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The End Of The World Or Not? Part 2

What Started It All
The End Of The World Or Not? Part 2 of 7
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What Started It All

Some two thousand years ago the Apostle John, a disciple of LORD JESUS wrote down an account of what he claimed to be a vision given to him by JESUS from HIS FATHER the ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD. And this account, which is the Book of Revelation of the Christian Holy Scripture of today, is the number one source that led to the belief that an end of the world will happen.

This concept of the end of the world was initially related to JESUS CHRIST promised return as the KINGS of Kings and LORD of Lords to destroy the wicked and evil among humankind with punishing plagues of catastrophic destruction and death of an unprecedented scale among humankind in: global wars; disease and famine outbreaks; environmental destruction; and paranormal calamities. The main reason for this punishment was to avenge the persecution, torture and murder perpetrated against GOD's Elect by the rest of humankind, especially those who would worship the Beast and have her sign on them. GOD's Elect are the true Christian who have been faithful in obeying GOD performing HIS commandments, keeping and honoring (by not breaking) their Covenant with HIM. This covenant is the New Covenant that JESUS mediated two thousand years ago through HIS death as the LAMB of GOD to pay the death penalty incurred by all humankind.

If you can believe the record of the Scripture of Truth which is widely available today as various versions and translations of the Christian Holy Scriptures, the main focus of the Gospel Message for us living in this last days of the Age of Man has been to announce the eminent return of JESUS CHRIST to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. In fact if we were to give an appropriate title for the entire compilation of Christian Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible of today, that title would be 'The Good News Of The Restoration of the Kingdom of GOD.' At it most rudimentary the first part of that message called on all humankind to repent of their evil and wickedness because the time is fast approaching when GOD will no longer continue to allow humankind the almost total free rein to pursue evil, and that soon JESUS will return to punish and destroy all those who continued on in wickedness. The context of this message is not so much an end of the world but the beginning of a new world order where evil would no longer be pervasive in the social order of humankind. But from the perspective of all those who would practice wickedness to seek to take advantage over others and to harm others in would indeed be the end of world for them and their kind.

Read the full summary of the message of the Gospel in the fifth and last part of this post series.

That was the very message JESUS was born as SON of man to announced as a part of HIS first mission as the MEDIATOR of the New Testament or Covenant. This role was the type of which Moses was the mediator of the Old Covenant instituted in the Ten Commandments between the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the ancient Israelite who came out of Egyptian slavery in order that these Israelite might inherit and take possession of the land promised to the Patriarchs. The New Everlasting Covenant was instituted as the cup of wine, representing JESUS'S blood shed when HE died, to be drank by all HIS faithful disciples in the annual Passover memorial meal commemorating JESUS' death.

Starting from John the Baptist that was the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom (of the New Testament) to be announced first to the Jews (who were at that time still the people or subjects of GOD by the Covenant mediated by Moses), then after the bulk of the Jews had rejected the message as well as the MESSIAH they pretended to be earnestly waiting for, the Gospel was to be announced and testified to the rest of humankind of planet earth.

This message announced and proclaimed by John the Baptist, JESUS CHRIST and HIS Apostles and disciples were however effectively stopped a few centuries later from being testified to the world. This was when the Great Harlot Church, The Mother of Harlots And Of The Abominations Of The Earth, formed by Satan's agents gained political power through her influence over the Roman Emperor Constantine. Emperor Constantine converted to the Christmas religion just before he died. Not long after casting down the truth through the outlawing (and the forbidding on pains of torture and murder) of  the New Covenant memorial commemoration that was mediated, instituted and commanded by JESUS CHRIST, the great counterfeit Christianity led predominantly by the Great Harlot replaced the message of the Gospel with a twisted and perverted message: that the Kingdom of God had already been restored by JESUS as the Great Roman Catholic Church and Sovereign Nation State and all that she ruled over; and that those “baptized” or “washed clean” by her agents would go to heaven when they die unless they get kicked out (excommunicated) in which case they would go to a hell of eternal burning fire and torment where the rest of un-baptized” dead are**.

Read in the post 'Prayer, Fasting And Diligent Studies' what it really mean to be baptized.

When the Great Harlot lost much of her great political influence and power in the Protestant Reformation, the Church of GOD was able to slowly emerge into the world view (or awareness) from her one thousand two hundred and sixty hidden years in the wilderness on the fringes of Eurasia surviving away from the hub of human economic and political activities. The diluting of the political influence of the Great Mother Harlot allowed the Church of GOD to 'resurface' and discretely preach the Gospel message into the land where once they had been all but stamped out.

