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The Evil Is Among Us And In Us.

Part 3 of 4: The Evil Is Among Us And In Us
This article is the third in a four part series on
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If the main secular historical sources can be believed, human civilization is at lest eight thousand years old. Of course there are some who put it at longer than that. But from the perspective of the Christian Biblical records, humankind made in the image and likeness of GOD has been on this earth for almost six thousand years. And since the Christian Biblical account is not a recent postulation but are at least a few thousand years old and has been consistent throughout it records we should trust that to be accurate or at least more accurate. This is just common sense, someone who is always changing his or her story or account of things is just not credible.

Whether you choose to believe and accept this fact is of course up to you. Humankind has an incredibly unbelievable penchant to believe whatever they want to, the clear plain and simple truth not withstanding. This is clearly evident by all the things that people believe in, quite a lot of which are so totally ridiculous one just cannot help wandering how any sane person can believe them but yet countless millions to billions of people do. Just do some Google searches and you can verify this for yourself.

After six thousand years of civilization you would think that we would be at least be civilized by now, humankind being so intelligent. Look at what humankind have achieved in terms of knowledge and technological advancement. But when it comes to human relationships most unfortunately we are still living in the dark age of reactionary self expediencies. It is not as if the root cause of evil is so hard to understand but for some reason humankind have refused to acknowledge themselves as the source of evil in their social order. As free willed independent minded creatures we have been given practically total freedom within our Spirit-minds to decide the course of our lives, how we want to conduct ourselves in each and every given situation throughout the course of our lives. There is neither ambiguity nor complexity in this. Our minds have total freedom to imagine and contemplate whatever we want whether evil or good, and to carry out what we have imagined or envisaged within the limits of our physical abilities and mitigated by the constraints of our own social order.

Human beings are unique among all our fellow creatures on this planet and it is not because we are intelligent while the other creatures are not even as it can be said that we are more intelligent and more uniquely intelligent than the other creatures on our planet earth. At its most rudimentary, intelligence is the ability to understand and make a reasoned out connection between actions and results. Science has never truly understand ‘intelligence’ just as it has never understood ‘conscious life’ the ‘state of consciousness’ of complex organism which is the intrinsic attribute that distinguish it from non life and also other forms of ‘brainless’ life. Science needs to physically measure or quantify something before it can establish that it is real. That is the reason science does not understand ‘time’ the single dimension line on which all creation exist, the only reality in the creature realm. The only facet of time that is understood by science is displacement.

Many including the leaders in the Church of GOD have taught or implied that animals do not possess intelligence. But this teaching is not based on what the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded. Far from it the Holy Christian Scriptures actually recorded that animals are intelligent. I am just mentioning this here to highlight the clear and plain fact that the records of the Scripture of Truth have very often been twisted to teach what these Scriptures never recorded. Many who have done so did it out of a wicked self expedient agenda while many others whose agenda may not be as wickedly self expedient did the same out of being puffed up with their self perceived greater understanding or intelligence into thinking and believing themselves as experts and the ultimate authorities. These have read their own personal un-researched understanding, preconceived notions, prejudices and self righteous value into the Scriptures. Others still, without thoroughly reading to understand the Holy Scriptures, have been converted to the teachings of some of these self proclaim prophets, experts and authorities and swallowed their doctrines line hook and sinker after which they began to talk exactly like their teachers and masters. The GOD of the Christian Bible had never accorded any of HIS creatures the power of infallibility at anytime. On the contrary the plain and clear record of the Scriptures have shown that Prophets of GOD and even the very Apostles that JESUS had hand picked and trained are just very ordinary humans with all the weakness and failings of the flesh not too different from you and me. What set these men and women apart is not any inherent virtue or Spirituality in them but their consistent life long unwavering trust in GOD and an unfaltering commitment to completely obey HIM, honoring their covenant with HIM to unquestioningly obey all that HE had ordained, commanded and taught. This is not to say that they don’t occasionally fail to do so and fail very miserably too.

