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Editor's Note: These are extracts to some of the yet to be and pending to be published discussions that I have been working on for quite a while since. Some (those confirmed as scheduled) are mostly complete except for the editorial checks that are necessary before they can be published, while others are from around half way to three quarters complete. This is before taking in account the necessary editor checks before publishing which for me are the most time consuming tasks. I usually take from three to four times longer to do an editorial check than I do to write a post. Even after numerous editorial rechecks I still am not able to pick out all the erroneous typo and grammatical. Generally I take any time from two to eight times longer to finish up (i.e. refining) a discussion than I do to write them.

A few of these discussions were from as far back as a few years ago (which were scheduled for publication then) but had to held back as each time the necessarily editorial works were being undertaken numerous issues arose that thwarted the editorial work from continuing and therefore they had to be momentarily suspended causing their publication to be put off or postponed indefinitely. Others are the more recent discussion topics that I have been working on and off, as whenever I have been able to, from beginning 2015 C.E.

Aside from the editorial checks, each time I have completed writing each post I still have to do the mundane and tedious insertion of the topical links (URLs). This too is quite a time consuming task which most blogging platform editing apps don't support. I don't use any additional webpage authoring app but write and edit directly in Blogger.

Scheduled For 2016 C.E.

Are You Real Part 2 – How Are You Real
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog)

Before we can explain how we know we are real we need to know what is real, what is the reality of our existential realm or dominion. Obviously if we exist as something it must be in some place; the place we exist in, must first be real if it is not real then we are not real. This is even more crucially true considering that we (humankind, both individually and collectively) are only very temporary (meaning we all die, eventually, plus that we all, none of us existed all along but only came about to exist a very short time ago in the past).

If we are even remotely self aware (as opposed to just being self conscious) as asserted, acclaimed, proclaimed and pronounced by science, we would (or should anyway) understand and know just how very temporary we are beyond even the fact that we all die. This is because our relevancy as ourselves as a consistent idea of who we actually are, is both fluid (i.e. ever changing), uncertain (i.e. we are actually quite clueless that we are totally the slave of our lusts, driven to act and speak in ways that are harmful to our persons physically and also our cognitive mental self, psyche or mind) and incomplete (i.e. forgetting or losing crucial memories of things we have experienced andor learned which therefore make us much less and definitely much less intelligent from a cognitive standpoint, than the person we would be if we have retained and have been able to fully make use of these forgotten memories and knowledge).

Euthanasia And The Scriptures
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog)

The Apostle Peter totally not remembering (i.e. discarding most of) the teachings of LORD JESUS during HIS three and a half ministry (to therefore through his epistles, rendered or confined all those teachings of LORD JESUS as being irrelevant, pointless, of no significance and to no purpose), was quite easily intimidated and cowed by the Apostle Paul into preaching a so called Grace that abolishes the Law and the Prophets instead of the required repentance to begin to sincerely (as opposed to pretending to) obey GOD honoring and performing the commandments of GOD, all the commandments of GOD, rather than to spirit them away will a so called free from the law Grace) and of being so called free from the law as was explicitly advanced by the Apostle Paul stemming from his uncontrolled ego supergorging lust.

Are You Real Part 3 – How Real Are You?
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog)

One of the most easily evident truth to our reality is that there is a prevailing and predominance of consistency in our reality, that things exist, forms and function in a consistent manner, each not only within its own operational areas of existence and functional expression but also in its interaction with other objects of (the same) reality. That is why science have what is called the Standard Model, so they may know how the universe function from the context of a set of consistency foundation or baseline rules.

Is Being A Homosexual A Crime
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog)

Did you know that for centuries until today (2016 C.E.) the evil Christmas religion have asserted, proclaimed, pronounced and decreed that sex is a sin, a crime to GOD? This same diabolically evil religion in their double speaks also for centuries until today have asserted, proclaimed, pronounced and decreed that homosexuality is not just a sin, a crime to GOD; but an abomination to GOD. Yet for centuries even until just around a decade ago, they implicitly and explicitly permitted and even encouraged their ministries to carry out all manner of sex crimes including homosexual rapes, committed against especially young children both boys and girls, and also all those who have no power to resist them (i.e. all those they can effectively silence and subjugate). This they do through ignoring, allowing, hiding and covering up all these evil horrifying perverted atrocities committed by their so called Reverent Fathers (i.e. Revered Gods) ministries against the defenseless, all those they could intimidate, enslave and abuse. And yet recently and very brazenly and blatantly, the so claimed godly infallible holy see, the head of this very arrogantly evil catholic organization actually accused the French government of hypocrisy in January 2015 C.E. (after gunmen of the Islamist faith and belief system killed 12 people at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo) and then in November 2015 C.E., accused ISIS aka ISIL aka Daesh of blasphemy (after they carried out a coordinated attack in France), both of which amounted to nothing more than just themselves exposed as the greatest most supreme of hypocrites and blasphemers condemning all the lesser ones.

