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What Is Right With Human Beings Anyway?

The Incredible Human Potential – What Is Right With Human Kind. Part 1 of 2.

What is right with human beings anyway? In this present Age of Man maybe not much but there are the basic inherent attributes that every human being came born with (i.e. encoded in their DNA) though this would be mitigated and reconditioned by the values of their parental and social order as they grow.

Truly, this only I have found: That God made man upright, But they have sought out many schemes.”
Ecclesiastes 7:29

Below is a list of some positive attributes of humankind.
01. Loving and compassionate.
02. Altruistic, empathetic and appreciative.
03. Forgiving, merciful and kind.
04. Peaceable (most are at least some of the time).
05. Logical and reasonable (at least some of the time).
06. Tolerant.
07. Loyal and supportive.
08. Reciprocity, also reactionary.
09. Optimism.
10. Passionate.
11. Tenacious and resolute.
12.  Resourceful, imaginative and goal driven.

However it needed to be mentioned that while these attributes or values are inherent in all human beings (meaning they are encoded in our DNA) they are not necessarily always or even frequently expressed in human behaviors because being intelligent allows us to behave and conduct ourselves contrarily to our genetic, parental and social foundation whereas animals with lower intelligence are less able to do so. The more intelligent an animal the more it is able to learn and acquire behaviors that are extra and outside of what is encoded in its genetic foundation and therefore inherent to its genetic heritage. But not only that, the genetic fabric is designed to be able to incorporate learned behaviors (additionally to morphological characteristic of the species) such that subsequent generations of the related lineages will have learned and acquired behavior that had been consistent in a few generations of those lineages becoming the expressed genetics of the subsequent genealogical descendants. This by the way is universally clearly evident in all the life on our planet earth and it is something science in deliberated stupidity adamantly refused to note and acknowledge so that they can blaspheme the CREATOR GOD with their infallible Darwinian evolutionary central dogma of Contemporary Mutation.

Some of these attributes (especially point 06 to 12) while they can be positively expressed they are also and often negatively expressed by human beings in the current world social order during this period of the Age of Man. For every behavior encoded there is often times also a negative aspect. For example loyalty requires us to seek to destroy those who seek to harm those whom we are loyal to. If we are loyal to a party (irregardless whether family, tribe, race, etc.) we of necessity needed to be disloyal to anyone within the same party who has proven to be disloyal and therefore an enemy. Please read the chapter ‘The Sabbath And The Ordain Feasts’ of ‘Bible 101’ by this author for the discussion on the Age of Man. And please read the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’ for the truth about the evolution process that is the basis and foundation to the genetic growth and development to produce the myriads species of life on our planet earth.

GOD created humankind in HIS image and likeness with the full potential to be like HIM as members of HIS direct Family. HE of necessity also created and empowered them with a similar Spirit-mind as HIS with the same total inherent ability to exercise the freedom of choice through being intelligent; of a Spirit-mind that is fully empowered with the ability to independently decide how the personage wants to conduct the process of his/her life.

The Christian Holy Scriptures recorded that GOD created humankind inherently upright (honest and benevolent). Not surprisingly traditional “Christianity”, namely the Christmas religion, have been advocating ever since that GOD created humankind to be inherently sinful (or evil), that the very minute all human beings are conceived they are already sinners. They in their deceitful doctrinal teachings implicitly proclaimed that GOD created you as sinner before you have even done a single thing and then condemned you for being a sinner so that HE can glorify HIMSELF, so that HE can gloat over your inherent fault. You can read about some of these totally ridiculous (not to mention evil blasphemous) doctrines of the Christmas religion in many of the blogs by this author.

Now we all know that when we do things we get results whether positive or negative. From this it should not be incredulous to us that our actions, individually and collectively, have consequences for both ourselves and those that share a living space with us. There is no reason why the supposedly enlightened and intelligent leaders of our social order are unable to understand this and initiate the appropriate actions to put a system in place that would ensure our collective well being and safety. But amazing through the supposedly last few hundred years of great enlightenment and the exponential grow in both knowledge and understanding when it comes to the engineering an overall good for all humankind we are in the darkest time of pride, greed, lust, manipulating exploitations and outright malevolent selfish self expediencies.

