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The End Of The World Or Not?: Part 3

The End Of The World Or Not?: Part 3 – Credibility Issues
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One of the things that must be explicitly clear of humankind is their unbelievable penchants and lusts to believe in all manners of preposterously ridiculous things. This is despite the fact that of all the creatures on this planet, humankind has been endowed with a brilliantly perceptive and analytically intelligent mind that is able to understand extremely complex concepts.

While the supremely intelligent and brilliant men and women of the human social order have studied, analyzed and examined to come up with answers on numerous extremely complex issues of the universe and life on earth including how human beings developed to be the supreme intelligent dominant species on this planet, the issue of why human beings who have been endowed with a brain that is incredibly intelligent would choose to be incredibly stupid is not of them. And that itself is an incredulously stupid thing.

If only these brilliant minds of the human social order would cease for a moment from super gorging their egos and enhancing their self glorifying self image, they would have realized that the root of all the problems and failings in the society of humankind which have seen horrendously great evils continually being perpetuated causing unimaginable suffering on all their victims since the beginning of their civilization, is this incredulous stupidity of human beings.

A thousand years ago such stupidity might be excusable, even a hundred years ago it would still be excusable. And some fifty or so years ago it might still to a certain extent be excusable. But not today. Today with the immense knowledge of our unbelievably brilliantly intelligent men and women who are the leading experts and authorities, have in all fields and manner of knowledge, it is indeed an incredulous thing that the human social order is still being plagued so extensively and pervasively by the brazen stupidity of arrogance and conceit.

And though I am speaking about human beings in general, the main blame (guilt culpability and fault) for this incredulous stupidity of the human race lies squarely on the shoulders of those who are the in the position of leadership and authority whether these are political, religious, economical, educational or social. Because these are the people who are exercising the power and authority over the human social order while having full access to all the knowledge in all fields of existence and reality that the humankind had acquired and accumulated. Today with all these advances in all these fields of knowledge, there is no longer any excuse for this privilege class of humankind to be ignorant, especially when there are no restrictions and restraints that block these supreme leaders of the human social order from availing of these pools of knowledge at any time.

It may be true that for a greater majority of humankind even today, daily life is full of all manner of cares and maintenance while pursuing a livelihood and there is little time left to seek after a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of important facts** (material knowledge of ourselves and our existential realm, our Universe) and truth** (the reality of: instinctive and intents motivations and behaviors; situation realities; and events occurrences)  But nonetheless it should not be considered as anything less than reckless stupidity to totally convince yourself to believe in something that will so significantly impart on your life whether presently or in the unavoidable future without thoroughly checking it out to get all available information before accepting it as fact andor truth.  And every single intelligent member of humankind understands this, and knows this for a valid truth. If they don't then they should, because to not know this very simple truth of the reality of life on knowledge acquisition and truth and fact verification is plain and simple unbelievable stupidity of willing ignorance (ignorance by choice).

Willing And Willful Ignorance

At no point in the thousands to hundred of thousands of years of human civilization (depending on which “facts” you choose to believe in) has more knowledge of facts and truths come within easy and relatively inexpensive reach to more of humankind than today. According to statistics on global internet usage, over a third of humankind (or some over two and a quarter billion people) were connected to the global information, commerce and communication network (by end of 2012 C.E.) enabled by the internet and mobile communication technology.

With all the knowledge that humankind had accumulated in all fields of fact and truth, can anyone who is intelligent and have not been forcibly blocked or impeded by circumstance from accessing these facts and truths still have any valid excuse to plead ignorance?

Yet ignorance is one of the main reason (but not the only reason) why people choose to believe, embrace and subscribe to all kinds of ridiculous things. Even the most brilliant members of humankind are guilty of a purposeful ignorance. From our ingeniously brilliant men and women of science, technology and philosophy, to our illustrious statesmen and leaders of politics and religions, through the incredibly inventive and imaginative entrepreneurs, engineers and technocrats, they are all guilty of a willful ignorance, ignorance by virtue (which should more appropriately be ‘by the sin’) of arrogance.

Please read the chapter ‘Self Righteousness And The Righteousness Of GOD’ of Bible 101 — The Holy Bible Expounded by this author for the discussion on the general stupidity of humankind, a stupidity fueled by the obsessive super feeding of their egos.

