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Euthanasia And The Scriptures

Not many people actually know that I am a Christian (of, through and by The Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS) among those who know me on a personal interface level (as opposed to from reading my blogs); all those who know me fairly well, including those who know me very well (meaning they are of my family — both my parents are dead). This is not to say that any member of humankind (meaning those who should know me well being my immediate family members interfacing with me daily) really know me at all from the perspective of my values, the values I live and conduct myself by and hold my self to (meaning to require an account from myself if I fail to do so and to define the corrective actions I must undertake to put myself back on track, and by corrective actions I do not mean doing meaningless masochistic self infliction or repetition penance chanting or mumbling). Yet my beliefs and conviction is not some secret hidden thing, it is published in explicative clarity and thoroughly expounded in painstaking details for the whole wide world to both know and understand (if they so choose to, or even if they choose to willfully and adamantly refused to so that they can malign me in presumptuousness).

The truth and fact is, if someone do not know you (as a freewill intelligence self aware person) from the context of how you will behave in anyall given situations, they don't really know you, period. They just know something about you but do not truly know you at all (Jeremiah 2:8, 9:3 – 6, 22:16). They may know you by name and appearance and other identifying physical and visually exhibited traits (from food and drinks, favorite objects and activities) but without ever knowing who you really are in your mind, what are your life directing values. Truth is near the entirety of mankind don't really even know who they themselves really are from this context, that they are mostly to near entirely driven by lust (Jeremiah 17:22 first half of the verse). This is not because we can't know but because we just don't really want to, we just want to be able to lust all that we can (Jeremiah 17:9; Genesis 8:21, 6:5) within the limits of our physical, emotional and psychological constraints and the mitigating factors that restrict us, so we chose to lie (Jeremiah 9:6) to ourselves so that we can.

Definitively, as an object in reality who we really are is how we behave and conduct ourselves as these are our functional expression in reality and our most significant effect on reality (all the other objects of reality that we can affect, including through all the progressive, cumulative and compounding resulting effects). What we really are definitively is especially evident, fully exposed, when we have the impunity (not constrained by considerations of any undesirable effect to or on us and our objectives) to act according to our true and real (as opposed to a pretend or constrained) self impetus, motivations and abilities. This is the one most compelling proof that of humankind, every single one without exception is evil as also the Scriptures explicitly testified because in some situations andor circumstances all will resort to doing evil to achieve the desired intended objectives. To the extent of how well and thoroughly anyone will know how you will behave in everyall situations that you will encounter in your life is actually the extend of how well they really know you. And no, even if someone (or even everyone) can know you so totally and thoroughly, it does not and cannot invalidate nor nullify you as a freewill intelligent personage to make you into nothing more than a robot.

For the discussion on reality please read the three installments discussion, ‘The Issues Of Reality’, on what reality (i.e. the CREATOR GOD, ourselves as freewill intelligent personage and the creation both the physical universe and the Spirit dominion or realm) actually is, both that which can be perceived and that which can be understood. For the discussion on freewill and intelligence please look out for the post, ‘Intelligence And Knowledge, The Fundamentals Of Freewill’.

Among my siblings, they all would (or should anyway) know that I am a Christian but they don't, they totally have no clue what it means by the fact that I am a Christian, or for that matter what Christianity actually is. They all think (despite being explicitly and on numerous occasions told otherwise) that I am believer and follower subscriber to the Christmas religion. This is because to them it is all the same thing and they are just not interest to know anything true about anyone else (or even anything at all) other then the things that will allow them to pursue their life agenda and to feed their lust. Talk about the lusts to believe lies, people will always believe (as long as they are able to do so) whatever they lusted to believe despite being directly and explicitly told otherwise.

When I was still under employment, of the two to three hundred people whom I dealt with in an occupational capacity, all those who knew something about me all thought the same, that I am a believing subscriber of the Christmas religion. And even among the handful (my bosses and my assistants) who found it strange (from the context of what they would think about as Christianity) that I wouldn't work on Saturdays (no matter what emergency arose in the work place) or wouldn't celebrate Christmas (when everyone in the office even when they were of other religions, did), and that I regularly took certain numbers of compulsory (because they had no option if they wanted to retain me but to approve these) leave days to keep my Christian Feasts (yes I still had to apply for leave days), they all both thought and considered me to be a believing subscriber to the Christmas religion, albeit just a very strange and very restrictive one.

And none of these is because I hid my beliefs from them but they just were not really interest to know anything true about anyone or anything except how they might express and fulfill their lusts, all that they lusted after. In all their dealings with me their only interests were to get or be able to get, something (material or service) from me. That is one of the reason I am a bit of an antisocial, albeit a friendly one, because I rarely seek anything from anyone. The friendly part is why people seek me out whenever they want something (material or service) from me. Understand that the context here is not of transaction or trading which would make such interaction and interfacing commercial rather than friendly.