What make us human unique from the other creatures of our planet are our communication skills in both the spoken and written words. Gaining understanding and remembering what we have learned and understood plus being able to transfer our knowledge to others beyond our lifetime are the very keys to improving and progressing our social order. Being able to record down what we saw, learned and understood gave us the additional ability to do a more in depth, thorough and a wider spectrum analysis to understand the connections of all the things we have learned to able to see the ‘big picture. From these we are able to understand the ‘where, what, when and how’ of our lives and our universe; and if only we have not being overly and arrogantly conceited we would have been able to understand the ‘why’ as well as what the whole scheme of things are leading to. This ability to translate and expand on what we have learned is the empowering factor why human beings are more successful than the other creatures on this planet. It allows us to translate our knowledge, understanding and experiences beyond one life span and for our species to accumulate and grow its knowledge and skill. It had also given us the power of retrospection and hindsight that through it we might gain some foresight. But sad to say the shifters, shapers, movers and shakers of our social order exactly like the bulk of humankind just don’t seem to have any hindsight so let us not even imagine beginning to speak of foresight. By foresight I am not speaking in the context of making detail plans with contingencies to achieve our desired goals. I am speaking of the perception to be able to see and understand where our lives, our existence, in the short universe lapse time slot each of us has been given is leading us to. 

We do not appear to be able to appreciate that everything that pertains to our lives is so temporary. We eat and we drink but that don’t last very long and soon we need to eat and drink again. Our childhood, our teenage years, our youth, ‘the years of our strength,’ they are all soon gone. Of everything we can acquired there is none that we can keep permanently. Everything is so temporary yet we do not understand. After we have done all that is in our hearts and gotten all that we want to get where does that leave us as an individual consciousness when that consciousness cease.

Unfortunately the skill sets that set us apart and have empowered us to technologically advance our civilization through learning and understanding the nature of our physical universe and how it works had not appeared to impart to us the skill to live in harmony with our own species. Yet we strut around as if we have mastered all the secrets of life and the universe disdaining both the GOD WHO created us and HIS laws and commandments of love given to regulate our conduct in all our relationships that would have been our peace, prosperity and happiness.

From all that we have learned and known both about ourselves and our physical universe there is no reason why we cannot understand why our societies are still plagued with all kinds of evil and wickedness resulting in horrendous suffering to all those who are its victims despite our knowledge and our claimed enlightenment. Instead of owning up to our own actions in sowing wickedness and perpetuating evil in our social order we conveniently pinned the blame on religion and on the GOD WHO made us. We have deceitfully refused to see that throughout the history of our civilizations, as is still very true today, humankind had made use of anything and everything that we possibly could to advance ourselves manipulating anything (religion being just one) and anyone we could. The daily news in our news publications are consistent and irrefutable proof of this; even as in most nations those in power, political or otherwise, in as much as they have been able had prevent anything that exposed their wrong doing from being published.

Evil in the world of humankind is not a phenomenon that defiles understanding. It is not a complicated subject that the supreme wisdom and intelligence of our leaders and the brilliant shapers and shifters of our social order are unable to grasp. Things like deceit, maliciousness, bigotry, hypocrisy, pride, lust, injustice, unfairness, exploitations and covetousness are not complex concepts that are beyond the mind power of the average human being to grasp. 

If science is to be believed our vast, enormous universe started out quite small. The building blocks of the material universe are immensely ‘nanoscopic’ in size. The largest blue whale started out as a tiny egg and a microscopic sperm. The largest giant Redwood tree started out as a tiny ovum with an even tinier grain of pollen.

Escalation, vicious circle, expanding spiral are not mysterious strange unfathomable concepts to the brilliant human minds. Fixation, obsession and addiction are some of the most prevalent drive of nearly every man, woman and child. Everything huge and prevalent in our civilization, life and social order starts out from the very first step, the very first ‘seed.’ How is it then we continue to refuse to recognize that evil in our relationship and social order starts out as the very first motivation through an act of bad faith?

