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Free Speech And Hypocrisy

As any blogger and web publisher would know, one of the many effective ways to increase traffic to your site is to publish views, posts, opinions and discussions on the most current trending issues popular in internet searches and Twitter retweets. That is why I usually avoid all these contemporary popular issues because I do not want to bring unwanted traffic to my blogs (please read the Content Warning for the reasons).

But sometimes such issues are so pertinent and important to this work of testifying to the Truth of GOD, an essential part of which is exposing lies and evils in the human social order, that I have to do a discussion on it.

One such discussion was in an earlier post, The Kings Of The South’ in this blog. The stage in the process of being set for the rise of the third beast power of the four Kings of the South was a major prophecy of the Christian Holy Scriptures that prophesied of world end time events that would lead to the Second Advent of LORD JESUS and the Day of the LORD. There will be four beasts powers or pagan national politico military entities (Daniel 7:1 – 12) in the conflicts centered on Jerusalem during the three and half years Tribulation with the second beast (Revelation 16:12) only entering into the fray at the very end in the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16).  The Kings of the South is the third beast of book of Daniel chapter 7.

The recent (January 2015 C.E.) Islamic Jihadists’ killings (i.e. murders) of journalists, law enforcement officers and Jews in France has again brought up the issues of free speech, religious sensitivity and violent carnages, as well as the issues of being moderate, being extreme, being tolerant and being accepting. Almost totally left out (because even when they were brought up they were never sincerely addressed but often implicitly justified even as they put on a front of saying otherwise) were the issues of tolerating, supporting, justifying, approving, instigating, celebrating andor encouraging vehemence violence, brutal murders, carnages and mayhems as if these are non issues and the absolute undeniable God given rights, of all those who tolerate, instigate, approve, encourage, celebrate, cheer, support andor participate in them, to carry out if anyone should dare to offend them.

Also very unfortunately in all that is put forward and advanced, the simple truth is trampled down and buried. Everyone who has something to say about the matter has basically advanced their own personal agenda and brazen hypocrisy purposefully ignoring the essential truth of the issue, the issue of truth in knowing what is right from wrong, good from evil, justice and righteousness against injustice and wickedness.

What this translate as, is that not only do everyone (all those who are able to do so with impunity) demand as their absolute rights all the freedom their demand to own, they also demand as their absolute right the right to define the limits to the freedom of others. That is where the brazen hypocrisy is.

Even as it should be obvious and need not be mentioned, let it be clear that this discussion is not about the French satire publication or about Islamic Jihadists. This discussion is about freedom, free speech and brazen and blatant hypocrisy.

Everyone essentially wants to be free to do whatever they want to do. But if deliberately pretending stupidity science is to be believed, no one (meaning no human animal and also any other animal of earth) is actually free, everyone is the total slave to, the totally controlled puppet of, their genetics plus the chemicals they ingest and by extension (totally enslaved) to Darwinian Evolutionary forces of Mutationism (which according to science until the date of this post, created us and all life on earth). Mutationism (or so called contemporary Mutationism) aka Darwinian Evolution is by extension the slave of Absolute Nothing the creator of absolutely everything. In conclusion then, science asserts that we are all the total, complete slaves to and of Absolute Nothing. Normally (before the new science) if we say we are slave to absolutely nothing it means that we are not enslaved at all, but with the new science things do really get to be very confusing such that we may no longer know what we are saying or what we are thinking because nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense anymore, which also include this very statement.

That (the above disclosure) was added in specifically to highlight the insanity of science (of the ego supergorging proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science), meaning all the mega super brilliantly enlightened and supremely intelligent geniuses proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science. But not to overly worry, because not too long from now science (and also many major anti GOD religions) will cave to the Great Harlot and embraced the plurality of the Trinity. This by the way, is a prophecy of the Christian Holy Scripture and not something I made up. But of course you don't have to believe it if you don't want to; you are totally free to not believe.

Question: Does the Christian Holy Scripture advocate freedom of speech?
Answer: No and yes.

Is that answer confusing to anyone? Does that answer confuse anyone reading this discussion? Here is the thing, if the answer is confusing to anyone and confused them, then they would (or should anyway) know that they are basically rule–based hairsplitters. And if this revelation or assertion of this author (that they, all those confused by the answer above, are basically rule–based hairsplitters) offend them then they would (or should anyway) know that they are in addition to being rule–based hairsplitters, they also are, anything from ego gorgers to ego mega supergorgers (depending on how infuriated they are by this revelation and assertion). But before they explode in a murderous rage and seek to go on murderous rampages to murder this author or anyone else, they should remember that they are the one who willfully insisted to read this, willfully ignoring and willfully acting against the advice and warnings of this author in the content warning to this blog.

