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What Is Wrong With Celebrating Xmas

Christmas, either as a religious or non religious celebration, is the most globally and widely celebrated of all the religious festivities that are celebrated by humankind today. So what is so wrong with celebrating Christmas? What is wrong with celebrating a day “randomly” chosen to represent the day the baby JESUS was born on and to annually commemorate this “randomly” chosen date as the birthday of JESUS? What is wrong with a celebration that is to promote good will, family get together and exchange of gifts?

Now I won't answer all these questions because there are plenty of material easily available both in online and ‘hardcopy’ publications that address both perspectives on the virtues and vices of Christmas celebration.

But why do I rail against Christmas celebration (and the Christmas religion) more than all the other religious celebrations of other religions

I would have no more reason to railed against Christmas than any of the numerous celebrations of the many religions (that is the system of religious beliefs), if it makes no claim to be a Christian celebration that commemorate the birth of JESUS CHRIST. In fact that is not even the main and biggest reason I am against the celebration of Christmas even if that is an evil lie invented, sown and perpetrated by evil men of long ago (and thereafter perpetuated by their followers and discipleship of varying loyalty or disloyalty to them) inspired by Satan the Devil as they engineered a religious order that would allow them free rein to torture and murder the true and faithful disciples of JESUS CHRIST in order that they might suppress and blot out the truth about the redemption and salvation that have become available for all humankind — the truth taught and testified to in the Gospel message of the SON of GOD and commanded to true Christians to bear witness to the ends of the earth.

Not long after the death of the Apostolic ‘fathers’ who were contemporary to the life and time of JESUS CHRIST and who were first person eye witnesses to HIS ministry and message, evil infiltrators among the membership of the Church of GOD began an insidious takeover of many congregations of the Church to replace the message of JESUS commanded to HIS disciples with an evil counterfeit of the ancient Babylonian Mystery religion of Simon the Sorcerer. Simon was a practitioner of sorcery in Samaria rebuked by the Apostle Peter. He went on gather an even greater following after himself appointing himself as an apostle and apportioning the name of the JESUS CHRIST, Christianity and the doctrines of grace, mercy, redemption and salvation into his practices of the Mystery Babylonian religion, twisting the requirement of repentance and faithful obedience commanded in the New Covenant into a system of licentiousness and penance that explicitly required the breaking of both the Holy Commandments of GOD and the very New Covenant that JESUS CHRIST mediated through HIS death and made in the BLOOD that HE shed as HE died to pay the penalty of humankind's sin as the LAMB of GOD WHO takes away the sin of the world.

A few centuries after the Church of GOD was founded on the Feast of Firstfruits (aka Pentecost) in 30 C.E., the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea that would give this evil counterfeit Great Catholic (“Christian”) Church started by Simon the Sorcerer of Samaria, free rein to persecute, torture and murder: all who would not accede to her evil tyrannical authority: but most specifically against all true Christians faithful to the Everlasting Covenant mediated by the SON of GOD. This ancient Babylonian religion of which Simon the Sorcerer was the ‘great power of God’ in its new guise grew to become the predominant face of “Christianity” throughout the reach of the Roman Empire by the third century C.E. Today this great counterfeit “Christian” religion (together with all her daughters harlot churches), is still the predominant and accepted face of “Christianity” while the true Church of GOD and the true disciples of JESUS CHRIST have been branded as cults (a contemporary and politically more acceptable word for heretics).

Once having gain political power through the endorsement of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine, the murderous counterfeit Great (Harlot) Catholic (“Christian”) Church (later also her daughters spawned in the Protestant Reformation) soon began their murderous campaigns to suppress and blot out all traces of the Church of GOD in all the political regions that they were able to exercise power and control through their whorish alliances and sway over the political authorities of those nations. And this they did for many centuries until the changing geopolitical landscape and social order removed from them this power to do so.

This is not some fanciful hypothesis and conjecture but the irrevocable truth recorded with clarity in human history and in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures. Both these sources are today easily available to all who would indeed be sincere enough to seek for truth rather than to glorify the lies they chose to believe, indulge in and advance in order to justify a wicked and perverse agenda of their self image elevation in ego gorging lust.

The Main Reason I Railed Against The Christmas Religion.