Among my own family, only my daughter and ex wife actually knew that I am a Christian and not a member believer subscriber of the Christmas religion. But then even they didn't (and still don't) really know what exactly is meant by the fact that I am a Christian despite both having attended Sabbath services and the annual Feasts with me throughout the period before they went their separate ways.

Similarly the tens of thousands of true Christians of today, all Christians through the mandated baptisms which were then followed by them partaking (to honor and to keep on performing the commemoration) of the Everlasting Covenant, near all them have no idea why exactly they are true Christians, what exactly make them true Christians except that they honor (though not necessarily obey and perform) with their mouths (Matthew 15:8) the Ten Commandments, the Saturday Sabbath including keeping the Passover (which many even referring to the Passover as the Lord's Supper or Communion obeying the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 10:16, 11:20as the supreme definer of their faith rather than LORD JESUS). Also (most but not all of them also attend) the Annual Feasts, which some do grudgingly (I was a witness to this for twenty years in the congregations of the Church of GOD) coming in late andor getting ready to leave even before the Feast is officially over (at sunset after the Last Great Day of the Feast), or both. These insincere liars, is it any wonder they understood nothing at all about The Everlasting Covenant which was clearly, plainly and explicitly recorded in numerous accounts (John 6:53 – 56; Matthew 26:28; Mark 14:24; Luke 22:20; 1 Corinthians 11:25; 2 Corinthians 3:6; Hebrews 8:7, 8, 13; 9:15; 12:24; Malachi 3:1) of the Scriptures, throughout all these years they have been Christians?

Even as I have spoken to some of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among the Elect in these so called Churches of God on this Christian Covenant since this work began on Blogger in 2009 C.E., I have not yet seen any inclination in any of them to believe the truth testified to plainly, clearly and explicitly in the Christian Holy Scriptures. This of course to be expected because the clear and unmistakable testimony of the Scripture of Truth is that near all the Elect in the last days will be given over to idolatry, to the worship of men obeying them (rather than the truth communicated by the Scripturesexactly as prophesied more than two thousand years ago (Ezekiel 6:4 – 5, 8  – 10, 8:12). The Scriptures cannot be broken (John 10:35).

The same holds true (i.e. throughout the period before this work began for those who would believe that which have been testified to here, disclosed and revealed in this work) with most to near all of the Elect of GOD today, they don't really know what exactly is meant when they think of themselves as Christian. Fact is even the Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter (including all the rest of the Apostles), they did not know what exactly is meant when they considered themselves to be Christian, the true faithful disciples and followers of LORD JESUS CHRIST. You can go and read the many so called Churches of God's publications and doctrines (especially all those that were published prior to the disclosures in this work) from as far back as there have been records on what all these Elect of GOD taught as doctrine on what is a (true) Christian and what it means to be converted. See if any of these even mentioned this most basic thing with regards to the Covenant with GOD and LORD JESUS, that they must enter into to both honor and perform.

Just honoring (i.e. claiming to obey and keep) the commandments of GOD summarized in the Ten Commandments is not enough to make a person into a true (as opposed to a false, self proclaimed) Christian. Anyone who wants to be a Christian has to take the mandated commanded path of firstly to seek out the Church of GOD so as to be baptized (as symbolic of their sincere repentance and commitment to believe in and to obey GOD) which is then followed immediately by the laying on of hands (as the New Covenant anointing to receive the HOLY SPIRIT) by those who already are Christians. Then they must begin to partake of the FLESH and BLOOD of the LAMB symbolized by the bread and wine of the annual Passover observation commemorated after sunset of the 14th day of Nisan (the first month of the Sacred Calendar). The Passover commemoration is definitive of their entering into the New Covenant to accept GOD as the GOD and FATHER and JESUS as their LORD (and yes, their REDEEMER, SAVIOR is included) and that they must beginning henceforth to keep the annual commemoration of the Passover (exactly as instituted, ordained and commandment on the exact Sacred Calendar date, time and in the exact commanded manner) as their continuing commitment to honor and keep their Covenant with GOD and LORD JESUS. And the failure to commemorate the Passover exactly as commanded amounts to, is definitive of and tantamount to them dishonoring to totally and completely break their Covenant (Hebrews 13:20; Isaiah 24:5) with GOD and LORD JESUS. Now how many true Christians from the time after the founding of the Church of GOD in 30 C.E. to today actually know all these?

