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A Pattern Of Satan's Attack Part 2

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Satan The Devil's Attack On The Elect

In the first installment of this discussion we briefly covered, with (just) a couple of simple explicit Scriptural examples thrown in, the total sway (i.e. manipulative control) of Satan the Devil over all humankind and how that began in the Garden of Eden when the first family of mankind chose to distrust and disbelief their MAKER, PROVIDER and PROTECTOR to instead chose to trust and believe a strange talking serpent.

And if we will not choose to become stupid (out of some evil agenda andor ego gorging lust), we would (or should anyway) know and understand, this was exactly as the Apostle Paul chose to appeal to the Roman Emperor to save him, GOD let him (Psalm 78:22; Proverbs 3:5) fall under the power and mercy of the Roman Emperor who kept in him in chains (i.e. bondage) for decades then (after freeing him for a short while before putting him back in chains) executed (i.e. martyred) him (Psalm 146:3; Isaiah 30:2).

In this installment we will discuss the sways and attacks of Satan the Devil on humankind and especially on the Elect regardless of whether Saints or sinner.

Satan Most Iconic Attack

One of the most iconic persecution by Spiritual Wickedness in high places (i.e. by Satan the Devil and all the Spirit personages aligned with him) was that targeting the righteous man Job.

Job in all probably was the most righteous man, (from the context of the Old Covenant which literary was the Ten Commandments) conceived of man and born of woman, who have ever lived. This is particularly from a physical perspective (i.e. more in a physical sense than a spiritual sense until after the episode of his life recorded in the book of Job when his righteousness then took on a more spiritual perspective).

The Old Covenant was of a physical nature (applies to all generally, who entered into that Covenant either by physical affirmation at Mount Sinai (Exodus 24:3, 7), or through genealogical lineage and property inheritance of taking possession of the Promise Land as an inheritance (Deuteronomy 4:1 – 2, 25 – 28;Numbers 33:51, 54) from GOD) and after that of a spiritual nature (pertaining to Spiritual Inheritance at the Second Advent) just for the Elect few whom GOD called at the appointed time, such as Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph then Moses and the Judges and Prophets of the Old Covenant, including Job).

Job was also the first and also the only one whose account in the Holy Christian Scriptures was explicitly focused on him being the target of Satan the Devil's persecution. These attacks of Satan was to get Job to break faith with GOD, to lash out at GOD, to turn against GOD and to blaspheme GOD.

This being the case, the book of Job would (or should anyway) be the one which true Christians (and never mind the billions of fake ones) would pay particular attention to and focus on to meticulously and thoroughly study, so as to understand why GOD would create (or rather allow for) a hateful enemy to not just exist in HIS creation but to rule over the most important part, the planet earth; as well to understand how Satan the Devil targets humankind general and particularly the people of GOD (and also in a somewhat similar ways, the Angelic Spirit personages) to wear and tear us down so as to turn us against our MAKER.

But strangely from the time of the Apostles until this day (i.e. until when this work first discussed and expounded on it), not a single one of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD, all those who have been true Christians (and never mind all the hundreds to thousands and possibly even billions of fake ones) even bordered with the book of Job except to brush it off either as something incomprehensible as to why GOD would allow Satan to afflict blameless and righteous Job, or that the man Job was hardly righteous but a wicked self righteous sinner sinning a deadly sin (which was the doctrine of the sole Philadelphia Messenger and the second Laodicea Messenger and which was embraced by most to near all the Elect of these two last eras of the Church of GOD in her journey from the Apostolic years until the End of the Age).

Satan the Devil's festering obsessive attention and focused on Job obviously did not go unnoticed by GOD who then challenged Satan the Devil.

The two incidences of Job chapter 1 and 2 where we witnessed the summarized dialog between GOD and Satan, would (or should anyway) give us the conceptual translation or literal meaning of the term ‘Satan the Devil’ as ‘the acrimonious hate filled Adversary who slanders and maligns’ in the form of implicit and explicit accusations expressed directly andor indirectly through innuendos, scoffing and mocking.

