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Why I blog about religion.

The answer to why I blog about religion is already in my blogs. But I thought I will address this issue in case any know-it-all person stumbling across my blogs were to comment how it is possible for anyone to be so mentally weak (and in need to have a clutch to hang on to in life) and ignorant (being so totally clueless that it was truly, really and actually an ultra mega supreme Absolute Nothing in its ultra super mega brilliant ingenuity and ultra mega super incredulous power which created the universe and all things in it) as to still believe in creation when everyone knows that we are all came into existence through a series of cosmic accidents and failures (due to an inherently flawed design framework) powered by Darwinian Mutationism. Or more appropriately millions of series of cosmic accidents and failures occurring in tandem.

For the discussion on the ultra mega enlightened scientific theories of the Big Bang that created our universe please read the post ‘Big Bang For Real’.

I am not trying to sell my religion (i.e. covenant, faith and worship) here, just writing about the truth and dispensing knowledge (i.e. to share what I have been granted to know and understand), not caring (meaning there is no agenda to convince to convert) whether anyone will believe me or not. Of course there is the hope (because I do care) that whoever reads this should by chance remember, when all these come to pass and that they will repent to be spared the plagues that GOD will pour out to destroy all the wicked at soon coming the end of this Age of Man.

This is not anything that is new. This message — the end of the age/world — is not sometime new. Many have preached this or something similar to it before and nothing at all ‘happened.’ The answers, as to how and why to these, are also in my blogs. I wrote that it had happened before and the record of it is with us today, only many know-it-all men of great enlightenment, knowledge and learning have rejected its validity purely out of prejudices and not based on logical and rational reasoning.

How is my message different

It is natural for one to ask how does this message defers from all those that have been preached in time past which all came to naught. For starters, I am not trying to frighten anyone into following and worshiping me andor to give me their worldly goods (i.e. material properties, total unquestioning loyalty, obedience and servitude, lives, wives, children, etc). On the contrary, what I hope to achieve here is that, when such events begin to unfold, whoever reads or have read all that is published in this work will not panic at that time of chaos and confusion to chase and follow after the many false prophets and self proclaimed messiahs that will arise to deceive the whole world at that time.
For the discussion as to why this message is different please read in the post the discussion The End Of The World Or Not - Part 4: Is This Author Another Crazed Prophet Of Doom.

The End of World

I am not going around shouting ‘THE WORLD IS GOING TO END TOMORROW, REPENT YOU SINNERS.’ What I am doing is laying out in sufficient details the series of events that will lead up to this ‘End of the Age.’ This is so that the reader will not be clueless as these events begin to unfold in the near future. The fact is, it is even right now unfolding for those who has the eyes to see the framework laid out in the Christian Bible, foretold from the beginning through the Words of GOD spoken by HIS prophets of the past and of today.

Get Real

I do realize of course that some (maybe most) of those reading this work will probably have the impression that ‘this guy is a religious nutcase or a raving lunatic.’ Hey if I didn’t know the things I do I would probably think the same when I read my own work here, so I won’t fault anyone for thinking likewise.

The proof is the ‘eating’ which means if you want to prove whether what I say is true or not, read it and go check and reason it out. No one can do your thinking for you. Well at least no one should anyway.

Clearly Evident And Conclusively Proven That The Whole World Is Now Deceived

Like I said, ‘believe it or don’t.’ Just remember it (and don't be so sure that you will), because it is going to happen and soon enough. And I hope when it does, the readers of this work will not get deceived as the rest of the world is going to be. Just as the whole world is now deceived into a Christmas religion believing that it is the Christian religion of the Christian Bible when nothing can be further from the truth.

I have spoken of it before it all begin to happen so that all who read the discussions of this work would (or should anyway) know and not be totally clueless when it all come to pass.

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