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Intelligent Comprehension 101

If you (the reader) were to be asked what is the first most basic thing to know and understand about the Christian Holy Scripture or even just the translated and heavily interpreted works of the Christian Bible (in all the various versions and languages), would you know?

How about if this question was to be posed to all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 3:6, 15, 16; 4:5; Leviticus 26:42), whether they are those among the true Christians, the Elect of this GOD of New Testament Passover Covenant, or all the others who claimed themselves as of, as whatever they claimed themselves as of, this GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Moreover God said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: ‘The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.’
Exodus 3:15

Would anyone of these know what is the very first most basic thing to know about the Scriptures.

How about all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all the other knowledge (and enlightenment) disciplines? Would anyone among these know what this very first most basic thing that is know, that must first be understood, about the Christian Holy Scriptures (even before they, or even if they never ever will, read any of it) regardless of whether they believe or disbelieve that it is from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all things? Would anyone of these have any clue at all?

Here is what you (all the readers of this post and who may have also read some other posts and discussions in the blogs of this author) but who are disinclined to believe this author (not to say that anyone should be inclined to believe this author, it is always a choice, evident obvious truths and facts notwithstanding), you can go Google (or whatever other interweb search engine you prefer) it to find out what all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge, of all the knowledge and enlightened discipline, have to say. You too of course, can make your own (only if you want to and choose to, not if you do not to) observations, assertions and proclamations.

Read further and see to see whether you ever did comprehend this very first, very obvious, thing that must first be comprehended even before we begin reading and studying the Christian Holy Scriptures, let alone after we have completely and thoroughly read and meticulously studied them.

Intelligent Comprehension

Anyone with the most basic of intelligence coupled with a basic high school or equivalent education would (or should anyway) when reading the Christian Holy Scriptures in anyall of its translated versions, naturally (i.e. as a given or established norm from the context of having basic reading and comprehension skills) know and understand that it is first and foremost, a communiqué, a communication of knowledge to the intelligent creature personages from the GOD of these Scriptures. And everyone intelligent would (or should anyway) know and understand that a communiqué is basically about conveying, relaying or transmitting of knowledge information.

And knowledge information is only relevant and purposeful when there is intelligence to both receive (in this case, read and study) and understand knowledge so as to effectively make use of this communicated knowledge to the ends or purpose of this communiqué (or communicated knowledge). Because having intelligence and knowledge but not using both effectively, translate totally as moronic stupidity and technical insanity, of being unable to separate lust spawned (i.e. conceived and invented) and lust fueled (i.e. sustained and driven) ridiculousness from reality situations, circumstances, events, mechanisms, processes (each of all these being as expressions knowledge contexts); and concepts (as units of knowledge definitions).

In case anyone is unable to comprehend moronic stupidity, Let us describe one very simple scenario of moronic stupidity:
Knowing what a sharp knife is and what it can do to you yet you took the knife and plunged it into your stomach and then in great puzzled incomprehension asked or wondered to yourself while in anguish and pain looking at your intestine and blood oozing out, ‘What is happening to me, why am I in terrible pain and why is plunging a knife into my stomach causing all these things?

So the basis to begin reading and studying (which itself requires as a prerequisite, intelligence) the Holy Christian Scriptures is that of being intelligent (i.e. having and exercising intelligence effectively, as opposed to stupidly out insanity fueled lusts) and rationally (because if you are not rational you cannot be intelligent but are instead essentially insane and having no real ability to understand anything you encounter as the true actual expression of and in reality).

And here is also where near all those who read and studied failed to comprehend what they read and studied in respect to the Christian Holy Scriptures. They all failed to be intelligent and to be sane (predisposed by their lusting after varying numerous lusts and the intensities of these lusts), and have become stupid andor insane from sufficiently to near completely. And it is not because they are not intelligent or sane but because they chose in deliberated stupidity to be stupid andor insane for the reason of uncontrolled (i.e. unwilling to check their) lust: sexual, sensual and especially ego gorging (i.e. power and glory) lust; to the ends that they may be able to give expression (i.e. indulge and gorge themselves) to the measure of the power impunity they were/are able to muster andor gain (via whatever mechanism and process).

And the very first case of these lusts manifested and expressed explicitly recorded in the Scriptures, was in the Garden of Eden when both Adam and Eve chose to totally obey their sensual, ego and power lust so as to be able to totally in deliberated stupidity trust and believe a strange talking serpent and to be able to totally be distrustful rather than be intelligently trusting and believing, their CREATOR, PROVIDER and BENEFACTOR, the ONE who gave them their everything including themselves to be have conscious awareness, an unending existence and continuity, beside providing for all that they could possibly need and reasonably want for their well being.

If we were to examine all the so called Christian religions, or even the one true Church of GOD in the last four eras (Thyatira to Laodicea), all that were recorded until before this work began in November 2009 C.E., we will find not a single of one those things mentioned above even remotely understood whether explicitly or implicitly.

Because if anyone of these have remotely understood this then they would not all have been proclaiming, declaring, pronouncing and asserting some of the most senselessly insane and moronic stupid doctrines and teachings that they all did and are still continuing on to do (the last several times I have checked, beginning from when this work first started in Blogger in November 2009 C.E.).

