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Science Making A Monkey Of Itself


First and foremost, all first time readers (of this author's work) through whatever mechanism, please first read the Content Warning before deciding whether you want to continue reading this work. After reading that you might also want to read the Special Note which explains the context of this work what they are based on. This author never intends to insult or provoke anyone. This work here is to expose lies and evil in the human social order. So very naturally all those who are fully seeking to do evil and to perpetuate evil through their conduct including through holding themselves as the mega super supremely supreme over everyall (i.e. every and all) things, will find this work to be highly offensive to them so they should express their right to their freedom to not get offended through not continuing on to read any of the work of this author.

Here is a lists of a few of the numerous plain obvious lies that the whole of humanity for centuries until today have fully embraced, believed in and subscribe to, in some of the discussions of this work: 1) Choosing To Believe Lies. 2) Blasphemy In The Doctrines Of Original Sin. 3) Breaking The Everlasting Covenant. 4) The Insanity of Absolute Nothing As The Creator Of Everything.

Second and equally foremost, this (post) discussion is not meant to mock or insult science or scientists. This author is highly appreciative of science (includes scientists) for their contribution to the massive advancement of the human social in the contribution of science by scientific research and discoveries. This is just as this work is not intended to mock, insult, put down andor malign the Elect of GOD who are the pioneering citizens to the Kingdom of GOD, if they do not disqualify themselves by refusing to repent from their lust driven pursuits. This post is meant to highlight how lust, all manner of lust and especially ego gorging lust, have led all of mankind including all our incredulous mega brilliant super intelligent geniuses men and women of science to continued on to sow and perpetuate evil in the social order of humankind. Yes, this discussion (of a series of discussion to follow) is to expose and highlight the mega super ego hyper mega supergorging lust of our men and women of science leading them to lose their intelligence to worship insanity. Please note that the mega superlatives are for effect (to highlight exceedingly great lust) and are not intended as precise defining (even though in from some to many cases, situations and circumstances it has been) adjectives.

Monkeys, Mirrors And Monkey Science [monkeys]

A very, very, long time ago, in a very, very dark and unenlightened age of great overwhelming ignorance, the great men and women of mega brilliant genius science set about to test whether animals (the more advance and apparently intelligent animals) of planet earth other than the genetically programmed mutation created brute beast humankind, are self aware (meaning whether they are aware of themselves). To test and to prove whether these other apparently intelligent animals are self aware, science determined that the most revealing, effectively conclusive and definitive test tool would be a mirror. This is because after all, the eyes is the mirror andor window to the soul (or something along that line).

And that was how science made a monkey of itself by concluding that dogs, monkeys and many other animals are not self aware because they do not (which is of course not the same thing as cannot, something very simple which those great men and women of mega brilliant genius science of a  very, very, long time ago, in a very dark and unenlightened age of great overwhelming ignorance obviously never understood) recognized themselves in the mirror.

Anyone who has some basic knowledge about ourselves and animals (or nature, as in all the natural world of ours and their lifeforms) would (or should anyway) knows that not all animals perceive things (through their senses) the same way. That is the reason some creatures of planet earth have big eyes (i.e. symbolically for an enhanced sense of sight as compared with us), big ears (i.e. symbolically for an enhance sense of hearing as compared with us) or big noses (i.e. symbolically for an enhanced sense of smell as compared with us).

Many cockroaches (which are my great enemies) and crickets (aside some other animals) have super long antennae which they continually sweep around themselves to both detect prey (or food) and predator (or enemy). And the reason when their antennae in its motion sweep over themselves or members of their own species, they (these cockroaches and crickets, including other similar animals) don't either try to eat (even as many species do) themselves or members of their own species, or flee to save themselves, is because they know the difference. And if we were to place cockroaches or crickets (or for that matter many animals of similar level of awareness and ‘intelligence’) in front of a mirror I guarantee you they will not be able to detect their mirror image either as prey, predator or friend, or as themselves. But this however do not make them unaware and not self aware. The fact that many such animals can groom themselves (and even other members of their own species either as their progeny or nest mates) must surely tell us that they have some mechanism of recognition whether these are mind understanding mechanism or instinctive genetic preprogrammed mechanism.

Even as I shouldn't have to say so but because of the hairsplitting mentality of most to all of humankind due to their ego supergorging lust, so therefore now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that cockroaches and crickets and other animals on the same level of physiology brain (or mind) development are self aware in the same manner that humankind are self aware. Nor am I attesting that animals (other than brutish humankind) that are intelligent are on par with humankind in their cognitive abilities (intelligence) of self awareness or even in their ability to understand what their perceptive senses are registering. What I am getting at is that before you can define a test to determine if some species of animals have a mind level self awareness or a conscious self awareness (as is expressed in humankind) you first need to understand how those animals perceive their environment and themselves, what are the markers they relied on most, to recognized different objects in their environment and to separate themselves from their environment.

