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2017 CE Subsequent Updates

Status Updates 
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1. Status Updates 2014 C.E. (2014 and 2015)
2. Status Updates 2016 C.E. (2016)
3. Status Updates 2016 C.E. Part 2 (pending)
4. Status Updates 2017 C.E. (2017)
5. Status Updates 2017 C.E. (Second par of April 2017 C.E. discussion)
6. Subsequent Updates 2017 C.E. (2017)
7. Status Updates 2018 C.E. (2018)

Towards the last quarter of 2016 C.E. my effective functionality to do this work (i.e. all the writings in this work) has diminished so significantly that I thought that would be the end for me to be able to start new discussions. I was also seriously in doubt whether I could continue to complete many of the discussions I have already started with some mostly finished with just the usual editorial checks and keywords and phrases inserts not done. This I have mentioned in the first entry of my previous post, ‘Status Updates 2017 C.E.’.

Then (as mentioned in the second entry of the previous post) my computer crashed which caused me great consternation even as all along I have been in varying degrees of a ‘roller coaster Type’ distress since this work began in 2009 C.E. and even way before that. From the time I was first specifically called to seek out the Church of GOD (something that I had to do twice in the span of over twenty years) I began facing trials which became more intensive and extensive as I moved from one stage of my calling into the next. As of this writing the amount of typo especially of thinking of one word but writing a totally different word (examples: typing ‘want’ instead of ‘one’; ‘amount’ instead of ‘among’, etc.) have become so much worse. This is in part because my mind works faster than my hands (at typing), and in part maybe because my neurons and synapses are no longer in good shape.

Of course I understood that almost all my trials, distressed and sufferings are a necessary part (i.e. the portion) of a man of GOD who seek to be faithful to GOD to do HIS will and work. That was the reason from the time I first bought this computer in 2010 C.E., I have made one (among a few others) very specific petition to GOD. And this was to not let the Adversary take away the only means for me to do this work.

It is part and parcel (i.e. portion or cup in Scriptural terminology) of the life and sojourning journey of a true Christian to face many tests and trials from a relentless effort by the Evil One to afflict and distress us to both distract and deter to the extend of incapacitating (i.e. to the measure of his power impunity) us from doing the work of our FATHER. No doubt mockers and scoffers may retort that every one faces trials in life, deliberately in pretend stupidity to not understand the context of a Christian trial which are towards the ends of deterring and stopping a Christian from remaining committed to GOD to remain in the faith and to remaining focused on doing GOD's will.

So when my computer finally crashed after months of signs of impending failure I went before GOD with this reference in mind to pray for HIS intervention. And intervened HE did. Aside from my computer (miraculously) becoming fully functional again, the problem on the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ was also after a long fruitless effort, finally resolved.

Things generally improved (for a short while) so much so that I was able to begin revamping the ‘blog crashing’ post, ‘Readers' Question: Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD Is Just’ and republished the first installment of the post. However very soon after I began the lengthy Passover related discussion in the post ‘Status Updates 2017 C.E.’, things slowly began again to become bad and growing progressively worse. I was getting hit left and right with all sorts of problems such that by the time of this update I am basically back to the same condition and situation I was in (with extra troubles) when I posted my first entry in the post ‘Status Updates 2017 C.E.’.

There are two basic Types of trials Christians faced in their calling. The trials of adversity and affliction, and the trials of prosperity and security. Most of those who failed and gave up their calling are those who have no stomach (i.e. who cave at the first signs of adversity and trouble) or no endurance to the first Type of trials. But of those who endured through the first Type, most succumb at the second.

King David was among one of those who succumb in the second, but thankfully he repented. Job was a less typical case of one whose first trials was of security and prosperity and whose second, that of adversity to which he finally succumbed due to the provocations and false accusation of his real ‘true fake’ friends. Joseph trials was a composite of Job's and David's though more David because of his youthfulness during the first period but he was one of the few who did not succumbed to either because GOD was with him throughout to prosper him even in adversities (Genesis 39:2).

Each and every Christians faces some similar and some different trials. This will depend on their calling, whether they have a specific office (i.e. job appointment). There are those just called to support those called to a specific office. For these their main (and also mostly their entire) role is to give any kind of needed support as well as to remain committed to obey the Covenant they have entered into with GOD. Others still (such as Isaac, Jacob, Lot and Job, including Abraham, Sarah and Joseph for the most part) were/are just called to be a light and example of living a life (Matthew 5:15) committed to obeying GOD.

