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No New Post Since January 2014

Starting from the month of February 2014 there have been no new post to this blog until this post. The beginning of the new year in the Sacred Calendar of Christian Holy Scriptures is the customary time of reflection for me as Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread is the reminder of the true Christians commitment to the do the will and work of the FATHER.

Re-looking over my various blogs I see the need to do some editorial work to correct mistypes words, spelling and grammar errors and also unclear sentences (especially those which are very long). Being a severely limited member of humankind (just like everyone other than those super mega intelligent geniuses who are the masters, leading experts and defining authorities on any and everything they choose to lord over or weight in on) there are tons of mistakes of typing, spelling, grammar, overly long sentences and even mix-up of discussions. The worst of these were when I was still holding down a full time job and I was rushing every month to publish a post in four of Christian blogs. Being a concept and context focused person looking to the whole picture and intent, I tend to gloss over grammar and presentation style. This weakness make it very hard for me to check over to correct spelling, grammar and even typing errors.

With immediate effect retrospective to February 2014 C.E. this blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’, (because I have not been able to sustain the originally set pace for various reasons) will no longer have a monthly post until further notice. New post will still be posted but not on any defined schedule. My sincere apologies to all those who have been following this blog.

Those who have been following the other Christian blogs of this author might be interested to know that many posts in these blogs are being updated, some to be the full (as opposed to being an abridged) extract of sections of the main book projects that I have been working on. This is inline with and according to the progressing goals of this work which first began as the foundation (i.e. just the very basic) discussion of the true Christian faith and worship to testify the Gospel message as a witness (which is one of the Church of GOD's main commission and work), but now includes a rebuking message to all the Elect of GOD as the End of the Age (i.e. the period leading to The Tribulation) fast approaches. Those wishing to check for the updates (major and minor), can do so at the site map page of my main blog, ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’.

This work here by this author first began as a teaching tool to educate my daughter of my Christian faith and worship. That was in the Microsoft venture into social networking and social blogging in the site Spaces Live before I shifted it to Blogger when I sensed that Microsoft would not be able to sustain that venture. So you can say the first draft of this work began there as two projects, one to expounded the truth recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures on the will and purpose of GOD and the other to testify of what is soon going to happen to bring the current social order of the Age of Man to an end.

So the second draft of this whole project which today consist of seven blogs covering the various aspect of the Christian teaching focus, began with four blogs in Blogger in November 2009 C.E.. Over time during the last five years most of the posts were sporadically updated as the project went into the third draft. Now in the four draft I thought it is both timely and appropriate to incorporate many issues and details, initially left out of the blogs' discussions that were in the project proper, to more fully conveyed the truth to the regular readers and those few following this author's work. A project from my perspective is any undertaking that will take some time, resources and sufficient resolve to complete.

While it had been my first intention to have these works formally published either as hard copy books or e-books, but with the current status of my affairs this do not appear to be likely in the foreseeable future. That has led to my decision to make the central discussion of doctrines and truth in this work here to be more comprehensive, revealing the very simple things that the whole world of super enlightened and grossly arrogant elite of the knowledge in the human social order deliberately refused to understand

A List Of SOME Of My Shortcomings In My Writings:
1. Writing ‘a’ instead of ‘e’ and vice versa; etc.
2. Writing ‘why’ when I meant to write ‘while’. Some other common mistype: ‘wield’ as ‘yield’, ‘your’ as ‘you’ and vice versa, etc.
4. Noun-cify words. Too lazy to think of an appropriate adjective or noun or a phrase that can capture the concept of a term, I take another common word and make it into an adverb, adjective or noun.
5. Even though I know presentation is important I basically don't put in enough effort to better present and decorate my writings. One valid reason for this is because I have ‘bitten off more than I can chew’, meaning undertaken way more than I can reasonable handle. But with so many issues that need to be discussed, clarified and corrected because of the pervasive brazenly evil lies that floods the whole human social order through all the system of beliefs that humankind have embraced, it is hard not to be aggrieved. The poor presentation effort leads to extremely long and sometimes unclear sentences and passages.
6. After writing a sentence or passage I then rephrase it but not completely (missing some part of the earlier sentence that was to be replaced) leaving a partially incoherent sentence or passage.
7. Changing punctuation and even grammar because I do not like the contemporary ‘correct’ usage. Example: I put the punctuation after the quotation marks except when the quote is of a speech. I also invent words (see item 4 above) which I believed would better express the concept rather than string together a series of words to describe the concept I want to convey.

The purpose or the intent of my writing about my shortcomings in my writings is to illustrate as an analogy of ‘sin’ and the true Christian (i.e. the Elect of GOD through the Everlasting Covenant). A true Christian is a very typical human being (i.e. a severely limited but incredulous intelligent creature), never ever a super virtuous mega pure high up on some pedestal tower or mountain proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives untouchable by the vices and sins of the rest of “low life humankind” as have been conveyed either explicitly or implicitly by many of those who claimed themselves to be Christians. This is especially true among those who have elevated themselves to be these leading experts, defining authorities, super mega geniuses, prophets, the prophets, the christs, popes and holy fathers (meaning they are equivalent to or is GOD the FATHER because they “so claimed” to have the ‘I AM’ in them) and whatever else title they heaped upon themselves, so that they can ‘lord it over’ all others and be able to abuse and exploit with impunity all others, who and where they can, especially their followers.

