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The End Of The World Or Not? Part 1

The Inventions Of Delusional Minds.
The End Of The World Or Not? Part 1 of 7
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Is this world going to end or not?

May 21st 2011, October 21st 2011 and December 21st 2012. All these are the recent dates that some prophets of doom claimed the world was going to end whereby catastrophic events were going to destroy all or most life on earth. Before these publicly announced and relatively well known ones, there were actually several others, and even more which were not publicly known but were the private convictions, beliefs and teachings of certain groups within their circles. And very obviously and without exceptions they all came to nothing, meaningless nothing, because they were just the putrid imaginations of partially insane exalted minds. The problem with all these prophets of doom and their total failures, was not and is not the failure of ancient Christian prophecies but with the twisting and invention of prophecies by these not fully sane prophets of doom.

The Mayan Calendar end of the world of 21st December 2012 so claimed by some and believed by quite many, never ever did existed. But some either incompletely sane persons or some persons with a severe fixation for super feeding their ego or some charlatans hoping to exploit and feed on the gullible and emotionally unstable, invented it by twisting an ancient calendar cycle into something that it totally was not and was never meant to predict or indicate. The whole proposition was so unbelievably preposterous yet there are enough blatantly stupid people (meaning those people who out of choice choose to be stupid despite being endowed with rational intelligence) who swallowed it, with some even more incompletely sane (that is self delusional) persons adding more twists and spins to the whole invention of their Spiritually putrid minds.

And that is not too different when it comes to the prophecies of the Christian Holy Scriptures. Many incompletely sane people, mostly those who have been bent on super feeding their egos, and also those who have been seeking to dupe and exploit others for a livelihood and self glorification, twisted these Scriptures to say something else altogether. This was and is exactly just as the masters and leading experts of the Christmas religion have been doing for nearly two thousand years with the Gospel message and the Commandments and Passover Covenant of the CREATOR GOD. In the same way too numerous religions and religious beliefs have sprouted up throughout the course of the centuries which adds twists and spins to the doctrines and truth of the Christian Holy Scripture to advance their versions of religions founded and based on the lies and falsehood of self glorifying putrid minds. But this should not be at all surprising to anyone who is educated, enlightened and fully sane as these have been the modus operandi and methodology of charlatans, manipulating crooks and con men since the beginning of human civilization.

And yes, I am familiar with the fact that many also accused the Christian Holy Scriptures (inclusive of all its Prophets and its God) of false prophecies, claiming that many of the prophecies in it never came true. These stupid and ridiculous accusations are from people who are not too different from nearly all of humankind today - incompletely sane - all puff up by pride and superfeeding their egos. These so called intelligent and enlightened self aware (sadly not fully) creatures of this planet are so stupidly arrogant that they believe and behave like they already know everything, and that they are the authority on every subject, even those they really have no notion of. I will fully address and discuss what is the real untwisted truth recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures on the Second Coming and the End of the Age in the last part of this five post series even as I have been doing so all along in my all Christian blogs..
Anyone who is fully sane will know that insanity basically is not knowing the difference between what is real from what is not. People who are insane whether partially or totally are basically those who in some ways are out of touch with reality or have lost the connection to comprehend what is real from what is not real. One of the greatest insanity of our times are people who because they believed themselves to be "intelligent, highly educated and/or enlightened" and are the so called leading experts or authorities on a few subjects either of their professions or passions, they then believed and conduct themselves as though they are already the definitive authority and expert on any and every issue that they care to take up or give an opinion on. Issues that they have never ever seriously and thoroughly looked into, analyzed and investigated. Today more than at any other time in the short history of human civilization we see a social order of humankind in which almost everyone who has the freedom to do so behaving and conducting themselves through all that they sprout from the banalities of their inner bowels speeches and opinions of great arrogance and self image delusion.

