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Warning! Warning! Warning!
This blog on the true Christian faith and the Truth from the CREATOR GOD contains sensitive information and is not suitable for religious zealots of other religions and system of beliefs. Those members of humankind who have little or no self control and are prone to murderous insanity fueled rages are explicitly forbidden from reading this blog. 

The blog that you are viewing is the discussions of the Christian faith of the author and contains content only suitable for mature minds sincerely seeking for truth about the reality of our existence (life on earth and our entire cosmos) and the whole creation. Children (those below 12 years of age) and all those below the age of majority (according to the legal definition of their countries of citizenry) not having the full faculty of sound logical minds are advised to get their supervising custodial adults permission before reading or studying materials in this blog as well as all the other works of this author.

Immature adults with unstable minds, all who are easily offended and are prone to reactionary emotional tantrums (expressed in derogatory ill will of profanity filled cursing and swearing to insult, tear at and demean others whenever their easily bruised ultra sensitive hyper inflated egos are pricked), are also advised against reading material on this blog. Likewise zombies (i.e. mindless) religious zealots, self righteous bigoted hypocrites and blatant liars of other religious and ‘non’ religious faith who can't handle reality and simple obvious truth should refrain from reading this blog as well as all the other works of this author.

It is not the intention of the author to offend anyone so needless to say this blog is not for unbelievers and those who are not sincere seekers of truth.

All those who find the true Christian faith expressed in the Christian Bible (i.e. the Christian Holy Scriptures in the original text) to be ridiculous ideas please read no further. Neither are these writings for those who make the claims to being Christian but are not really interested in and do not really believe the writings and records of the Christian Holy Scriptures.

The intent of this blog is to testify to and highlight (i.e explain and expound in explicative clarity) the truth recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures. It is not the intent of this author to insult anyone or any other belief systems. To this end all those who have totally convinced themselves (whether truthfully or in self deceiving pretense) that their belief system is the only absolute valid truth, contrary to logical rational reasoning and facts, should not be reading any material published by this author. If you hold yourself to be a faithful member of your religion or religious order whatever it may be other than that of the true Christian Faith founded on and through the New Everlasting Passover Covenant made in the BLOOD of the JESUS CHRIST the SON of GOD, and your religion forbid and forbade you from inquiring, learning or finding out about other religions, then you should not be reading any of the Christian blogs of this author unless you want to be seriously offended andor insulted (then be my guest as this author is totally against forbidding anyone from exercising their freewill to choose and to decide what they want to do) and the resulting consequence they will ultimately reap.

A final warning to all who read:
I testify to everyone who reads the testimony of this work: If anyone steals (plagiarize) from what is written here to advance themselves andor to twist the words of this work whether in parts or in total to advance lies and twisted truths just as the Christmas religion and all the anti-God religions in the world today (since their foundation) have been doing with the Testimonies of the Scriptures and the Words spoken by the Mouth of GOD, may GOD multiply on them ten folds (i.e one thousand and twenty eight times) the punishment that awaits all the wicked on the day when GOD brings every single member of humankind who had ever lived to be judged and punished for all their sins in the DAY OF JUDGEMENT of the ALMIGHTY GOD.

The aims of this blog (as well as all the Christian blogs of this author) is:
1. To publish the truth about the real (as opposed to the numerous false) Christian covenant, faith and worship (i.e. religion).
2. To expose all the evil religions and ridiculous systems of belief of this world for what they actually are. This is especially so of all those evil religions that claimed their origins to the covenant with the LORD GOD, faith, worship (or religion) of Abraham the Father of the Faithful.
3. To testify as a witness against the pervasive evils in this current world social order.
4. To testify against near all the Elect of GOD who in seeking primarily to advance themselves as the GREATEST proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD, have set themselves up higher and greater than GOD and instead of proclaiming and advancing the true message and testimony of LORD JESUS, the message of the Gospel, have chosen in lust seeded and fueled pompous self advancement to blaspheme GOD even as they pretend to obey and love HIM.
5. To call on all and sundry to cease their pursuit of evil in the daily ordering of their lives as the righteous SOVEREIGN CREATOR of all things has appointed a day when HE will judge and punish all humankind for all the evil they had committed in the course and process of their lives.
6. To enlighten and educate all that the message of the Christian Holy Scriptures have always been primary to the people of GOD by Covenant, then after that to the people of GOD according to the promises made to the Father of the Faithful, Abraham. Thirdly these message are also to people of the whole world who are sincerely (i.e. not self deceivingly) and not pretentiously seeking (i.e. to love and obey) the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures. The final targeted audience are to the enemies (i.e. all the satans) of GOD, who persecute the people of GOD, warning them that GOD will ultimately avenge the evil persecution, abusive harm and  murder of HIS people and will punish and destroy all these persecutors in the Day of the LORD. Therefore this is also one of the purposes of all the Christian blogs by this author.
7. To notify that should any person receive any unsolicited communication or request from any person either claiming to be this author or his representative, that claim is false. This author does not and will not contact (i.e. communicate) directly with any person unless they either solicit public inquiries and feedback, or are the first to initiate the communication. This author does not and will not directly contact to solicit support from any person in whatsoever form whether tangible or intangible. Any publication whether online or in other forms not listed by this author here in this work and/or in this author's Google plus page is not and cannot be from this author and does not have anything at all absolutely to do with this author.

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