Here is a hypothetical simple test as a proof of concept (not that anyone should carry out such a test). Take a mega super intelligent genius scientist and put him/her (because we are not sexists) into a deep coma like sleep then cut off a finger or toe or hand or foot from him/her that do not have any special identification mark. Then waking him/her up to full consciousness without letting him/her be able to see/feel his/her own body and show him/her that cut off part and see if he/she will be able to immediately recognized it and say, ‘Oh that is me’.

The point is that identification is dependent on how and by what mechanism we are able to identify something (what are the identification markers and methods we use for the identification) and familiarization is part of the recognition process. If a person whether male or female, who all his life has never ever seen him or herself in a reflection or had a photo taken, was to be shown a photo image just taken of him or her, that person would not be able to right away recognized the image as their self, not until they can grasp the concept of reflection and photo imagery. This would not be defined as that person not having self awareness, not having a conscious level self awareness.

Now if you know how to put two and two together (this is especially true for those who have been following and are the regular readers of this work, and have also thoroughly read the Christian Holy Scriptures) then you would (or should anyway) understand what is the Mark of the Beast, as also know what are the marks of the Two Witnesses so as to be able to identify them. But this is only if you have the faith to believe in GOD and to believe GOD.

Dogs perceive and identify their environment primarily through their sense of smell then followed by their other senses which then are complimentary to it. That is the reason most to all dogs will not instantly recognized their own owner if we were to disable their ability to smell the owner until the dog can recognize the sound of the voice. Eye sight in many species of dogs are primarily to detect motion (especially non blending and out of place motion) and are only secondarily complimentary (even to their sense of hearing) for identification of friends or foe. That is the reason if you drop a small morsel of food around dogs, dogs will usually seek it out with their noses rather than using their eyes. In fact with many dogs, even hearing played a greater role than eye sight as their primary perceptive senses.

These, again, are very simple things that only those living either in an ivory tower or under a rock would not understand.

So ultimately the test for consciousness level self awareness should not be about whether some animals do or don't recognized themselves when you show them a mirror but whether they can learn or be trained to recognized themselves in a mirror (only applicable for those animals that have good enough eyesight).

At the risk of sounding offensive, Duh!

If you find this discussion interesting or even ridiculous (because you have your right to your opinion and freedom to believe whatever you choose to believe irregardless of anything) you might want to look out for a future discussion on intelligence, ‘Science And Intelligence’ and another on freewill, whether there is such a thing as freewill or are we all just genetically programmed mutation created automations, part of the greater everything brought into existence by Absolute Nothing some thirteen to fourteen billion earth years ago for absolutely no purpose. In the meantime you might want to read the ‘Glossary of Terms’ for the entries on some of these concepts.

Pretending Stupidity In Order To Be Able To Lie And Do Evil [dps]

One of the most obvious and evident truth in the human social order, evident and very obvious just from this current age of Technology and Communication alone (in all that have been documented by science, the media and all that is published on the internet), but also fully recorded in the known and confirmed history of human civilization, and this is that of pretending stupidity.

The simple act of pretending stupidity is the intentionally deliberate act of ignoring, disregarding andor refusing to accept obvious evident andor proven truth. This is very commonly done in two main ways. The first of course is to reject anything and everything that would invalidate or nullify or cast doubt on the truthfulness of what is being advanced.

The second is an iteration of the first, done by narrowing down the scope andor the basis (the supporting basis) of whatever is being advanced. This is done so that they (those announcing, proclaiming, acclaiming, asserting and pronouncing whatever they wanted to and lusted to announce, proclaim, acclaim, assert and proclaim) may be able to justify ignoring and disregarding all other related pertinent information (facts and truth) that needed to be considered for the whole conceptual reality to be accurately and correctly understood. Through narrowing down the scope they are then able to establish more arbitrary connections (in their ‘connecting of the dots’) from the reduced set of facts and truths, to twist these so claimed (i.e. fantasied and invented) co relations andor connections to pass them of as causation.

