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Why GOD Allowed Evil Into HIS Creation.

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Preamble to the Answers.

The only way for us to understand the CREATOR is through the creation because that is the range and scope of our ability to perceive and comprehend. In as much as we are able we must understand both created realms: the Spiritual (the third heaven which is the throne of GOD with the Angelic Realm) and the physical (our universe, the realm of humankind). This is because evil had its beginning in the Spiritual Realm when a splendid, talented and knowledgeable high ranking Angel of GOD who was given a privileged position in the Kingdom (government) of GOD in the Third Heaven, sinned. That, and also the fact that some concepts that apply to the physical realm have an equivalent expression in (the reality of) the Spiritual Realm.

Aside from some basic understanding of the transcendental concepts of the existential realities in both these created realms, we would also need to understand some further transcendental concepts that 'exist' or is inherent in the 'SPIRIT nature' of the CREATOR that transcend to the creature, that is they have an expression in and is manifested in the creature.

Now of necessity when we raise issues that discuss the attributes of our CREATOR and the Angelic Realm we use terminologies and discussed concepts that pertain to the created realm of which our minds can grasp and our senses can perceive. That is the perspective of our understanding and may not exactly and completely reflects what the Spiritual Realm is in reality or what the exact SPIRIT ‘nature’ of GOD is.

This we can conceptualize through understanding those who have never in their lives had the facility of vision. Those who are vision impaired are unable to envision the visual perception that those with vision can. So while we see three dimensional shapes, spatial distances, spatial motions, light and colors those born without sight have a 'translated' and interpreted mind concept of these in what they can sense through touch, smell, sound and taste. If it were now possible (even as this possibility exist as technology advances) that we should be able to project what we who are with sensory vision see into the minds of those who never had sight they would not be able to immediately understand them to correspond them to what they know from they what have experienced and learned. When a person who is born 'totally' blind and one day especially when they are in adulthood for some reasons gain the facility of clear vision suddenly, these first visual encounters would appear very frightening to them, as they suddenly are being presented with a 'dimension' they have no previous conceptual reference.

That is what we need to be clear on when we examine our realities against that of the Spiritual Realm of Angels and even more so when we try to conceptualize our MAKER. The only reason we are able to have this conceptual representation is because that is what had been ordained or decreed by the ONE WHO made us. That is why it is important for us to understand why HE made us. This we do through what HE had communicated to us in HIS Words and through HIS HOLY SPIRIT given to all who had made the commitment to HIM, to reverent, honor, obey and be subservient to HIM as our GOD, MASTER and OWNER entering into the Covenant that HE had ordained once and forever through the blood and death of HIS SON in the only, final and forever Covenant by which humankind can become part of the direct Family of GOD.

Some Concepts that Need to be Understood.

The word perfect as used in the Holy Scriptures encapsulates two main absolute concepts. One is the pure ideal and the other is fully empowered or completely equipped.

Time and spatial concepts are of the limited created realms so the word 'instant' as a time concept has no operational and reality basis when referring to acts of the CREATOR except as reference type of it in the created realms. When we reference processes in relation to space or time or even as energy state our understanding must be derivative from the created realms as these object concepts exist only within the limited created realms.

Life is a process that is time bound. Life is a process that is continual, the very nanosecond that this process ceases to be continual, the life ceases. Time is a crucial element in the process of life as well as of our existential reality, if time were to stop being continual our existential reality will cease. This is the time concept that our brilliant scientists totally have no understanding of, their only concept of time is that of lapsed time or quantifiable time.

There was once a time when our great supremely brilliant and intelligent men and women of science refused to believe in anything they were not able to measure (that is to quantify). Today this is no longer totally so (and it is hope they realized that), as now we have these supremely brilliant men and women of science gloating in their supreme intelligence and talking about particles that come into and going out existence even as they have been theorizing about things they could not measure or detect for decades since. 

Good and evil are concepts that are relevant only where there are interpersonal relationships involved, even if it is just the relationship of a personage with himself or herself.

Knowledge does not equate to understanding. Knowledge needs the component called wisdom before it can achieve understanding. Wisdom is knowledge with the perspective of hindsight and foresight.

The fact is many object concepts that we as humankind understand only exist in the created realm. There are of course object concepts that transcend both created realms and there are those that transcended from the CREATOR and are manifested in the creature as a type. That transcendental manifestation is the basis for us to have a relationship with our MAKER. In a very rudimentary sense we can compare our ability to establish some notion of relationships with some animals as representative of this transcendental connection that allows us the creature to establish a relationship with our MAKER.