Anyone can claimed to be a Christian, exactly as anyone can claimed to have followed all that is described above to become a Christian. But whether they are a Christian depends on whether they have actually really done the later: first in true sincere repentance seeking out the Church of GOD so as to be baptized and have hands laid on them, then to begin and to continue on to sincerely honor and keep the New Covenant mediated by JESUS and to sincerely honor and keep the commandments of GOD, all the commandments of GOD. Failure to perform the formal is the complete and total (meaning it is the voiding or nullification and termination factor of) breaking of their covenant with GOD (and LORD JESUS) while failure to do the later may not amount to completely breaking the New Covenant, it is still a breaking or transgressing of the requirement of the New Covenant.

Please read the discussion on ‘Christianity – Know The Basics’ in the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’ for the full discussion on what is and what constitutes true Christianity as per the testimony of the Scripture of Truth. If anyone dispute this let them also go check out the even more numerous doctrines, teaching, assertions, proclamations and declaration by the numerous adherents of the Christmas religion, all just a Google search away, on what the Christmas religion (many even quoting extensively from the Christian Bible) taught about what it means to say one is a Christian. How they all totally ignored the most crucial element which is of the need first to enter into, then to honor and keep the Everlasting Covenant mediated by JESUS CHRIST in HIS First Advent as the MESSENGER and MEDIATOR of The New Covenant.

All of them (i.e. all the Elect of GOD without exceptions from the Apostolic days to today in 2015 C.E.) only vaguely understood what it was meant by being a Christian and this is only from the context that they think and believe that they are faithful (from thinking that they are obeying GOD in whatever manner that they believe and think that they are faithfully obeying GOD, varying from keeping the commandments, to that of the Apostle Paul's ego lust driven insane ramblings that he is not, that he is no longer under the law because of grace) disciples of andor of being the so called bondservants and slaves of LORD JESUS andor the ALMIGHTY GOD, or both.

And even just (i.e. not considering all that needed to be considered in the complete concept of what is involved in being a true Christian) from the context of being faithful as such, few of them actually were, have been and are fully faithful — they were all just mostly tokenly faithful or lip service faithfuls. That was the reason for the Son of Perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3); the first administration of the Laodicea era Church embracing the Nicene Creed and turning apostate (2 Thessalonians 2:3); all the Elect vomited out (Revelation 3:16); GOD raising up the Worthless Shepherd (Zechariah 11:15 – 17) to head the (second administration of the) Church of GOD today; and the over a hundred so called Churches of God today (beginning from 1995 C.E. to this day in 2016 C.E.) all spewed out from the true one and only Church of GOD. That too is the reason the greater majority of the Elect will face and bear the wrath (Revelation 12:12, 17) and vengeance (Luke 21:22) of Satan the Devil at the hands of the Beast, the False Prophet and all humankind complicit with them during the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21).

The only fully faithful Apostle among the Twelve was the Apostle John who both remembered and stayed faithful to what JESUS taught during HIS ministry as a SON of man (Psalm 18:21 – 22; John 17:12; 2 Chronicles 12:14; 1 John 5:9–10, 18 – 20). All the rest of the Apostles and elders of the Apostolic Age had all (some more so, some lesser) turned aside (Deuteronomy 5:32; Psalm 14:3, 53:2; Amos 2:4; 2 Timothy 4:3 – 4; Romans 3:12) to embrace lies, each for his own personal reasons. That was the reason John, from the context of his epistles, was chosen to record the book of Revelation which revealed the timing of the Second Advent, exactly as the Prophet Daniel (Daniel 9:22 – 27) was chosen to record the revelation of the timing of JESUS First Advent. The book of Revelation has been the most complete and comprehensive vision ever recorded by and in the entirety of Christian Holy Scripture. The Apostle John (i.e. through his epistles) was also used to correct all the lies advanced by the ego lust driven Apostle Paul and the same lies embraced by Apostle Peter whose bravado and being gung-ho was just a big lying put up front or facade. Of all the twelve, the Apostle John was the only one who survived being martyred coming out totally unscathed (Luke 23:18) and thus was exiled to the island Patmos. This incidentally is another prophecy fulfilled exactly as prophesied by JESUS, clearly recorded in the Gospel accounts.

The Apostle Peter totally not remembering (in disregarding thus discarding) most of the things that the LORD JESUS personally taught him (and also the rest of the original eleven Apostles) during HIS three and a half ministry (to therefore through his epistles, rendered or confined most of the teachings of LORD JESUS as from: being unimportant to irrelevant; pointless; of no significance; and to be of, to and for no purpose), was quite easily intimidated and cowed by the Apostle Paul into effectively preaching a so called Grace (Roman 6:14 – 15) that abolishes (i.e. make into no effect) the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17; Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:13). The Apostle Peter instead of taking the lead (John 21:15 – 17) as the appointed Chief Apostle to teach the doctrines (of repentance to begin to sincerely obey GOD, honoring and performing the commandments of GOD, all the commandments of GOD) taught by JESUS CHRIST throughout HIS three and half years ministry, embraced and taught the evil lies ‘solid food‘ of the Apostle Paul, of being so called free from the law, of not being under the law (Romans 6:14 – 15), because of Grace. All of these wanting to show off how supremely mega intelligent, enlightened and divinely spiritually full of faith they were, because they were so very humble lowly bondservants and slaves of GOD, embraced profoundly profound supremely supreme nonsense of mega supreme spiritual ‘solid food’ (1 Corinthians 3:1 – 2; Hebrews 5:12 – 14) instead of the simple truth of the Gospel proclaimed and announced by JESUS CHRIST that commands all to repent. Pure, unadulterated, unbridled ego supergorging lust, brazenly proclaimed for all creation to witness.

