Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Blog.

After slightly over two years one of my blogs ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’  has ended with the last title published a month ago. There will not be any new title posted to this blog except if there should be enough justification I might publish a Q&A page which would be live, meaning in a continually updated with new questions and answers as they posed. However at this current time there is no such plan.

I have started a new blog ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ which is a sort of commentary on the Holy Scriptures that were referenced in my other Christian topic blogs. This is to address some serious translation errors in some verses of most Christian Bible publications which had caused their message to be totally misunderstood.

I am also working on a future blog that discusses parables and allegorical verses of the Holy Scriptures. This will probably begin publishing once another of my blog ‘End Of The World’ ends with the last post ‘Jerusalem The Focus Of The World.’

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