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Mr Oooh I Am Part 2

Mr. Oooh I Am  [1]    [2(a response to the slander posted by a fake friend)
Part 2: The Serious Stuff 
(see also Part 1: The Accusation and Slander)


I have wondered, how many of those who first read the derogatory insinuations to slander me in Mr. Oooh I Am's vindictive attempts to inflict the most harm that he could do (from the relative comfort and safety of his home) posted as comments to the post 'Are You Real' and the post 'The Forces That Rule Human Society' in 'The Relationship Connection' blog, actually believed either all or most of the things which Mr. Oooh I Am wrote about me were true. And I wondered how many of these were the regular readers of my blogs?

After publishing the first post of my response in August 2013 C.E., how many of those who read Mr. Oooh I Am's posted comments and after reading the first part of my response still believed that everything or most things (especially those that insinuated all sorts of demeaning things to portray me as an ego maniac, a liar and fraud) that Mr. Oooh I Am wrote about me were true? Not that it matters, simply because evil people will always love to believe evil things, and generally people love to believe lies. Many will disagree, especially with the latter part of the previous statement, but just hold this in mind because I am going to prove this fully, by the end of this post.

In the world of today, the willingly evil actually out numbered those who are more decent by a very, very large percentage. Even the willfully evil greatly outnumbered those who are more decent. This, if you think you can believe the Christian Holy Scripture is one of the definitive signs that tells us that we are indeed living in the End of the Age, and indicates just how close we are to the days when the (Great) Tribulation will begin. This if you think you can believe the Christian Holy Scripture, is just as it was during the Antediluvian Age of Noah, when there were not even ten persons alive then who had not fully embraced the wholesale wickedness and evil of that age which GOD wiped out with the worldwide flood.

The Great Tribulation is the three and a half years of frightening events that will see horrendous violence in the persecution and abuses, carried out especially (but not exclusively) against the people of GOD by Covenant, and also the people of the promises GOD made to Abraham. The start of the Great Tribulation marks the beginning of the three and a half years countdown to the return of JESUS as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords to destroy the willfully wicked in the Day of the LORD and to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. The end of this event will be at the final Battle of Armageddon (which is Hebrew for the Valley of Megiddo) where the armies of the world will be utterly defeated ushering in The Millennium with GOD's Kingdom restored to the Promise Land. Most people reading this, including nearly all those who claimed themselves to be Christian, despite this being exactly what the Christian Bible clearly recorded, will probably not believe any of this, and that won't be at all surprising. Today more than ever in the histories of human civilization, ridiculous and plain explicit lies fill every facet of human endeavors and activities, even as this has been the case from since the very beginning.

Now those of you who did not believe a single word of the slanderous accusation of Mr. Oooh I Am, I am not going to praise you. And you don't need any praise from me or any person, because your praise, the only praise that ultimately matters, is from GOD. Everyone who is righteous and does righteousness is look upon with mercy and favor by the SUPREME CREATOR and their praises and rewards will come from HIM.

Choosing To Believe Lies

Humankind since the beginning of the civilization has always preferred to believe in lies. That is the reason we have numerous ridiculous religions and system of beliefs in our world from since the beginning even until today. This despite the tremendous increase in the knowledge on almost everything that affects and touches our lives. There are actually more religious and other system of beliefs in the human belief system today than ever before. It would seem that almost everyone has a preference to believe in lies. This can be seen in all the things that people today choose to believe in, from the plausible to the totally bizarre and ridiculous.

For the discussion by this author on the numerous ridiculous lies that human being have chosen to believe in and to embrace as truth, from the evil doctrines of the main religions that the world subscribed to, to the numerous theories of alternate realities that we see proliferating on everywhere and especially on the internet, please fully read the post ‘The End Of The World Or Not: Part 3 - Credibility Issues’ of the discussion series ‘The End Of The World Or Not’, and the post, ‘GOD’ in ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ blog.

While most people believe in some things that are not entirely true because the truths are just not very clearly evident, therefore it is hard to make out the lies and the falsehoods from the truths. So this is very understandable. It is very easy to hide lies inside truth, corrupting the truth to effectively turn it into lies. The most obvious proof of this is in religion where every major religious system has doctrines that teach good and lawful behaviors such as kindness, forgiveness and to be law abiding. But all of them also had doctrines that totally subvert GOD's purpose for creating humankind as free will independents minded personages. And even worse, all make the pretense to advocate all manner of reverence and praising worship of GOD but all also teach, command and required their followers to believe and act out beliefs that very obviously blasphemed (i.e. insult, malign, slander, ridicule andor berate) GOD.

