fact nearly the entirety of professed “Christianity” of this world said the very same thing too either explicitly or implicitly. You are in good company.

Q. You still haven't told us exactly when it is going to be, the end of the world.
A. It is all in one my books, ‘The End Of The World, How It Is Going To Happen’, systematically laid out.

Q. So are we doomed?
A. Yes sooner or later, one way or another. Life is terminal (our lives anyway, the present one). Yes I still fool around. Don't forget my favorite quote which is we are all going die so don't get overly upset over anything.
But do understand that GOD has appointed a day where HE will require from every man and woman who has ever lived to give an account for all that they have done and every word they have spoken. HE will then judge and punish everyone according to all these things. No one gets away with anything, no one! Not even the Angels of Heaven.

Q. Isn't religion serious stuff?
A. Yes. But that does not mean that I can't 'kid' around? Hey it is my life and I can handle it anyway I choose. I am the one who ultimately have to pay for it. In fact I have been paying for it. That is why I am always in debt.

Q. But you sound so serious when you blog on religion?
A. That is because I am, dummy.


I am just a wicked person not wanting to be wicked, a sinner who does want to sin. Not laying any claims to being successful at either.

What that makes me out to be is a person who doesn't want to be who he is. Yes a person at odd with himself. Sigh, the travails of life.

The End. ■

**Chicken Little aka Chicken Licken refers to an old children story and is not a reference to any recent books, movies, songs, computer game, etc.

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