The same type of willful arrogant ignorance that all those who swallowed and became complicit to all the unbelievable claims and postulations of these charlatans claiming to have some secret knowledge andor supremely superior intelligence that enabled them to be able to decipher ancients secret codes that predict the end of the world. This is especially since most of these individuals who chose to totally believe, subscribe to and be complicit with, all these ridiculous claims and postulation of a dooms day “apocalypse” by these partially insane prophets of doom are those members of humankind who are significantly better informed and educated. But the most damning proof of their willful ignorance and insane stupidity is that they have been going around arrogantly insulting, deriding, and belittling anyone and everyone who disagree with them and their deliberately pretending stupidity self perceived supremely superior intellect, knowledge, values and ingenuity.

Whereas all the rest of the panics stricken who would blindly follow even a chicken, they too are guilty of ignorance. A willing ignorance, or ignorance by choice, through not using the gift of a discerning, rational and intelligent mind to verify fact from fiction, truth from lie. For they are not little babies and children too young and too inexperience, not having sufficient exposure to the reality of this life and still under the main guidance of their parents or other adults. They are not dumb animals without a sufficiently intelligent mind and cannot think and reason. They are not locked up, bound or restrained so that they are unable to search out from the almost limitless pool of accumulated knowledge: on factual truths and events; in historical and archaeological records, to discern whether these claims are factual, realistic andor credible. They are not some newly landed creatures from another galaxy or “alternate” universe who have no experience with humankind and thus no understanding of human nature and human behavior so that they do not understand deception, duplicity and delusion.

But there is of course a true or genuine ignorance, ignorance because these members of humankind are in situations or circumstances where they through no direct intended fault of their own have no access to the immense knowledge accumulated by the human social order. And thankfully many of these less fortunate among the members of humankind are too had press irking out a livelihood and surviving day to day to become complicit with all these highly delusional ‘Chicken Littles’ (or ‘Chicken Lickens’) running around in willful ignorance and self glorifying arrogance screaming ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling’.
Read in this recent news article that gives a perspective on willing ignorance, some of which border on willful ignoranceBritish diplomats reveal weird requests.

Ignorance A Bad Word

One of the major problem with the concept in the word ‘ignorance’ as is understood or used by humankind is that of a shameful lacking in knowledge or lacking awareness or of being clueless. This is another one of the many great evil in the human social order that ignorance even when it is no fault of the ignorant is deem as something derogatory or demeaning or belittling. If we were to check up the meaning of the word from dictionaries it is almost always defined as a lacking in knowledge or awareness through being uneducated with the connotation in the word ‘uneducated’ as something shameful, humiliating or even derogatory. The universal human tendency to look down on others who are considered inferior to them in some ways or other is as old as human civilization itself, with the possession of knowledge andor superior intelligence a source of pride and gloating. For those of us who truly (as opposed to pretending to) believe the Christian Holy Scriptures we understood that this great evil of arrogance we see so pervasive in the human social order was the result of Eve choosing to believe in a talking serpent, to distrust GOD, then illegally taking and eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

In this post (as also in all my blogs) I have separate ignorance into three major categories: basic ignorance, willing ignorance and willful ignorance.

First and foremost, basic ignorance is the primary state of every human being born into this world. And throughout the duration of life of every human being, we are always in some state of ignorance even as every human being who is normal is on a continually learning journey throughout our life. Some things every human being (who is normal) will learn at approximately the same pace (with some variation) as everyone else who is normal (meaning not mentally impaired). In other things some may learn at a faster pace or to greater degree. But there are always things (whether facts or truths) that some will learn while others won't, just as there are skills that some developed to a high degree of refinement while others not at all. From this perspective no one should belittle anyone who is ignorant. But if you were to take a good look at the human social order around you, you would notice if you have not been oblivious to the goings on of the world around you, that every single human being (who is normal) has at some and numerous point of their lives labeled someone as stupid or ignorant (not necessary using these two choice words). If we were to compared this behavior in humankind today with the time forty and more years ago we should be shocked by how pervasive this had become.