Another good example is crimes of all sorts, from petty thefts to white collar crimes and very violent brutal sadistic crimes. The criminals usually look like everyone else otherwise they would be easily detected, identified and caught. The fact that they mostly cannot be easily discerned from the more law abiding citizenry in their appearances, outward conducts and behaviors should give us some indication how easy it is for lies and falsehood to hide among truths.

But the really, really sad part about humankind is that, even when the lies are so obviously lies such as in all the evil anti GOD religions and ridiculous system of beliefs, most people would still choose to believe them. So all of you would know (or should know anyway) that I am talking about you, all those of you who either totally or partially believed in Mr. Oooh I Am and believed Mr. Oooh I Am, in all the slanders, accusations and insinuative insults that he posted against me — while hiding under the 'Anonymous' identity. Then after I disclosed his real identity, he immediately changed the tone of his comments toning down his boasting and insults, switching to engaging the readers, presenting his insinuations very cunningly to gain emotional sympathy as a tool to get people to take his side in order that he may succeed in his malicious goal to willfully slander me as a fraud pretending to be a Christian, all done without presenting a single piece of evidence or a valid rationale/argument for his numerous accusations. The entirety of all his accusations, from the very first to the very last, were structured to deceive and manipulate others, concluding by inviting everyone to judge me to as a fraudulent lying despicable and dishonorable person who is in no way a Christian.

And if anyone reading this is conversant with the history of Christendom and the Council of Nicaea, they would (or should anyway) know (if they had not been deliberating deceiving themselves) that just as Mr. Oooh I Am endeavored to slander me and have me labeled as a lying fraud through trying to gain sympathy from the readers, so also that the Council of Nicaea was specifically convened to leverage the power and authority of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine and the superiority of numbers of cleric supporting the Bishop of Rome to outlaw the New Covenant (which was ordained and instituted by JESUS on the night HE was taken and slain) so that the process to murder and wipe out all those who would remain faithful to GOD and LORD JESUS, in all nations under the sway of the Great Harlot Church and the Bishop of Rome would be able to commence at a slightly later time. And that was exactly what happened for over one thousand two hundred and sixty years, as was clearly recorded in history and prophesied in the Christian Holy Scriptures.

Please read about the Council of Nicaea in the post ‘Easter What Is That??’ and in the subtitle ‘The Pergamos Era’ of the post ‘The False Prophet’ for a more detailed discussion on this topic.

Ask yourself this question:
‘Why would a religious belief system or religious order/organization use the office of the Emperor of a pagan emperor worshiping empire to convene a religious council to settle differences between different congregations?

Think you know the answer?

Here it is:
To leverage the political power of the Emperor to have their doctrines be given political sanction or endorsement, meaning enforceable sanctions against those that would disagree with, or refuse to obey their doctrines.

Ask yourself another question:
Why would the SON of man, the MESSIAH, MESSENGER and MEDIATOR of the New Covenant who died to institute the New Covenant through which GOD redeemed all humankind from the death penalty caused and earned by their sins, institute the New Covenant in the Passover on one specific day of the Sacred Calendar and command all HIS Apostles and disciples to commemorate the memorial of the same, on the same specific day and in the same exact manner, as the New Covenant made in HIS BLOOD, then some three hundred years later had a Council that was supposedly of HIS so called faithful obedient followers or disciples, changed it to Easter Sunday so that some few hundred years later such supposedly so called faithful followers (i.e catholic religious entity) could then hunt down, torture and murder all those who would obey, who would refuse to disobey, HIS original commandments in commemorating the Passover as memorial of HIS death?

Over two billion people in the world today claiming themselves to be Christian believed just that:

1. That JESUS CHRIST died as the LAMB of GOD to institute the New Covenant on the Passover and commanded all HIS Apostles and disciples to commemorate HIS death as the New Covenant on the same day as a memorial (as is recorded in the Gospel accounts as well as the Epistles of the Christian Holy Scriptures).

2. Then three hundred years later JESUS as so claimed, would spiritually inspired a group of people headed by the Bishop of Rome, who claimed themselves to be Christian, to convene the Council of Nicaea using the authority of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine to outlaw the very New Covenant that JESUS died to institute, replacing that Passover Covenant mediated and instituted by JESUS with the Easter “Covenant of the pagan goddess Ishtar (Eostre, Ostara and several other ancient pagan goddess including the goddess of mercy of the Eastern religions, were the derivative or the spin offs from the original Ishtar) of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. The Babylonian Mystery was originally invented, four generations after Noah and his family exited the Ark, by Nimrod and his wife to get the people to follow after them, making themselves king, god and goddess.

3. All this was done so that some time later (and for over one thousand three hundred years), all those who would continue to commemorate the memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death on the Passover date as originally commanded by JESUS (explicitly recorded in the Gospels accounts and the Epistles of the Apostle Paulcould be relentlessly hunted down, persecuted and tortured to force them to stop. And if they won't then they were burned at the stake or killed in some other horrible ways.