And before they go on a murderous rampage, they should understand that it is not this author's intent to insult or offend anyone but telling them the truth in hope that they will take corrective action and that corrective action is not only not going around and murdering people, but directly, diametrically and totally opposite to it.

Basically everyone is free to (which is not necessarily right to, nor them having a right to) do anything they want (subject to their own limitations and constraints, any and all of their limitations and constraints whatever those limitations and constraints might be) but there are consequences.

The easiest thing for them (those who are offended and infuriated) and also having the least consequence, is to cease and to stop ever reading this author's work. That would be the easiest thing for them to do which of course is neither the most wisely intelligent nor the most ego lust satisfying. Fact is it is very ego lust deflating and obviously extremely unpleasant and therefore undesirable course of action for an ego gorging person to take. For this reason people will only take this easiest course of action with the least consequence for everyone, when they are unable (from the perspective of power impunity) to do anything else. This fact alone convicts everyone, every adult human being both sinners and Saints, of evil (i.e. of sin, of sinning against GOD).

The hardest would be for them to be determined and to seek out knowledge to learn what they can do to stop being rule–based hairsplitters and also (if they have also been proven to be), to stop being, from ego gorgers to ego mega supergorgers.

Somewhere in between these two options is then the option to go on murderous rampages which also carry the worst consequences, for them (if not in the short run, very definitely in the very long run) as well as their victims with extended repercussion to all others that are incidental to their rampages (i.e. the so called co-lateral damage). Fact is for the ego gorgers all the way to the ego mega supergorgers, this is the most desirable and most momentarily satisfying course of action to take. That is the reason almost everyone, almost every single member of mankind would take this option if they can or are able to, especially if they can get away with it without undesirable consequences and repercussions to themselves (personally as well as their extended ego self, all their ego proxifications) even when this impunity is just very momentarily.

And all those are of course very simple things that the whole of the human social order deliberately pretend to be stupid so they can deliberately not understand in order that they might continue on to feed their ego gorging lust so as to be able to continue on doing all that they lusted to do.

Was not all I have stated above (all that followed after the no–yes answer), very simple and easy to understand?

But of course, there will be some brilliantly intelligent supreme geniuses who would demand, ‘All that is well and good but what do they have to do with free speech and hypocrisy?

And naturally that would be an astoundingly brilliant question coming from the brilliantly intelligent supreme geniuses, but for all the regular readers and followers of this author's work that would be about the most ridiculously stupid question for anyone reading this post who is sane, who is not incoherently insane, to ask.

If You Don't Like My Apples Don't Shake My Tree [dontshk]

You want your freedom to do whatever you want to do. In all fairness I too should have the freedom to do whatever I want to do. Simple and uncomplicated, right?

Then you demand that I should not offend you. Do you have a right to do that? You insist, ‘I do not offend you therefore you should not offend me!’ Valid?

No and yes.

That is right, no and yes. The context of the offense is the difference between the no and the yes. 

If the practice of my right in my space is offensive to you then NO, not valid!

However if I purposely without just cause, go out of my way to your place, to your sanctuary and offend you, if I willfully force that offense on you then, yes. But even in the yes, there are situations and conditions where it would still be a no. This I will leave it to the reader to figure out why it would still be a no, even as we shall in a latter part of this discussion go over and explain what these conditions are where offense is not only the right thing to do but obligatory (i.e. a legal responsibility) of the offender.

Nothing complicated, right? So why then all these spewing forth of toxic poisons and murderous rampages and all these demands that others must give up their rights and freedom when you insist you have your right to your rights and freedom even to and beyond murder and carnage to demand others to give up their rights and freedom?

Who is unreasonably demanding to have absolute and all rights over others? Who is the one who demand, ‘Let no one even in secret of their home do anything at all that I might be offended else I will spew forth poisons and go on a murderous rampage’? Yet this is exactly what today (from 2010 C.E. on wards) on a worldwide scale, everyone in the world have been doing, demanding that none should offend them at all in anything that they choose to be offended over.

If someone publish a book that is offensive to you then exercise your right to your freedom by choosing not to read the book. That is valid. But insisting on your right to get offended by going out your way to be offended through insisting on reading the book so that you can be infuriated then seek them out to murder them that is not valid. That is overbearing blatant brazen arrogance and explicitly and arrogantly evil!