At this point some may say that this author has been doing this in all along in all his blog, and very extensively too, calling people stupid and insane. And to all the rule-based hair-splitters this would appear to be exactly what this author has been doing. But to those who are less insane and more discerning and know how to put two and two together they would have totally understood that I have not been belittling the ignorant but railing against the arrogantly stupid for a very valid reason. Because being arrogant is definitely a great insanity and stupidity. Being arrogant is also the primary contributor to all the evil in the social order of humankind from since the very beginning.
For the discussion on why this author is not just another arrogant prophet of doom and why he writes in the manner that he does in all his Christian blogs, please read the next post of this series ‘The End Of The World Or Not - Part 4: Another Prophet Of Doom’.
My main point in all my Christian topic blogs has always been that humankind have been created with an amazingly powerful and intelligent mind that is capable of understanding all the mystery of the physical creation and the realities of our existential realm. But human beings were created as severely limited creatures placed in a realm bounded by an endless cycling of energy that needed to be acquired and spent to sustain their temporary individual existence. This was in order that the creation (all the created creatures made to possess freewill and intelligence) should learn the lessons of the destructiveness of choosing a callous and totally self advancing lust focus in one's life conduct. That is why I railed against the ego super feeding arrogance that has become the near universal obsession of the greater majority of the human race in all that they mock and scoff at others on issues and things they hardly know anything about just because they considered themselves as experts or leading authorities in some field of study or facts or system of beliefs. Whereas if we were to really look in depth into all their boasts we will find them to not only be too stupid to be able to differentiate truth from lies, they couldn't even differentiate between what is real in our existential realm from fantasy.

Ignorance in itself should at no time be considered as something shameful or something to be look down on because every one of us is ignorant to some degree. And this is right as long as our ignorance is not from either a willing or a willful choice to be ignorant, while also recognizing that we are indeed ignorant (to some degree and on numerous issues of fact and truth) and through this recognition conduct our behavior and carriage of life in a humble and meek manner seeking and be willing to learn or to be taught. This is a sharp contrast against many of those who totally subscribed to the ridiculous claims of the numerous prophets of doom both past and present who knowing next to nothing true yet go around arrogantly boasting of their supreme intelligence and superior intellect and knowledge. If they had known anything real or true they would not had swallowed (hook, line and sinker), and also became complicit to all those ridiculous claims that had all been in time revealed to be nothing but stupid arrogant, and often also, insane, lies.

Of Incredulous Stupidity, Irrational Fears And Lust Fueled Arrogance

If we were to look at the all the followers of the various religions, we will find that most of them have very little background knowledge of their religions. A big percentage of them inherit their beliefs from their parents or guardians without questions. With this group it is quite understandable that they would not dig deep into their inherited religious beliefs and understanding especially if they have not come face to face with some life shaking situation that would led them to re-examine their lives and values. Indeed the lives and livelihood of severely limited creatures such as us are full of labors and maintenance, driven by our primal needs and cravings. And as long as they restrict themselves to their various beliefs and practices without trying to convince others of the legitimacy of their beliefs or to mock the belief of others (i.e. to persecute those who do not agree with them) then they would be among the innocent and blameless ignorant swept along by the storms of life.

While those born into some religions or system of beliefs form the bulk of the seven or so billion members of humankind living today, a substantial numbers of these seven billions got themselves convinced into ditching the beliefs of the fore parents or guardians to embrace a different set of belief or religion.

Among these we have those who:
— does so from the indoctrination by the schooling and ‘education’ system of their respective social order;
— were influenced or pressured by their friends and peers or people they came to look up to;
— had the fear and terror put into them (either scared witless or scared shit-less) by some followers of some other religions;
— were seduced by promises of some desired objects by followers of other religions or system of belief;
— were forced by their prevailing social order on pains of torture and a gruesome death;
— enticed (i.e. seduced) by the material or sensual or psychological reward offered by some religions or religious orders either directly or through a union of some sort.

With this group of people too as long as they restrict themselves to the various beliefs and practices they have embraced without trying to convince others of the legitimacy of their beliefs or to mock the belief of others (or to persecute those who do not agree with them) then they would be among the innocent and blameless ignorant swept along by the storms of life.

However at no point should the people discussed in the above categories be considered as ignorant through no fault of their own. These people are the willingly ignorant, choosing to not know anything going on around them that might affect them and have no legitimacy to complain when evil befalls them. Even from a purely evolutionary stand point of natural selection and survival of the fittest (or only just the fit), these have, despite the capabilities they were endowed with as intelligent homo sapiens, chosen to ignore the realities of their environment and if they become victims or prey, they have no one to blame but themselves. Willing ignorance is ignorance by choice, and any one with any intelligence would (should anyway) know that to willingly choose to be ignorant is nothing short of stupidity.