From Eurasia the Gospel message was carried to the New World opening up across the Atlantic. Even as the Church of GOD began to grow in the New World particularly in the USA, the message of the Gospel about the return of JESUS CHRIST to restore the Kingdom of GOD was being adopted and twisted by the daughters' churches spawn by the Mother of Harlots. This was not too different from the manner when during the first century the Church of GOD was infiltrated by false converts from the adherents of the offshoots of the Babylonian religion started by Nimrod and his wife four generation after the worldwide flood. These false converts who clung to their old religious myths and superstitions, practices and beliefs, while adopting the name of JESUS CHRIST to their religion, twisted HIS teachings and commandments of salvation, forgiveness and grace to blend with theirs of the immortality of the human soul. This doctrine of the immortality of the human soul was the main doctrine of death not being death but of a continuation of life with the religious and pious going to heaven while the morally wicked going to a hell of eternal torment. And that exactly is at the heart of the doctrines of all the major religions of the human social order today, albeit with various twists, spins and fantastical fables thrown in.

From that time forward the message of JESUS CHRIST' returning to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land has been continually twisted and perverted in ridiculous fantasies, superstitious fables and incredulous postulations by many denominations of the Christmas religion and recently even atheist conspiracies theorists and those of various other religious faiths have jumped into the slime pool of self delusions to claim secret knowledge of an impending end of the earth "apocalypse". If you can believe the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures (and never mind if you can't), these daughters of that Great Mother of Harlots were specifically spawn through the Protestant Reformation in anticipation of this emergence of the Church of GOD. And the specific purpose of all these fake Christians proclaiming the end of the earth and a dooms day "apocalypse" are to maximize the cry wolf effect so that the Gospel message proclaimed by the Church of GOD will become a subject of ridicule and derision.

And if you (for those who considered themselves intelligent and enlightened on the affairs and going on in the human social order) have not being extremely wicked by pretending to be ignorant and stupid, even as you put on a front of how clever and superior you are, you would have understood how this had happened (in the time of first to third century C.E. as well as after the Church of GOD resurfaced from her hidden years) from all that you can perceive in the world of religions and religious beliefs that are continually being invented adopting the doctrines of the ancient religions to blend with contemporary knowledge and theories to come up with new versions and inventions of religions. Starting some two thousand years ago from the very ancient Christmas religion (among numerous others) to the not too recent Jehovah Witnesses (or Watch Tower), the Seventh Day Adventist, the Mormons, then the recent Unification Church, Scientology, and the even more recent Biocentrism. Besides these, there were also numerous fringed groups a few of which were violent cults and suicide cults. This however does not mean that the predominant mainstream religions are not violent, exploitative, abusive, parasitic, murderous cults. These religions whenever and wherever they are able to exercise sufficient authority and power, have been commanding the torture and murder of all those who do not agree to obey them or who refused to submit to their supreme religious authority. All these they do while also secretly robbing and/or sexually abusing all those in their ranks who are too weak and powerless to resist them. But because they have a very large following such that their evil deeds must be accepted and condoned or covered up (through not prosecuting them for these evil and dastardly deeds) by the prevailing governing human social order (whether national governance or global governance).

Erich Von Deniken and His Chariots Of The Gods

The second contributor to the proliferation of Prophets of Doom and dooms day proclamations in this past few decades was the work of one, Erich Von Deniken, and his book Chariots Of The Gods. In his rather ridiculous hypothesis (or nutcase theory), he postulated that extra terrestrial visitors to ancient civilizations were i) responsible for human life and religious beliefs on earth (ii) were worshiped as gods (iii) were responsible in part or in total for the mega structures such as the great pyramids and (iv) were responsible for the unexplained mystery of antiquity. Many highly educated and brilliantly 'enlightened' members of humankind (those who were literate, well educated, highly intelligent and have easy access to the printed media) bought his spin either partially or totally.

Followed on his epic’ book many were those who began to come out with all sort of new twists and spins on all kinds of historical and cultural events and archaeological structures, from those that are well known and accepted to those that were not fully understood. In a short space of time after this epic’ work numerous hypothesis and postulation began to be advanced by various members of humankind either privately (among a small group of people) or publicly in publications.

Even as delusional religious nutcases have been screaming of an impending dooms day at every frightening events, signs and dates for centuries since the Christian Holy Scriptures became widely available, the work of this one man, Eric Von Deniken, would open the floodgate for every delusional science bluff and conspiracy theorist whether atheist or religious nutcase to invent new fanciful “scientific extraterrestrial” twist and joined in with the infamous ‘Chicken Little,’ everyone screaming at every sign and event that had them scared witless, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Of course (just like all the modern day inventors of religions) an integral part of their motivation to invent such theories is to make a quick buck from their even more insanely delusional and incredibly stupid followers.

** There are now variation to this doctrine among the harlots daughters churches and also in the Great Roman Catholic Church, to make their doctrine more believable and credible.

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