Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Sad Feast Of Tabernacles.

The annual Feast of Tabernacles was just over. Since my conversion over twenty years ago, these last three years of keeping this Feast have been the saddest.

The people of GOD are scattered. The leaders and the lay members alike are mostly pursuing their personal lives' agenda rather than seeking the will and righteousness of GOD. In a world of great material abundance (in the well off and not so well off nations) with the pervasiveness of all kinds of sensual indulgence and a social order that glorify the self identity, it is not strange that this is probably the greatest time of trial and testing for the Saints of GOD.

Self glorification was the main sin of the antediluvian world just before GOD destroyed it. And today it is no different. At no time prior to these last twenty years have mankind placed more emphasis and focus on themselves, glorifying in their personal abilities and achievements, than at any time since after the flood of Noah wiped out the antediluvian world.

For proof of what I stated above about the sins of the antediluvian world read the full discourse of the Genesis chapter of Bible 101 by this author.

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