Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Christian Pilgrimage

This blog is a partial reproduction of my earlier blogs at another location from November 2008 to July 2009. New entries will be added once the first series complete. This is a continuing record of my encounters in life. Anyone who is easily offended by strong views should not read any of the blogs by this author.

Not meaning to offend anyone but needless to say these are not stuff for unbelievers who might be fazed by the connection of these writings to my religious understanding and convictions. For it is written, 'The carnal mind is enmity against GOD'.

So to those who find the Christian religion of the Bible and believing in a CREATOR GOD ridiculous ideas please read no further, you have been repeatedly warned.

I am not writing this to discourage anyone from reading my blogs but to avoid offending the highly sensitive and easily offended population of the current social order that our enlightened society panders to and encourages. (Matthew 11:6; Luke 7:23).

Nor are they for the cluelessly arrogant who never having really checked out the reality of their meaningless life yet pronounced in their arrogance 'there is no god', not realizing that their "meaningful" life is just about as meaningful as that of a cockroach I stepped on the other day. Just like the cockroach they are here today and gone tomorrow.

As for many (not all) of those brilliant men and women of science and philosophy who ridiculed the Words of the living CREATOR GOD, tell me where were you when the physical universe was created and where will you be a hundred or so years from now. Are you not aware that your predecessors ridiculed many of the things you now know as facts? Like them you ridiculed the things you do not know anything about being puff up by what little that you know.

It is written 'knowledge puffs up' see if you can overcome that in yourself. Read my blog on the human psyche and self-expediency that you might be enlightened about your own deceitful heart.

But for those men and women who realized that they are but dust and ashes, swept along by the currents of events and time outside of their control, I offer a glimpse into a future beyond what the mind of man can fully grasp.

For those who are sincerely seeking for Truth and the meaning of life only to be confronted by ridiculous religions and vain philosophies of this world, here is a chance for you to truly understand the Word of the living CREATOR GOD, translated into the Christian Bible. A chance to fully grasp why you are here and what is your forever destiny if you so choose to want it.

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