Are we not freewill independent minded personages empowered with our own self driven knowledge supported impetus on each decision point in our lives how we want to act and behave? Each morning when we awake are we not able to independently decide whether we want to get up or to close back our eyes and continue sleeping? No doubt it is true that there are consequences to our decisions that impact on our well being. That should very simply and clearly teach us about cause and effect and should enable us to appreciate all the more how evil in our societies is a result of the decision each of us make individually and all of us collectively when we chose to act deceitfully, self expediently and maliciously.

Fact of the matter is the Christian Bible is not silent about how sin came about in the Creation. The Christian Bible is both quite clear about how sin started in the Creation of GOD on the very throne of GOD and also how it started in the world of man. If you could believe the Christian Bible, evil in the Creation started billions of years ago.

Whether you consider yourself to be a Christian or not there is one thing you should know about the Christian religion. Some estimates had the number at close to two billion those who consider themselves to be Christian. But one thing the estimate did not compute was how many of these actually believed the Book that is supposedly the source from which they derive their beliefs. And if you can believe this author in all that he had written and discuss, those who actually believe the Christian Bible are not even one over five hundredth percent (1/500 %) of these two billions who considered themselves to be Christian. And from among those who actually believe the Christian Bible, the number who fully believes the Christian Bible is less than ten percent. That is to say that those who fully believe the Christian Bible probably number less than one over two thousandth percent (1/2000 %) of the two billion who make the claims that they are Christian. And from among these who fully believe you probably can numbered with the fingers of your hand those who are actually faithful to this belief at this point of time. Now I expect that most reading this will scoff at this which just goes to prove how true and accurate the Christian Bible has been in its prophecies.

JESUS, whom all of professed Christianity considers as the MESSIAH of GOD even as there are those who will dispute the fact that HE is GOD, told HIS disciples while HE was with them that as the world did not believe HIM neither will they believe HIS disciples. During HIS three and a half years ministry HE performed countless miracles, healing the sick and raising the dead yet when HE was raised to life after HE was crucified and buried only five hundred among the hundreds of thousands who witnessed HIS ministry actually (still) believed HIM. And even among these five hundred to whom HE had revealed HIMSELF as being alive after HIS death and burial, only one hundred and twenty actually obeyed HIS command to gather together in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E. where JESUS founded HIS Church.

So also it was from the time of Adam through the time of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah and that of the Apostles right until this very day, those who are the true and faithful disciples of JESUS are the few. Read more on this fact discussed in Not Yet A Worldwide Conversion.

The Beginnings of Evil In The Creation.

Billions of years ago long before even our physical universe - the only universe that our men of science know about - came into existence; long before there was a so called Big Bang’, GOD created a superbly intelligent, wise, knowledgeable, talented and beautiful Angel and placed him in a special privilege position in HIS government. Now you may ask me how I know this for a fact. The answer is of course because I believed GOD, what HE had recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures that had been translated into many versions of the Christian Bible.

Over the course of and passage of time this magnificent Angel, exactly as all of humankind, began to corrupt his wisdom with pride in his beauty, knowledge and talent. Yes, he started the journey into the dark side,’ into evil. He started to act in bad faith towards GOD and his fellow Angels. He wanted to be the one to rule, to call the shots, holding himself to be superior in his thoughts, ideas and understanding than even GOD. His Spirit-mind was lifted up with pride (i.e. ego supergorging lust) and he want to be the authority over everything, including  over GOD and all his peers, those other Angels given similar privilege positions and authority overseeing the administration of GODs government. What was conceived in his Spirit-mind was an evil plan to maneuver to overthrow GOD and to replace GOD