The Creation.

Before we can begin understand 'evil' as a process, as well as a state of corruption in the Spirit-mind we need to look at a few other issues. The very first one is why the creation, why the CREATOR brought the creation into existence? But even more important is the question why humankind made in the image and likeness of GOD? This I have answered in another blog 'Living By Every Word.' This blog however discussed issues and topics that are for the matured true Christians and is not recommended for the unconverted or newly converted Christian. This is not so much that the writings discuss complicated issues but that which are discussed are truth that those who are carnal minded cannot accept. Also those who have not completely read the Christian Bible will be unable to make the necessary association to the referenced supporting Scriptures. The discussed issues required a much more mature level of faith which newly converted and unconverted Christians are unlikely to have. So there is not much point to examine what you do not have the faith to believe. Even I as I mention this I caution that those who do not have the faith to believe the writings and records of the Holy Scriptures against reading the articles on that blog.

At this point for the purpose of answering the question of this discussion, we will just say that GOD created us to be members of HIS direct Family. It must therefore be appreciated that the first clause of family is a love-bonded relationship. We can thus use our notion of a close and loving family as a basis to understand this purpose for our being brought into existence. Of necessity we also need to understand that the family relationship of our contemporary world does not conform to that which GOD had intended when HE made man and woman and through them the family with the father as the head and ruler over his family. The GOD ordained family unit is a type of the very Family of GOD that GOD is in the very process of forming.

Nevertheless from this we should understand that GOD created us to have a trust based and love bonded relationship with HIM, which is relationship at the most intimate level.

Now the question remains how does evil fit into all this?

Out of Choice Not Out of Compulsion.

Those who have really truly 'fallen' in love before, during or 'after' courtship should understand that the love that is real and sincere does not force the beloved to love them back. In as much as when we love a person we want them to love us back we do not do so against their will or consent. The fact is the love that is truly true and pure will want the best for the beloved even when the love is not reciprocated. This is not the typical love story of humankind which usually has a high element of selfishness. That is why we very often witness in our world when love is not reciprocated the one who claimed to love would act in great vehemence against the very person they claimed they loved who has rejected their so called love.

But for those who have actually experience such love and have loved this way they should very easily be able to grasp when I say that GOD is not creating and perfecting us against our will and without our willing participation. Anyone who has completely read the whole Christian Bible and understood what he or she has read, would be able see this simple message practically screaming out from the pages of the Holy Scriptures. That message is that GOD desires that we, the creature destined by HIM to be members of HIS direct HOLY FAMILY, be a willing and trusting participation in the very act of our growth and journey to perfection through exercising the faith and love to completely trust our MAKER yielding ourselves to be led and guided by HIM, to be made perfect forever by, in  and with HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. We the creatures have been given a choice as free will independent minded personage whether this love of our MAKER for us is desirable, important and worthwhile for us to give up every meaningless and temporary thing  to embrace.

What GOD created when HE brought first the Angels in the third Heaven into existence and later humankind were not robots or animals driven by instincts or even animals that have self awareness and some semblances of a mind that can think and reason. GOD created personage imbued with the faculty, the capabilities and facilities to have a meaningful love founded and trust based relationship with HIM. For this to be so it is of necessities that we must have Spirit-minds that are equipped to make individual self driven choices empowered by knowing good from evil and choosing good over evil. That was why there was a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. We are created with same level of Spirit-mind as GOD even as ours are restrained by the limitations of the physical realm. But this restrained is temporary while we are being prepared, trained and equipped to have the wisdom to chose life and good over destruction and evil through the exercising of the same manner of discipline and self control of GOD. When it is recorded in the Holy Scriptures that it is impossible for GOD to lie or to do evil, the context of that is not about abilities but about will power. GOD absolutely will not lie such that it can be said that HE cannot lie. In the same manner too it is with sin and evil. GOD absolutely won’t therefore it can be said that HE can’t, because of the absoluteness of the will or intent. Until humankind can attain to this level of will power motivated by a love for one another that is unselfish and true we are just not ready to enter into the perfect family of GOD.