And if we study and read through all of the things discussed, revealed and expounded in explicative clarity in this work and check them against all that have been taught, declared and proclaimed by all the religions that make the claims to be from the GOD of Abraham (includes Isaac and Jacob) we would (or should anyway) if we are to be truly and expressly intelligent and sane, both know and understand that all these religions have many very explicit and even more implicit doctrines that are seeded and conceived in and fueled and driven by lust which are, from totally ridiculously ludicrous to utterly preposterously stupidly mad (i.e. insane and lunatic).

And these stupidly ridiculously ludicrous and utterly stupidly lunatic doctrines of these religions (because they claimed themselves as to be of the ALMIGHTY GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) have been one of the main basis for atheists and all disbelieving (i.e. those refusing to believe) unbelievers (i.e. those who don't believe) to ridicule and mock the concept of an all powerful all knowing Creator of all things (aka a monotheist all powerful creator).

And that is the reason this work asserts (with tons of rational easy to understand simple clear evidences and proofs) that these religions are essentially and totally anti GOD and they all exist (have came into existence, created and invented by servants and agents, all those serving the agenda, of the evil Adversary, Satan the Devil, and his demonic cohorts) solely to mock, malign and insult GOD, and to cause all and sundry both those who subscribe to them as well as those who disdain them and religions generally, to do the same.

The Most Evident Things In Human Social Order

There are many things about human society and social order that are vividly manifested, evident very clearly and explicitly both in the history of the human social order and in the things witnessed everyday in human society, a tiny drop of which gets reported daily in our news media.

These things that can easily be understood as they are vividly manifested, clearly and explicitly evident.

And perceiving and understanding them would (or should anyway) have enabled us as intelligent humankind to understand, from most to near all (to the degree we are sincerely trying to understand), the causes (i.e. the seeds and the fuels) to the ills in the human social order so as to be able to device a complete (or at least a more complete) educational, social, judicial and political system which will begin to successfully address them (from sufficiently to significantly).

But all the supremely supreme, ultra mega super duper ingeniously intelligent proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives who are the shakers, shifters, movers and shapers of the human social order of especially today, all have in deliberated stupidity refused to perceive so as to be able to pretend to not understand them in order to be able to give full expression to their ego supergorging lust and all the other lusts they seek to indulge in and gorge themselves on.

From some two to three hundred years ago, knowledge of all kinds about our universe (its composition and construct) and ourselves (our composition, construct and cognitive capabilities) began to be acquired and accumulated by the human social order (as a totality) to the point whereby total we have been able to harness the power within our universe and realm of existence to do things beyond the wildest imaginations of forefathers of just three to four centuries before us.

But yet despite all these knowledge acquired, accumulated and harnessed many of the vividly manifested basic things about the social order of humankind that have been clearly and explicitly evident and obvious have been effectively and expressly ignored andor deliberately not understood, through a deliberated stupidity.

Here then is a challenge not just to you the readers of this post (and also this work, if you have been one of the handful who has been following it since you first discover it through whatever mechanism) but to all the supremely supreme, ultra mega super duper ingeniously intelligent proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives who are the shakers, shifters, movers and shapers of the human social order of today (obviously, because those of the past are too dead and too long gone to be able to undertake this challenge).

List out the top most things about human society and social order that are vividly manifested, evident very clearly and explicitly. Then go check out andor challenge all the supremely supreme, ultra mega super duper ingeniously intelligent proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives who are the shakers, shifters, movers and shapers of the human social order of today in whatever, wherever and however they have presented these as such, and see if anyone of them have any clue.

Make a top ten to the hundred of what you think is the one single top most thing about human society and social order that have been (noted andor recorded from the beginning of human civilization to this day) vividly manifested, evident very clearly and explicitly.

Then read the post, Intelligent Comprehension 102, of this discussion series so as to compare what you noted in your list and also what all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives have to say about this (whether they have said anything at all). Then check with what the post, Intelligent Comprehension 102, will clearly, explicitly present and discuss. But of course you do not need to agree with anything presented and discussed if you choose not to for whatever reason that you do not want to.

The reason you should (only if you want and not if you don't want to for anyall reasons that you don't want to) do a top ten, up to one hundred (less or more as you so wish), list is because you may think that the parameters are two wide (or broad) to be able to pin point just one such. So with such a ten or more list you can see how close you get (such as right at the very first item in your list or within the first ten, etc.) or if you get it at all.

And of course it is not some big secret or anything like that. I have mentioned and discussed it extensively and consistently in this work (just not in every post) so anyone who is a sincere serious reader of this work would (or should anyway) both perceive and understand what this one single most vividly manifested evidently very clear and explicit characterizing attribute, feature, trait or property, of and about, the human social order (and also of human beings both individually and collectively) especially that of today from some hundred or more years ago (and actually all the way back to the first instance of recorded human history, never mind all the unrecorded ones). 

It is just a very simple (which is not necessarily easy because perceptive intelligent thinking is required) test of your effective intelligent (as opposed to all the IQ, EQ and whatever intelligent and genius tests invented and designed by the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the human social orders) and no human being (which is not to say that everyall of the Spirit Angels would not already know whether you choose to do this or not choose to do this) other than you will know if you miss it by a mile.

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