Then we have those called to some specific job duties such as: the twelve Apostles called to the first persons witnesses to CHRIST's live, work, death (i.e. HIS death as the LAMB of GOD to pay the penalty for our sins so as to redeem all that all might be given a second chance to receive the immortality that was GOD purpose for creating us all) and resurrection as the MESSENGER of the New Covenant; John the Baptist as a Type to the Elijah Who Must Come First; the specific Messengers in each era of the seven era of the Church of GOD (Revelation 2 and 3); Moses as the Messenger and Mediator of the Ten Commandment Covenant; and many more others that the Scriptures specifically recorded.

This author having faced many adversities and afflictions since my calling, I have wondered how I will do in the trials of prosperity. To this end, I am making a request to all who have followed this work and who think that this author can be believed, to please always remember me in your prayers that I should not succumbed in the days of my prosperity.

Added 2017 07 18

My broadband modem went down seven days ago and was finally fixed (i.e. the faulty item replaced) yesterday afternoon. I took the opportunity, or rather set back, to do some long delayed maintenance work on my computer as well as on my place of residence. During the entire period I experienced none of things that have consistently and invariably hindered me whenever I sit down behind my computer to do this work, writing, editing and updating the numerous discussions of this work.

But the moment the modem was fixed, immediately the moment I called up Blogger to get some work done, everything returned for the entire duration of yesterday until I retired for the night. Even this morning on returning from my breakfast as soon as I just turned on my computer and called up Blogger, signs of a migraine headache is beginning to be manifested. I am hurrying to get some writing done before the headache becomes too severe forcing my eyes to winced and grimace leaving me no option except to stop.

Added 2017 08 11

The April 2017 C.E. discussion in the post Status Updates 2017 C.E. has grown too voluminous and has began to affect saving the post after each edit.

To preempt the same thing happening to this blog as happened in the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ (which crashed, preventing new and updating works on the blog for an extended period of time forcing a few posts in the blog to be broken into several installments), the April 2017 C.E. discussion of that post is being broken into two installments.

While work is being done to complete the second installment, the first installment will remain as it is without any further works to the remaining unfinished portion. Once the second installment is completed and published, the unfinished portion in the first installment will be removed.

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Please note that all discussions by this author are based on a general non expert assessment of information gathered from material published in the public domain (i,e, readily available to members of the general public). All of this author's discussions are presented as material for any and all lay persons with no special expertise. Anyone twelve years of age and older, who is not mentally incapacitated in some ways, would (or should anyway) be able to understand anyall the discussions of this author. No one needs to be an expert or a genius to be able to understand the simple and straight forward truths discussed by this author.
The main basis of all this author's discussions is the original inspired texts of the Christian Holy Scriptures sourced from material currently (at time of the posting) publicly available as ‘translated’ text in numerous version of the Christian Bible and extensively referenced by the Strong Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Version. The discussions' focus and context are with respect to this author's Christian commitment, worship and beliefs through the calling of ALMIGHTY GOD to the baptism of repentance into the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS of the Christian Bible Gospel's and the full New Testament's accounts.
The referenced sources for all other religions and system of beliefs (hereafter referred to as the Referenced Sources), are to materials freely available and published online on the World Wide Web and other internet service protocols on the Internet. These are published by either: the generally proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters; or the self proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters of such beliefs and religions; as well as of all others who published dissertations and discussions on these system of beliefs and religions whether presented as biased or unbiased discussion, dissertations or compilations.
The materials directly and specifically attributed to, as sources that form the basis to this author's discussions topics on other system of beliefs and religions are by no means all the sources referenced by this author but just a small sampling of such information that are accurate contextual representations of what is widely published to discuss, proclaim, assert, pronounce andor decree as the so claimed truth andor the direct communications from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR.
Anyone who disputes the accuracy or truthfulness of the discussions, dissertations and assertions with regards to other religions and systems of beliefs (other than the true Christian faith and worship of this author) are requested to take the matter up with the Reference Sources.
This author at no point claimed to be discussing the original work of the originators of any other religions or system of beliefs other than the Christian Commitment by the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS. All discussions of other religions and system of beliefs are based solely on what have been published and were available prior to the time the discussion was posted, and attributed to the Referenced Sources.
Please bear in mind that almost all the Referenced Sources of nearly all religions and system of beliefs as well as those who discussed andor compiled such material information varied their doctrines, assertions, claims (to accuracy, validity or authenticity) andor teachings significantly from time to time through the course of human history, as well as by their various and differing members of those who are the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed experts, authorities andor masters of these knowledge, information, religions and system of beliefs, whether they are those generally acknowledged by the human social order andor those who claimed affiliations to these religions and systems of beliefs, or those who are self appointed. Therefore if anyone finds any discussion by this author on these religions and system of beliefs to be inaccurate, they should refer back to those materials published on these religions and system of beliefs that were contemporary to the date the discussion was first posted.

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