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Religion To Become Extinct In Nine Nations, Say Researchers.

The month of March 2011 saw a couple of interesting development in the world with regards to the current world order. One of this was a BBC news report of a “research” on global trends that appeared to show that religion is on a path to becoming extinct in nine nations of the world. The other development was that the 57 OIC nations had finally conceded to drop the religious ‘defamation’ issue in the official U.N. human rights standard on the U.N. Charter on Human Rights.

I seldom blog on current world news events, even events as catastrophic as the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, or the political turmoil in North Africa and Middle East where the citizenry are rising up against the dictatorial abuses of those in power. I stick to issues relevant to my life’s journey and my faith – the true Christian religion (i.e. faith and worship), both of which are unpopular topics. Fact of the matter is none of my blogs are under the popular issues and searches category. A good question would be, why write on issues and topics that are not popular especially if you are not getting paid or receiving an income for doing so?

I certainly know all the ongoing currently popular world issues and internet searches and I can write about them as well as the next person. And I certainly know enough (well just barely enough) about the internet and human nature to write blogs that will get tons of hits and reads. But broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads to forever life and few are those who are willing to give up the perceivably (i.e. what is perceived as or perceived to be) great abundance of things that are desirable and titillate the senses. Human beings aside from being extremely reactive (rather than proactive) are also extremely right–now–people with little to no hindsight, and even less foresight. Everything we want, we want right now or as soon as possible from right now. This is of course not surprising considering how short a time each average human being has on this vapor–breath of life of ours that we have been given.

Just enough time to go crashing through our lives pursuing all the conceivable expediencies in their Spirit-minds, sowing and perpetuating evil until it backfires on us. Then we turned to the GOD we have ever really believe in and asked why if there is indeed a God who is good is there evil in their world as if we have nothing to do with it at all absolutely. We wanted the ‘rights’ to our own lives and the freedom to conduct our own lives according to every dictate and imagination of our self expedient hearts but we refused to acknowledge the consequences of this rebellious freedom, the freedom to do harm to others especially when it becomes expedient for us to so. And when these harms backfire on us and those we are affiliated andor proxified to, we then like the unrepentant criminals, rapist and murderers brought before a court to be punished protest our innocence of any crime or fake a contrite remorse (that comes from being found out and brought to give account) that has no repentance in it at all absolutely.

Religion And The World Order.

Whatever we know today from history about human societies and civilizations, all of these seem to have some connection to some beliefs in the paranormal realm of spirits and deities.

From the beginning of the age of “enlightenment” until today, philosophers and scientists have put forth numerous theories and postulations why this is so. But increasingly today in our knowledge driven social order supported by great advances in scientific knowledge and the Darwin’s theory of evolution by mutation, more and more “enlightened” people are becoming less and less “religious”. For thousands of years believing in some paranormal realm (or parallel universe for those who are technologically and scientifically endowed and therefore more up to date on contemporary socially correct terminologies) that influence life on this very physical and material realm has been what most if not all of humankind subscribed to. Religion andor believing in a creator God,  or some so called Gods or spiritual entity or realm, it would seem was one of the main factors in the social order of humankind from the very beginning of our social order (or as scientifically termed, our ‘cognitive’ advancement).

That however does not mean that religions or religious beliefs have been or have ever been the force that drove human civilization. Humankind has used religion just as we have used anything and everything that we could, to forward our personal agenda, to pursue after every imagination of our corrupted lust driven minds.

For all those who professed the Christian faith and worship, whether you are the few true Christians who are the disciples of JESUS CHRIST or the majority of false and fraudulent Christians whether followers of the Christmas religion or some other so called Christian sects, if you hold to (i.e. accept sufficiently enough to believe somewhat) the testimony of the Christian Bible as the religious Scriptures of your faith you would (or should anyway) know that the Antediluvian world of Noah was destroyed by a worldwide flood because of their wickedness in pursuing after (i.e. led and driven by) every imagination of the corrupted lust saturated Spirit-minds.

These same Scriptures also testified that soon after coming out of Noah’s Ark, just four generations later, nearly all of humankind of that generation began a wholesale rebellion against GOD following after a man, Nimrod, who had appointed himself a king, putting himself as an equal and rival to GOD. Here was when the whole social order of our current world started. Here too was when a global religious system based on the lie of Satan the Devil of the immortality of the human soul began. This was foundation of all the religious systems of the world by which clever men and women would apportion the name of some gods (includes goddesses) and religions to forward their personal agenda to rule over their fellow humankind. From this first foundation after humankind were scattered and over the centuries this ancient Mystery Babylonian religion would become the basis and foundation of all the religious belief systems (and also political system) that have filled the world of humankind until this very day.

Any sincere and honest student of the many religious belief systems of our human civilization throughout the ages would, or should anyway, be able to see that religion had never in reality being ruling over the majority of human societies but men and women ascribing the power and authority of gods and religions to themselves were the ones really ruling, manipulating the superstitions, fear and lust of the majority to their own agenda, often times they themselves too were deceived. And if you were to look at the world order of today you must surely realize that this has continued to be so.