Is Euthanasia Andor Suicide A Sin?
(The Holy Bible Expounded Blog)

Almost all those who professed Christianity in the previous centuries from after the Apostolic days before our current age of everyone having their own take on religion and reality of our contemporary Age of Knowledge Technology and Communication (i.e. the 21st Century C.E.) holds suicide to be an unpardonable sin. This is obviously because if you commit suicide then you won't be able to repent before you die (or something along that line). And also obviously, if you didn't die you would not have committed suicide but only attempted to and can still repent provided of course that you don't try again and succeed. This was the published and generally held view of near all Christianity that suicide is a sin. Today, most of the Christmas religion still hold this view as also all of rest of so called Abrahamic religions.

A certain so called religion of peace (because it religious mandate and commission is to wage war to subjugate all mankind by force in brutal sadistic torture and slaughter to submit to them, their religion and their god) has an iteration that though suicide is still considered a sin but if done in the name of their religion andor their god then it the most praise worthy, supremely rewarded and blessed of acts and it entitles the perpetrators to have mindless sex orgies for all eternity with copious dozens of virtue virgins when these perpetrators die and go to heaven. This is however only applicable to the men folks, with the women folks having to settle for a greatly reduced and diminished scale of sex orgies, just one single unit each. This is because their god is very wise, merciful, righteous, just and fair, or at least so they (the believers, followers, subscribers and especially all their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives) claimed.

The End Of The World Or Not Part 5 – The Gospel Of The Kingdom
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog)

That is right, the question was posed not so much to preach, teach and expound the truth about the message of the Gospel, but mostly (i.e. the main motivating agenda was) just to advance the claims of the Messenger of that Church period that he is indeed the definitive fulfillment of the ‘Elijah Who Is To Come’ and also an Apostle no less (because he being so great he cannot be anything lesser than an Apostle). No doubt it is of paramount important to expose and reveal to all humankind the fact that mainstream and traditional so called Christianity is not Christianity at all, and their evil lies in their (good news) messages about the lives and persons, the many twisted and perverted versions about the life and person, of Jesus Christs (because every individual, group and organization among these evil religions all have their own take, their own particular and preferred invented version or even versions of Jesus Christ) and good Christians being saved (to go the heaven or some unearthly place when they die). But even of greater and more paramount importance would be exactly what the Gospel message is, as a complete message and not just some bits andor pieces, just enough to be able to use to promote oneself.

Pending But Not Scheduled
The following are some discussions (not listed in any particular order) that I have been working on and off for many, many months but are as yet not completed. Once completed including after the necessary editorial checks are done, they will then be scheduled.

(The Scripture Of Truth Blog)

Two of the explicitly evil so called Abrahamic religions claim that their ‘Gods is one’ while a third claimed that their ‘God is a trinity’ (i.e. a three in one). The sole Messenger to the Philadelphia era of the Church of GOD claimed that ‘GOD is two’. But not a single one of them have any clue or notion what they have been (i.e. were and are still) talking about because not a single one of them understood the simplest thing about numbers what numbers are, from not understanding the most basic thing about relative and absolute. Fact is not a single one among all of proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all the knowledge disciplines (i.e. of all knowledge expertise) and all enlightenment disciplines (i.e. of all system of beliefs whether religious or non religious) understood even this one simplest most basic thing about numbers.

When it come to numbers (a numerical quantity or quantum value in mathematics), there is only one real absolute number and that is the number one. All other numbers are relative (i.e. having their meaning value derived from a comparison to this number). Every other numerical number (whether integers or fractions, including zero or nothing) are a comparison (i.e. have their conceptual meaning as a quantity value from a comparison) with the number one. If the number one does not exist then by default all the other numbers will not have any meaning as quantitative values. This one simple fact of reality alone absolutely proved without a shadow of a doubt the insanity of science (the ego supergorging lust of science effectively making them all technically insane) in their contemporary theory of the Big Bang from Absolutely Nothing (i.e. a quantum absolutely nothing or quantum absolute vacuum) as the very scientific be-all-end-all creator of absolutely everything (i.e. the universe). This is just as all numerical values have no meaning without the numerical value ONE, absolutely nothing have no meaning without something, absolute nothing as a reality conceptual expression derives it meaning from something which in turn derives its meaning from everything. And if we really understood what was recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures about ‘GOD being ONE’ (Deuteronomy 6:4; Zechariah 14:9; Mark 12:29; John 10:30; Matthew 23:9), we would (or should anyway) understand what that meant. 

