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Real Answers To The Questions Of Life?

While struggling to finish a post I have been working on for umpteenth months, as a filler I am publishing this post which is a short extract from the chapter ‘Angels, Demons And Men’ of Bible 101.

Real Answers To The Questions Of Life?

What is life? Can science really give us the answer to the question of what life actually is, aside from the biochemical reactions, electrical impulses and the raging of hormones? Does science even know what the human consciousness is? 

Biologically speaking (meaning, from the context of biology) we are a compound life form driven by the hormones and interactions of chemicals (in molecular bonds) that enable us to function as an organism. Physically (from the perspective of particle physics and cosmology) we are atoms and molecules and series of electrical impulses. From the perspective of our physiology, science has been learning how various parts of our brains appear to control certain aspect of our behavior and our ability to feel and reason. But none of these answer the questions of what we are, who we are and why we are; and what gives us consciousness, awareness of self and the ability to feel, reason and contemplate as a single personage entity. 

Science actually has totally no idea what human life is, just as it has totally no idea how our physical universe came into existence or why it even exist.

Their so called ‘Big Bang’ theory is not really so much a theory as just pure conjecture and hypothesis. Its basic assumption today (it was a different assumption some forty years before, even though today our scientists are now trying to forget that fact or pretending that they didn’t theorize a different scenario then), of expanding or exploding cosmic energy giving rise to our universe (and our existence) cannot be proven. Because it cannot answer how those energy "particles" came about (to exist as a so called 'singularity') in the 'first' place 'before' it expanded or exploded.

Some forty or so years ago (from 2012 C.E.) scientist hypothesized that the universe began as a dense mass of matter compressed by its immense gravity which expanded (or exploded depending on how you want to define it), while today (because some time along the way between then and now (in 2012 C.E.) these genius scientists came across something they called black holes which may or may not be black but most certainly are not holes of any sort at all, whether of worms or of leakages into some "parallel" universe which are not necessarily parallel to anything) they are conjecturing that the universe started with nothing or almost nothing (just energy "particles" that doesn’t occupy any 'space' because it has no mass, or something along those lines of spins).

And because of the way they chose to define or hypothesize time and space, they therefore claimed that time and space did not exist until that so called expansion of energy (starting out as a 'singularity' which is equivalent to nothing, or a quantum void, since it has no mass and having no mass it doesn't occupy 'space') some 13.7 billion years (of earth time) ago.

Today they are calling this "awesome" theory the ‘Big Bang from nothing or the universe from nothing,’ and that 'it' created our present physical universe**.

Now what they are saying is that 'before' there was anything, even 'before' space and time itself existed, energy existed (or must have 'existed'). And they are also saying (but not out loud or explicitly though) that nothing existed 'before' energy existed because there is no 'before' energy because time did not exist when energy 'first' 'existed', 'before' it expanded or exploded and created time and space and everything else that is 'existing'. So therefore there couldn't possibly be a 'before' until 'after' that, then only a 'before' could possibly be.

Thus in their devious deceitful self glorifying ways they are saying today that energy is the Creator. And since energy is 'nothing' (not having any mass) and since according to this Big Bang theory, energy created the universe (or everything) therefore nothing created the universe or the universe was created from nothing by nothing. In simpler term it would say that nothing created everything. Now can you begin to see how totally "awesome" this 'new' theory of the Big Bang from nothing is.

Now being no rocket scientist I really can't be expected to understand how this energy having no mass would have itself compressed (by a gravity that didn't exist because there was no mass) into a singularity of 'nothing' or a quantum 'void', not occupying any space. This of course according to these brilliant scientists would not be strange since space does not exist then; at least not until this 'nothing' decided to expand (or explode whichever way you want to choose to define it as doing) to create everything including space and time.

Now I am sure some brilliant super intelligent rocket scientist will correct me and say that this 'nothing' did not decide to expand but that it just did; because nothing cannot decide anything and since time did not 'exist' then, 'when' couldn't possibly 'exist' and even 'exist' didn't 'exist' because 'exist' have no conceptual meaning because there was just 'nothing'. In fact there was not even 'nothing' because 'no' 'conceptual' 'concept' 'can' 'exist' 'when' 'nothing' 'existed', 'nothing' 'itself' 'also' 'is' 'included'. But that won't really help clueless me because if this nothing did not decide to expand when it did then why would it expand when it did (which according to science was some 13.7 billion years or there about) when it could have expanded way 'before', yes way, way 'before' 'before' existed. All these sounds to me like someone is trying to pull a fast one. But then what do I know, being no rocket scientist?

How clever they are at telling spins and lies so that they may glory in how intelligent and enlightened they are, and therefore how stupid they (and all those who believe their spins to arrogantly boast along with them) have become, to so totally lie to themselves and then to totally believe their own lies and twisted spins.

These, exactly like all the inventors and perpetrators of false religions and false religious doctrines, spins their lies to twist words and definitions shifting the point and focus of issues on the things that really matters so that they can deceive and be themselves deceived. As so the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded that evil men throughout the ages have been doing.

But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.
2 Timothy 3:13

Due to the many differing 'scientific' views of the leading experts on our physical universe and how it all began, this discussion used a blend of a few such held views (even as they have been changing over the decades) to give a perspective of the near total confusion of views and wild imaginations of these leading experts both past and present.

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