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The Paradise Of The Scriptures

This Is The First Of A Series Of Discussions On Reading Comprehension And Knowing How To Putting Two And Two Together.

The Paradise Of The Christian Scriptures Part 1
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Did the Christian Holy Scripture communicate to us that when we die (i.e. at the end of each of our lives whether these lives be short dying very young as newly born baby, or very long dying very old and full of years as an old person), that if we are Christian (whatever that mean to those who considered themselves to be “Christians”) or a good person (whatever that mean to those who consider themselves to be “good” persons) we will go to heaven or “paradise” while all the rest of humankind will all go to Hell (aka “Hades”) living eternity as “immortal souls” who are to be either sadistically tortured or burned in hellfire forever?

Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”
Luke 23:42 – 43

Luke 23 verse 43 is one of the most, if not the most, quoted Scripture used by all the so called Abrahamic religions especially those of the Christmas religion, to support their beliefs, doctrines and assertions that when people die and are dead they are not really dead but their immortal souls go either to heaven (for those who believe in the God of their religions) or hell of eternal torment and torture (for those who do not believe in the God of their religions), or even to some temporary intermediary place (for those who do not believe but are somehow supposedly not, or not explicitly very evil) before being sent to heaven (if they pass some kind of evaluative determination) or hell (if they fail some kind of evaluative determination).

This same Scripture is also used by all those of such religions who claim and teach of death bed conversions, of a so called almighty, all knowing and all everywhere God desperately (struggling against Satan the Devil and losing miserably) trying to save all humankind from hell but can only manage to save just a (relatively) very small number (of at a most generous count, only a quarter of humankind at the best of times, and almost zero at the worst of times throughout the duration of human existence on this planet).

So what do you (the readers) think? Is it really true that Luke 23 verse 43 communicated the absolute infallible truth that those who believe in Jesus (whatever they believe JESUS to be whether a Prophet; The Prophet; The Messiah; God the son and one of a Trinity — whatever that may be); the Son of God and the Logos who was the Lord God of the Old Testament who are two Gods who exist together eternally; the Arch Angel Micheal, etc., etc.) will go to heaven while all the rest of humankind who don't believe in Jesus (as whatever they are supposed to believe Jesus to be) they will all go to hell to be sadistically tormented and tortured for all eternity?

And if you (the readers) agree with this and believe this, do you also agree with and believe that this same Scripture passage (Luke 23:40 – 43) communicated and taught of death bed conversion because Almighty God is desperately trying to save all mankind and have been losing miserably to Satan the Devil?

For the continuing discussion which answers both these questions and more, please check for the next three installments of this discussion series. This of course only if you are interested to know what this author has to say as to what the Christian Holy Scriptures communicated on: [1] do the dead (all those people who had died and all the rest who are now still alive but will ultimately and eventually die) go either to heaven or hell as a final destination; and [2] does the Scripture convey the message that the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures is desperately trying to save all mankind but doing extremely poorly despite being all powerful, all knowing and all everywhere.

Of Reading Comprehension And Putting Two And Two Together

Question 003:
You claimed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Lord God of the Old Testament, and that He lived as human being for over 30 years and ministered as the Messenger and Mediator of New Covenant that redeems all human being from the death sentence of God. There is one major problem with Jesus Christ ministry and this is the untenable issues as to why did He not record His message to humankind Himself but left it to His fallible disciples? Couldn't He and why didn't He just Himself recorded a clear, plain and explicit message of what His Gospel is about including all the things needed to be believed, honored, obeyed, kept and performed so there would be no disagreement and confusion about who is a true Christian and who is a the heretic. He could have straightened out everything recorded in the Old Testament too. But strangely He Himself personally recorded nothing at all but left everything to the faulty understanding and memories of His discipleship. Was this because He was illiterate or was it because He was just an invention of the Jewish followers of a man who was crucified by the Romans?

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Please note that all discussions by this author are based on a general non expert assessment of information gathered from material published in the public domain (i,e, readily available to members of the general public). All of this author's discussions are presented as material for anyall lay persons with no special expertise. Anyone twelve years of age and older, who is not mentally incapacitated in some ways, would (or should anyway) be able to understand anyall the discussions of this author. No one needs to be an expert or a genius to be able to understand the simple and straight forward truths discussed by this author.
The main basis of all this author's discussions is the original inspired texts of the Christian Holy Scriptures sourced from material currently (at time of the posting) publicly available as ‘translated’ text in numerous version of the Christian Bible and extensively referenced by the Strong Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Version. The discussions' focus and context are with respect to this author's Christian commitment, worship and beliefs through the calling of ALMIGHTY GOD to the baptism of repentance into the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS of the Christian Bible Gospel's and the full New Testament's accounts.
The referenced sources for all other religions and system of beliefs (hereafter referred to as the Referenced Sources), are to materials freely available and published online on the World Wide Web and other internet service protocols on the Internet. These are published by either: the generally proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters; or the self proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters of such beliefs and religions; as well as of all others who published dissertations and discussions on these system of beliefs and religions whether presented as biased or unbiased discussion, dissertations or compilations.
The materials directly and specifically attributed to, as sources that form the basis to this author's discussions topics on other system of beliefs and religions are by no means all the sources referenced by this author but just a representative small sampling of such information that are accurate contextual representations of what is widely published to discuss, proclaim, assert, pronounce andor decree as the so claimed truth andor the direct communications from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR.
Anyone who disputes the accuracy or truthfulness of the discussions, dissertations and assertions with regards to other religions and systems of beliefs (other than the true Christian faith and worship of this author) are requested to take the matter up with the Reference Sources.
This author at no point claims to be discussing the original work of the originators of any other religions or system of beliefs other than the Christian Commitment by the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS. All discussions of other religions and system of beliefs are based solely on what have been published and were publicly available prior to until the time the discussion was first posted, and attributed to the Referenced Sources.
Please bear in mind that almost all the Referenced Sources of nearly all religions and system of beliefs as well as those who discussed andor compiled such material information varied their doctrines, assertions, claims (to accuracy, validity or authenticity) andor teachings significantly from time to time through the course of human history, as well as by their various and differing members of those who are the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed experts, authorities andor masters of these knowledge, information, religions and system of beliefs, whether they are those generally acknowledged by the human social order andor those who claimed affiliations to these religions and systems of beliefs, or those who are self appointed. Therefore if anyone finds any discussion by this author on these religions and system of beliefs to be inaccurate, they should refer back to those materials published on these religions and system of beliefs that were contemporary to the date the discussion was first posted.

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