The few true Christians and the even fewer among these who are still faithful to the Covenant with the LORD GOD, would understand all these things. But the whole world of humankind religious or otherwise, just doesn’t seem to have a clue.

The real truth of the Christian faith as was recorded extensively and thoroughly in the Scripture of Truth testified that except for a couple of very short period of a few hundred years in the beginning years of the history of man and woman made in the image and likeness of GOD, there were never at any time in the world order of humankind when true followers of the true faith of the CREATOR GOD ever even touch one percent of the human population contemporary to their times.

In the Antediluvian world of Noah where the entire world population of that time was most likely a few million persons ,there were only three true believers and followers of the faith expounded in the Christian Bible. And after the flood that destroyed all the wicked of that generation, of those who multiplied and repopulated the earth after being saved through Noah’s Ark, there were but a handful, namely Noah, Shem, Abraham, his wife Sarah and his cousin Lot.

Even during the times when Moses led the ancient Israelite for forty years in the wilderness there were just a handful from among them who were the faithful servant of the CREATOR GOD. The population of the world at that time most likely numbered into the hundreds of millions.

Throughout the years of JESUS CHRIST ministry and after HIS resurrection there were only some five hundred faithful members even as only one hundred and twenty of them were obedient to HIS voice to gather together on the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E. when the Church of GOD was founded (i.e. officially established) through the giving of the HOLY SPIRIT.

And throughout the ages until this very day if you would believe the record of the Holy Christian Scriptures, the Book of Revelation testified to a small Christian membership being relentlessly persecuted and infiltrated by the disciples of Satan the Devil. Today, the true members who are the Elect of GOD numbered very less than half a million. And even among these the majority has gone on to pursue their life’s expediency pursuing after their own personal gain rather than to faithfully serve their GOD and to be true to their Covenant with HIM. This was exactly what the Book of Revelation recorded in its record of the Church of GOD’s journey through the centuries from the Apostolic days until the soon coming very last days of the Age of Man.

But small as the numbers of the true disciples of the Christian faith and worship had been and is still, they have always continued on through the trials and test of their faith. And this they will continue to do until the very Great Tribulation where their numbers will for just the second time in the entire history of humankind be greatly increased. But then only for the vast majority to be again martyred by the Great False Church in cohort with the Beast power.

All this GOD allowed that HE might condemn forever the evil Adversary and convict all of humankind so that when HE resurrects them for Judgment (Genesis 9:5) they may have no excuse for all the evil and wickedness that they have committed in their lifetime. Then and only then for the majority of these, they would see themselves for who they truly are to really repent that they may receive the free gift to eternal life made available by the New Covenant made in the BLOOD of the LAMB of GOD.

In the meantime the world of humankind, wise and self righteous as ever in their own eyes, will continue on sowing and perpetuating evil and wickedness adding to their sins until the soon coming Day of the LORD. And even as the trend has been since the beginning of the age of the ‘enlightenment’ of humankind, religion is not going to become extinct anytime soon in any of the nine nations mentioned in the research. In truth, not too many years from now when a leader of a great big worldwide religious order, a great catholic or universal Church with millions to billions of followers, starts to perform power ‘miraculous’ signs before a great military and political leader the whole world is going to get a lot more religious. Yes, even the scoffing and mocking atheists are suddenly going to become very religious, many will be murderously religious like the savage blood thirsty zealots of some evil religions of yesterday and today. 

No More Laws Against Defamation or Blasphemy Against Religion?

Throughout the years of monotheistic religions the self professed zealous discipleship of these religions have considered themselves faithful and zealous if they were to savagely torture and brutally murder those who they perceived to have defamed (i.e. slander) or blasphemed (i.e. maligned or acted maliciously against) their THE prophet, god or religion. This great hypocritical pretense of faithfulness is near universal to the main monotheistic religious faiths. While the “faithful” of these professed to desire justice, righteousness and good, few if any actually practiced these virtues faithfully but instead murder, carnage and mayhem seem to be what they delighted to practice every excuse they can get whenever they feel they can get away with such.

This is not restricted to monotheistic religions alone, even polytheistic religions have discipleship that embraced such hyped up zealousness whenever it become desirable for them to seek out to persecute, suppress andor oppress those of other religions than theirs. But is it really true that the God or the Gods required this form of zeal from the discipleship? I won’t speak for all the other religions but for my own – the true Christian religion (i.e. faith and worship) and its before due-season days as the nation of Israel and Judah, and the faith of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Lot, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Those who know the Christian’s Holy Scriptures will know that there is no such requirement from GOD to Abel or Enoch or Noah in all those years when the antediluvian world apportioned GOD’s name to practice every evil and wicked deed that their corrupt minds could conceived. It is equally true that Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Jacob and even Joseph never went about murdering people who did not agree with their faith even as they were living in an age when paganism pervades the societies around them.