Now if someone force their way into your home or lay in wait to accost or way laid you so as to directly insult you to your face then you may have a right to be offended and to seek out legal redress but still no right to commit murder or to carry out your own act of retribution (because vengeance belongs to GOD and only HE can avenge because HE owns everything). Freedom does not get any simpler than that. Please read the discussion on ‘The New Covenant Part 1’ in the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ to understand the covenant instituted by GOD which is binding without exception on all mankind from the time of Noah until the end of our current reality (when the earth and the universe will cease to exist and be replaced by a new and perfect forever reality). In and by the Rainbow Covenant, GOD have forbidden as an instituted and commanded requirement, any human being from intentionally harming another human being, warning that HE had a appointed a day to require a full reckoning from all who would harm any other human being, human beings being made in HIS image and likeness.

Please understand that here we are not discussing false accusation (in both its contexts) or slander. Here we are discussing the different value and belief system of different people, nations, religions and cultures. (And no, religion is not culture, contrary to the claims of ego supergorging science and their worshipers, Wikipedia). There are laws (not necessarily just, righteous or fair laws) in nearly every sovereign nation today that criminalized false accusation and slander, andor allow for the victims to seek lawful redress. But even when it comes to false accusations and slander every nation has it own legislation to address them that might not agree with other nations, so here too boundaries and limits of sovereignty need to be respected. And this too is a simple thing. Many nations demand that others respect their sovereignty and not interfere in their national affairs but unfortunately many to most of them (or rather all of them would) invariably always do (whenever they can do so, especially when with some measure of impunity). But here let us be clear that this non interference we are discussing is not on issues of treaties (or covenants) by which these nations are legally bound to abide by, and also other agreements which give the nations party to the treaties and agreements, some say over each other in certain areas of conduct that are part of those treaties and agreements which therefore allowed for the intervention as prescribed in those treaties and agreements.

Sure there will be some who will out of pretend stupidity so as to be able to advance their evil agenda, seek to complicate this simple thing by asserting that friendly and diplomatic relations between nations must forbid nations from doing things that offend other nations. Aside from openly hostile government prompted, initiated or supported (whether openly or covertly) actions in territorial, armed and direct harmful incursion, to demand that no one should be allowed to do anything at all that might offend you is just plain and simple overbearing brazen arrogance. This is especially when it is very obvious that most nations have practices that are offensive to other nations. Human rights, human dignity, civil rights, social justice, social norms, criminal penalties, criminal justice, animal rights and treatments, political process, religious rights and practices, press freedom, freedom of speech, individual freedom, right to life or death, political system and process, and even marital unions, are just some of such. And everyone knows that overbearing brazen arrogance is offensive to everyone, to all and sundry, even those who themselves are overbearingly brazenly arrogant.

But isn't blasphemy the equivalent to slander? Yes, but first for something to be slander it has to be framed or structured to deceive, meaning it has to be a lie and false (as opposed to true). Second, does humankind especially all the religious humankind who claimed that people are blaspheming their gods and religions, even fully know what is blasphemy? Do they have the slightest clue that it is basically a type andor form of false accusation and slander, one of which is making false claims about GOD with the explicit andor implicit intention to malign and slander GOD. This I tell you, there is no one in the world who are the worst blasphemers of the CREATOR GOD, whom they all claimed to reverence and worship then the very discipleship of all the so called Abrahamic religions. Yes, today that include from most to almost all of the Elect both inside and outside of the Church of GOD because they too chose to be ruled by their lust while they in deliberate stupidity pretend to love GOD, pretending to want to obey GOD and to do GOD's will.

That is correct, today, even GOD's very own Elect as well as GOD's one and only true Church, have embraced and are advancing doctrines and teachings (of the Christmas religion and other anti GOD religions and belief systems) that are implicitly blaspheming GOD, making out (by painting and portraying) GOD to be something HE is not, from, being clueless–ly self contradictory through to being a sinful sinner WHO is self righteously self glorifying. This they do so that they driven by their ego supergorging lust can advance themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD in order to be able to feed off and parasite on their equally lust fueled and driven followers. This by the way, is something the Christian Holy Scriptures explicitly prophesied and testified to in its records, and today fulfilled for the whole world of humankind (as well as all the Spirit personages, the Angels) to witness.

