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The Kings of The South.

I have been wondering when it would start to come about, now its looks like it is earlier than I had anticipated. But then again it might not. The Kings of the South basically are four nations that will be united by a common racial identity that will face off with the Beast Power, a union of seven (originally ten) nations of the Kings of the North, during one of the major wars of the End of the Age just within a few years from JESUS returning as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land, this time finally for an everlasting possession, fulfilling GOD's promises of nationhood inheritance to Abraham for his descendants through Isaac and Jacob. The ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah during their first possession of the land failed to honor their covenant with GOD continuously breaking it and were ejected ceasing to the nations of GOD.

What we see in the world today is just the setting of the stage for the Kings of the South to arise. So it may be still some years even as it has been over twenty years since the stage started to be prepared for the rise of the Kings of the North and there are still several more years to go before this rise will actually begin. Even the King of the East have taken over half a century to attain to its current position to be a major player in the global setting and only now is it beginning to rise militarily. The stage setting is the preparation for this four nations that would comprises the Kings of the South signified by the four-head-leopard-liked-beast symbolism in the prophecies of the Prophet Daniel to rise economically as well militarily that would enable it to do battle with the Kings of the North when the Beast Power invade Jerusalem to in order to destroy the Church of GOD and to replace it with the Abomination of Desolation.

And oh yes, there are also the King(s) of the West and the King of the East. And of course we must not leave out the King right in the very midst. 

Please read the post, The Prophecies of the Prophet Daniel and the Apostle John for the discussion on these various Kings and their confrontations in the days leading to The End of the Age.

All these kings are the end time players in the battles that will be focused on Jerusalem. The stage setting for these kings to rise are the necessary unity within each block of kings that would lead to them gaining the foundation industries and economies that would support their military build up for the confrontations that will take place each in its own time order with the Kings of the North. The stage setting had begun to take place from over a hundred years ago even as the Kings of the South is one of the last of them to begin to make this rise.

And right now one among these kings will soon begin to decline, the pace of which will increase in the years to come. These Kings of the West will be the first casualty in this battle field through their confrontation with the Kings of the North. The prophecy of Daniel regarding this end time conflict focused on the rise of four groups of nation and the decline of a company of nations. All these are the main players in the end time conflict centered on Jerusalem.

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"It's inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire Islamic world to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world. Impossible that this thinking -- and I am not saying the religion -- I am saying this thinking,"
From Egypt's leader, an ambitious call for reform in Islam

If the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed the Kings of the South will be a four nations alliance of a common people (by racial genealogy) that will lead an army against the Kings of the North as part of the arm conflicts and violence that will be centered around Jerusalem in the days leading to the Second Advent of LORD JESUS.

This latest development is another step towards setting the stage for the rise of the Kings of the South.

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