Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nature, Life, Relationship. Religion

Those are my interests and here is why.

Someone once wrote something to the effect that in life one must stop and smell the roses. Can't say that my nose is particularly partial to the smell of roses, but nature never fails to fascinate and amaze me.

Everything in the heavens, on the earth and in the seas are incredibly and wonderfully made down to the minute most detail.

The most wonderful thing about nature is life. So much genius went into the design that a few strings of protein can produce such abundance of variables and possibilities.

The whole scheme fitting perfectly progressing ever forward to the ultimate will and good pleasure of the all wise ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all things. Nothing is an after thought, everything is meticulous to the tiniest 'nanoscopic' detail.

How protein strings can configure information, retain information, transmit information and defining new information to be stored. Couldn't it be said that the ideal survival state of life is unicellular? Why would a few strings of protein continually remodel themselves? Why not just stay the same? Did the atomic particles of the elements continually remodeled themselves over time to form more and more complex elements (elements with increasing number of protons)?

The creation reflecting the perfect character and mind of the CREATOR. HE doesn't miss a thing. Everything works together perfectly. That was until the Angels sinned and the world fell into darkness and waste leading to Genesis 1:2.

Then there was Adam and Eve in paradise, Eden the garden of GOD, until the test which Adam failed as expected. Now we have a world in decay destroyed by lust and greed, which were and are still the first sins of humankind. But that lesson humankind has not learned and from the world we see today, it seems incapable of learning. Not even after the horrendous calamity that is about to unfold in the not too distant future. But that is another story.

The most amazing thing about life is relationship. Every good and wonderful thing that our mind can envision, that our soul can embrace, that impassioned our hearts, fades into meaninglessness in the eternity of forever when there is none to share it with.

Anyone reading the Bible and failed to see that relationship is the very reason the GREAT ALMIGHTY GOD created all things, miss the whole point. Why do you think the Scriptures say:

GOD is love


All things were created through Him and for Him’

We strived and struggled through life getting and getting and getting. Things, accolades, crowns and medals, fame and popularity, possessions and wealth, spouses and mistresses, servants and armies, conquests and victories, power and dominions.

Accumulating, acquiring and acquiring never satisfied. But no one think for a moment that life has an end, and of everything that we acquired in life we can bring nothing with us to the next life. Except our relationships - the bond we build with those we love and who love us.

It is the only thing that last forever if we make it into the forever. Don't be deceived, GOD is perfect, HE will accept nothing less. That is the reason this life of labor, hardship, evil and suffering is necessary to make the subject of HIS will and good pleasure perfect and complete for the eternity, together with HIM.

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