Contrary to some very evil doctrines proclaimed and taught during  the Philadelphia era and also in the Laodicea era (and embraced as truth by most but not all, of the Elect of these last days whether in the membership of the one true Church or without), GOD did not point out Job to Satan so as to get (i.e. to instigate) Satan to attack Job.

Here we will divert a little to discuss clueless stupidity because of lust, ego supergorging lust. While in past discussions we have discussed these (mostly implicitly but some too very explicitly), from those by Apostles of CHRIST, Messengers to the Church of GOD in some eras of the Church's journey to today, and of course those of the so called Abrahamic religions including those of science. But here we will confine our discussion to just a few of the blasphemous doctrines and teachings proclaimed and pronounced by the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD.

Let's begin with the blasphemous doctrine which taught that GOD purposefully singled out Job to Satan the Devil in order to get Satan to attack (i.e. afflict Job with calamities after calamities) Job because “very obviously”, the man whom GOD in the Scripture Of Truth declared and proclaimed as blameless (i.e. complete or perfect without a flaw or fault from the context of honoring and keeping the Old Covenant) and upright (i.e. right or righteous from the context of the literal requirement of the Ten Commandments) cannot be blameless and upright at all but must be a very evil self righteous sinner.

That is correct, that was one of several blasphemous doctrines of the Church of GOD of the Philadelphia era and also (for a good while too, just not sure if that is still the case since I got kicked out after I told the Messenger about this and many other sins and errors) in that of the Laodicea era under the second administration (i.e. the second and current Messenger).

And this evil doctrine (proclaimed by self righteous ego supergorging blasphemous men who implicitly but very clearly hold up themselves as more supremely enlightened and knowledgeable than GOD) taught that contrary to the “lies” of GOD ALMIGHTY proclaiming Job as blameless and upright (Job 1:8), is far from such but is actually an evil self righteous sinner.

What this very blasphemous doctrine proclaimed and taught was firstly that GOD lied (not just to Satan the Devil but to everyone who read and believe the Scriptures) and that Job was in fact and in truth not blameless and upright (i.e. righteous) but actually an evil sinner with a deadly sin, the sin of self righteous (Luke 18:10 – 12).

This blasphemous doctrine explicitly paints and portrays GOD as a self serving liar and an irrational, untrustworthy psychopath (who lies as and whenever it suits HIS purpose) but who yet demanded that HIS servants not just only trust HIM but they are to live by every word that HE speaks (Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4) regardless of the fact that HE shows HIMSELF as an untrustworthy liar. To call this evil doctrine very vilely blasphemous is an understatement.

When was the first recorded instance in the Scripture of Truth of someone specifically and clearly calling GOD a liar (Genesis 3:4 – 5).

Now if we have not also become massively stupid, we would (or should anyway) both definitively know and understand that this man of GOD, the sole Messenger to the Philadelphia era, who in ego supergorging lust had proclaimed himself as the very Elijah who must come first to restore all things (Matthew 17:11), as well as one none lesser than the great(est) Apostle of GOD, totally proclaimed that GOD is a deceitful self serving liar.

I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.
Revelation 3:18

But that is not the worst part, the worst part was that through proclaiming that doctrine he was both thinking to himself and parading himself to show off to the whole creation just how supremely intelligent and enlightened he was.

Now you can't get anymore massively stupider than that; to say something massively stupid yet thinking that you are supremely intelligent because you said it.

Just take a good look at the social order of humankind and you will see that it is choke full to overflowing with people who are exactly like that, saying massively stupid thing yet thinking that they are these super genius because they said these massively stupid things.

So here is the question, why would a so called truth loving, GOD fearing Christian leader (who proclaimed himself as an Apostle and the Elijah Who Must Come First to restore all things) invent, proclaim and teach such a vilely evil blasphemous doctrine unless he had gone off the edge of sanity having becoming so totally blinded by his self perceived supreme character and supremely enlightened intelligence and glorious greatness (aka full of himself ego supergorging lust).

But that is not all that was proclaimed and taught about the book of Job. Additionally it was also taught that GOD instigated Satan the Devil to attack Job.