Over time Satan began to use his privilege position to enhance himself among his fellow Angels. He started to abuse the knowledge to which he was privy to magnify himself in the eyes of the other Angels, using his intelligence to manipulate many of his fellow Angels to resentment against GODs authority, rule and laws. From resentment he worked them into bitterness to contemplate rebellion against GOD. Entrusted to oversee GODs greatest project, the planet earth, Satan out of vengeful bitterness set out to destroy it. Eventually Satan the Devil (that is what he became when he sinned and continued on sinning) manipulated some Angels to rebel and that rebellion destroyed all life on the planet earth. And that was where the record of the Holy Christian Scriptures continued from at Genesis chapter 1 verse 2. For the perspective of the Genesis chapter of the Christian Bible please read the article In The Beginning’ by this author and the Genesis chapter of Bible 101.

From the time billions of years ago when Satan first harbor thoughts of overthrowing GOD, he had continued to labor to manipulate the Angels of Heaven and also humankind starting with Eve at the Garden of Eden. Through the antediluvian world, the years of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the Apostolic and post Apostolic years right up to today, Satan works unceasingly to lead both the Angels of GOD and humankind to reject GODs rule, government and laws. That is the main reason the world of humankind has been filled with all kinds of evil and wickedness ever since. 

The power that Satan has been able to exert over the Spirit-mind of humankind is substantially greater than that which he can exert over his fellow Angels. While Satan needs to communicate directly with the Angels through the use of deceptive accusations and arguments just as humankind need to do when trying to manipulate their counterparts, Satan however has been able to insert (or plant) thoughts, ideas, attitudes and moods into the human mind and psyche. This Satan does either directly or generally through his ability to broadcast them into the Spirit component of the human Spirit-mind. In a similar way too Satan is able to manipulate animals through the Spirit component in the animals. Satan is also able to take over complete control of human beings as well as animals such as in cases of demon possession when Demon(s) entered into a person. Demons are Angels whose Spirit-minds have become corrupted by their evil contemplations and bitterness. All this might seem to be something hard to believe. But for those who had to battle against Satan for control over the directions of their own thoughts they would know just how tenacious this battle can be even as the bulk of humankind have been just letting him sweep them along to nurture and practice deceits and bad faith against every one they encounter especially against those they have close relationships or frequent dealings with.

And yes, the Christian Bible actually recorded all that and a lot more beside that which the Christmas religion and all the other Antichrist religions, all those who make a pretense at believing in JESUS CHRIST, deviously worked to distort or conceal through their doctrines and teachings. All these are just the skimpiest of summary. You can read the full account of all these in the various Christian topic blogs (as well as the books) of this author where many, many other issues are addressed. Issues such as:

1. Did GOD know that Satan would become evil? And if HE did why didnt HE stop Satan or prevent Satan from turning evil?
2. If Satans main agenda is to overthrow GOD and replace HIM, what purpose does his manipulating humans to sin (and rebel against GOD) serves? There is no way human beings who are so severely limit in power and quite extremely fragile is going to be able to aid Satan even if they were to support him.
3. If GOD knows about Satan evil schemes and clandestine activities why hadnt GOD stopped him? Why didn't GOD prevent Satan from manipulating the Angels to rebel in the first place and why didnt GOD stop Satan from manipulating human beings to sin and to do evil?
4. How about the Prophets and people faithful to GOD, why have GOD not protected them from Satan and the wicked among humankind? Why have GOD allowed HIS Elect to be persecuted, tortured and murdered?
5. How about children, unborn babies, young babies and little children who do not know the difference between good and evil? Why are they the victims, arent they innocent? Are they also wicked sinners in GODs eyes?
6. And many, many more such questions. That was one of the reasons I am writing all these blogs and also working on several books where I addressed all these questions and more. Naturally I would not be able to address every question that could possibly be raised but I believe I have addressed all the main rational and legitimate issues, all those that really matters. You can read about some of these being answered in my blogs. The rest of these many other such legitimate questions I have addressed in various books that would eventually be published.

