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Life changes, the world changes. Sometimes for the better.

I was thinking about my life, has it change for the better or worse? How about me have I changed for the better over the years? The fortune of a person's life is so unpredictable sometimes good fortune falls out of the blue but very often it is the bad fortune that does. For the life of a man is fragile, a prick of a thorn or a bite of an insect is all it takes to bring a man down to the dust. Things so tiny our naked eyes can't see them they can bring us from the height of our vigor and health to nothing but just dust, clumps of chemical compounds.

How Has It Been For Me?

Looking back over the years, things appeared to have gotten worse; it actually looks bad, quite bad. But on a shorter period of the last three to four years there is a little hope that the past few months has seen a beginning of a turn for the better (or so I hoped).

Age should bring wisdom to a person but more often than not it doesn't but brings intolerance instead.

Me? Have I changed for the better after all these years? My unqualified opinion, a little, definitely a little.

I not measuring my performance with the standard performance indicators such as am I better off:
1. Financially.
2. In my job.
3. In my relationship.
4. In my social standing.
5. In my popularity.
6. In Fame and fortune.
7. In my health
8. In current and future prospect.

I am measuring myself on whether as I live each day of my life facing each decision whether I have chosen what is good and right and true against what is expedient for me. It is a hard road to thread, the human psyche and nature is geared towards doing what is expedient to the self, to self preservation, self enhancement and self gratification.

I can't live my life any other way and still be true to my convictions. Even if my life should have no meaning I would still not have it to be a lie. I don't know where all these will lead me, maybe nowhere for isn't that what evolutionist and scientists have being telling us where our life leads, to Absolutely Nothing. After isn't it true that all (earthbound) lives are terminal.

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