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Are You Real?

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Part 1 – Are You Real? (this post)
Part 2 – How Are You Real?
Part 3 – How Real Are You?

Are You Really Real?

Most people generally understand to some degree what is real from what is not from the perspective of their daily encounters. However that does not mean that they are not, at best confused, at worst almost totally mad (i.e. technically insane) when it comes to certain beliefs that they either totally or partially hold to be truth, factual or real.

This is a teaser, the first of three, to a pending post series on this blog that discuss the issue of reality, what it really is. Here we are discussing existential realities (i.e. what is existentially real as opposed to what is fantasized, imagined, theorized or hypothesized) not the numerous other kinds or types that are also being discussed and studied.

Real Or Imagined

Are you real? Or are you a figment of my imagination? Are we all a figment of the imagination of someone or something out there whom (or which) we know nothing about?

In the movie 'After Earth' we have General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) telling his son Kitai (Jaden Smith, who is both the real life son as well as that of the movie character) that fear is not real but the product of thoughts we create. According to the wisdom of the producers (of the movie) that while danger is real, fear is not real but a choice. What do you think? Is fear just a choice and not real? It is just something imagined and felt but only just an expression of the imagination and is not real?

The entertainment industry including fiction writers have been major sources of postulations on alternate realities since way before the beginning of the age of enlightenment and information in the human social order. But they were not the first. If our historians and scientists can be believed humankind has been postulating and theorizing on alternative realities from the beginnings of the species called Homo sapiens.

Do you know if you are real? And everything you sense and know, do you know if any of them are real and which are if any? 

What is reality? Our scientists for a long time thought they knew. I am not sure if they still think so.

But our philosophers from as far back as we have records of their thoughts, seems to be very confused (and still are), as they typically are about almost everything that has to do with life, values and reality. They are forever arguing and asserting their supreme views, opinions and beliefs but never being able to give us satisfactory answers that are both clear and precise.

For example ever since these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of philosophy (which include all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions, all religions and systems of belief), the supreme thinkers of their respective age and also those of the entirety of the human social order, have been arguing about evil, what it is. You can read about all their assertions, declarations, proclamations and announcements as they have been widely published (available in the national and educational libraries of many of the economically, technologically, educationally and socially developed andor advance nations of the human social order; many also freely available and easily accessible on the internet) all of which were and are at best very muddled, and at worst totally confusing and even ridiculously confusing. After that you can compare them (all their declarations, assertions and views) with what is disclosed (very briefly and concisely) in the Glossary post of this work under the entry wickedness. But do not be surprised if you find in some of the newer works published after this work here began publishing in 2009 C.E. on Blogger, incorporating the definition disclosed and discussed by this work (but without acknowledging the source). This is basically because, near all the entirety of humankind are essentially self expedient, solely self advancing plagiarizing liars. This include even near all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among the true Christians of today including the very Angel and Messenger (i.e. appointed human leader) in the one and only true Church of GOD.

Do you know what reality really is, what is really real and what is not really real but a perception mirage? For the answers, which may come as a surprise, please look out for the future post series discussing what reality actually is.

The question of what reality actually is, is a complex one that will probably take at the very least a large volume book to fully explore all aspects of. In the series on ‘The Issues Of Reality’ discussing what reality is, we will explore some aspects of what the various segments of the human social order understand or represent reality to be. Then we will discuss why our brilliantly intelligent men and women of science and philosophy don't fully know what reality really is. They have some ideas, some pretty good and accurate ideas but they don't get the really important thing about reality just as in the same way they don't really get what life is or what existence is. Over a few hundred years ago most of the recognized leading experts of science thought our galaxy was the whole universe not too different when around a hundred years ago they thought that the atom was the smallest possible indivisible state of matter. They later learned that the universe was a lot more voluminous than that but still thought that it was more or least totally (or mostly) empty (i.e. devoid of anything) space separating dusts, planets, stars filled galaxies and other celestial bodies and objects. I am not sure whether with all that they have uncovered and discovered (i.e. learned) since they still think that the universe is fill with empty space separating the galaxies and other celestial objects, I certainly hope not.

Now if anyone thinks that they know the answer to what the full perspective of what reality is and therefore what reality is in the final analysis, please let me know. But please don't repeat any of the stuff published online even if you are the actual originator of these thoughts or the publisher of these stuffs. 

Are You Real?  [1]   [2]   [3]
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  1. Question for you....

    Was your friendship real to begin with? Now that is the question I am asking myself. Are my theories right about you?

    Looks like you did not have any problems, and my concerns were misplaced. You just broke off without a word. What an ASSHOLE!