The Beginnings of Evil In The Societies of Humankind.

Most who consider themselves to be Christian and consider themselves knowledgeable about Christianity probably know about The Fall or as according to some teachings The Fall From Grace.’ I wont go into the account of this so called Fall’ since they have been covered in it a few articles on my blogs. You can read the main discussion at In Bad Faith’ and in Genesis 3

From this first deceitful act and bad faith the world of humankind never repented, never turned. Each generation building on this first act of bad faith of deceitful dealings and progressively growing worse and worse. By the time of Noah, that ancient antediluvian world had gotten so evil that GOD had to wipe out all human lives of that age. But GOD preserved the family on Noah and saved them in the Ark from the worldwide flood so that HIS purpose for humankind when HE created humankind in HIS image and likeness might stand. But despite what happened to the antediluvian world, the descendants from the family of Noah in just four generations after the worldwide flood again started to turn to wickedness in the pursuit of their life's expediencies. Nimrod began to lead a following after himself making himself King over them, replacing GOD as their KING and RULER. In their rebellion they were fearful that GOD might drown them in another worldwide flood so they hatched a plan to save themselves by building a towering building that was to reach into the heavens. Just as with the antediluvian world GOD allowed them to carry out their evil schemes but in order to preempt them from reaching the pervasive great wickedness of the antediluvian as quickly before the time HE had appointed according to HIS seven thousand years plan, HE confused their common language and caused them to be scattered over the face of the earth. And through the centuries from then GOD continued to let mankind pursue the wickedness that is in every imagination of their hearts. But as has been needful HE would intervene to preempt this wickedness from reaching the stage where HE would again have to destroy all humankind. This HE have been doing until the fullness of the times is reached in HIS seven thousand years plan for the perfecting of HIS direct perfect Holy FAMILY and the stopping of all evil forever in HIS creation.

Needless to say GOD could have easily stopped the antediluvian age from reaching the stage of evil where it became needful that all of them had to be destroyed. But HE didnt in order to let it be shown how a seemingly little act of evil in bad faith and deceitful dealings would soon lead to a situation where evil and wickedness is so pervasive and grievous that it would filled the entire world save for that one family GOD had preserved from being a part of it. Likewise too at this coming End of the Age when GOD will again give near total free rein to humankind to pursue the wicked imaginations of their corrupted minds until the point where it becomes needful again for HIM to intervene to destroy all the wicked that HIS purpose and plan for humankind might stand.

The record of the Christian Holy Scriptures clearly testified to the fact that GOD had more or less left the nations of the world to seek their own way in their social, religious and political order even as HE would intervene to check evil from having complete free reign to corrupt totally all flesh. This HE has been doing as and when it would become needful to slow the pace of evil in the world to give full expression for the timeline HE had set to prepare a first small calling of men and women who would be loyal and faithful to HIM as the First Fruits for positions of governance in HIS government when at the appointed time HE would restore HIS Kingdom to the national territory in the Promise Land occupied by the ancient Israelites.

Even as GOD had not desired that HIS creation should become filled with evil but the whole purpose of GOD in creating the Angels and humankind has been that they should ultimately have the complete freedom in their Spirit-minds to decide on the course of their lives whether to take the path of true love for each other or that of dealing deceitfully in the pursuit of their own self focused priorities and expediencies. HE created humankind to be free to think and believe whatever they want, to be freewill independently minded personages, just like HIM. In accordance to HIS infinite wisdom GOD had ordained a process by which HIS creatures in humankind and the Angels of Heaven will once this process is completed always choose the path of righteousness and love when they exercised their total unrestrained freedom to choose how they will live through the eternity of forever. And from that time forward evil and wickedness will no longer be found in the completed creation of the all wise and all powerful CREATOR GOD. The next stage in this process is fast coming upon this world that has increasingly being filled with all manner of perversions and evil touted as freedom and enlightenment by the great exalted minds of our times.

