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Are You Real Part 2

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Part 1 – Are You Real?
Part 2 – How Are You Real? (this post)
Part 3 – How Real Are You?

This is another teaser post, the second (the first was the post ‘Are You Real’) to the three installments discussion series on this blog that discuss ‘The Issues Of Reality’, firstly what our reality basically is then also the ultimate reality, the default reality. Here we are discussing existential realities (i.e. what is existentially real as opposed to what is fantasized, imagined, theorized or hypothesized) not the numerous other kinds or types that are also being discussed and studied by numerous others.

In the first teaser of this three teaser series, I posted a few questions that hinted at the many — actually near infinite to infinite — possibilities to reality (which will be discussed in the discussion series ‘The Issues Of Reality’ proper). In this second teaser, more hints to the answers (the answers to which is what is discussed in the discussion series ‘The Issues Of Reality’) are given that are clues to the facts and truth about our existential reality.

These series of teasers are meant to highlight the fact that with our current level (from the last half of the nineteenth century onward) of scientific knowledge and understanding about our universe (what are its many contributory causes) that makes it what it is and also about life on earth that is made possible by molecular structures and genetics, everyone (man, woman and even child from preteens to pre adulthood) of average intelligence could from all these knowledge currently publicly available and easily accessible (for those living in a better developed economy of this world) be able to understand what exactly is our reality (from the context of what our universe and ourselves). This is because they are fairly simple things that no one of average intelligent would not be able or would fail to understand unless they chose to lust so uncontrollably as to become technically insane as near to all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge “enlightenment” of the human social order have been doing.

How Are You Real?

‘Cogito ergo sum’ or ‘I think therefore I am’ or ‘I am thinking, therefore I exist’ or ‘I am able to think, therefore I exist’
René Descartes (1596–1650)

If we were to ask anyone to convincingly and rationally explain why they would know that they are real, or how they would know that they are real, will they know how to do it; will they be able to explain and expound it rationally and convincingly? How about all those who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science, will our mega super supremely brilliantly illustrious geniuses scientists (aka boffins) be able to explain and expound it convincingly, or if not come up with a theory for it or formulate some formulae to explain and define it? How about all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religion, all religions, will mega supreme andor mega humbly contrite proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives be able to explain it or come up with some central dogmas for it?

Or will anyone and especially all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of whatever there is and there can be a proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of, be referring to (and using) how René Descartes (1596–1650) “proved” to himself that he exist? But of course he, René Descartes, no longer exist (as René Descartes in his numerous iterations throughout his lifetime, in this reality except maybe in the imaginations of overly fertile minds) except as information (i.e. knowledge) memory in the record of his work and those who reference him in some ways. Was this because he stopped thinking therefore he stopped existing, or was it really the other way around (i.e. he stopped existing therefore he stopped thinking)?

How about if I make it easy for all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of whatever they are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of, by providing some helpful hints.

Before we can explain how we know we are real we need to know what is real, what is the reality of our existential realm or dominion. Obviously if we exist as something it must be in some place; the place we exist in, must first be real if it is not real then we are not real. This is even more crucially true considering that we (humankind, both individually and collectively) are only temporary (meaning we all die, eventually, plus that we all, none of us existed all along but only came about to exist a very short time ago in the past). But there is however an exception to this conditional or parameter requirement, which is not exactly an exception but only just a sort of exception such as in the case of a ‘be all and end all’ to reality, the default of reality. This too will be discussed in the multi part discussion series, ‘The Issues Of Reality’.

I hope all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all the whatever knowledge, purity, holiness, enlightenment, contriteness, humility and ingenuity can understand this one simple thing, that for us (the temporary personages, because we are not permanently real) to be real, the place and time we are ‘real’ in must first be real (whether temporarily or permanently).

The Chicken And The Egg

Which comes first the chicken or the egg, this question has scientists, philosophers and everyone else who cared to  weigh in, arguing for centuries. And no, we are not going discuss and argue over this question, even as many have claimed that they have solved it satisfactory, but only satisfactory to themselves.

The reason we won't discuss this, which comes first, is because firstly from a technical context it is a pointless question, and from a literal context it is a moronically stupid one because all the arguments have been over semantics applied in different contexts. So we shan't touch it with a pole no matter how long. That however does not mean we can't use it to introduce a very pertinent and important issue to reality. And that is the issue of intelligence and knowledge, which must come first.