Today in the contemporary values and social norm of the prevailing world order, the murderous counterfeit Great Catholic (“Christian”) Church and her harlot daughters (spawned in the Protestant Reformation) are without the power they once wielded over the social political order of the nations, and now appeared as harmless, even kind and peace loving. And so they pretended through advocating in their public face and profile in a facade of advocating peace and harmony while insidiously within their core is the same corrupt and perverse agenda of power abuses: from rampant sexual atrocities of pedophilia, rapes of both men and women (that have been endorsed, condoned and covered-up); deceit and duplicity (in their every dealings with their discipleship and other members of humankind); abuse and suppression of truth (in their own administrations and statehood as well as against others); and covert schemes to gain back their political clout and power so that they may again begin their murderous rampages against true Christian faithfuls in the Everlasting Covenant made in and through the BLOOD of the LAMB of GOD WHO takes away the sins of the world.

And so while it is ‘day’ and for a short while, this author is still able to relatively without direct persecution witness to the Gospel Message brought, announced and testified by JESUS CHRIST. However night is fast approaching when the masters and discipleship of the Great Catholic (“Christian”) Church and her harlot daughters (spawned in the Protestant Reformation) will seek to silence this author through persecution and even murder (even as in some countries this silencing has already begun as at 2014 C.E.).

Ask yourself this question:

‘Why would a religious belief system or religious order/organization use the office of the Emperor of a pagan emperor worshiping empire to convene a religious council to settle differences between different congregations?’

Think you know the answer?

Here is the true answer:

‘To leverage the political power of the Emperor to have their doctrines be given political sanction or endorsement, meaning enforceable sanctions against those that would disagree with, or refuse to obey their doctrines.’

Ask yourself another question:

‘Why would the SON of man, the MESSIAH, MESSENGER and MEDIATOR of the New Covenant who died to institute the Everlasting Covenant through which GOD redeemed all humankind from the death penalty caused by their sins; to institute the New Covenant in the Passover on one specific day of the Sacred Calendar and command all HIS Apostles and disciples to commemorate the memorial of the same, on the same specific day and in the same exact manner, the commemoration being the very New Covenant made in HIS BLOOD, then some three hundred years later had a Council that was supposedly of HIS so called faithful obedient followers or disciples, changed it to Easter Sunday so that a few hundred years later, such supposedly so called faithful followers (i.e catholic religious entity) could then hunt down to torture and murder all those who would obey, honor and keep the New Covenant, who would refuse to disobey and refuse to break, HIS original commandments to commemorate the Passover as the memorial of HIS death?’

Over two billion people in the world today claiming themselves to be Christians believed just that.
1. That JESUS CHRIST died as the LAMB of GOD to institute the New Covenant on the Passover and commanded all HIS Apostles and disciples to commemorate HIS death as the New Covenant on the same day as a memorial.
2. Then some three hundred years later, JESUS as they so claimed, would “spiritually inspired” a group of people headed by the so called Bishop of Rome, who claimed themselves to be Christian, to convene the Council of Nicaea using the authority of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine to outlaw the very New Covenant that JESUS died to institute, replacing that Passover Covenant instituted by JESUS with the Easter “Covenant” of the pagan goddess Ishtar (Eostre, Ostara and several other ancient pagan goddess including the goddess of mercy of the Eastern religions, were the derivative or the spin offs from the original Ishtar) of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. The Babylonian Mystery Religion was originally invented, four generations after Noah and his family exited the Ark, by Nimrod and his wife to get the people to follow after them, making themselves king, god and goddess.
3. All this was done so that some time later (and for over one thousand three hundred years), all those who would continue to commemorate the memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death on the Passover date as originally commanded by JESUS (explicitly recorded in the Gospels accounts and the Epistles of the Apostle Paul) could be relentlessly hunted down, persecuted and tortured to force them to stop. And if they won't then they were burned at the stake or killed in some other horrible ways.

And the only reason all these torturing and murdering stopped was because the ones who ordered them began to lose their political clout to do so, until they lost them completely just between one to two hundred years ago (i.e. from 2013 C.E. the date of this post). And guess who were the ones who ordered the torturing and killing of all those who would continue to commemorate the memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death in the Passover according to HIS explicit and specific instructions? The very ones who (i.e. the same catholic religious organization that) had convened the Council of Nicaea (and also numerous other councils after that) to issue the Nicene Creed.