Of course hardly anybody believes the real message of the Christian Holy Scriptures or the Genesis chapter 3 account when evil first appeared in the family of humankind even as many self proclaimed experts continued to teach what they purport to be the message of the Christian Bible. The reason I said they don't believe is because none of them seems to understand. If they had truly believe the Holy Christian Scriptures without twisting it to say something else then they would have understood what the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was about and how evil came about in the world of humankind. And they would have understood how evil can begin to be stopped forever only by first stopping it in themselves.

Surely you know that for over a thousand years the Christmas religion has been teaching that this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which they called the ‘The Original Sin’ was sex. Yes they in their twisted pervert evil lies taught all of professed “Christianity” that GOD kicked out the first family because Adam had sex with his wife, Eve. And for centuries all of professed “Christianity” right up until today where many are still believing this evil perverted lie of the Mother Church of the Christmas religion that sex between a man and his wife is a sin. That because of this sinful sex between a man and his wife through which children are conceived all children are inherently sinners. That, for those who continued to advance the Christmas religion as being Christian, is what the doctrine of the original sin have been essentially saying.

For the masters and experts of the Christmas religion let me clarify for them how this perverted evil doctrine taught through their doublespeak has been blaspheming GOD even as they pretended to love GOD and pretended to glorify HIM preaching their message of HIS purported unconditional love for humankind (which in itself is also another evil lie  read the chapter ‘GOD IS’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ for the discussion on this).

The Holy Christian Scriptures recorded that GOD created man, male and female. Now anyone among you who are biology majors want to tell me what male and female means? SEX! What this means is that the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded that GOD created sex. Not only that, for those of you who have read the Christian Bible you would know that GOD also commanded Adam and Eve to have sex. That was what Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 recorded. The same was recorded in Genesis chapter 2 verse 24 and 25.

So what does this mean according to the doctrine of the Christmas religion? That GOD created sex, GOD commanded Adam and his wife to have sex after which GOD condemned them as sinners and banished them from the Garden of Eden and also pronounced every human being that would be born as sinners because their parents had sex.

Now I sure hope all of you reading this know how to put two and two together because the masters, experts and authorities of the evil Christmas religion obviously hadn’t, didn’t and still don’t. So for their sake I will again explain what all of that means.

Aside from it obvious total ridiculousness, their evil doctrine also implicitly and unmistakably says that GOD is a total contradiction and far from being righteous, just and good is actually fickle, unstable and self glorifying, condemning his servants who obeyed him for obeying him. That is just how evil and perverted all the doctrines of the Christmas religion are, and this one of ‘The Original Sin’ is just the very tip of a ‘huge giant iceberg’ of evil lies.

But that is just the half of it. The other half of it is that in the whole world today, nearly all the major nations of this planet earth as well as all the major religions of this world consider and officially recognized this evil Antichrist religion to be the original Christian religion and even have diplomatic ties with this Mother Church of the Christmas religion recognizing it as a sovereign nation state. Now I won’t spell out for you what this means as the Christian Bible mentioned in no uncertain terms this unholy alliance in the Book of Revelation.

What It Means To Be Free.

What does it mean to be free? In the second and earlier section of this series on ‘why there is so much evil in the societies of humankind’ I wrote about human beings being ‘freewill independent minded personage’. Others have term this as humankind being ‘free moral agents’ or of human being having the faculty of ‘free moral agency’. Now I am sure any one who is intelligent will know what that means to have free moral agency. So how is it then that even the most intelligent and brilliant minds of our time are still cynically asking the question, ‘If there is an all powerful Creator God who is good then why is the world of humankind filled with so much evil?’ Is it because they “genuinely” do not know and have no answers or is it because they wickedly and conveniently out of unrepentant arrogance refused to believe the GOD WHO says their ways are perverse and wicked?