Let it BE CLEAR, GOD did not instigate Satan to attack Job but GOD was fully cognizant of Satan's festering, obsessive fixation on (and frustration over) Job because Job was blameless and upright (while blessed and shielded by GOD and Satan was not able to exercise the needed power impunity to sway or harm him).

So in the book of Job what was recorded was GOD basically allowed Satan to attack Job (something Satan had been wanting to but had not being able to) to test and prove Job. Not because GOD did not know whether Job would stand or fail the test but to teach, strengthen and complete Job's understanding and faith (Job 42:1 – 6; John 15:2; Isaiah 55:9) in GOD. What GOD did was basically allowed HIS bitterly hate filled enemy to attack (to do their evil work against) HIS faithful servants as the vehicle to teach and strengthen their faith and understanding (i.e. intelligent comprehension aka termed as wisdom in the translated Scriptures) of HIM.

Being severely afflicted andor tormented in any form or manner (i.e. any that makes us suffer physiologically, emotionally, psychologically) tends to makes us the creature personages to become self focused, from severely to totally. So too being targeted and attacked. All these contributed to Job's feeling of being aggrieved and angry. Anger coupled with torment (i.e. any suffering) makes us want to lash out at someone or something. That was how Satan the Devil finally got Job to sin, through the insinuating false accusations and provocations of Job's so called friends.

If we are effectively (instead of ego gorging lust) intelligent, we would (or should anyway) note that Satan's attack on Job is very cunningly staged. First he took out the things that Job would be more concern about. And these are his children and all the things that he in life would need to be concerned about, his possession. These left nothing much for Job to be focused on and be concerned about except for himself.

Then he struck at Job to make him become even more self focused by attacking the very body of Job with uncomfortable and disfiguring sores. Lastly he goaded and provoked Job through his three friends into a sense of being wrong (by his friends then escalating to by GOD).

And unless and until, we the creature personages get this one thing totally right in our mind, we can always be manipulated into evil and to become evil.

And this one thing is for us know and understand that we can completely without any reservation (aka caveat) trust GOD completely, regardless of whatever may happen to us (or anyone we love) period, then from this unwavering complete trust be determined to love and to faithfully and in total unquestioning loyalty committed to GOD.

If we examine all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the human social including those of religions whether the one true or all the other fake and identity thieving ones, they all both implicitly and explicitly require and demand unquestioning servitude, loyalty and obedience from all their subscribers and discipleship very explicitly putting and holding themselves up as supreme gods.

Unless and until we totally know and understand to the certainty such that we will never ever be in any doubt that GOD is the only ONE who is good, righteous and just, not just because all that exist belongs to HIM, but HE who cannot be bound (or limited) by anything bind (i.e. limit) HIMSELF in covenants with us that we may know of HIS grace aka goodwill towards us, wanting only for our well being and our forever, if we should want it.

That was the one thing Job did not and had not fully (meaning Job understood it purely academically (as of something taught but not experienced) but not at an effective reality relatable cognizant level and expression) understood until he was put through the fire of these trials.

This lesson was taught to Job through this refining test and trail that led to Job's failure of faith (Job 19:6) and resulting in him accusing GOD of being unjust and therefore unrighteous (because he accused GOD of having wronged him). Job blasphemed GOD and sinned (Job 1:22, 2:10) and GOD's corresponding correction (Job 40) taught him not to think solely of himself, implicitly holding himself as the Be-all-end-all and to become fully cognizant of these two things (which incidentally was among the first few things this author was cognizant of when I was first called into The Covenant with GOD and LORD JESUS). 

Then the very first thing to know and understand about GOD before we know and understand anything about GOD (Job 42:2; 40:2):

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9

And the second thing is that GOD totally owns everything and can do as HE pleases and no one have any right to contend with GOD regardless of what HE does (Psalm 115:3; 135:6; Job 42:2).

Whatever the Lord pleases He does,
In heaven and in earth,
In the seas and in all deep places.
Psalm 135:6

Therefore on knowing these two things, we would (or should anyway) comprehend and understand that to distrust GOD is the most massive stupid thing anyone who knows GOD could do.

