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Fourth Year Anniversary

It has been four years today, since the Christian blogs of this author began publishing in Blogger. The first of my Christian blogsThe Holy Bible Expounded’ started publishing in Blogger on November 1st 2009. This was then followed by ‘The Christian Pilgrimage’ on November 5th, and The End Of The World How And When’ on December 1st of the same year. 

These three blogs were originally published together with my nature forays in Microsoft Spaces Live’ as a single web journal from November 2008 C.E. until I began trying out Blogger in September 2009, testing first with my nature topic blog. Perceiving that Microsoft will not be able to sustain their social networking venture, I then moved the rest of my publishing to Blogger starting from November 2009 C.E.

What started out as my effort to educated my daughter on my faith and beliefs in the now defunct Microsoft venture into social networking, eventually grew into seven blogs expounding the true Christian teachings that the evil Christmas religion have seek over the centuries to this day to blot out.

While it had not been my original intention to publish my Christian beliefs, I soon realized this to be my responsibility to my MAKER and GOD in my Covenant with HIM and HIS SON, seeing how the Church of GOD and nearly all the rest of the Saints have turned aside to seek out and teach lies to advance themselves instead of the GOD they are pretending to serve. This the Christian Holy Scriptures had CLEARLY prophesied from some two thousand and more years ago.

While my move to Blogger four years ago was primarily prompted by the realization that Microsoft will not be able to sustain Spaces Live, my choice of moving to Blogger was prompted by its ease of use and lack of complication to someone whose main focus is the content not the presentation. Another reason for my choosing Blogger over Wordpress then, was because of images as my nature topic blog (the first blog I migrated from Microsoft Spaces Live) was (and still is) image intensive.

But as often happened when a company is acquired by another company, the acquired company usually will either diminished (rather than progressively increase) and eventually ceased to be viable or be sold off. With Blogger too this seems to be the case as Blogger's growth has in all likelihood diminished significantly. Had Blogger not been bought by Google the site would probably have grown much larger making it more on par with Wordpress in popularity to blog publishers, possibly it might even have overtaken Wordpress.

Today I am again considering moving to another blogging or publishing platform as the writing on the wall is showing me that Blogger is moving in a direction that is making it in less and less a conducive site for the publishing of clear, simple, obvious truths.

While it is still day I must continue with haste as night is fast approaching when I will no longer be able to publicly publish this work. When that happens I hope all truth seekers who have read this message here will believe and realize that that was exactly as for one thousand two hundred and sixty years, the true message of the Gospel was totally suppressed from being publicly preached by the Great Harlot Church in all the nations she held sway over during those times. And that was then much of Europe, the Mediterranean and fringes of Asia especially where the genealogical descendants of the Biblical Patriarch were scattered.

And even after the one thousand two hundred and sixty years was eventually ended with the Protestant Reformation, however in all areas where the Christmas religions held sway over the political leadership and over the social norms, the truth of the Gospel was still suppressed with persecution from torture to murder. Though today in the freedom of religion and belief's focus of the United Nations, it might appear unlikely to most people that this Great Harlot and her daughters will once again rule supreme over the social order to persecute with torture and murder in order to suppress the truth of the Gospel, the clear and plain truth recorded in the prophecies of the Christian Holy Scriptures had revealed that it will again happen. When it does I hope all the doubters, scoffers and mockers who have read the works of this author will not become so totally drunk with the evil doctrines in the frightening paranormal signs of the False Prophet to be unable to remember what they have read here.

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