Why True Christianity Have Remained A Small Flock
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog, also partially discussed in the post ‘The End Of The World How It Is Going To Happen’)

The true Christianity in this current Age of Man (the time from the eviction from the Garden of Eden through to the end of the one thousand years when LORD JESUS and HIS Chosen will be ruling the social order of mankind), just like the two ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, was not, has never been and is not a universal (global) religion, not yet, not until another over one thousand years just prior to and during the one hundred year period of the Great Judgment. Mankind rejected GOD’s rule over them from the very first family, Adam and Eve. And mankind had continued to do so throughout all the records of the Christian Bible’s history even during the time of the SON of GOD when HE walked on earth as a man (John 1:5, 10 - 11). And throughout the Apostolic time as the Scripture clearly recorded, the faithful Christians were the few and the faithless and disobedient were the many. If you will be truthfully objective you must realize that mankind today, yes even all of professed mainstream “Christianity” have continued on this path, the path of lust to do all the evil they can get away with, this is even if just momentarily so.

The Fulfilled Prophecies
(The End Of The World Blog)

While many more of these prophecies had been clearly and unmistakably known to be fulfilled, fully collaborated and confirmed by historical records from numerous other sources with such records from these other sources confirmed and accepted to be true and accurate by both academia and the scientific community, yet mockers, scoffers and disbelievers naturally disputed them claiming that these prophesies were actually inserted into the records of and by the faithful Elect (the Prophets and Scribes of GOD) after the fact, meaning these scoffers and mockers without any valid basis claimed that the records were doctored. As their basis for their claims, many would in deliberate stupidly often cite the evil works of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the Christmas religion who had actually done exactly that with some of the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures.

The very arrival of JESUS CHRIST The MESSIAH (i.e. The ANOINTED of GOD) and The MESSENGER (as the MEDIATOR of the New Covenant) born as a SON of man at the precise point of time was also explicitly prophesied by the Prophet Daniel and had been evident knowledge to all the Jews (especially the religious Jewish authorities) of that time. This was also fully confirmed in many historical records of the Jews and significantly collaborated by the historical records of the Romans overlord of that time. Even before the prophecy of the Prophet Daniel, numerous other Prophets of the Christian Holy Scriptures from as far back the very first that was recorded by Moses prophesied of the coming of the MEDIATOR of the New Covenant.

Sinners Or Saints – Which
(The End Of The World Blog)

And very unfortunately (as often happen when people are self advancing and self expedient as everyone usually is), that had been and still is, what from many to most of the Elect of GOD then, as well as since then until this day have been mostly to entirely focused on. Yes, many have been focusing almost exclusively on watching for the signs of the end from the erroneous context of the so called Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.

But there is no such thing as the ‘Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse’. 

Now don't get me wrong. I am not asserting that the recorded account in Revelation chapter 6 verse 1 to 8 was bogus or invalid, or anything other than what was exactly recorded. What I am saying is: first and foremost the four horses and the four that sat on these four horses are symbolic and not literal. Secondly the four that sat on the four horses are not literally physical men or Spiritual Angels nor even symbolically those. So there are no horsemen at all whether men or Angel. Thirdly there is nothing apocalyptic about these analogical symbols of four horses and the four that sat on them. The term apocalypse (which literally means revealing or uncovering) were at no time in the Christian Holy Scriptures tagged to these four horses and the four that sat on them. The events recorded as attributed to these four horses and the four that sat on them are repeating events, normal (from a mankind's historical perspective) to the social order of mankind and the norm (from the perspective of a world of mankind in rebellion against GOD) in the order of life and death on this planet.

You can read an entry about the so called ‘Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse’ in the post ‘The Keys To Unlocking The Mystery Part IV’ of the blog, ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ of this author.

In The Beginning Was The WORD
(The Scripture Of Truth Blog)

If we were to check out the meaning in a dictionary or encyclopedia on what a word is and words are, you might get something that might be similar but are essentially different to how I have just defined it here. This does not mean that they won't change it (in the course of time) to be something more as it is defined here, they probably will.

The essential difference between how dictionaries and encyclopedia defined what a word is because of their focus and context. Their focus is on semantics (i.e. the science or the study of meanings) not on reality or truth. Basically semantics is a point of view, an opinion or even (if expanded on) a hypothesis, theory or dissertation. All these changes with time, situation and people. Semantics is basically what dictionaries and encyclopedias are about  the things that people assert and therefore what things means to people. Today with our mega super brilliantly intelligent and supremely enlightened science (meaning almost all the scientists) having gone over the edge of sanity into incoherent insanity due to ego gorging lust, we really don't want to know what things mean to people, especially not in this discussion on the truth from the CREATOR GOD, what our MAKER is communicating to us and teaching us as the basis of HIS intentions and aspirations for us in the process that HE had preordained to complete us as HIS SPIRIT born children. What we want to know is what is the truth, what is the real meaning not the twisted andor fantasied meaning of what something is or is not.