Question is did, Job actually distrust GOD? The answer, no (Job 40:3 – 4; 42:3, 6), but affliction and anger can cause us to do very massively stupid things. Truth is almost anyall kinds of emotional extreme can cause us to do that. In a state of emotional extreme we very easily fall prey to manipulation from just about anybody or thing (with some intelligence) that sets out to that.

For all those who fear GOD and sincerely (i.e. not in great pompous pretense humility) seek HIM to do HIS will, we would (or should anyway) know that if we are righteous if is because GOD lead, guide, teach and shield us (Isaiah 54:17). Without GOD protecting and shielding (aka reserving and preserving us to keep us faithful to HIM), we will all become and be like all the wicked lust driven totally self expedient human beings on this planet.

And one of this wicked lust is the ego gorging lust (Revelation 3:17 – 18) that near all of GOD's Elect (i.e. especially those of the last two eras of the Church of GOD, as the culmination or fullness of this sin in the Elect) have totally embraced.

Yes, beginning from the Apostle Paul including near all of the Elect of the Apostolic era and through that time to this very day, whenever all the Elect and especially all those who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superatives are sufficiently free (i.e. have enough power impunity, even very momentarily) to do so they begin to pursue this lust of lusts.

This has been The specific reason that GOD raised up a Worthless Shepherd (Zechariah 11:17, 16) to head the Church of GOD in these days leading to the End of the Age. Because near all the Elect have proven themselves to be not just unfaithful (many to most just observing and commemorating the form but not the substance) to the Everlasting Covenant, but are all equally driven by the ubiquitous ego supergorging lust (Revelation 3:17) of the creature personages.

When we become so massively stupid to the extent that we completely have no clue at all as to what we are actually saying (i.e. asserting) as a doctrinal teaching, a declaration, a proclamation andor pronouncement, it can only mean one thing. And this one thing is because we are so totally obsessed with ourselves (i.e. full of ourselves) proudly (i.e. arrogantly) thinking and believing we are some supremely, superior intelligent being, we have become so massively stupid that we have effectively become technically insane.

And if we still have some semblance of real intelligence left, we would (or should anyway) know that the reason we have become so cluelessly stupid is because we too have become exactly as the three friends of Job, so totally under the thumb, control and puppet string of Satan the Devil's that we have effective become his mouth piece, his spokesperson speaking the very words of his mouth to mock, malign and insult GOD.

Let it be clear, all these I write, discuss and expound are neither to judge and condemn nor is it to belittle, demean or malign any of my Brethren (or for that matter anyone at all) but it is primarily with the hope that people will wake up from their massive stupidity and gluttonous indulgence on ego gorging lust, before it will be too late for them to repent and escape from the Tribulation that is coming upon this whole generation. In the next installment, there will be further elaboration on why this work has made it a point to focus so much on ‘the skeletons and dirty laundry’ (i.e. dark shameful secrets and blasphemous sins) of the Elect and parade them before the whole creation.

Even those who fail to repent before the Tribulation, it is still the hope that when horrific calamities fall on them during the Tribulation they will have the needed rude awakening and begin to address their ego gorging lust. It is that or pay the price of a terrible death as the price of their repentance which sadly is what the greater majority will have to do.

Those Sway And Those Attacked

The questions that anyone seeking for truth about ourselves (including reality both the physical and the spiritual creation) must first answer is, who are those swayed by Satan the Devil and who are those he attacks?

Technically being swayed and being attacked by Satan is conceptually the same thing because both these acts of Satan have the same intended end result.

And this is to get us to do evil and be evil (to go against GOD's intent for creating us) and fall in with his evil agenda of rebellion and going against GOD. His expressed agenda is to control us and to get us to do whatever he wants us to do, as well as to destroy us from the context of GOD's purpose for us (i.e. defeat GOD through invalidating and nullifying GOD's purpose for us, GOD's purpose in creating us in HIS image and likeness).