Does this make sense to you that LORD JESUS as the MEDIATOR of the New Covenant, that HE would institute and command the commemoration of the New Covenant as a memorial of HIS death to all HIS Apostles and disciples, then some three hundred years later have a group of HIS so called followers convened a Council to outlaw HIS commandments and instructions from being obeyed and followed in order that all who would still obey and follow HIS original explicit and specific instructions and commandments, could be hunted down then tortured and murdered? Well, it makes perfect sense to some over two billion people who claimed themselves as Christians; and also billions more who though they don't claim themselves to be Christian, believed these over two billion people who claimed themselves to be Christian are actually the true Christians, true to the religious faith recorded in the Christian Bible. Whereas those who would obey what the Christian Holy Scriptures clearly and explicitly recorded of JESUS commanding the commemoration the New Covenant HE died to institute, are considered at best to be deviant, at worse to be heretics.

Naturally there will be many very, very smart and intelligent people, some of whom are super smart and brilliant geniuses who would protest and say, ‘Well all these two over billions who claimed themselves as Christians and those billions more who don't claim themselves to be Christian just didn't know about this.’

And that may sound very valid, very true. Right?

Then here is my question: ‘If they truly do not know then what exactly is it they actually are all believing in, have all been believing in? If they do not know this, which is clearly recorded in the Christian Scriptures and in history then what exactly it is they all have been believing in?’

And if they do not know anything about what they believe in, then exactly what do they believe in? Or is this a ridiculous question? Does not knowing what is it you believe means that you will only believe in what is true? If you do not know exactly what you believe in does it not mean that you will believe just about anything and everything? And if you do not only believe in that which is true then what is it exactly that you believe in? Does that not translate effectively as choosing to believe lies? The only possible reason for anyone to choose to believe lies and to believe in lies, is because they want to, or more accurately, they lusted to.

Putting Two And Two Together

So what do all these things tells us? Things like Trinity, Easter, Sunday and Christmas? What does it mean when over two billion people alive today claimed they are Christians that they believe in the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures but chose to believe Trinity, Easter, Sunday and Christmas; chose to believe that the Council of Nicaea defined the tenets of Christianity but not the Christian Holy Scriptures?

What do all these mean? Does it have to spell it out for you?

Is it true, really true that everything in the Christian Holy Scriptures add up to Trinity, Easter, Sunday and Christmas as the Council of Nicaea had defined? It is really true that all the things the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded added up as Trinity, Easter, Sunday and Christmas, as the Bishop of Rome proclaimed and dictated, fully backed by the power and authority of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine. Is the Bishop of Rome, as he had proclaimed and continued to proclaim through the offices of all those who had succeeded him, then the definer, arbiter and final authority of Christianity while the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded by all the prophets of GOD and the Apostles of LORD JESUS are all irrelevant and meaningless to Christianity, to the Christian faith and worship? What do you think all these mean, what is the great Catholic Pope explicitly telling you, and have been telling all mankind since the Council of Nicaea until this very day?

Identity Theft And Murder

Today no one who is knowledgeable would be ignorant of the crime of identity theft. Even as identity theft is a crime as old as human civilization itself, it was at no point in the past carried on such a wide scale against the general population as it is today in the stealing of account passwords, financial information (as a process to rob them) and the creating of false accounts using some else's identity (either to live off their good name or to maliciously malign others in order to harm the person whose identity they stole).

The Christmas religion is basically just that, identity theft of the most evil and vile kind. It is not just identity theft to benefit the perpetrator economically, socially and politically, but a type of ferocious venomous heinous genocide. A full scale relentless genocide perpetrated against the true Saints, the faithful subjects of the Kingdom of GOD. It is a crime perpetrated solely to totally wipe out of existence all those who would be faithful to the true GOD in the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS, and to deny the remaining totality of humankind from gaining access to the grace and mercy of GOD that JESUS died to make available. While the Christmas religions is a direct genocide against the faithful disciples of JESUS and Saints of GOD, it is also an indirect genocide against humankind generally, engineered so that they could not gain access to eternal life make available through the Everlasting Covenant.
Please Note: Article Two of the UN Convention on Genocide of December 1948 describes genocide as carrying out acts intended "to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group".
Technically I am not against anyone celebrating anything (that do not directly or indirectly harm others, from immediately to progressively, cumulatively) including people celebrating Christmas as long as they don't make the claims that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of JESUS CHRIST of the Christian Holy Scriptures and then claiming themselves as true Christian implicitly and explicitly setting up the true and faithful disciples of JESUS as deviants and heretics. How would you take to someone claiming themselves to be you and at the same time branding you to be an impostor, a fraud and a vile criminal who must be destroyed at all cost? This happened for many centuries soon after the Great Harlot Church was able to gain power through the Council of Nicene.

