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What Is A Christian Pilgrimage?

What Is A Christian Pilgrimage 
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What exactly is a Christian pilgrimage?

What exactly is a Christian pilgrimage, what does it involve that makes it a pilgrimage? How does it differ from the lives led by the all the rest of the human race, or is it the same thing having the same focus and driven by the same emotional forces that rules the Spirit-minds of human kind?

The word pilgrim, thus also the word pilgrimage, is another word that owes part of its root in today’s usage to the Christian Holy Scriptures. And as with everything true and essential to understanding the Holy Words of the Christian GOD, both these words (pilgrim and pilgrimage) have had its true meaning twisted to mean something else altogether. While I fully understand that dictionaries (especially), must give the current understanding of the general population of the meaning of a word, it however does not negate the fact that the implicit agenda (either knowingly or unknowingly) of the current world order (of the Age of Man) is to twist and subvert the true message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD taught in the Christian Holy Scriptures. Just like many words that traced their current usage from their original usage in the translations of Holy Scriptures, the word ‘pilgrim’ and thus also ‘pilgrimage’ have been so bastardized such that the message of the Gospel became misunderstood and then further twisted by all those who hijack the Gospel message of Forgiveness, Redemption and Grace to advance their self serving deceits, lies and delusions. 

Today many dictionaries and thesauruses (including the supposedly unbiased Wikipedia) have the meaning of ‘pilgrim’ as that of: a traveler (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey to a holy place. Typically, this is a physical journeying (often on foot) to some place of special significance to the adherent of a particular religious belief system. In the spiritual literature of Christianity, the concept of pilgrim and pilgrimage may refer to the experience of life in the world (considered as a period of exile) or to the inner path of the spiritual aspirant from a state of wretchedness to a state of beatitude.
(a direct quote from Wikipedia)

From the context of the Christian Holy Scriptures the word ‘pilgrim’ actually means ‘a person living temporarily in a foreign country’ or ‘a person sojourning in a country not his own’. The full context also carries the meaning of a person waiting (or is in transit) to return to his home country. Taken together with the context of the Gospel message which is that of JESUS soon returning to ‘re’-establish the Kingdom of GOD in the Promised Land, this should then be fully understood to mean that of a person living temporarily waiting to return his home country, the Kingdom of GOD, once it is ‘restored’ at JESUS CHRIST Second Coming.

Therefore the Christian Pilgrimage is of true Christians’ period of sojourning in a world of foreigners viewed from the perspective of life as being a type (or similitude) of the journey to return to the home country.

Each and every human being goes through the process of life from the moment they are born. The majority are born to live out a life that is fairly normal to their social order, even as these may vary as they go through the process of their lives depending on their individual encounters as they interact with those around them in the places, situations and events along the way, pursuing after their conscious and subconscious priority. And each and every human being ever born would eventually die either ‘naturally’ of old age related reasons or ‘unnaturally’ due to some misadventures, accidental or intended. So we can category say that as far as human beings are concerned that in the context of this life which we all experience and have knowledge of, it begins at birth (or conception) and ends at death after a certain passage of time whether this end is ‘naturally’ of old age or cut short by some adventure or misadventure. From this context, the life of human kind has many aspect of taking a journey, which can be equated in analogy to ‘a cradle to grave’ journey with some never reaching their destination of a ‘natural’ death of old age. 

Everyone knows (or should know anyway) that a journey involves travelling. It also involves a destination. But that is not all, in the process of the travelling the full spectrum of sensory, emotional, physiological and psychological encounters are experienced through which our mental state becomes altered, whether little or much, that by the time we reach our destination in some ways we have become a different person, whether by a little or by much, from when our journey started. But due to the uncertainty of this severely limited life of ours not all such ‘cradle to grave’ journeys end at the destination, as many would have the journey cut short (intentionally or otherwise) never to reach the destination of a  ‘natural’ death of old age

And that in similitude is true with the pilgrimage of a true Christian. Our pilgrimage is the process of our journey through this temporary physical life waiting in transit to return to our home country, the country of our FATHER. Our journey home has all the encounters that add to the state of our Spirit-mind (whether little or much) that would prepare us to serve as leaders of our home country when it is restored to the Promise Land. And similar to all journey it can end without us arriving at our destination. However for true Christians, not reaching our intended destination is not the premature death that might terminate our lives before the death of old age but that of our making a decision against continuing on the journeys, deciding against going ‘home’.

