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All the colleagues are sending out Christmas greetings and emailing all those touching stories related to the season. And every year I will be in their lists no matter how many times I had told them before that I don't celebrate Christmas.

I will get the usual 'Oh, I thought you said you are a Christian?' It becomes a hassle to explain because every year I go through the same.

Whenever someone who newly becomes acquainted with me on learning that I am Christian, trying to make polite conversation they will ask 'which church do you go to' and following on that 'I mean are you a Catholic or .............'

It is not really a big deal because it is all meaningless polite conversation or 'small talk.' But for me it is akin to going to a Muslim (a follower of the Islamic faith) or Jew and say, 'So do you go to church every Sunday?'

So why don't I celebrate Christmas? For a start because the Christian faith recorded in the Christian Bible and Christmas religion are really totally different religions. More totally and completely different even than Judaism is from Islam or Judaism is from Buddhism.

I am a Christian not a Easterian (those who holds to the Christmas religion) or a Trinitian (another name for the Christmas religion). No I am not Methodist or Baptist or Lutheran or Mormon or Jehovah's Witness. Not even a Seventh Day Adventist. Just a plain believe the Bible Christian, who holds to the faith that has been handed down in the Christian Holy Scriptures.

No I am not an Old Testament Christian or a New Testament Christian. Just a plain simple believe GOD (as opposed to the won't believe GODChristian.

There were many times in the past, for over one thousand years people like me were hunted down, tortured and murdered by the political and religious leaderships of the world because we believe the GOD of the Christian Bible and keep HIS commandments. And though the world today will not believe it, that time is coming again very soon.

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