And the only reason all these torturing and murdering stopped was because the very ones who ordered all these began to lose their political clout to do so, until they lost them completely just between one to two hundred years ago (as from 2013 C.E.). And guess who were the ones who ordered the torturing and killing of all those who would continue to commemorate the memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death in the Passover according to HIS explicit and specific instructions? The very ones who (i.e. the same catholic religious organization that) had convened the Council of Nicaea (and numerous other councils after that) to issue the Nicene Creed.

Does this make sense to you that JESUS would institute and command the commemoration of the New Covenant as a memorial of HIS death to all HIS Apostles and disciples, then some three hundred years later have a group of HIS so called followers convened a Council to outlaw HIS commandments and instructions from being obeyed and followed in order that all who would still obey and follow HIS original explicit and specific teachings, instructions and commandments could be hunted down then tortured and murdered? Well, it makes perfect sense to some over two billion people who claimed themselves as Christians, and also billions more who though they don't claim themselves to be Christian, believed these over two billion people who claimed themselves to be Christians are actually the true Christians, true to the religious faith and worship recorded in the Christian Bible. And all these must be because all these nearly seven billion people living today just won't believe lies; totally firmly, steadfastly, intelligently, wisely refused to believe obvious, simple, plain, outright lies? Really?

So the question isWhy do people so loved to believe lies to the point of arrogantly, stubbornly and willfully refusing to believe obvious, simple, plain, uncomplicated non muddled truth?

Please read in ‘The End Of The World Or Not - Part 3’ (also Part 2) for the discussion of the numerous ridiculous belief systems that many of the educated masses of the planet earth chose to totally believe in from the Mayan calendar end of the world prophecies to aliens from planet Nibiru, and the various globally embraced monotheistic religions that ever since they were first founded (or started) until today have been committing all kinds of atrocities in their quest for world domination.

But that is not all. IF you think you can believe the Christian Holy Scriptures (and I am not holding my breath waiting for until you do), sometime not too far off from today (2013 C.E.), a group of nations under the leadership of one powerful military and political leader would again give power to the very ones who (i.e. the same catholic religious organization or order that) had convened the Council of Nicaea to outlaw the commemoration of the Passover as a memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death as the New Covenant made in HIS BLOOD, so that they could again begin to hunt down to torture and murder all those who would still commemorate this memorial, so that they can begin again to command, demand and carry out these tortures and murders. And IF you think you can believe the Christian Holy Scriptures, not only would the bulk of these over two billion people of today who considered themselves to be Christian by then still loved to believe lies, but in total, ninety percent of the population (numbering some nine to ten billions) living in those days will also all love to believe the same lies to become complicit either actively or passively to these murders and tortures. And I am wondering how many reading this post right now will be complicit to these murders and tortures.
Please look out for a future post ‘Of Obvious Lies And Obvious Liars’ in this blog for the discussion on how to be able to see through very obvious lies as well as identify obviously brazen liars.

Naturally there will be many very, very smart and intelligent people, some of whom are super smart and brilliant geniuses who would protest and say, ‘Well all these two over billions who claimed themselves as Christians and those billions more who don't claim themselves to be Christian just didn't know about this, it is therefore not only very unfair but a blatant lie to say that these people all choose to believe in lies, love to believe in lies.

And that may sound very valid, very true. Right?

Then here is my question: ‘If they truly do not know then what exactly is it they actually are all believing in, have all been believing in? If they do not know this, which was very clearly recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures and in history, then what exactly it is they all have been believing in?’

And if they do not know anything about what they believe in, then exactly what do they believe in? Or is this a ridiculous question? Does not knowing what is it you believe means that you will only believe in what is true? If you do not know exactly what you believe in does it not mean that you will believe just about anything and everything? And if you do not only believe in that which is true then what is it exactly that you believe in? Does that not translate effectively as choosing to believe lies? The only possible reason for anyone to choose to believe lies and to believe in lies, is because they want to, or more accurately, they lusted to.

In the human social order, throughout the duration of the human civilization, all the various segment of the social order held to some similar and some differing views of what constitute evil. And today (as of 2013 C.E.) with the human population reaching to around seven billions, the views on what constitute evil are even more diverse than ever before with many among the highly educated scientific community and those that worship them, holding the view that evil is just a religious moral issue and has no basis in science and reality. 

With so much confusion over what evil actually is in the social norms of the human social order, it should then be understood that there is no consistent understanding to what is meant when people talk about evil and about people or other entities being evil. Therefore for those reading this author's work especially those reading it for the first time (of course this refers only to the sincere readers seeking for truth and to understand the true Christian message) there is then this need to understand what this author meant when he wrote that one of the main focuses of this author's work is to identify and expose evil in the human social order.