But the contexts are different, the former is carried out more commonly on those who bought into Satan's lies (because they bought into those lies either some, most or all of them) and the latter more commonly on those who chose to believe and trust (in varying degrees, depending on their knowledge and understanding) GOD, to get those attacked to fail (either become angry andor bitter towards GOD to ultimate end of turning us against GOD). Basically no one (with the notable exception of JESUS CHRIST, of course) is immune and impervious to Satan's sway, and all human being can fall under Satan's attack to the degree that GOD allows (includes permits).

If you believe the Scriptures after having in true (as opposed to a feint, stirred up, put up or for show) sincerity thoroughly, diligently and meticulously studied it to understand what is communicated from its records, you would (or should anyway) know the answers. 

Let's hope you (especially the regular readers and followers of this work) do.

And the truth is, everyone regardless of Saints or sinners, had and has been and still is being swayed to varying degrees and in varying intensities throughout their lives. The Scriptures have been explicitly clear beyond a shadow of any rational doubt, that Satan the Devil has authority and power over this current Age of Man which began when the first family of mankind chose to trust and believe him through the words he spoke through his proxy, the mysterious talking snake.

The degrees and intensities is dependent on how much and how far GOD either directly, or indirectly through the rest of the Angelic realm through a council of Angels (Genesis 18:20 – 21; Daniel 4:13 – 17; Hebrews 2:5) tasked with overseeing roles, acts to check these sways.

Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.
Revelation 20:1 – 3

And everyone regardless of Saints or sinners too is attacked, in varying degrees, in varying intensities, on varying instances for varying duration per instance andor incidence. The duration may be for a few seconds all the way to years.

The attack on Job for example, could have been anything from months to a few years before his three friends came to him. It is not inconceivable that between Job chapter 1 verse 6, chapter 2 verse 1 and verse 11, anything from a few months to several earth years may have passed.

While the sway of Satan is universally pervasive and constant, however the attack varies. Both sways and attacks can be direct or indirect (i.e. through second and third parties) even as a direct sway is generally always ever presence covering all of the planet earth.

But with attacks, they depend on whom Satan selects to attack, with those who are faithful to GOD his primary target (while the other members of humankind secondary targets because he bitterly hates all mankind), to the degree of their faithfulness followed by the degree of their sincere commitment to obey and love GOD.

But in both sway and attack there is a restrictive mitigating factor. And this to the extent and degree that GOD permits andor allows for.

Else where in this work  (in earlier discussions and posts) we have discussed and explained the difference between what is GOD's will (good or pleasing intent pertaining to things that GOD wants to do, is doing or is intended on accomplishing) and what GOD allows. Now we will discuss the difference between what GOD permits and what GOD allows for.

Needless to say to permit as a general expression includes to allow; so from a general context both concepts carried more or less the same meaning. But in specific contexts, allow not only does not include, but actually excludes the granting of permission, giving of consent or being in agreement to or with something that is to be or is being, done or undertaken.

Permit as an explicit expression is an expressed grant or expressed agreement to allow for certain things to be undertaken or carried out. Allow do not necessarily includes permission or even lack of opposition, but can be as of over looking (either of not enforcing oversight control, or of not exercising oversight control) or not dealing with some one or something, especially some transgressions yet, until a later appointed time, situation, condition, process or opportunity.

Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man.
Genesis 8:5

Now therefore, go, lead the people to the place of which I have spoken to you. Behold, My Angel shall go before you. Nevertheless, in the day when I visit for punishment, I will visit punishment upon them for their sin.”
Exodus 32:34

In chapter 1 and 2 of the book of Job, GOD permitted (i.e. gave permission for) Satan to attack Job. But Satan also attack Job (without permission from GOD) through his sway over Job's three friends, getting his three friends to falsely accuse Job thus provoking him to response angrily and, consequently sinned because of his anger (Psalm 4:4; James 1:20).

Here is where allow comes in, if GOD did not allowed it, Satan would not have been able to do so because GOD can block it. This can either be directly or indirectly through other parties such as the other Angels (Matthew 4:11; 1:20; 2:13; Jude 1:9; Daniel 8:15 – 19, 9:21 – 22, 10:12 – 14; Malachi 3:11; Zechariah 3:2) or other human beings or GOD can act to directly shield and guide Job.

