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Status Updates 2019 CE

Status Updates  
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Changes In Strategy

Some time early December 2018 C.E., after struggling and struggling very hard to try and continue to write (new discussions, updates, modifications, etc) in this work but hardly making any significant progress, I began thinking that I need to change my approach to take into consideration my adverse current situation (and the steady decline in my functional capacity to do work especially more so than other work, this work).

With numerous discussions still pending to be completed and published, then there are those that are not yet completed; those that needed to be updated with more in depth and detail materials; those with compulsory editorial finishing still not done, all of these are in near literal limbo, I seriously must either greatly reduce or stop completely, doing the large lengthy discussions (many if which still unfinished and not progressing) of this work. Added to these, three (one already taken private some time back when I realized I am not able to give it any attention) of the blogs of this work has not seen any progress for years.

To this end, beginning 2019 C.E. this work will focus on short concise disclosures (with very minimum discussions which may be extended on in later future edits, that is the plan) that might not be convincing (not that to convince is what this work does) as an presentation for the truth and validity of the discussions of the disclosures to those who are disinclined (which are literary every one other than those easily frightened into believing absolutely anything at all as long as anyone can manage to scare the living crap out of them) to believe anything that goes against what they have totally already bought into.

Everyone who have already made up their own minds (includes on being convinced by others through whatever mechanism, be these from a social need to belong to something; for an ego boost to feel superior; phobias of the horrors of a forever hell of brutal sadistic torture; lusts of all sorts: such as going to heaven to pigged out in mindless sex orgies with copious dozens of virtual virgins or to stare at God's face, or both simultaneously) and have embraced to subscribe to anyall of the system of beliefs religious or not.

Convincing those who are disinclined to believe anything other than what they lusted to believe in, is never ever a purpose for this work. But one of the purpose of this work (see the Content Warning) as also has been that of the Gospel message (Matthew 12:36), is to convict (John 16:8; Galatians 3:22; Titus 1:9; James 2:9; Jude 1:15) everyall (including all the Elect towards repentance with perdition for those who willfully break the Everlasting Covenant) for the day of Judgment (Genesis 9:5; Revelation 20:11 – 13) when they all will be called to account for every idle word and every evil expression of life (Matthew 12:36; Luke 12:47) carried out in this their (first) lifetime.

But presenting simple, plain, clear and rational (as opposed to insane lust baited) without a shadow of doubt proofs on very evident and obvious truth and reality is the responsibility of everyall whom GOD has called into a relationship with HIM as their GOD, especially all those whom GOD has ordained to an office (i.e. specific roles or positions). Sadly this has been the biggest failure of near all (there are few exceptions) the Elect of GOD from the Apostolic Age to this very day, especially all those ordained to offices of leadership, their focus is mostly to entirely on themselves, working not to glorify GOD and the truth of the Gospel, but so that they could: strut around to show off (i.e. gorge their egos) that they are the supreme greatest proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GODandor to add to their own lives, instead of on their responsibility to the offices they were or have been ordained.

All the above in consideration, needless to say further, the new discussions and posts are not meant for all those who either have no inclination or are disinclined to believe this author (i.e. all of this work) regardless whether they profess to believe the Christian Holy Scriptures or not. While this author hopes that all those who are the regular readers and followers who closely follow this work would not continued on being doubters, scoffers, mockers and skeptics; to have aspiration on or for any one is not something that I would do but instead leaving everyone to take and give account to their own selves, and ultimately to GOD at their appointed time.

On a more positive note, towards the last half of December 2018 C.E., in the midst of all the negativity in this author's life, there were some small unusually positive developments which I shan't go into aside from mentioning that two blogs which have been stagnant and in limbo for a while, will soon begin to see some activities.

Starting from this month (and for the duration of this year at least) increased focus will be place on two of the blogs (The Relationship Connection and Living By Every Word) which have been in limbo for a few years now.

Added 2019 02 03

It is discouraging for me to add that no sooner than I mentioned the single one positive development (see first update at 2019 01 01 paragraph, ‘On a more positive note’ above this) within a few days the positive development began slipping away and from that time a series of hits have turned things for the worst again even as the scheduled date to publish this post was still pending.