JESUS CHRIST taught HIS disciples to choose been wrong rather than to do wrong, to choose being murdered rather than to murder. In the early years the true discipleship were tortured and murdered by the Jews of those days. Later they because the victim of the Romans and after that of the Great False Christian Church in cohort with the Beast power. These true Christians never fought back to defend themselves against their persecutors and murderers. When they can, they flee and when they can’t flee, they suffered and died at the hands of their torturers and murderers.

However during the times of Moses and the days when Israel and Judah were Kingdom nations of GOD, the physical nations of GOD on earth, there was this requirement to kill those who blasphemed (in deliberately cursing, maligning and slandering) the name of GOD and who were introducing and spreading paganism and heresies to their nations (Israel and later both Israel and Judah when the united kingdom was divided into two and separated).

Why did the CREATOR GOD command this of them? This is where the great deception of the Christmas religion had blinded the societies of humankind from understanding the reason GOD commanded HIS nations by covenant to kill the traitors in their midst.

The GOD of the Christian Bible never ever did command the Kingdom of Israel or even of Judah (after the one United Kingdom of Israel split into two kingdoms) to go conquering and converting the pagan nations around them. Neither did HE ever commanded HIS nation or people by covenant to attack to harm or destroy any other nation or their citizenry who blasphemed HIS Name. However GOD did command them to completely destroy those nations that were occupying the territory of the Promise Land, the land GOD had reserved for HIS nation by covenant which had been given to the Israelite as the genealogical descendants of the promise made to the Biblical Patriarchs. But this destruction was mandated because these nations that resided there in that sacred piece of land had become so wicked (specifically in slaughtering their own children as offerings to “gain favor” from their blood thirsty gods) that they had to be destroyed to preempt the eventual spread of such evil practices to the rest of the world order (of lust driven mankind) before the due time which GOD had predestined when HE will destroy the wicked of the world a second time at the Second Advent of JESUS CHRIST. That was also the specific reason Sodom and Gomorrah was also destroyed during the time of Abraham to prevent the great depravity of those two cities very quickly spreading and corrupting the whole world order just as did happen during the Antediluvian age. A time will come as indeed we are witnessing today, when GOD will allow even far greater depravity (as HE did during the Antediluvian Era) to overtake the social order of humankind that the full extend of how fast and how deprave humankind would become if GOD had not all along been checking this since from after the Antediluvian flood.

When the Israelite entered into the Old Covenant with GOD, they agreed to become HIS (i.e. to belong to HIM as) people and subject, members or citizenry of HIS physical nation on earth, inheriting HIS land, the relatively tiny piece on land on this whole earth, that HE had set aside for that purpose. The first and foremost conditions of this Covenant were that they were not to have allegiance to any other gods, to go after them to worship and serve them. They were to hold GOD's name in the highest esteem (commandment number three). Overall in this Covenant the Israelite were to be loyal and obedient to GOD as their GOD and KING (i.e. SOVEREIGN).

The reason therefore why the Israelite (and also later the Jews) were required to destroy any of their numbers among those who were in their nation(s) who blasphemed (i.e. curse or speak disrespectfully of GOD) or embraced other religions and gods were so that their nations do not become enticed to be disloyal and to treacherously break their Covenant leading GOD to punish them and cast them away from their land. And that was exactly what happened to both those Kingdom nations of Israel and Judah, GOD ended HIS Covenant with both these nations because of their treachery and rebellion against HIM. And be sure to note (as is clearly and plainly recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures) GOD did not have every single one of those people slaughtered and butchered (as has been the evil claims advanced in the evil doctrines of the so called Abrahamic religions that GOD want them to force people to believe in GOD) but have the bulk of the people of those nations either carried off or scattered to the pagan nations of the world so that they have been no longer HIS people , subjects and nations by Covenant since.

So contrary to popular beliefs and understanding, in the faith and worship of the ancient Kingdom nations of Israel and Judah as well as that of true Christian the requirement to kill blasphemers was not a general requirement but specific to treason, of persons of these faith committing treacherous treason against their own people and nation so as to cause their people and nations to be destroyed (Deuteronomy 6:12 – 15, 16 – 24) before GOD. Now, I ask you if a citizen of any of the countries of our world today would knowingly and deliberately commit an act that would result in the destruction of his entire nation and every single one (i.e. the genocide) of his people, should not such acts of great evil be subject to the gravest and most severe of punishment?

You can also read here that the true Christian religion (i.e. faith and worship) just like the ancient Jewish faith was never meant to be a worldwide religion. Not yet. Also in that sub topic discussion is briefly discussed why all the so called Abrahamic religions, how they all in deceitful deliberate pretense refused to understand the simple things recorded in the Scripture of Truth so that they, these evil religions can carried out rapes and plunder, torture and murder against anyall that they want to whenever they want to.

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