When humankind, irregardless whether the explicitly evil sinners or the Saints of GOD, through their teachings, doctrines and practices of their religions portray and paint the CREATOR GOD, claimed as the God whom they worship being the God of their religions: as clueless; unreasonable, self contradicting; self glorifying; unstable; vindictive to the point of sadism; and effectively powerless; then they are the actual ones who are explicitly slandering and insulting the god or gods they claimed to worship even as they are shouting all manner of deceit filled blasphemies loaded praises and adoration. When they claimed their gods and religions are for love, for justice, for good, for righteousness, for peace, for mercy, for truth, etc., but their doctrines and practices of religions very clearly and explicitly showed otherwise, the only people they are deceiving are themselves (and all those who of the same minds and lusts); and of the people who are blaspheming their religions and their gods, none does more so than them (and all those who professed the same beliefs as them). This is another very simple thing.

This one single very obvious observable fact in all the so called Abrahamic religions alone, fully validates and proves the authenticity of the Christian Holy Scriptures as from the ONE CREATOR GOD in that it clearly and explicitly recorded that the whole world (of mankind) lies under the evil deceptive sway and manipulated control of Satan the Devil, the Adversary, the slandering Enemy of GOD. In making explicit claims to be of the religion of Abraham the Father of the Faithful andor of LORD JESUS, all these so called Abrahamic religions main goal has been to blaspheme the GOD of Abraham to the maximum through all they asserted, proclaimed, advanced, taught, decreed and carried out. And the fact that hardly anyone (including all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of enlightenment and knowledge whether of science, academia, politics, or religions) in this super mega enlightened world (outside of the true Christians) is not even remotely aware of something so obvious and explicitly clear and simple, is the full total without shadow of doubt proof to this one single very obvious observable truth testified by the Christian Holy Scriptures. This alone completely verified its authenticity to being from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all.

Evil is evil and only explicitly and blatantly evil people claimed they have their gods given rights to harm others (read as, to do all the evil to others that they would want and lust to) demanding that all should bow down and worship (i.e. totally obey) them. In the social order of today all thanks to the shifters, shakers, movers and shapers of the human social order, all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of so called enlightenment and knowledge, today this is the most pervasive evil that they have all sown and perpetrated, they have had nearly everyone who is able to do so, demanding, ‘Let no one offend me in any manner at all in whatever I shall choose to take offence against, else I will spew forth poisonous fury and do all that I am able to do to destroy them in brutal violence and carnage!

Freedom including freedom of speech, as also within the whole freedom of our physical existence, there are limits. But if we would not deliberately pretend to be stupid as all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the human social whether of academia, politics or religion had done in this particular instance and situation, we would (or should anyway) know that this is not the issue and problem here. The issue and problem here is not whether there should be limit to freedom of speech and other expression of freedom but who have the rights to define the limits.

Another problem with the current narrative (i.e. brought about by the murderous rampage of Islamic Jihadists in France) on free speech is that instead of asking whether anyone has the right to take offence at whatever they choose to take offence on, which is the essential question that needed to be address, however the whole issue had been skewed and twisted towards whether anyone has the right to cause offence, basically missing the whole issue that needed to be addressed. By focusing and stressing on the right to cause offence; whether anyone should have a right to do anything at all that another might choose to take offence against, the only possible resolution that can be effective, would be for all religions, all personal values, all beliefs, all differing views and opinions, all conduct of life behaviors whether in deeds or words, and also all criminal and civil laws must without exception be totally banned and outlawed, with the very ban and the very law that outlawed all these, they too should be banned and outlawed. Talk about deliberately pretending to be stupid so as to be able to lust to over and beyond the point of insanity.

And if we would not deliberately pretend to be stupid so that we can lust totally and exclusively, we would (or should anyway) see that the problem here is that essentially everybody (almost without exception) is implicitly demanding that others should be limited by them. If at all they tolerate any offense from others is so as to be able to put up a front to show to all and sundry that they are so fair and reasonable, so as to project a self image of being moderate, tolerant or accepting, of being supremely wise and intelligent. But let no one trespass upon their ‘sacred cows’ and ‘golden goose’ whatever those may be, whether of their mind phobias (real or fantasized), social hierarchy, or ego image (and all it attached to, embraced, and allied with) of being superior and supreme. 

What this translate as, is that not only do everyone (all those who are able to do so with impunity) demand as their absolute rights all the freedom their demand to own, they also demand as their absolute right the right to define the limits to the freedom of others. That is where the brazen hypocrisy is.