If you have been given the freedom to do almost anything you want and you have gone and ruin your entire life in self destructive behaviors can you at the end of it blame your parents and society for your sorry state of health, your missing appendages, your infirmities and poverty? This especially against the fact that you have spurned all their counsel and admonishment. And that is exactly what all these brilliant minds of our social order are doing when they asked, ‘Why if there is an all powerful creator god who is good is the world of ours filled with so much evil and suffering?’

The Simple Message Of The True Christian Faith.

The Christian Bible recorded that GODs intention is for humankind to be free. Human beings believe they know what it means to be free but do they really? Their idea of freedom is in the pursuit of their dreams and passions doing all that is necessary in words, acts and deeds constrained only by anything that might backfire on them to thwart them or may be counter productive to their desired objectives. In this pursuit where it becomes necessary they will not hesitate: to take advantage of others, exploit and enslave others; deal deceitfully to defraud, cheat, steal from others; to abuse, rob, malign, injure, cripple and kill others. These others are not restricted to competitors, rivals, enemies, or even total strangers with whom they have no personal relationship with. These others will include their partners, associates, colleagues, peers, friends, relatives, parents, spouse, siblings, children and, anyone and everyone else once it becomes crucially expedient for them to do so to get what they are obsessed with, fixated upon or addicted to. These are the continuous evidences of the daily news reports however loudly you may in denial want to protest otherwise.

The GOD of the Holy Christian Scriptures very poignantly stated that HE wants all of humankind to be free. To be free from pain, torment and suffering; to be free from vehemence and malice; to be free from resentment, bitterness, and rage; to be free from unfairness, unrighteous and injustice; to be free from dishonesty and mendaciousness; to be free from laziness and indolence; to be free from tyranny and oppression; to be free from animosities, acrimonies, conflicts and wars; to be free from prejudicial dealings, bigotry and hypocrisy; to be free from harm, sickness, injuries, sorrow and death; to be free from debauchery, licentiousness and dissoluteness; to be free from perversion, decadence and depravity; to be free from fixation, addiction and obsession, to be free from untruthfulness, dishonesty, deceitfulness and lies, to be free from covetousness, lust and greed, to be free from self glorification, egotisms, conceits and arrogance; to be free from selfishness and self expediencies; in other words to be free from all the attitudes, deeds and words that are sins, and are the root causes to all the suffering, evil and wickedness that is in our world today which had turned us from being the lovely and beautiful people that we were created to be into horrendously ugly, dastardly wicked and perversely evil low life on this planet. That was the very reason HE presented HIS ancient nation Israel with HIS commandments, the Ten Commandments of Love, and HIS laws that through abiding by it they will not act to do evil. It has been our MAKER’s intention that all of humankind should be free from all these sources to evil that we may truly love HIM and one another with a faithful sincere love that is considerate, disciplined and unselfish.

Throughout the record of HIS Words, the Christian GOD repeatedly told HIS subjects, the citizenry of HIS ancient nations (Israel and later Judah and Israel when the tribes split after King Solomon), to stop dealing deceitfully with one another, to stop harming one another. HE commanded them to love HIM and to love one another. This HE did over and over again sending them HIS servants, the Prophets of Old, many of whom they rejected and killed. Finally after many centuries HE cast them away to let them be like all the other nations around them because that was what they really wanted despite the fact that they had entered into a covenant with HIM to be HIS special nation, to be protected and blessed by HIM inheriting the national territory of the Promise Land. But they were never faithful in keeping their part of the covenant which was to obey HIM as their GOD and to obey and perform all HIS commandments which was the expression of HIS love for them that all might be well with them. And each and every time when they didnt, exactly as according to the terms of their covenant HE punished them when they broke HIS covenant, letting them fall into the hands and oppression of the nations around them. But each time they turned and return to GOD and cried to HIM because the hands of their oppressors were hard against them, HE delivered them and they obeyed HIM for a little while to honor and keep their covenant with HIM. But no sooner then they had peace and prosperity they again played the harlot’ with the nations around them breaking their covenant with HIM which commanded them to not worship other gods which are not Gods and to not follow after the practices of those pagan nations. This was the pattern in their deceitful dealings with the ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD of all things and also among themselves. Each time they were delivered they were faithful for a little while but soon returned to their old treacheries. Finally after they repeatedly rejected HIS corrections and continued with their obstinate rebellious disobedience in breaking their covenant with HIM, GOD cast them away from being HIS nation and from the territory of their inheritance according to that covenant.