Science And Insanity
(A Christian Pilgrimage Blog)

If we were to ask of the over seven billion people (outside of those who are the regular readers or followers of this work and who actually believe the things testified to in this work) living in this era of knowledge enlightenment empowerment and instantaneous global communication of information and knowledge technology what are the two (or for the hairsplitters, three) basic most important things to know about our universe. the two most basic thing that makes our universe real (having an expression andor meaning as reality of things that exist as oppose to of being nothing or of non existence), would anyone of them be able to definitively tell us what these are? What are the two most basic and crucial things (or parameters from the context of applications) that makes real the physical universe that our proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science assert and proclaim was created some thirteen to fourteen billion years ago from and by Absolutely Nothing, would anyone know the definitive answer?

How about that of life, of life as we know it, the life on our planet earth, if we were to ask what are the two most basic parameters or elementary principles that are needed for life to be possible, or for that matter for our universe to take shape and have some sort of form, be these as minuscule particles (such as electrons or photons, or things even smaller such as neutrinos) as well as the super mega huge galaxies (as a totality of all that they contain) or the fields of gravity, magnetism or even whatever other fields andor waves there is or could be, as have been and will be proclaimed, announced and pronounced by science, would anyone know the definitive answer?

Yet nearly two thousand years ago these answers were already completely revealed (and also completely recorded not much later) to mankind all who would believe the Christian Holy Scriptures, testified to plainly and clearly (i.e. not is some cryptic codes or mysterious encrypted words, numbers or language), just not explicitly. However what was recorded could not be (because it was not intended to be) fully understood until the last generation of the Age of Man (i.e. beginning from around a hundred years ago) who will be living in the days leading to End of the Age.

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Special Note
Please note that all discussions by this author are based on a general non expert assessment of information gathered from material published in the public domain (i,e, readily available to members of the general public). All of this author's discussions are presented as material for any and all lay persons with no special expertise. Anyone twelve years of age and older, who is not mentally incapacitated in some ways, would (or should anyway) be able to understand anyall the discussions of this author. No one needs to be an expert or a genius to be able to understand the simple and straight forward truths discussed by this author.
The main basis of all this author's discussions is the original inspired texts of the Christian Holy Scriptures sourced from material currently (at time of the posting) publicly available as ‘translated’ text in numerous version of the Christian Bible and extensively referenced by the Strong Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Version. The discussions' focus and context are with respect to this author's Christian commitment, worship and beliefs through the calling of ALMIGHTY GOD to the baptism of repentance into the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS of the Christian Bible Gospel's and the full New Testament's accounts.
The referenced sources for all other religions and system of beliefs (hereafter referred to as the Referenced Sources), are to materials freely available and published online on the World Wide Web and other internet service protocols on the Internet. These are published by eitherthe generally proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and mastersor the self proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters of such beliefs and religionsas well as of all others who published dissertations and discussions on these system of beliefs and religions whether presented as biased or unbiased discussion, dissertations or compilations.
The materials directly and specifically attributed to, as sources that form the basis to this author's discussions topics on other system of beliefs and religions are by no means all the sources referenced by this author but just a small sampling of such information that are accurate contextual representations of what is widely published to discuss, proclaim, assert, pronounce andor decree as the so claimed truth andor the direct communications from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR.
Anyone who disputes the accuracy or truthfulness of the discussions, dissertations and assertions with regards to other religions and systems of beliefs (other than the true Christian faith and worship of this authorare requested to take the matter up with the Reference Sources.
This author at no point claimed to be discussing the original work of the originators of any other religions or system of beliefs other than the Christian Commitment by the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS. All discussions of other religions and system of beliefs are based solely on what have been published and were available prior to the time the discussion was posted, and attributed to the Referenced Sources.
Please bear in mind that almost all the Referenced Sources of nearly all religions and system of beliefs as well as those who discussed andor compiled such material information varied their doctrines, assertions, claims (to accuracy, validity or authenticity) andor teachings significantly from time to time through the course of human history, as well as by their various and differing members of those who are the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed experts, authorities andor masters of these knowledge, information, religions and system of beliefswhether they are those generally acknowledged by the human social order andor those who claimed affiliations to these religions and systems of beliefs, or those who are self appointed. Therefore if anyone finds any discussion by this author on these religions and system of beliefs to be inaccurate, they should refer back to those materials published on these religions and system of beliefs that were contemporary to the date the discussion was first posted.

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