    It seems you are ok with what you did, but really the way you break our so-called friendship is just like how people of the world do it all the time. And you are no different from them.

    Carry on babbling and pretending to be some righteous and different christian. The Quah I thought I knew, was clearly a lie.

    You indeed showed your true colors. And if I can expose you as the fraud you are, I will!

    You know who I am. And boy, am I pissed.

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with the pseudonym "Mr Oooh I Am' after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  2. Yes, I know the answer to your question. But I know you won't admit it or even tread there, lest it damage your faith.

    I also know why you keep writing your religious drivel, and it has nothing to do with caring for people.

    As long as you don't know the answer, you will be plagued with thorns in the flesh. Oooh, so everything you don't agree with must be the devil attacking you, eh? Why not understand what is harmonics and how the universe functions first?

    I doubt you will.

    Please don't PRETEND that you want to seek intelligent discourse here, and offer for people to write in and tell you what their answer is.

    Your ego gorging is so OBVIOUS to everyone but yourself. It has always been evident to me, just that I try to keep quiet about it previously, lest the friendship end (oops).

    Since it has ended, I feel free to expose you and hold you to the very same standards you try to hold everyone else, and I know on a subconscious level it is just so to make yourself feel better about all the sufferings you are enduring. If you are really that good and virtuous, why not just shut the fuck up.

    Oh, I know why.....

    It feels better to pretend you are this wise person who knows better than others. It feels better to pretend to be a teacher rather than a student, eh? It feels better to correct rather than to be corrected.

    Ponder what I said. Most of the time, your subconscious side is working through you. You CLAIM to want to be a lone ranger, but your subconscious need to connect to others is also one of the reasons why you spout all this endless drivel. You really take all this to the next level, man.

    And I know your next excuse is, God ask me to write all this. Yep, that's always the tried and tested justification that all religious buggers spout, even the muslim ones.

    Have a nice day.....

    You think I will let you off the hook so easily?

    PS: You know who I am.

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  3. Very religious, very proud, rather worldly, and just not spiritual. That's my assessment of you.

    I saw it when you could not sit still and had to resort to watching TV during our trip. ALL the time. I knew it when you watch "worldly" YouTube movies all the time in your home. Yet not be able to grasp all the openly hidden "secrets" that the powers that be put out in their movies. Try watching They Live to get a handle on things.

    I knew it when your colleagues sent you porn during your working time. Must have been a truly worldly guy from their perspective! Wow.

    I also knew it when you dismissed the ill effects of masturbation as baloney, like what modern 5 sense science teaches. You ignore the very basis of Chinese medicine and all the feats of traditional Chinese martial arts that you can see with your very own eyes. You regard it all as from the devil. Sigh. All upside down.

    A person at true peace and inner happiness will not behave/think like that. Miracles do happen to them wherever they go, even if they have no money at all. Their face reflects a deep inner peace and they NEVER behave in a DISHONORABLE manner. Not to friends, not to anyone.

    There is a harmony to the universe. You see it in the rainforest especially, and in the circular patterns of a seashell, in termite nests. This is the universal WAY of GOD.

    Try to learn the REAL meaning here. If you can.

    One starting point for you is Lester Levenson. He always taught for free and his life was a living, and working demonstration of the real God at work. The I AM that is within us all. Within me. Should be within you too, unless you are totally twisted within.

    Sent home to die by the doctor and given 3 months to live, he lived for almost 100 years, after an inner epiphany turned his life around. Now that he passed away, his good "friends" misuse his teachings and charge money for it on his website, when he never charged a single cent. His whole life actually was a living proof of what it means to walk in God.

    This is one example of a spiritual man who GOT IT RIGHT. He explains EGO as your self identification. Whenever you think you are separate from the all, ego is already there.

    That does describe you to the T. Since you identify yourself as morally superior to just about every human being, and homeward bound for a big reward in heaven, ready to judge other fellow humans on a throne given by your god (as per your understanding). This is your motivation to keep on what you're doing. I understand.

    Shucks, you need to understand what is the real meaning of ego, because it is as clear as daylight to me, that you are full of ego.

    The only way I could co-exist with you all the while, was because I took the backseat and let you take the driver's seat! Not because I am 70% feminine like you always loved to mock me!

    Your ego was so huge that it would fill up the whole car we were driving in, and there would be NO SPACE for both our egos to fit in the car! That is why, I always consciously took the backseat and let you take the driver's seat! Even to the extent of actually believing your words!

    All the time, I let you think you know me and got a handle on me. Not a problem for me. I was wiser. You were not so.

    Now that you lost your only friend, I hope you are happy. You will never meet someone like me again, and I am totally positive that you will never gain another friend again, not in your deeply entrenched current state/mindset/belief system. I must have been the record holder in that regard...