Finally we come to the arrogantly stupid as if just being stupid is not bad enough. These are the willfully arrogant who choose to not only ignore but to subvert what they know to be true and real in order that they might advance themselves, their pet peeves and displeasure, their vehemence hatred, their lust and their greed. In this group we have the despots and tyrants, the serial and mass rapist and murderers and every narcissistic member of humankind who considers no one but themselves. These are the evil of the evils, those most responsible and accountable for all the suffering and destruction in the creation. But here in lies a great deception, for these are not only the Charles Mason, the Adolf Hitler and the Pol Pot of the human social order. They are also you and me if we for whatever reason chose to subvert the truth whether in the advancing of ourselves or of our agenda (whether out of pride, lust, greed, love or hate or even some misplaced loyalty). This is even so if it is just to express our opinions and views. Because at its most rudimentary, evil begins with an abuse of power whether little or much, and than escalates as the power grows. And a person who will abuse what little power heshe has (or is able to wield), will abuse it more greatly and horribly when the power that heshe has or is able to wield increases.

And just as GOD created every single human being and every single Angel of Heaven to be righteous, good, kind and caring, capable of true unselfish love, every human being and also the Spirit Angel likewise as free will creatures personages have a capacity to be as evil as Satan the Devil, if we do not examine and check ourselves from pursuing evil in the process and conduct of our lives. For GOD had created as free will intelligent self aware creatures to understand cause and effect (actions and results) and from it good and evil so that we might understand and make a commitment to not choose the pursuit of evil in the process of our lives.

Prophets Of Doom And Their Credibility Issues 

All these prophets of doom and all their complicit subscribers and followers have lifted up their hearts, super feeding their egos to claim supreme and superior knowledge, intellect and intelligence to boast that only they understand the mystery of antiquity to know the secret of when the world is going to end. Yet they are too stupid to even do a thorough investigation of the validity of their own claims failing to even understand the key main points of all that had been recorded in all the sources that forms the basis of their claims.

For example the main function of and thus main point to the Mayan calendar is of a calendar system not a prediction of when the world will end

In the same way the Gregorian calendar, that is globally accepted and used, is a solar calendar system that maps out the days, weeks, months in the annual rotation of the earth around the sun. This calendar system has its roots in the ancient Roman empire, modified and updated with current understanding to regulate and organize human political, economical and social activities with the foundation reference (as a chronological baseline) on the earth's rotation around the sun. The chronological numbering of the years in this system was supposedly tagged to the year that JESUS CHRIST was born as the baseline. But today every one would (or should anyway) know that this baseline year was off by some four or more years. But yet there were those prophets of doom who were advancing the year 2000 C.E. as the year the world would end (with JESUS CHRIST returning) never even understanding for one nano-instance that it was four or more years too late. The exact same thing was advanced in the year 1000 C.E. which had totally and absolutely proven to be ridiculously false yet these self delusional prophets of doom were clueless to this historical truth.

The planet Nibiru, extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system, and alien brain implants, which were the elaborate lies invented by the half insane Nancy Lieder, are stuff straight out of pure science fiction and do not even have a half particle of Higgs boson basis in science or reality. Yet thousands to millions of half insane users on the internet espoused it until the December 21 2012 date had passed. Did any single one of these thousands to millions who sold their hearts and souls to this Nancy Lieder even had an inkling of who exactly she is?

If I have the luxury of time I could go on and on through what may be a near endless list of these willfully stupid and blatantly arrogant followers and their equally arrogant andor insane masters, the prophets of doom. But I don't, and indeed as I frequently acknowledged that even in all these Christian blogs that I am writing, I have undertaken more than I can reasonably handle. But more of that in the next post. Here let me finish this post with an outline of the credibility issues to all these prophets of doom, whom all these insanely stupid people believed in to the extent that they became complicit to espouse these claims, willfully choosing to ignore reality and reason.

First, these prophets of doom are human beings just like everyone else. (Unless they also claimed otherwise. In which case numerous serious reality issues would already be obvious that if anyone can't get these then they must also be from another planet so I won't bother to address them seeing I am just a normal human being from planet earth and have nothing to do with weirdos from another planet):