The three friends of Job were essentially fake friends not because they were but under the sway of Satan, that was what they turned out to be or had become, towards Job. Thinking to themselves that they went to comfort Job they ended up goading and provoking him through their false accusations into anger and consequently in his anger (James 1:20) he sinned and blasphemed GOD, when he ended up accusing GOD of being unjust (i.e. unrighteous) because he (according to his knowledge) despite being innocent or blameless was severely and traumatically afflicted by GOD.

At no point in the conversation between Job and these three friends did they bring up or bring out (because they didn't have any) evidence or valid basis to accuse and condemn Job of wickedness yet they mercilessly attacked, grieved and provoked him. To Job they (under the manipulative sway of Satanhad become not his friends but his hateful (because everything they accused Job of were false) adversaries, serving the agenda, and therefore became the agents, of Satan the Devil.

And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.
Luke 4:6

So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound—think of it—for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?”
Luke 13:16

However it should be noted that when calamities and tragedies befall any member of humankind or nations whether Saints or sinners it is not always because of Satan's attack. There are also decisions by GOD andor the Angelic Watchers (Daniel 4:17) to act against sins whether they be of individuals, cities, countries and even the entire earth (Genesis 6:5 –7, 18:20, 21, 32). Additionally there is the GOD ordained process of things functioning in the physical realm under the laws that defined and enabled the physical reality or realm. These are the laws of physics or cosmology (includes chemistry and the biological extension) and that of cause and effect.

Some Clear Examples From The Scriptures

Though there are numerous examples of Satan's sway and also of Satan's attack especially on the Elect throughout the Scriptures record from Genesis to Revelation, we shall only cover a select few to give a clear picture of Satan's sway and attack on humankind especially on the Elect of both the Old and New Covenant.

The very first to fall under the sway (deception and manipulation) of Satan the Devil was obviously Adam and Eve after they chose to distrust GOD and instead chose to trust Satan's proxy the strange talking serpent. After them, it was their first born son Cain and near all of mankind after that with three notable exceptions.

The very first person to be attack by Satan indirectly was Abel. Satan manipulated and used Cain to murder his younger brother Abel.

While it was not recorded who and how many were attack indirectly by Satan through their fellow humankind, the next recorded member of mankind to be attacked by Satan indirectly was the man murdered by his own kindred, was at the hands of Lamech.

Then Satan manipulating and controlling almost all of mankind living during that Antediluvian Age, got them to seek to murder Enoch but GOD took him away so they weren't able to carry out their murderous rage. This is exactly as at the very soon occurring events leading to end of this Age (Revelation 12:13 – 17) and also after Satan will be released from his one thousand years incarceration (Revelation 20:1 – 3, 7 – 9), he will again sway all the rest of humankind to attack (Revelation 20:7 – 9the Elect (the people of GOD by covenant).

We skipped to the time when Joseph's brothers seek to murder him, again under the sway of Satan the Devil, but GOD acted through Reuben to deliver Joseph from their Satan's inspired murderous plan.

Then they said to one another, “Look, this dreamer is coming! Come therefore, let us now kill him and cast him into some pit; and we shall say, ‘Some wild beast has devoured him.’ We shall see what will become of his dreams!”
But Reuben heard it, and he delivered him out of their hands, and said, “Let us not kill him.”
Genesis 37:19 – 22

The first five books of the Christian Holy Scriptures are choke full of examples of Satan's manipulation and control (i.e. sway) but only very few of Satan's attack.

Some notable cases of Satan's attack (other than those already mentioned):
From the Old Testament period are both the Patriarch Isaac and Jacob who lost their eye sights; the Prophet Elijah who fled for his life from Jezebel, the Prophet Elisa taken ill and died from his illness; King David was bedridden at his old age of seventy years; the Prophet Jeremiah thrown in a sewage pit; Daniel's three friends pushed into a burning furnace; Daniel locked in the lion's den. Throughout the Old Covenant period after GOD gave the Israelite kings to rule over them, most of the Prophets GOD sent to correct HIS Elect were attack to varying degrees and for varying duration.