Not Contradictory And Out of Character

In most of my writings I have been writing about the wickedness and evil of humankind so it may appear as something strange (or out of character) to those who have been reading this work to see this post writing about something ‘positive’ for a change. The reality is human beings can be very beautiful (from the perspective of behavior and attitudes) if they so choose but unfortunately in the current social order that is a rarity.

But those who have understood, the context of my writings in all of this work, would (or anyway should) not find this post out of character or unseemly but totally appropriate. And that is the way too with the message of the Christian Holy Scriptures. To the ignorant and blatantly arrogant the Holy Christian Scriptures may appear to be full of contradictions. This of course is not help by, but further greatly reinforced by the evil doctrines and teachings of the Christmas religion and all the other Antichrist's religions masquerading either as Christianity or as the religion of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Christian Holy Scriptures.

Religion if it is really true, as that which claimed to being the communication of the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all things, should give us real and true answers that help us understand our lives, who we are, what we are, why we are and most important what is the point of it all. Not give us some self deceiving answers that address nothing but serves only those proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives who provide such answers that address nothing that really matters to be able parasite on, prey on and feed off those who believe in and worship them.

And that is something humankind does plenty of, they have no answers so they look for some lies that makes them feel comfortable and said that's it, that is the answer. This is even when the given answers are obviously and evidently in contradiction to the evident reality that we witness daily. But yet billions of humankind (in deliberated stupidity) subscribe to them, many so totally that they would seek to torture and murder anyone who testify to the ridiculousness of these answers (subscribed to as the truth of their religions or belief systems)

Here is a very simple truth revealed and conveyed by the Holy Christian Scriptures which has been twisted and distorted by the Christmas religion and other Antichrists' religions.

What sin is. Sin is simply an act or speech through an intent of the mind that a person does out of bad faith when having the necessary knowledge and understanding of what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong. The most basic of this knowledge and understanding is in the good that we desire for ourselves and the evil that we hate when it is perpetrated against us. This act (includes speech or communication in whatever form) of bad faith is carried out primary to advance one's agenda. This can be through an act of deception, misleading others into believing or doing something that is not good andor right (i.e. conducive to whatever timeframe). Misleading others is an act of deceitful manipulation. People often justifying telling untruths and lies by saying their intentions are for good, either to shield another person from hurt or embarrassment or to pacify anger. Though this may seem justifiable in the short term the spiral of deceit will ultimately lead to greater harm in the long run.

However in a world filled with evil doers, all the abusers of power and authority, sometimes we have to lie to protect ourselves or our loved ones from them. There is no sin in misleading those bent on evil against the innocents just as there is no sin to harm andor destroy (Genesis 9:6) those bent on carrying out acts of wickedness and evil as is directly authorized, commanded by the ALMIGHTY GOD to all in this current Age of Man under the Rainbow Covenant. Further the GOD of the Holy Christian Scriptures also directly commanded HIS ancient nation by Covenant to destroy those who were evil from their midst that these wicked self expedient parasites (includes predators) should not be given any opportunity to sow and spread evil in their nation (a nation of the people of GOD by Covenant) and social order causing its destruction. This notwithstanding true Christians are not to cause any manner of harm (outside of testifying to the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD which is the entirety of message of the Christian Holy Scriptures from the books of Genesis to Revelation) at all against anyone in this current age as a testimony of the grace and mercy that GOD is offering to all humankind (yes, every single one no matter who you are or whatever evil you had done in your life), urging all to repent of their evil and wickedness to start truly loving one another by obeying, performing and fulfilling the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD, before the coming great and terrible day of GOD vengeance against all evil doers.

JESUS CHRIST in this first earthly ministry as a SON of Man preached this same message to the ancients Jews who were then still the people and nation of GOD by covenant urging them to repent of their evil and wickedness in breaking the laws and commandments of their covenant with the CREATOR GOD. But they had JESUS CHRIST murdered instead and their nation then even as a vassal of Rome was totally destroyed forty years later because they refused to repent and believe to accept and enter into the New Covenant that HE came then to mediate and institute. The siege and destruction of Jerusalem is a confirmed historical truth which authenticate both the historical and advance record of the Christian Holy Scriptures. A far worst fate awaits all humankind who will refuse to repent at this soon coming End of Age when JESUS will return to restore HIS Kingdom to the Promise Land through the New Everlasting Covenant that HE had mediated with HIS death as the LAMB of GOD.

PART 2: The Incredible Human Potential – What Is Wrong With Human Kind. Part 2 of 2.

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