And the reason we are using the chicken and egg question to introduce the question of intelligence and knowledge, which must come first, is because the question is almost about as tricky as that of the chicken and the egg. But this is of course only if we were to deliberately pretend to be stupid, which incidentally is what near every single member of humankind do, something the Christian Holy Scriptures actually recorded — would you be able to point out which passage this would be, all you who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the Christian Bible — that every single member of humankind does that, deliberately pretend stupidity that is. Yes, if you are familiar with this work (i.e. from being a regular believing reader of this work), you would (or should anyway) know that these include even and especially all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and “enlightenment” of all areas, all disciplines, all endeavors of human activities, and all belief systems whether religious, non religious, irreligious, even alternate, alternative, ultra, intra, extra, supernova, singularity, plurality andor everyall else whatsoever, from absolutely nothing to absolutely everything through to neither absolutely nothing nor absolutely everything andor both absolutely included andor excluded, with andor without exceptions.

So then, which comes first, intelligence or knowledge?

What Is The Basis Of and To Reality

If we were to ask anyone to identify and explain the two main most primary fundamental foundation basis, to reality, our reality (i.e. the things that enable or allow for our reality ‘to take’, become expressed or have meaning, the enabling causes) would they be able to identify and convincingly explain them? How about all those who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science, will our ultra mega super supremely brilliantly illustrious geniuses scientists (aka boffins) be able to identify, explain and expound them convincingly or come up with a theory for them, or formulate a formula to prove them? How about all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religion, all religions and system of beliefs, will these mega super supreme holy servants and slaves of Gods and GOD; all these most reverent holy fathers (i.e. literally Gods themselves), and also the other whatever ultra mega superlative titles. Will any of these be able to identify and explain them or come up with a central dogma or creed for them? They would (or should anyway) be able to, if they even remotely understand (our) reality at all. This however, is not to say that, some to many, among all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of whatever there is to be a proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of, are not saying that reality is not real (implicitly meaning that only they, these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives are real).

Would you believe that the Christian Holy Scriptures some two thousand years ago, actually completed recording and testifying to them, these two most basic elements or parameters (i.e. enabling causes) to reality. That by the way is how this author learned about and understood them (but of course you don't have to believe this if you refuse to because you just plainly don't want to) and learn about reality, what it really is. And no, they are not encrypted (i.e. hidden) in some ultra mega super mysterious miraculous magical paranormal almighty perfectly divine holy sacred mega supremely pure codes of words, letters, language andor symbols (please note: the omission of commas in this sentence and also throughout this work is deliberately done to highlight the superlative mouth full sprouted forth by these brazen lust driven ego ultra mega super gorgers). They were very plainly, clearly and literally recorded (though just not explicitly spelt out) such that anyone having basic reading and comprehension skills could and would (or should anyway) have perceived and understood. But only if they have not been deliberately pretending stupidity while claiming to believe that the Christian Holy Scriptures are the inspired Words of GOD. This author too have plainly, clearly and literally wrote about them in this work, just not yet discussed them explicitly

What this means is that just about anyone with average intelligence, who sincerely seeks to learn from GOD, would have been able to perceive and understand. Of course not immediately. Only after (because the process of knowledge acquisition requires) a sincere, patient and meticulous thorough study of these Scriptures in believing (and not a disbelieving lust saturated) faith and true sincere (not brazen pompous pretense at) worship in an attitude of true (and not a for show) humble, meek, contrite repentance and obedience towards the ABSOLUTE CREATOR before understanding can be achieved with each understanding building to the next until a full picture consisting of all the related concepts can be arrived at (Isaiah 28:10). This is because the definitively effective mitigator (i.e. mitigating factor) against the lusts to believe and subscribe to all manners of ridiculous lies (Isaiah 28:13) in and by the creature personages, is the CREATOR.

But again, of course this is only applicable (i.e. valid) to this last generation (from the context of the social order of humankind) when the world order of humankind is overflowing with knowledge (Daniel 12:4) about ourselves (biologically, chemically physiologically, psychologically and physically) and our universe, our existential realm (what are its constituents and what causes and allows it to exist as three dimensional space-time and everything else).

Hint: Why are you you, and why are you not your identical twin, nor your clone (if you can be cloned exactly into one of more of you and all these clones running around together with you), nor me?

Knowing The Absolute Reality Of GOD

If I were to ask you (the reader) to prove that the CREATOR GOD of all things is both real and absolute, would you be able to do so convincingly using the known familiar concepts of reality, our known existential reality of ourselves, life on earth and the universe? How about all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science and other fields of knowledge, will our mega super supremely brilliantly illustrious geniuses scientists (aka boffins) and super geniuses, will they be able to do so convincingly if they really sincerely try to, whether to come up with some theories on them or to formulate some formulae to prove that the CREATOR GOD is both real and absolute? How about all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religion, all religions and system of beliefs, will these ultra mega super supreme proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of Gods andor GOD, be able to do so?

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