1. Yet they claimed to know of some secret cryptic knowledge or code which they never clearly show or prove to anyone so that everyone could understand and draw the same conclusion from them or at least have some idea to access the validity of the conclusion. So what are they saying? That they are supremely intelligent over everyone else that is why only they can understand. What they are implicitly saying to all those who were sold to their claims is that they (the believers, subscribers and supporters) are too stupid to understand the cryptic code or hidden mystery. Here is another point: if they did showed these cryptic codes or hidden mystery to the followers and supporters and these people really understood what they were shown, it would also showed them up to be stupid because obviously these are completely false or wrong otherwise the world would have ended when these cryptic codes supposedly said it would. Here is another point: For centuries the masters and authorities of the Christmas religions had been telling their followers the same thing, convincing them (the followers and disciples) that they were unable to understand the Christian Holy Scriptures so they should just obey what these masters and authorities were teaching them and to just ignore everything else that were written in the Christian Holy Scriptures (translated as the Christian Bible of today). That is why these so called Christians are to celebrate Christmas and Easter, to set aside Sunday for rest and going to Church, to ignore that JESUS CHRIST was explicitly recorded to have commanded that Christians must keep the Commandments of GOD and the New Covenant Passover made in HIS BLOOD commemorating HIS death to redeem humankind.

2. Yet they claimed to have some secret contacts with some extraterrestrial alien beings who gave them, and to them only, some secret knowledge. So what these prophets of doom are saying is that these alien beings from space who with their advance technology traveled through millions to trillions of miles of space to get here are really very stupid, not even knowing how to deliver their message to the proper people or to the whole world, as according to these prophets of doom, these alien are trying to save us from an earth that is going to be destroyed. I won't elaborate on this any further because if you can't get this simple logic you are so far gone in your insanity that it is best to leave you alone.
Please read in the post The Consistency Of The Scriptures how the message of the unchanging GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures was consistent from Genesis to Revelation.
Second, the religious prophets of doom from the so called Abrahamic religions (here I am discussing only Christianity and the so called Abrahamic religions because only these have a significant message about an end of the world):

The three main so called Abrahamic religions that the whole world knows of and is familiar with, all claimed to believe in a Creator God who created everything that exist. All also believe (or so they say) that this God is Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent and always unchanging (meaning always stays the same all powerful, all knowing and all everywhere God).

The Number One problem is none of them seem to even remotely understand these three words, Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent, what they mean.

To find out exactly what the Christian Holy Scriptures meant when it recorded the numerous words in the original text that were rendered as the English word GOD’ in the English translation of Christian Bible please read in the post GOD in the blog The Scripture Of Truth’. Also in this post read the discussion to discover the real meaning of Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresence that all the so called Abrahamic religions claimed that GOD is but totally contradict it in their doctrines. 

Number Two, they all don't even have any perspective of the creation (meaning they are all totally clueless as to what the 'creation' actually is).

Number Three, at least two of these three are totally obsessed with sex, two of these three are totally superstitiously obsessed with words (and letters and language) not even understanding the most basic thing about, and the most basis of, words, language and communication.

The Adversary has been getting his agents to make some changes since the ridiculousness of their doctrines have been fully exposed. This has been their duplicity from since the beginning: Pope Francis says the Catholic Church is 'obsessed' with abortion, homosexuality and contraception. 'We have to find a new balance.'

Number Four, all of them are obsessed with ruling over and controlling others (that is everyone else but not themselves); plus at least two of them are also obsessed with killing, maiming and torturing people while the people are alive as well as even after the people are already dead and then either gone someplace to be tortured or to be finally brought back to life again to be tortured. And all the while these religions (their masters, leaders, rulers as well as disciples) are proclaiming that they are all for love, for truth, for peace, for virtue, for righteousness, for justice, for good, for the will of GOD. Wow, double wow and quadruple wow! Unbelievable! Do you believe them? Just from all these alone it should be enough to understand that if any of these three religions is valid or true, human beings are in for an eternity of unimaginable horrors if any of them ever achieve their avowed goal for world dominance (for at least two of them) to gain the absolute power they lusted after to rule over the whole of all humankind. 

Please read in the post titled ‘GOD’ in the blog, ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ on what the term ‘GODactually fully mean when GOD had it recorded in the Holy Christian Scriptures the several words used to denote and address the GOD of this Scriptures.

So then if any one who claims to be a prophet, master, expert or authority of any of these religions and then claims that they know when the world is going to end and you choose to believe them. There is nothing left for me to say to you except, ‘Wow, double wow and quadruple wow! Unbelievable!’

Now someone brilliantly stupid may at this point ask, ‘What about you, aren't you just another prophet of doom like all these that you are railing against?’

So be sure to read the answer in the next installment — ‘Isn’t This Author Just Another Crazed Prophet Of Doom?

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