Monday, April 4, 2011

The Passover Season Is Here Again.

This year (2011 C.E.) the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread falls in the middle of April. Each year at the appointed date and time true Christian commemorate this ordained Feast to renew and review our commitment to the Forever Covenant that was made through the BLOOD of LORD JESUS CHRIST. The New Everlasting Covenant is the commemoration of the death of JESUS CHRIST as the sacrificial Passover LAMB of GOD through which forgiving grace became available to all of humankind who would repent from the sins and rebellion against GOD, turning in true sincere faith to obey and honor GOD to keep all HIS ordain institutions and to fulfill and perform the Royal Law, the Ten Commandments of Love.

I will be taking some time off this year during this season to reflect on my life on all that had transpired (as is customary) and also to consider what to expect in the coming months. Around this period both before and after this annual spring Feast of ALMIGHTY GOD I will also be doing quite a bit of travelling.

What this means is that for the month of May there will be no new articles in all of my blogs except all those that had been completed and are just pending their scheduled postings.

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