As I wrote in my post, ‘Hypocritical Self Righteous Religious Bigot’ a Christian is basically just a sinner who doesn't want to sin, a wicked person who does not want to be wicked, and is trying hisher level best not to. They are not all these leading experts, defining authorities, super mega geniuses, prophets, the prophets, the christs, popes and holy fathers and whatever else title they heaped upon themselves; nor are they are the rest who in the same manner either in genuine or pretending self deception claimed themselves to be contrite, meek, humble sinners who love and have faith in GOD but are clearly wholly given over to all manner of lust refusing to really believe and obey anything that the Holy Christian Scriptures plainly and clearly recorded. They instead have chosen to twist anything and everything to be whatever they want it to be so that they can continue on in the pursuit of their greed and lust to abuse, exploit and harm others whenever it becomes expedient for them to do so.

Most naturally the rule-based hairsplitters and all those leading experts, defining authorities, super mega geniuses, prophets, the prophets, the christs, popes and holy fathers and whatever else title they heaped upon themselves, may sarcastically asked, ‘How does listing out your shortcomings in your writings in anyway illustrate what a Christian is?’ And that would not at all be surprising considering that these super brilliant mega intelligent whatever title they may heap upon themselves can't even count from one to three or put two and two together either out of arrogant stupidity or extreme lust (I leave it to them to decide which).

The Analogy Spelled Out.

The analogical comparison equates errors and mistakes in writings, to sin. True Christians never intend to sin and try their leveled best to never sin (i.e. breaking, transgressing, disobeying GOD's Royal Law and Holy Commandments of Love) in exactly the same way as writers never endeavor to have errors or mistakes in they writings. That is the reason most (or even all) writers check over their writings (either by themselves or by special editorial personnel) before they publish.

As an intelligent freewill personage, whatever we think, contemplate and carry out, our real intent is what matters the most. When a person writes or present a dissertation, or initiate a communication, generally the person, unless they are of unsound mind or trying to be weird or an idiot, they do not do so with the intent for the dissertation, discussion or communication to be filled with errors and mistakes. In the same way a true Christian sincerely and genuinely seek with all effort in the conduct and the process of hisher life not to sin, not to disobey/transgress and not to be unfaithful to GOD. Just as a writer who writes would try his/her level best to write without mistake and errors in his/her writing, so a Christian in the conduct of hisher life genuinely and sincerely seek to keep, perform and honor GOD's Holy Commandments and Royal Laws of Love and also the covenant they have entered into with GOD.

They (the true Christians) most definitely will not go around announcing:
1. The Holy Commandments and Royal Laws of Love (summarized as the Ten Commandments) is enmity against us and JESUS had nailed it to HIS cross so we do not need to abide by these anymore. Either that or we must change the Ten Commandments in such a way (thus showing to everyone that we are the real true Gods by over ruling and ruling over God, changing, adding, removing, twisting whatever we want to God's laws and commandments) so that we can worship idols by saying that the idols are not idols but the image representation of God andor Jesus and Jesus perpetual virgin mother.

2. We must keep Easter Sunday and must not keep the Passover instituted by JESUS and if anyone does, we must (whenever we are able to especially when we can with impunity) using all manner of horrible torture, force them to stop and if they still refuse then we must kill them in some brutally salvage ways.

3. We must celebrate Christmas because we want to honor Lord Jesus by commemorating and celebrating his birthday on a day and month which was not really ever his birthday but that of some ancient pagan religious celebration. We do this because we want to make everyone believe that we love Lord Jesus so much that we must find a way to celebrate his birthday no matter what. But all the instituted Holy Feasts of GOD ordained by GOD as was very specifically and clearly recorded as commanded by GOD in the Scriptures, which were kept by JESUS as a SON of man, and even commanded by HIM to be observed, kept and commemorated, we must do away. This we do so that everyone who did not seriously and thoroughly studied the Scriptures will never ever learn about these instituted Holy Feasts of GOD, much less understand why GOD had instituted and ordained these annual Holy Feasts. And we will have accomplished out goals (but don't let anyone find out) to make everything the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded to be irrelevant and even ridiculous so that everyone will just believe and obey us as the leading experts, defining authorities, Christian masters and great holy andor reverend fathers then they (all those people who listen to us) will understand that they are just too stupid to figure out anything for themselves. (And also don't let anyone catch on) that we have been doing all these since we succeeded eons ago in outlawing through the Nicene Creed the Church of GOD together with all those who still steadfastly persist to believe the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures to sincerely and faithfully obey all that GOD (the FATHER) and LORD JESUS commanded.

(And also don't let anyone catch on) that having had all of them labelled as heretics and cults, we might be able to do our utmost to wipe them (all those who believe and obey GOD) out of existence, failing which at least had them labelled as heretics and cults, so humankind will not believe them.

(And also don't let anyone catch on) that in all these we have succeeded over almost all of humankind and now almost everyone who claimed to believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (meaning all the other Abrahamic religions so called) also totally believe that we are the real Christians and all those we labelled as heretics and cults are evil heretics. So ever since then and until now together with all these Abrahamic religions so called, all the rest of humankind in total also will completely believe us and totally obey us to brazenly and arrogantly insult and malign both implicitly and explicitly the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures. ■

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Special Note
Please note that all discussion by this author are based on a general non expert assessment of information gathered from material published in the public domain (i,e, readily available to members of the public). All of this author's discussions are presented as material for any and all lay person with no special expertise. Anyone twelve years of age and older, who is not mentally incapacitated in some ways, would (or should anyway) be able to understand any and all the discussions of this author. You do not need to be an expert or a genius to understand the simple and straight forward truths discussed by this author.
All “proclaimed and acclaimed” super mega brilliant supremely intelligent geniuses leading experts, defining master authorities, super holier than GOD man, women, entities and beings of whatever godly glorious illustrative mega holy and reverent titles, please go somewhere else to announce and proclaim your supreme superiority and lowest humility over all other members of humankind.

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