While today she no longer has the derived power to continue to do (from not long after the Protestant Reformation began to erode her evil strangle hold on power over the nations of Europe and those nations having the Christmas religion as the defacto ruling system of beliefs), the Scriptures revealed (through its prophetic records) that she will soon again gain the political and military power to be able to commence and continue her evil persecution, torture and murderous slaughter of true Christian.

Purposely Ignoring The Lesson Of History And The Political Realities Of Power.

The history of humankind right up to this day has been that of those who exercised power always seeking to suppress and to annihilate, if granted the ability to do so unchecked, all those who would not accede and be subject to them, as well as all those they hated for any number of reasons. The maxim – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – has repeatedly being proven in the history of the human social order to be the irrevocable prevailing truth, and still openly being witnessed everyday. Ever since and until this day we have seen great crime against humanity still being played out at every instance when an individual or a complicit group of individuals has been able to exercise the power to suppress andor murder all those they hated with or without cause, as long as they are able to do so with some measure of impunity even if just very temporary so.

In this we have seen the Great Catholic Church (including many of her daughters churches) still complicit in the rape and other abuses and atrocities on countless children, men and women who were too frightened, ignorant or powerless to defend themselves or to seek safety from these evil and perverse acts. The one and only reason that today there appeared to be some token actions from this great evil religious institution to remove these perpetrators (but only some those who have been publicly exposed) of these acts in her ranks, is because of the prevailing social order that enabled these hideous and heinous crime against the defenseless to be finally exposed. And it was not too long ago when this great evil counterfeit fraudulent Church and religion had the power to do so (a truth that the mainstream current social and political order in deliberated stupidity conveniently chose to ignore), that great persecution, torture and murder were carried out against all those who would not accede to her religious dogma and authority. And if you could believe the Holy Christian Scriptures you would (or should anyway) know and understand that all of these were specifically to suppress and blot out the true message of the Gospel testified to by JESUS CHRIST and HIS faithful disciples.

Essentially then (or bottom line aka what it all mean) is that the celebration is a tool engineered and invented to validate a plagiarizing, fraudulent identity thieving murdering imposter to give this evil religion masquerading as Christianity the derived power to persecute, torture and murder the true Christian of the Everlasting Covenant ordained and instituted in Passover commemoration of the BLOOD of LORD JESUS CHRIST as the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sins of the world.

Added 2015 06 24

Here is an interesting development (an AP report carried by the a seemingly contrite Pope asking forgiveness from the Waldensians for the persecution to wipe them out centuries ago:
During a speech to a few hundred people in the Waldensian temple of Turin, Francis decried how Christians over history committed atrocious acts of violence in the name of faith."On the part of the Catholic Church, I ask your forgiveness, I ask it for the non-Christian and even inhuman attitudes and behavior that we have showed you."
Those unfamiliar with European history during the Middle Ages and the history of the Catholic persecution and extermination campaign against all those within the geographical region of her ancient political clout (i.e. of having power impunity to abuse, exploit, rob, rape, torture and murder anyone), the Waldensians (click the link for a Wikipedia article) were the first few (there were several that were documented) offshoots (aka harlot daughters) of the Great Harlot Church which their Mother Harlot tried to stamped out before the Protestant Reformation (i.e her harlot daughters) eroded her power impunity in many areas of Europe.

Please read the discussion ‘Christianity — Know The Basics’ on true Christianity and what makes a person a true Christian in the post, ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’.

It should be understood that Waldensians were never true Christians but were (and still are) just one of the thousands of harlot daughters (constituting the Christmas religion) that the Great Harlot Church spawned as part of Satan the Devil's work to reduce and minimize the true Gospel message from being heard. There has been some claims that Waldensians (or at least some of the early ones) were Sabbath keepers, which I won't dispute (as it is immaterial whether they were or not). Understand that Seventh Day Adventists are also Sabbath keepers but that do not make them any less Christmas religion. Likewise too the Waldensians.

Added 2016 09 14

Pope Francis: Killing 'in the Name of God is Satanic'
reported by CLAUDIO LAVANGA in NBC Breaking News And Top Stories of 2016 09 14 at 10:12 AM ET. (please note that all links to external website site might no longer be reachable aka available, after some period of time)

The Great Catholic Pope of the Christmas religion had just very brazenly and blatantly (but implicitly) proclaimed that The Great Catholic Church of Rome is Satanic (i.e. of and from Satan the Devil), yet the whole wide world of over seven billion people especially all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and enlightenment of every school of thoughts and expertise continued on to remain totally clueless.

If you don't get it just read the previous entry added on 2015 06 24 directly above this entry.

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