Sunday, November 22, 2009

Living like Kings

If you are among societies' middle class living in the better off of the nations in the world, you probably had it as good and maybe even better than kings and emperors of the past, except for the fact that you don't have slaves and servants waiting at your beck and call and the fact that you can't have anyone killed (with some of the risk of been brought to account) because you don't like their faces.

Disregard those trappings of tyranny and look at what we all enjoy each day. We sleep on more comfortable beds than the mightiest and riches emperor of the past.

In the comfort of our home we avail of entertainment that would boggle the mind of even the greatest visionary of a 100 years ago. We rest in a temperature controlled comfort insulated from the heat and cold. Even in our traveling, in the most uncomfortable aspect we are insulated and cushioned in relative comfort. The four corners of the world are all within our reach, relatively near at most just the a matter of days.

We feast on delicacies from far of corners of the world. Concoctions and portions, fruits and connoisseur dishes, exotic fares all within easy reach. We clothe ourselves in luxuriant apparel, decorate our homes to our fancy and indulged in extravagant pursuits and hobbies.

We have within our means facilities and tools for our recreation and creativity, merchandise in abundant variety and quantity, services refined to an art. It is almost like every imagination of our mind has become available to us to indulge in.

Yet for all these we are oblivious and unappreciative, ever rushing to get more and more as if the only pleasure that can be derived from life is in the acquisitions.

'Enjoy your life all the things that you have. Eat your food slowly enjoying every morsel, drink your drinks in sips don't gobble and gulp as if they are going to run out or someone is going to snatch them away. Although there is a physiological satisfaction derived solely from swallowing, the main pleasure is derived in the tasting not the filling up of the stomach'.

'Let your conversion with the one you love be intimate and mutually nurturing. Don't bicker and content over things that doesn't last. Don't set your desires on shadows, the substance is what you have in your hand. Cherish those who truly love you for these are the true precious treasure of life'.

'Don't lose sight in your pursuit of things to get, to add, to do, to achieve that you can't really keep any of them forever. Even your own life is not yours to keep forever unless you can make it to the forever'.

Know for a certainty, whether you believe in HIM or not, GOD will bring all your acts and words into judgment on that day when he will raise all mankind who had ever lived back to life to be judged (Revelation 20:12). On that day all you contemplation, intentions, words and acts are laid bared and you won't be able to cover them with lies and posturings. You surely will be required to account for every single thing that you have done and every rash, proud and angry word spoken. Do not be deceived you will by no means escape the sure penalty for all the evil and wickedness that you have done. GOD is merciful, true, but equally GOD is just and righteous, HE will not let all those evil that every evil doers have committed go unpunished.

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