Every true and faithful Christian knows we are just in transit on our journey home. Whereas the whole world of human kind lived out their lives mostly clueless to where they are really bound for, their real final destination, entertaining all kinds of notions, many of which are not even rational, based purely on fantasy and/or self deception and delusion.

The true Christians' journey through life is a perilous one with many dangers lurking along the way. This is because true Christians have a powerful and cunningly resourceful evil Adversary obsessed by pride, bitterness and vehemence seeking unceasingly to destroy the true Christians and to prevent us from reaching our destination. And even though this Adversary do not have free rein to act as he pleases as he is also one who is under AUTHORITY, he nonetheless just like most of GOD’s intelligent creatures, has been allowed to act with a certain measure of freedom. This freedom to act is exactly like all of human kinds are, constrained by their physical limitations and the enforcement of their social order.

The attacks from the Adversary though they are oftentimes overt, acting through agents and proxies to destroy and to physically kill true Christians who are fully committed to obeying their FATHER and honoring their Holy Covenant with HIM. But even more so these attacks are covert. Because the main victory for the Adversary is not in the physical destruction in death of true Christians but our Spiritual destruction, our ultimate destruction. Even as the Adversary would through his agents and proxies, the members of human kinds who are sold to his agenda in carrying out deceitfulness, wickedness and evil, seeks to murder and thus physically destroying true Christians, his main agenda is to turn true Christians from their faith and to cause us to break our covenant with the ONE GOD through the willful breaking of HIS Holy Commandments and Royal Laws.

This the Adversary did successfully throughout the years when the descendants of the Biblical Patriarchs were under the Old Covenant as the United Kingdom of Israel and later (after that Kingdom was split because of the sins of King Solomon) as the Divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. And after the New Covenant mediated by the SON of GOD, with HIS death and through HIS Blood, the attack of the Adversary became focused primarily on the Elect and the Church of GOD. This is not to say that Satan would not seek to totally destroyed all the descendants of the Biblical Patriarchs. He would if he could. But he does not know whether even if he were successful in doing so would he have thwarted GOD purpose for them, as in the Gospel accounts it was recorded where John the Baptist explicitly stated that GOD could even raised up from stones, children for Abraham the Biblical Patriarch. For the full discussion of the Adversary, his power, capabilities and limitations; what he can and cannot do; and what he knows and does not know, please read the chapters ‘Angels, Demons And Men’ and ‘The Elect’ of Bible 101.

A Clueless Human Race.

Six thousand years have passed since the current human race began, over five hundred years since the Great Renaissance began, over one and a half century since the Industrial Revolution, and we are well into the second century of the Age of Science, yet the human race is totally clueless to life - why it exist and if there is a purpose to it at all.

Every aspect of human life, if we have the eyes to see it, is a transit. We began life in transit in the womb for some nine months waiting to be born, our baby years is another one to two years in transit waiting to walk and run and play, our early child hood transit to our teen years of an ever changing pursuit and our teen years to our adult hood. We who are alive are all just waiting to die, whether sooner or later, one way or another. For the clueless atheists no matter how intelligent and brilliant they perceived themselves as, they must surely be able to grasp that from their perspective the final destination of life is death, that life is temporary - a temporary transitory state, and death is the permanent forever state. From this atheistic perspective it must surely be observed that for the intelligent, thinking, and self aware minds, life must be nothing but just a cruel pathological cosmic joke.

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