    And what is it with old men who are estranged from their families? The previous old man before you that I thought was special, he turned his back on me and vanished a few days after my father passed. You are the same archetype, unbeknownst to you....

    Note to self, never trust old men again, especially those who are estranged from their families and look like lone rangers. Their veneer collapses suddenly. This must be a message from God. I am currently pondering this...

    Farewell, and Good bye.

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment which was made to reveal the identity of the person making all these vile slander had been deleted according to the offer made to this person to allow him to leave this episode behind him.

      For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am'. the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym 'Mr Oooh I Am' in August post made in response to his brazen lies and slander after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  5. LOL.

    I will not be "exposing" you, and I commented because it was the ONLY way to get a response from you.

    I am not such a dishonorable person like you are. I have my rules, and ideals. I do not change 180 degrees like you.

    I am satisfied that you finally respond. Not pretending to be dead or dumb.

    Why don't YOU respond to me personally? Are you that dishonorable and despicable?!

    Publish this!

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  6. If you write about me, I WILL write about you. I will make one full blog all about you, and detail everything down. People will laugh at you, and dismiss you as the loon you are.

    I have not and will not do so is because I just wanted to see whether you would respond to me. Holy smokes, looks like you are alive.

    Getting a simple response from you is like squeezing blood out of stone.

    And the only reason I am trying this way is because after soooo many attempts to contact you fail!

    I simply could not believe the Quah I knew can just cut me off and not even respond. You don't want associate with me, it is FINE. You are perfectly within your rights to do so. I said that so many times.

    But not responding is DISHONORABLE. For someone I thought was one of my best friends....

    How did it come down to this? Ask yourself that question.

    And for the record there are some mistakes in your details about me......shucks.

    Go ahead, call me a troll, if that is your best shot.

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  7. And one more thing. Did you know Blogger does delete blogs all the time?

    Slanderous posts will get your blog deleted, if complaints are done.

    I knew beforehand I could not write a slanderous post about you in Blogger, you don't. Now who is the moron?!?

    I just "threatened" through your comment form because I know you won't read my emails! At least here, you can read them!

    That last comment was actually meant to be the last. My final parting shot.

    Your choice.

    Farewell, and Good Bye.

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym 'Mr Oooh I Am' after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  8. And while you are so kind as to publish my comments, I am addressing this comment to your few readers to be fair. Let them be the judge.

    Publish my comment!

    The short background story behind my "insane" tirade is this:

    This Quah that I have known for 4 years, suddenly cut off contact with me late in June. I was the ONLY friend of his, he has no friends in the real sense and lives like a hermit.

    I am not a troll like he claims. I do not frequent that forum at all like he claims.

    Neither am I 38 years old.

    However, we were good friends, and many of his ants/termites/jungle photos are courtesy of ME. I drove him around for years and we shared plenty of things. It was a mutually satisfying partnership. I also confided in him because I thought he is someone I can trust.

    But all of a sudden, he just cut off contact with me for seemingly NO reason. I tried to contact him many times, called him, and he had not the slightest decency to reply.

    Nothing. Nada.

    I even thought he was ill or he had a family emergency. More than 2 weeks later, I realized he was just fine, when he published a post here and I think it is subtly directed at me. It is this post entitled, "Are you real?"

    Of course, I am furious. I try to get him to respond and this is the ONLY way, through his comment form.

    I cannot understand how someone whom I regarded as one of my best friends, can treat me like this. No reason, no nothing. We also had agreements to go on other trips and I had already made some preparations for them.

    Now this.

    This is the background story. Now judge for yourself if this person is a real Christian or not. He will definitely have an explanation out soon, like he says. I wonder what it will be.

    I will consider contacting Blogger should he defame me in his future posts. This is turning out to be a tit for tat.

    But it will be my final post or comment here, unless he escalates this.

    Again, to the readers here, please judge for yourselves.

    I have no further comment.

    1. For the response to this vile slander please refer to the August post titled 'Mr Oooh I Am' at the Url:

      The real identity of this slanderer was removed and replaced with a pseudonym after he agreed to retract his slander and apologize.

  9. Mr Quah Choon Huat,

    Please check your email. There is a communication from me.

    I am just not sure....if you read it.

    Thank you.

    1. For the response to this deceitful pretense of the shameless liar who posted all these vile slander and is here pretending to be asking me to check my email so he can disclose my full name, please read the August post of this blog titled 'Mr. Oooh I Am' at

      The real identity of the vile slanderer was removed and replaced with the pseudonym 'Mr Oooh I Am' after he made a retraction according to the offer I made in order for him to leave this episode behind him if he so chooses.


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