From the New Testament period, firstly there wase John the Baptist and the LORD. After we have all the twelve Apostles, eleven of whom were martyred (i.e. murdered) and the Apostle John who survived the attempt to martyred him was exile to Patmos; Stephen and others murdered by the Jews; and the Bishop James (the step brother of JESUS) was thrown down from a tower.

During the New Covenant period in the Apostolic years the attack of Satan the Devil on the Elect began first through the Jews, then also the pagans, then even among the false Christians in their ranks during the formative years of the Christmas religion and after that from Imperial Rome.

Not long after the Council of Nicaea, Satan attacked the Church of GOD through the identity thieving Christmas religion who had gained political power when Imperial Roman embraced that Satan seeded and empowered religion (Revelation 13:4).

After the Great Harlot of the Christmas religion gained enough political power she began her murderous quest to wipe out the one true Church of GOD and all those who will not worship (i.e. unquestioningly obey and be subject under) her. And for one thousand two hundred and sixty years after that the Church of GOD had to flee to remote location fringing Europe and Asia outside of her evil reach.

When the Great Harlot began losing her political clout in the 16th century C.E., the Church of GOD slowly began to surface in Europe and Britain then in a new frontier opening up across the Atlantic.

Today beginning from a few hundred years (some time after the Protestant Reformation) with the social political and religious power under the Great Harlot and her daughters weakened to the point that they can no longer command the power impunity to the torture and murder, the Church of GOD (i.e. the Elect no longer duress of being seized, tortured and sadistically butchered) no longer under constant fear of being hunted down and persecuted with sadistic torture and death, began to yield the needed power impunity to embrace and pursue the evil that the Scriptures commanded against.

Truth is, if we who are the creature personages, being intelligent would not deliberately choose to be stupid so that we won't notice to the ends that we will be able to refuse to comprehend, that evil and power impunity are co dependence factors. The more power impunity we have the more evil we become if ever and whenever we refuse to recognized GOD either implicitly (pretending to but not actually) or explicitly.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10

The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.
Isaiah 11:2

And the very instance even if it is just for an instance, we have just enough power impunity, we will take the road of evil if ever and whenever it becomes self expedient for us to do so, because we do not have the respectful fear (as the intelligent rooted check or mitigator of us being able to exercise some measure of power impunity) of GOD in our hearts.

Everyone who, whenever it becomes expedient for them to do so, takes to the path of evil, they almost invariably do so when they having been lulled into a general feeling (even for the shortest possible duration) of perceived comfortable security andor power (i.e. functional ability to express or do something). That was why the Scriptures recorded that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom (i.e. effective intelligence or a good comprehension of reality).

A wise man fears and departs from evil, But a fool rages and is self-confident.
Proverb 14:16

Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil.
Proverb 3:7

And that has been the reason beginning from the ego supergorging Apostle Paul down the centuries through all the eras of the Church of GOD from the Apostolic age until this very day in near all the Elect of GOD whenever they become sufficient secure even for short spaces and duration of time, they all began to be wise in their own eyes (Isaiah 5:21) and rages in arrogant self confidence of ego gorging lust. That is correct, they never really have the true (i.e. intelligent cognizant of their reality of who, what and why they were/are) fear of the LORD (Isaiah 29:13; Psalm 36:1; Romans 3:10 – 18) in their hearts but were just frightened by the eminent present threat (whether real, perceived or imagined) on their lives and well being, so whenever these are not ever presence they took to the path of evil in ego gorging lust.

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The referenced sources for all other religions and systems of beliefs (hereafter referred to as the Referenced Sources), are to materials freely available and published online on the World Wide Web and other service protocols on the Internet. These are published by either: the generally proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters; or the self proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters of such belief systems and religions; as well as of all others who published dissertations and discussions on these systems of belief and religions whether presented as biased or unbiased discussions, dissertations or compilations.
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