And if we know how to put two and two together, we would (or should anyway) see that all those who spoke out saying, they ‘condemned the violence and that nothing could justify the violence but......’, these all are saying that they are the ones who have the supreme right and the supreme intelligent and wisdom to define the limits to freedom and free speech. Yes, these are the most brazen of brazen hypocrites. There are no greater hypocrites than those who brand others as hypocrites while they themselves are just as hypocritical. In so doing they have upped the ante of their own hypocrisy making themselves into the most supremely supreme and greatest hypocrites.

Also anyone who is sane and intelligent would (or should anyway) know that when someone maligned or slandered you, accusing you of being brutally violent (or some other accusation along that context, or for that matter of anything at all), the correct and rightful way to counter them is to expose their lies and prove them wrong. The correct and rightful way is not to seek them out to harm them in violent carnage. The correct way is not to do exactly what they say you are by doing exactly what they accuse you of doing and being, just so as to prove them right, to prove that they are totally right about you. Doing so you have also fully and effectively proven without leaving any doubt by your actions that what had been said about you were totally true. You have therefore justified them and validated all that they have accused you of being. But that is not all you have also maligned your own person more then anyone else ever could.

Yet almost without exception everyone does this whenever they can do so with some measure of impunity, even when this impunity is just momentarily. And this is the reason, the CREATOR GOD have everyone under sin, not because they can do evil, but because once the situation and opportunity present itself, they will. And the whole point of this physical life of mankind is to prove that indeed we all have, at almost all points of our life. We have all proven without a shadow of any doubt through our own lives in the things we have said and done that we all have done evil.

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.

France Attacked Again By Islamic Jihadist (date added in Nov. 2015 C.E.)

There may be from a few to many who on reading this who will say they are not Islamic Jihadist and don't call them Islamic Caliphate, Islamic State or ISIS but Daesh or ISIL instead. I shan't argue with (i.e. dispute) that (which does not mean that I shan't discussed and expound them).

But first thing first. Before anyone reading this starts off disputing, scoffing, mocking or even becoming infuriated into seeking violent murderous rampages, there are a few things they need to be cognizant of.

The very first would be that this is a Christian work, meaning everything you read here is seen (i.e. expounded and discussed) from the context and perspective of the teachings in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures (of the original inspired text and not necessarily any of the interpreted translated versions) as the inspire Holy Word of the CREATOR of all things both living (i.e. alive) and non living (i.e. not alive). So if anyone has a problem with that they should know what to do. And no, going off on an expletive saturated insane tirade or violent murderous rampages is not it. 

Next would be that the Christianity of the Christian Holy Scriptures is totally, completely and absolutely not mainstream andor traditional whether the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches or the thousands of iterations and versions of the Protestant Churches (spawned by the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation of 1500 to 1700 C.E.), these are all of the Christmas religion aka the Nicene religion of the Nicene Creed. Nor is Christianity any of the tens of thousand to possibly billions denominations, sects, cults and diverse individuals adherents spread out over many nations of the world today. There is only one true Church of GOD even as there are over a hundred such groups (all taking on some form of that name) making the claims to be either the one true Church of GOD or the best of the best Church of God among all the Churches of God. The discussions on these (all that are stated in this paragraph) is this complete work, while the very specific discussion on what is true Christianity is in the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’ under the subtitle ‘Christianity Know The Basic’. You can read them if you so choose to, but only if you insist to.

Fact is if you think you can believe the Christian Holy Scriptures andor this work, the true Christian religion (i.e. faith and worship) is the most tolerant and moderate faith and worship in this world, ever. This is what the Christian Holy Scripture teaches in its complete record from Genesis to Revelation as the full, thorough and complete teaching and lesson for all mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD. This we will discuss here later under the subtitle, ‘The Christian Holy Scriptures’.

The third thing is anyone who claimed to be a faithful obedient subscriber and believer in any (outside of the true Christian by the Everlasting Covenant) system of beliefs andor religions, and their religions forbid them to find out about what other religions and system of beliefs teaches, then they should know that they are forbidden (by their god or gods) to read any of this author's work unless they also believe that this work is the work of the ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (which of course it is for very evidently obvious reasons), or unless they willfully insisted to for whatever reasons. This author has neither power nor resource to force anyone to do or not anything that they willfully lusted to do or not do.

Fourthly, anyone who is unable to handle plain, simple, clearly evident truth and reality without become infuriated to lust for violent, brutal carnage and murderous rampages they too should not be reading this work unless of course they willfully insisted to because I have neither the power nor the resource to stop or prevent anyone from what they willfully insisted to do. 