No doubt all the first time readers of this work through whatever mechanism, including all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and enlightenment from all knowledge disciplines of the human social order, will find these (all that have been stated in many to most of the preceding paragraphs) hard to believe andor accept, with many to most even considering these disclosures (or from the perspective of those who disbelieve — assertions) as ridiculously and insanely preposterous or even blasphemous. But let them first read through all that have been published in this work before they presumptuously dispute, scoff at and mock anything. A good place to start if they hold themselves to be so very, very too busy (to do anything other than the things they lusted to do) for whatever reason, is the discussion on what Christianity really is or if that is even too much for them then just reading the concise definition of evil in the Glossary entry on ‘evil’ will suffice to convict them of all the evils that they do even if they refused to believe anything. Alternatively they could also read another pending discussion on true Christianity in the post, ‘Why True Christianity Have Remained A Small Flock’, in this blog. Then even if they still refused to believe all that is disclosed, at least they would (or should anyway) know what are the contextual basis for me to state all these things and why they would refused to believe plain, simple and clearly evident indisputable truth.

By this point, many (among those who are not the regular readers and followers of this work) might be wondering what have all these things (stated above) anything to do with Euthanasia and the Scriptures.

The topic of this discussion was actually posed to me as a question by someone who have known me all my life but yet know me not at all. And this is not just from the contexts of what I believe in or how I will conduct myself in any given situation, but completely as to who I am actually, meaning I might has well have been a literal familiar stranger.

And that is the point, without knowing anything true that matters (1 Corinthians 7:19; 1 John 2:4; Matthew 5:19) about Christianity, how could you possibly know what these Scriptures actually teach about anything. And unlike the hidden nature (to other members of humankind not necessarily to the Spirit Angelic realm) of a person's mind, the Christian Holy Scriptures has been fully and complete available (from when the internet became widely available and especially since broadband internet mobile telephony exploded onto this world) to the greater majority of humankind in numerous versions and languages and exhaustively mapped word for word to the original texts. As such almost anyone among these people living in this age of knowledge technology, who really wants to learn or find out what the Scripture of Truth taught and commanded can do so if they are truly really sincere, being truly (as opposed to in ego mega supergorging lust in great pompous lying pretense pretended to be) meek, humble and contrite. Therefore technically, no one today in 2016 C.E. who really want to learn these truths (about what these Scriptures taught or communicated) should be in dark about everything and anything that the Scriptures communicated unless they deliberately want to be and chose to be.

Of course all those who are the regular readers and followers of this work would (or should anyway) know that there always is a point to everything written in this work just as there have always been a point (i.e. a purpose) to everything recorded in the Scripture of Truth.

So then we have this person who knew me from the time I was born (way before I even have any inkling about myself) and throughout my childhood and schooling years. But that was like forty and more years ago. But, they very presumptuously think that they know me well and even worse presumptuously think and behave (i.e. conduct themselves) to show that they know everything about Christianity (thinking that the Christmas religion is Christianity) even as they were at one time a ‘converted’ (i.e. baptized) member of the Church of GOD but without ever learning nothing true about it.

And being (i.e. finding that they have been) unable to prove to me (i.e. unable to get me to acknowledge) that they are so much more supremely enlightened and superior in outlook than me, they posed this question (see below) to ridicule my beliefs.

QuestionEuthanasia is not legal in Australia. In Belgium the law is more liberal. You don`t even have to be terminally ill or totally incapacitated to seek an assisted death. I would like to have the option when there is no quality of life, what does Christianity have to say about this?

So what do you think, what does true Christianity have to say about Euthanasia or suicide? For the answer please look out for the post (to be published hopefully sometime in the not too distant future pending the resolution of some problems that this main blog of this author is currently facing with Blogger hanging and freezing whenever this author tries to get into the ‘Posts’ edit menu), ‘Is Euthanasia Or Suicide A Sin?’ in the blog, ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’. 

For those who are just too very so busy to have time to learn anything about the Christian Holy Scriptures yet demanded an answer so they can mock and scoff, I will oblige them with this so very easy to understand, plain and simple three words answer: yes and no.

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