Since then (when it again began to take a downward turn for me, counting five separate hits on my person and one on my facility) I am once again struggling to continue to finish just the few disclosure series of posts I had planned for this year when after I found that my functional ability to work improves sufficiently (but was short lived for just over two weeks).

But thankfully before the downturn happened I managed to more or less complete a total of eight posts (including this), albeit short ones, with another four more (planned for this year) now uncertain. The other seven posts (consisting of nominal to small discussions) completed and schedule for publication for 2019 C.E. are: ‘Contemporary Personalities Part 2 The Groups’ (this blog); ‘Intro And Home Page, The Most Important Verse, The Second Most Important Verse’ (Living By Every Word blog),  Intro And Home Page, The Missed Connection, Relationship Basic Of Basics (The Relationship Connection blog).

Additionally, updating and completing another four to eight posts, one completed and one in the midst of updating (that I had hoped to be able to do, that was before things again went downhill) are now uncertain (with me still hoping for some future positive development that will allow me to continue with all that I have hoped to do for this period) as I continued to struggle on to do what little I can get done.

Added 2019 02 07

A new feature is being added to this work in the forms of icons to indicate the main categories of discussion of each post (including blogs).  These are meant mainly for those who are followers especially those closely following, this work.
Categories are:
science related 🚀
the Elect related 🐑
existential realities 🌌
social order realities 🌎
relationship related 👪
prophecies related ✨
for those closely following 🔍
Judaism 🔯
Judgment 🔥.

Starred (single or double) are those covering extensively on crucial reality issues which all the totally lust driven went into deliberated stupidity so they can refuse to understand. 

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Special Note
Please note that all discussions by this author are based on a general non expert assessment of information gathered from material published in the public domain (i,e, readily available to members of the general public). All of this author's discussions are presented as material for any and all lay persons with no special expertise. Anyone twelve years of age and older, who is not mentally incapacitated in some ways, would (or should anyway) be able to understand anyall the discussions of this author. No one needs to be an expert or a genius to be able to understand the simple and straight forward truths discussed by this author.
The main basis of all this author's discussions is the original inspired texts of the Christian Holy Scriptures sourced from material currently (at time of the posting) publicly available as ‘translated’ text in numerous version of the Christian Bible and extensively referenced by the Strong Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Version. The discussions' focus and context are with respect to this author's Christian commitment, worship and beliefs through the calling of ALMIGHTY GOD to the baptism of repentance into the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS of the Christian Bible Gospel's and the full New Testament's accounts.
The referenced sources for all other religions and system of beliefs (hereafter referred to as the Referenced Sources), are to materials freely available and published online on the World Wide Web and other internet service protocols on the Internet. These are published by either: the generally proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters; or the self proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters of such beliefs and religions; as well as of all others who published dissertations and discussions on these system of beliefs and religions whether presented as biased or unbiased discussion, dissertations or compilations.
The materials directly and specifically attributed to, as sources that form the basis to this author's discussions topics on other system of beliefs and religions are by no means all the sources referenced by this author but just a small sampling of such information that are accurate contextual representations of what is widely published to discuss, proclaim, assert, pronounce andor decree as the so claimed truth andor the direct communications from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR.
Anyone who disputes the accuracy or truthfulness of the discussions, dissertations and assertions with regards to other religions and systems of beliefs (other than the true Christian faith and worship of this author) are requested to take the matter up with the Reference Sources.
This author at no point claimed to be discussing the original work of the originators of any other religions or system of beliefs other than the Christian Commitment by the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS. All discussions of other religions and system of beliefs are based solely on what have been published and were available prior to the time the discussion was posted, and attributed to the Referenced Sources.
Please bear in mind that almost all the Referenced Sources of nearly all religions and system of beliefs as well as those who discussed andor compiled such material information varied their doctrines, assertions, claims (to accuracy, validity or authenticity) andor teachings significantly from time to time through the course of human history, as well as by their various and differing members of those who are the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed experts, authorities andor masters of these knowledge, information, religions and system of beliefs, whether they are those generally acknowledged by the human social order andor those who claimed affiliations to these religions and systems of beliefs, or those who are self appointed. Therefore if anyone finds any discussion by this author on these religions and system of beliefs to be inaccurate, they should refer back to those materials published on these religions and system of beliefs that were contemporary to the date the discussion was first posted.

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