This is the near universal practice of science in all of its theories, hypothesis and proclamations. They confined their assertions to as small a set of collated facts and truth as needed so as to be able to proclaim, acclaim, pronounce, announce and assert all that they proclaim, acclaim, pronounce, announce and assert. This can be clearly, plainly and without a shadow of a doubt, seen in the very scientific mirror ‘definitive’ test of self awareness, where science deliberately pretend stupidity so as to be able to brazenly presume they already got all the facts and truth (i.e. that they already fully and totally know everything) about the cognitive functional mechanism to self awareness.

The most obvious of science deliberately pretending stupidity are in the scientific theories of Absolute Nothing and Darwinian Evolution Through Mutationism. And all this is of course an explicit evil to twist truth into lies seeded in an evil scheming agenda to blaspheme GOD, to ridicule and scoff at the fact that there is indeed an all knowing, all powerful CREATOR.

Of course science is not the only culprit, not even the main culprit. Every single human being does this whenever it is expedient for them to do so, whenever it will be expedient for them to do so. But the biggest culprit is religion which includes all of the belief systems of humankind, particularly Atheism, Absolute Nothingism and Mutationism.

Even in true Christianity (with few notable exceptions) this is being extensively done. In the true faith and worship of the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all, the practice of deliberately pretending stupidity in all its expressions of excluding anything and everything that would expose the lies that is being advance as truth, is  just as commonly carried out as it has been with all the rest of humankind. This even Abraham the Father of the Faithful did, so also did the Apostle Paul, very extensively too. And today the Elect especially all those who have elevated themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of ALMIGHTY GOD, are all, totally and completely, eachall (i.e. each and all) of them are deliberately pretending stupidity so they can proclaimed themselves as the noblest of the noble, the most righteous of the righteous, the most truth loving of the truth loving, the most brotherly loving of the brotherly loving, the most contrite of the contrite and the mega super supremely most pure and holy of the pure and holy. Read the discussion of these Elect of GOD in the post, ‘The False Prophet Part II’ of the blog, ‘End Of The World’.

The act of deliberately pretending stupidity is the most common acts and expression of all those who seek to do evil andor to deceive, for whatever ends. These are carried out by everyall (i.e. every and all) nations and everyall human individuals in everyall of their activities and the expression of themselves in anyall manner that they find expressions. And if everyall of us would not be deliberately pretending stupidity, we would (or should anyway) know that everything about humankind in the social order that we have engineered (schemed to create) and actually built (constructed) it is never ever really about truth, and doing what is right, just and good for the common well being of all, but about what we lusted for and lust to do, which is why until this day of mega super enlightenment in a world social overflowing with knowledge about every aspect of our existence, lust seeded evil is still being sowed and perpetuated continually by all and sundry whenever it becomes needful, desirable andor expedient for eachall of us to do so.

2015 08 20

'Chef' fools fine diners into enjoying inferior food

"We got you, we got everyone!" he exclaims. "It's the first time in my life I've worn a chef's jacket. It changes everything -- they look at you and think 'Oh - he's the chef.' People listen to and believe the story even more. It's the theater of the restaurant."

I just today (08 20 2015 C.E.) read the above news article on CNN about how people are easily fooled by a presentation and a story. Though I won't dispute that as this has been something I also frequently stated in my discussion of how we are all severely limited creatures and how we are, most to almost entirely driven by lust.

But that does not mean that the news (pseudo research) article is not, in and by, itself one of deliberately pretending stupidity. This is from the evident fact and truth expressed very clearly and plainly in the social order of mankind and even in nature, that taste is just that, a matter of preference (or ‘a matter of taste’). People love many different kinds and types of food from the super nauseating stinky, to the super bitter, to the things that ‘burn’ the mouth, tongue and the rest of the digestive track. Some people enjoy food that makes others puke.

What that would (or should anyway) tells us is that food is as much about taste (and smell) as about presentation, the background build up, the hype and also the situational realities (plain tasteless food taste better when we are hungry and especially when we are starving) and circumstance realities (i.e. our moods, mind set and social setting). Food that we hate at one time we may acquire the taste for and love with a passion in a different time of our lives.

So if we will not be deliberately stupid so we can lust all we want, we would (or should anyway) know that when it comes to food, perception (also perspective and context) is even more important than the actual (i.e. real) taste. This is especially when we are older (from our teen years and after). Even as generally, babies to young children have fairly similar aversion to and preference for certain taste and smell, they nonetheless begin they food taste preference and acceptance development journey even from then.

In fact if we understand ourselves sufficiently we would (or should anyway) know that, most to almost all aspect of our perceptions of reality are just that, perceptions that are interpreted (mapped to and connected with as well as also interpolated andor extrapolated) from the knowledge and experience pool of our minds; from all that we already know, learn and experience.

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