Now, for the greater majority of humankind the question of when the world is going to come to an end probably would never have come up at all in their minds. In fact if not for the enabling technology of the internet, ninety-nine percent of the seven billion - according to the estimates of social scientists - members of humankind living today would probably never have heard of such an idea that the earth is going to be destroyed in their lifetime much less consider it. If we were to look at the entire recorded history of humankind (starting some six thousand years ago or longer depending on which view or opinion you chose to believe in) you will find that the question of an end of the world never entered into the consideration of human civilization until quiet recently.

While most end of the world prophecies can be sourced to those who holds themselves to be leading experts or foremost authorities or even a prophet of the Abrahamic or Christian GOD, there are quite a few that are from the non religious and even scientific community.

If we were to do an internet search we will find quite a good list of previous prophecies which all came to naught. And for the sake for those readers who are too lazy or too busy to do serious and thorough analaytical research whether on this topic or any topic other than those which might get them: more money; more sex and sensual pleasure; more power; more fame and glory; and/or more youthfulness, below is a list of some of the more infamous (that is, more publicly known) end of the world prophecies:
1. The Black Death Of Europe
2. The Prophet Hen Of Leeds
3. The Millerites
4. Mormon Armageddon
5. Halley's Comet
6. Pat Robertson 1982 End Of The World
7. Hale-Bobb Comet And Heaven's Gate
8. Claimed Nostradamus Prophecy For 1999
9. The Y2K or Millennium Bug, and the Y1K scares.
10. Robert Weinland And '2008: God's Final Witness'

The religious perspective of the end of the world is most frequently linked to some kind of prophetic mysterious or secret message, usually some mystical numbers known and understood only by a few privileged favored ones or some self professed great brilliant minds. Invariably and amazingly all these claimed end of the world events are timed to happen very soon after these specially gifted, privileged and favored ones or super genus minds discovered or calculated that it is going happen. And also invariably they never did. The very short time frame almost invariably given should have been the dead giveaway that it was a ridiculous proposition (just like Chicken Little** and the falling sky). But that did stop all the partially insane and incredulously stupid people to believe them (the ridiculously preposterous prophecies) and believe in them (the incredulous prophets of doom). All those who were completely duped most usually did not even have the slightest notion how these dates and time of the prophesied end of the world were arrived at, yet they went on to support and even be complicit to these ridiculous pronouncements.

Of course not all doomsday prophets and prophecies are so ridiculous. For example if you think you can trust our great scientific minds, these scientists have theorized on numerous end of the world scenarios. And most of these are quite credible - meaning rationally based on the facts of the reality of our physical realm which is the Universe as we understand it today, even as our so called understanding have been steadily 'evolving' over the years.

The scientific perspective mostly focused on what is known or theorized about trends in human activities or events and extraterrestrial objects in the timeline of the Universe, so these are usually possibilities, probabilities or eventualities rather some date specific cataclysmic large scale destruction of life that are very soon (such as within one to ten years) to occur.

So while these scenarios are not some irrational panic driven scare, the possibility and even probably of them happening is very real.

A meteor equivalent to a tiny asteroid in size widely reported to be around 10 metric tons (or 10,000 metric tons according to NASA) crashed into central Russia causing fairly extensive damages to buildings and mostly minor injuries to around a thousand people in the area on 15 February 2013 C.E. This definitely gave a good perspective (especially for those living in the area who directly experience it) of how devastating an impact from a really huge asteroid would be. The incident will definitely increase the "scared witless" factor for many members of humankind of a so called "dooms day" space collision even as the global news agencies had a field day cashing in on the incident.

Some may argue that an event such as a giant asteroid slamming into earth causing a wide enough scale of destruction as to wipe out nearly all life on this planet is very remote with the probability scale of 1 is to countless billions citing as proof from the fact that no such event had ever happen in the records of human history. In all probability it had happened before in the four to five billion years of earth existence though the archaeological evidence that such an event had ever happened are sufficiently disputed by dissenting views among the scientific community. Nonetheless relatively small asteroid impact events have indeed being observed in recent history though their damage had not been very extensive as to convincingly panic or worry most of us with busy lives living today that the end of the world is eminent.

**Chicken Little aka Chicken Licken refers to an old children story and is not a reference to anything recent whether of books, movies, songs, computer game, etc.

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