Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Blog

Started a new blog titled, Living By Every Word. At first I want to do a short series on 'In Bad Faith' in this journal but changed my mind deciding to keep this space as a journal.

So instead of continuing the topic of 'Bad Faith' here I decided to publish it in this new blog about Christian living, the conduct of life that is ordered according to GOD's Words.

As with all my work on the Christian religion it is only intended for those who believe in the GOD of the Christian Bible and who sincerely want to order their lives according to HIS written instructions and to seek to do HIS will.
My advice to all those who have no interest in the Christian religion or the writings of the Holy Bible, 'Don't read my blogs. They will only add up to the day of your punishment when the CREATOR GOD brings all humankind into Judgment'.

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