Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two Blogs Series Will End Soon.

With two of my blogs are soon to have their last installments published online (both blogs titles are draft abridge versions of two chapters from two of my books, 'The End Of The Age' and 'EBible 101: Expounding The Holy Bible'), I will end both these series with a page detailing all the Scriptural references with detail explanation of each reference and another page on glossary of some specific terms used in these blogs (which is the same as in my books). The last title that will be published will be an index page headed by a title listing. FAQ pages may be added later to these if I receive sufficient request to justify such pages.

There is a change of strategy in publishing my blogs article. I have decided to spend more time rechecking my published articles and titles for typo and grammatical errors. In my rush to meet some pretty demanding deadlines that I have set for myself I realized that there have been numerous spelling, typing and grammatical errors in these publications.

I have also being having URL linking errors to reference some of the subjects and topics. This is due to some weird quirks in the Blogspot html editor that seemed to have problem understanding 'a name' entries, sometimes not being able to understand them at all and converting them to some meaningless URL instead.

This is also compounded by another problem. Classifying my blogs as adult materials required readers reading any blog for the first time to verify they are adults which interfere with referenced URLs as these have to be 'clicked' on again to get to the correct section that the URL referenced. This I have to live with as I can't compromise to let kids read this serious adult material without highlighting the fact.

So for the time being I have decided to only publish articles and titles after a more thorough checking for errors in these areas. A problem with the human psyche is that if we reread our own material for errors we are likely to find less in ten readings than a second or third party will in one. This may mean that these articles will no longer be published on a monthly basis but as and when I can be satisfied (based on best effort)  that I have thoroughly reread them to weed out these very common errors of the mind not being completely in sync with the hands (or mouth).

For these reasons, blogs that are currently published monthly will be published after a longer interval. So instead of four article titles a month I will only be publishing at most two. My apologies to those who have been following these blogs.

I will continue to publish 'A Christian Pilgrimage' monthly but all the others will only have new titles published every few months until further notification. This month only 'Living By Every Word' and possibly 'The End Of The Age' will have a new article. If I can meet the deadline I will also publish 'The Holy Bible Expounded' this month.

The blog 'The Relationship Connections,' which I have not been regularly updating at this moment due to resource constraints, will be updated more regularly from January 2011 until the series ends.

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