In creating humankind (and the Angels before them), GOD created them with free will, with free Spirit-minds that think, feel and reason on their own. GOD of necessity also needed to empower this free Spirit-minds to be able to act out the decisions and the conducts from those decisions otherwise there would be no point for these personage to have this free minds, or free will. And that is exactly what this whole world of humankind have been doing ever since, GOD had allow both humankind and Angels to decide their own destiny - whether they want to obey GOD or disobey HIM. Even as HE would want all to obey HIM for their own happiness and prosperity, HE must allow them the bad choices and decisions they made and will make, otherwise HE will be contracting HIS own purpose for creating them as such in the very first place. So contrary to the lies of the Christmas religion and all the other religions (except true Christianity) GOD is not self contradictory.

So far from GOD being unable or unwilling to stop evil, it is the creation, both Angels and humankind, who are and have been unwilling to stop evil. This they do by refusing to act in good faith through genuine and sincere love, being driven solely by their self expediencies refusing to reciprocate the love that their MAKER has for them. They have counted HIS love for them as of no value and instead chose to pursue after all the temporary and meaningless things that can only temporary keep them satisfied for an insignificant quantum of time. Indeed if GOD had not restrained evil in this age, it would have to be repeatedly destroy every thousand or years just as had happened to the antediluvian world of Noah and also to the twin cities of Sodom and Gormorrah. The nuclear over kill capabilities of the Cold War would have resulted in an all out nuclear war had not GOD restrained evil just as what this coming End of the World is building to before GOD will intervene to cut off the events that would lead to such a war between the King(s) of the North and the King of the East.

This however is only half of the perspective of why GOD allowed evil to be so pervasive in HIS creation. The other part of the answer is in understanding what is meant when we say are free moral agents or have free moral agency {this is a quote and not my choice of words} or are free willed independent minded personage {this is how I define what Angels and humankind as}. In essence that is what GOD IS and also what GOD’s purpose was, and still is, when HE brought the Angels first and later humankind made in HIS image and likeness into existence. When GOD created us humankind HE gave us the first part of HIS ultimate gift, a totally empowered Spirit-mind to make purpose driven decision, the power to make knowledge empowered choice. The full discussion of this is covered in the chapter 'GOD IS' of Bible 101. It is indeed a very simple concept but for some reasons many are those who are unable to grasp it. GOD has given us the ultimate empowerment, a Spirit-mind that is the very same SPIRIT-MIND of GOD, free to make decision and choices as the individual seem fit plus an environment to allow those choices and decisions to be carried out. Yet HE had not left us without counsel on the consequences of bad faith in our interpersonal relationship. HIS words and instructions have been given to us from the very beginning. But our forefathers had rejected it and acted deceitfully in bad faith and so have of all us, their progeny, continued to do so until this very day.

Please read the post GOD’ in The Scripture Of Truth’ blog of this author for the discussion of the meaning in the word GOD ’ in the original text of the Christian Holy Scriptures. Also read in this same post the discussion of Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresence and how evil religions pretend to teach these as an attribute of GOD but totally contradict it in their foundation doctrines.

Everyone who believes in monotheist Creator believes that this Creator is all power and nothing is impossible or beyond this Creator's ability. And that would be a correct perspective and concept. Yet for all that is understood by what the term 'all powerful' means most of "Christendom" still has this strange deficiency in their understanding that since GOD is all powerful HE can get everyone to do exactly HIS will and to obey HIM absolutely in every single instant of thought and action. But yet for those who believe in this all powerful GOD they just can't seem to grasp this concept plainly recorded in the Christian Bible that the Christian GOD does not force compliance with HIS Laws and Commandments much less HIS will. All this should tell us that HE neither force obedience nor manipulate us to do anything against our will. The reason for this is that HE created us to have the same mind power as HIM, the power to exercise free will. Even as HE can easily do so to force us to be in compliance with HIS will, HE won't, because doing so will make HIS purpose in creating us in the first place to be invalid going contrary to HIS purpose for us. Despite all the duplicities that have been preached, the Christian GOD is not self contradictory. For all those master and experts of the Christmas religion and all the others who have been preaching and advocating through their doublespeak that the Christian GOD is a contradiction through their deceit filled doctrines, is it a small wonder that they can't grasp this very simple thing?

For those who can, the remaining perspective to the question of evil and why GOD allows it, is also a very simple concept. This we will discuss in the next two installment of this topic which will include the correct perspective to understand what actually is evil from the context of how it is defined by the Holy Scriptures.

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