Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Missed Deadline.

One of the thing that I had planned on accomplishing when I started blogging was to routinely on a monthly basis published at least four posts or articles a month.  Even from initially, I had realized that it was going to be a tall order. But that was just the half of it. I had completely overlooked one thing that Christians (those of us who have entered into and faithfully kept our Covenant with the CREATOR of all things) regularly overlooked. And that is we have an active and powerful Adversary, who does not grow ever weary, opposing us. 

As soon as I began work I began to encounter difficulties that I hadn't envisaged. Various obstacles began appearing that greatly restricted and constrained me. These varies from very minor issues of repeated broken connectivity to very serious issues that impeded my daily functioning. Added to these are the increase in the daily cares of life and isolated unexpected incidences.

For over a year I kept up as best as I could to my original intent with an occasional delayed article and a few periods of suspension of publishing due to connectivity issue and my being unavailable due to travelling. But over the course of the years I find myself losing the battle to keep to my originally planned schedule.

Over time as two of my main blogs near the finish of their run of posts I find greater and greater difficulty to adhere to my original self set target. The last year was one of the most difficult year for me and since then things have not improved.

Last month I missed another deadline for an article in this blog even as I tried hard not to. And this month in place of the article that was to be posted last month (which I am still working on) here is this post as an apology to those who regularly read the blog of this author. The turn of the first decade of the 22nd Century C.E. saw major changes in the pilgrimage of this author. Not only that the attack of the arch nemesis also grew in intensity to thwart the effort of this author to be true to the calling of his MAKER and GOD.

One thing might be henceforth common as major changes accompanied by more time spent travelling and away from the facilities to publish these blogs, is that more deadlines are going to be missed and there is a possibility that the routine publication of articles might even be suspended for an indefinite period.

Articles or posts such as this current entry which is a sort of an announcement or journal type entry is of course near effortless to do and publish and there should be scant reason for failing to add a new entry to meet the monthly target. But discussion topics however are a different matter. Even as it is, I find myself not being able to fully check through my articles in my rush to meet my self set deadlines, often resulting in frequent corrections to typo and other errors.

So on a personal note I would like to thank all regular readers of this and other blogs by this author for their kind indulgence.

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Special Note
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