And lastly, anyone and everyone who have not yet read the content warning and disclaimers to this work are requested to please do so. Again let me reiterate that it is neither my intention nor my desire to offend or insult anyone. I am just carrying out my responsibility to my belief and conviction (as per the Covenant I have entered into with GOD) to testify to and expound the truth taught in HIS inspired recorded words the Christian Holy Scriptures about the creation, the creature and GOD's purpose for creating us all.

The first time (January 2015 C.E.) France was attacked by these Jihadists professing Islam, every hypocrite (riding their high horse or sitting in their high tower) who weighted in spoke of hypocrisy, explicitly implying that the French (and those aligned with them) were hypocrites while in deliberate stupidity pretending to condemn the perpetrators through claiming with that same hypocritical mouthful that nothing can justify the violence.

This time around, many of these explicit hypocrites, have reversed their pompous stand and pronounced the attack by Daesh or ISIL (aka ISIL, Islamic Caliphate or Islamic State) as terrorism and even as blasphemy blatantly plagiarizing the truth in the message testified by and in this work, then used it to advance their evil agenda as if they have not been since their founding (i.e. the official establishment of their evil Harlot mother Church) in the Council of Nicene both carrying out and spewing forth all manner of blasphemies against the CREATOR. something the Great Harlot Church (Revelation 17:5) have been doing since the her beginning years in her founder, Simon the Sorcerer, plagiarizing the truth from true Christianity then twisting and changing them into evil doctrines that blaspheme GOD).

Not a single one of them actually acknowledge that ISIS (aka ISIL, Islamic Caliphate, Islamic State or Daesh) is just carrying out “legitimate” (i.e. from the context of the history of human civilization in their conducts of) warfare. This is because the French actually attacked them, bombing their claimed nationhood in the Daesh occupied territory of Iraq and Syria. Now don't get me wrong, I do not at anyall time legitimize, approve or support (but instead am totally opposed to) violent and harmful conflict of any manner other than those carried out to check andor stop evil from being perpetrated and spread.

From the context of the teachings of the Christian Holy Scriptures the only legitimate action (by the human social order and those wielding power authority in them) as a responsibility, carried out to harm anyone must be solely as the means and the process for the purpose to check andor stop evil from spreading. This is the specific reason GOD instituted and ordained the Rainbow Covenant that binds all mankind (including all their progeny) saved by and in the Ark from the Antediluvian Flood. Please read the Glossary of Terms for the concise definition of what evil is and it is not the so called evils as have been defined in the social, political and religious expression in the human social order which are invented solely for their evil agenda to persecute and destroy anyone and everyone who would not bow down and worship (i.e. to totally obey) them as gods.

We shan't discuss further whether Daesh or ISIS is justified in carrying this attack as their means to wage war against France or that they are terrorists or they are Islamism, because this discussion is about hypocrisy and not about what is legitimate warfare, what is terrorism or who are and aren't Islamism. As a general rule the political and religious maneuvers and wangling of the social order of humankind are not broach by this work except when they involve issues on the true Christian faith and worship such as in this discussion on the issues of free speech (as an expression of freedom in the conduct of life of freewill self aware intelligent humankind) and hypocrisy (of deliberately pretending stupidity).

The Christian Holy Scriptures [scriptures]
(This section is a reworked and abridge version of the discussion ‘The Christian Holy Scriptures – Know The Basic’ in the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’)

{ – To Be Continued – }

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Anyone who dispute the accuracy or truthfulness of the discussions, dissertations and assertions with regards to other religions and systems of beliefs (other than the true Christian faith and worship of this authorare requested to take the matter up with the Reference Sources.
This author at no point claimed to be discussing the original work of the originators of any other religions or system of beliefs] other than the Christian Faith by the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS. All discussions of other religions and system of beliefs are based solely on what have been published and were available prior to the time the discussion was posted, and attributed to the Referenced Sources.
Please bear in mind that almost all the Referenced Sources of nearly all religions and system of beliefs vary, twist and change their doctrines, assertions and teachings significantly from time to time through the course of human history, as well as through their various and differing members of those who are the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed experts, authorities andor masters of these religions and systems of beliefswhether they are those generally acknowledged by the human social order andor those who claimed affiliations to these religions and systems of beliefs, or those who are self appointed. Therefore if anyone finds any discussion by this author of these religions and systems of beliefs to be in their opinions inaccurate, they should refer back to those materials published on these religions and system of beliefs that were contemporary to the date the discussion was first posted.

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First Posted: 2015 01 11
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