What this should teach all who claimed they love GOD and serve HIM is that even as GOD is merciful in forgiving us each time we repent, HIS mercy has an end for all those who continued in pretentious and ostentatious repentance, who continued on breaking their covenant with HIM, disobeying HIM, breaking HIS laws and commandments. All these treacherous liars GOD will ultimately destroy forever at the ‘fullness of time’ when HE put an end to evil and wickedness in HIS creation forever.

GOD indeed would be very foolish if HE had shielded a world full of men and women bent on rebellion against HIS loving benevolent rule to pursue the evil and wicked imaginations of their corrupted Spirit-minds from the consequences of their acts and deeds. The whole purpose of GOD creating personages with free will and the corresponding freedom to choose to do good or evil has been that these personages should understand through the course of all the evil and suffering they have wrought that total freedom comes with consequences of the choices that are made from it even as the ‘somewhat limited’ freedom they have currently been given they have already being doing evil ever since. It is the lesson of all ages that total selfish self expediencies in the pursuit of one's life will only wreck havoc and destruction to all and sundry including the very environment (habitat and habitation) they have their existence in. Until the day each and every individual personage fully learn this lesson to turn and humble themselves before the all benevolent and wise CREATOR to order their lives according to and fulfilling  HIS commandments of love, evil will continue its rampages through this world of self expediently wicked men and women.

To this end GOD had ordained a process in this lifetime by which those who would be willing to learn this lesson be tested through the course of their lives to prove themselves that they will never turn to do the evil that all the rest of humankind would pursue once it becomes over riding in their priorities to do so. The men and women GOD selects and calls to this role are HIS Elect, the faithful disciples of JESUS, who would rather be killed by the wicked then to break the guiding Royal Laws And Holy Commandment of Love of GOD that forbid a person from harming or seeking to harm another person in any manner at all. Those among these Elect who are faithful throughout their lives in their covenant with GOD are those who will form the First Fruits who will be the leaders and holders of position of authority in the Kingdom of GOD which JESUS will restore to the nation of Israel at HIS Second Advent. This will be when HE returns as KING of Kings and LORD or Lord to rule over the nations for a thousand years before the final Great Judgment of ALMIGHTY GOD. This final Judgment is when all of humankind who have ever lived and have died will be brought back to life to account for all that they had done and to be justly punished as an instrument to jolt them so that they would fully understand the grievous evil that they had committed in their first lifetime. After this punishment for each and everyone according to the degree in which they have done evil then all who truly in sincere remorse repent will be forgiven and granted immortality just as those who in this current lifetime have repented and entered into and continued on in the Forever Covenant made through the sacrifice of GODs SON would receive at the return of JESUS.

That is the simple uncomplicated message of the Christian faith recorded in the Christian Bible as also it is the clear message expressly evident in this world filled with all manner of evils and the consequential misery and suffering on all those who are the victims of it.

And if only you would believe the Holy Christian Scriptures you would have perceived GODs restraining hands on evil is now slowly being eased to give free will choices and the fixated obsessive imagination of the minds of humankind a fuller expression as the time of JESUS return approaches. This GOD does according to HIS wisdom that the true horrors of unmitigated evil may be given full expression in what it will swiftly lead to had not GOD been restraining it ever since the time that Noah and his family came forth from the Ark that saved them from the flood that drown out all the wicked of the Antediluvian world.

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