The regular readers of the works of this author would (or should anyway) know that the views and dissertations of this author on all issues, topics and subjects discussed are always from the context and perspective of the Christian Holy Scripture. And with the issue of evil in the human social order this is just as true. Though it should be a very obvious truth that hardly anyone of the around seven billion people alive on this planet earth today, really believe anything of any of the stuff that matters when in comes to what the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded. Nevertheless over three billion people living today actually claimed that they believe in these Scriptures in some ways while at least over two billions of these actually claimed in their doctrines that they hold these Scriptures to be the very (inspired) words of their Gods who they also claimed to be the only God and the Creator of all things. So if you think if you can believe this author when it comes to the issue of evil in the creation and the human social order, hardly anyone fully understand and consequently hardly anyone really understand what the Christian Holy Scriptures meant where it recorded that those who truly love and fear GOD must hate evil.

Basically the Christian Holy Scriptures separate the issue of evil conduct into two main focuses. But underlying this two main focuses is that of the primary framework of the general conduct of relationships, just as in the foundation framework of the two main focuses, the focus is about the conduct of relationships. This is the context or scope of the Christian Holy Scriptures when it talked about evil and wickedness. Of course all these are totally meaningless to those who don't really believe (which includes all those who just pretended to believe) the message of the Gospel and the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures.

The two main focuses on evil, both in the creation (overall as the overview) and in the human social order (which is also the main focus of the Christian message) have been on relationships of: firstly the free willed independent minded intelligent, self aware creature personages sharing a common life supporting and enabling realm with one another individually and collectively; and secondly of these creature personages (interactions and dealings) with their MAKER and GOD who naturally is also their ultimate OWNER and SOVEREIGN who both owns and holds their continuing life and all their very existence in HIS power.

From that if you know how to ‘count from one to three’, and also know how to ‘put two and two together’, you would know (or should know anyway) that when I write about evil I write from these two main contexts in the social order of humankind. One context is of humankind in general irrespective of origins or belief and value systems or stage in their life's journey.

The other context is of those members of humankind who have been in, or are sincerely seeking to have, a relationship with the CREATOR. These are of course all those who have accepted the CREATOR, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob after having entered into the Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS, as well as all those who are still in the process of truly, sincerity seeking the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through seeking to obey the Gospel message that commanded all to repent and turn from and to cease their evil focus on life

Additionally there is also a further other context and this would be for those who are the genealogical heirs according to the flesh, in the unbreakable promises of GOD to Abraham (also by extension to Isaac and Jacob as the anointed heirs according to that promise).

But whichever one of these contexts we look within, the most basic expression of evil is in what I called bad faith which is the attitude of a mainly self focused manner of dealing with others. So whichever context we look within, this most basic expression of evil applies to every creature personage whether the main of humankind who have no covenant with GOD and do not accept HIM as their GOD, or those who think of GOD as their GOD but have never entered into the Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS, or those who having fully believed the message of the Gospel (testified to by the Christian Holy Scriptures) and who in repentance (whether this repentance is in pretense or real sincerity) then gotten baptized accordingly and have since been members in the Covenant partaking in commemorating to keep, abide by and honor the Covenant annually at the time appointed, or even those who once believed and were partakers but have since then ceased and gone to seek out other paths to take to, in the process of their lives in pursuit of all that they need, want, desire, craved and lusted after.

Again if you think you can believe what the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded, there are basically two main Covenants by which the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures has established and ordained how HE has been dealing with humankind created in HIS image and likeness in this Age of Man as a Type and also how HE will judge every single human being who had ever lived, resurrected to life for that purpose that they might have a second chance ‘to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life’ to receive immortality. 

The first of these Covenants which is also the one that applies to every human being who has ever lived at any point of time, from after the Antediluvian Flood. And this is the Rainbow Covenant which is binding on and applies to every human being who has ever lived irregardless. While in this Rainbow Covenant GOD promised never to again destroy all living creatures on land in another worldwide flood, GOD also required every human being to not harm or seek to harm another and especially against harming those who are GOD's people by Covenant.

These requirements were summarized in the Christian Holy Scriptures as:

Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man.

This passage of Scripture is the very summarized requirement of GOD, which is binding on everyone who proceeded out from the Ark with Noah and his family, and includes all the generations that proceed from them. This is just as the Ten Commandments is a summary (or in legal terms the constitutional framework or basis) of the entire Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD as the foundation conceptual framework or the Spiritual intent. This does not mean that GOD just only forbid human beings from killing one another but of the full scope or context in forbidding the harming of one another intentionally or out of willful negligence (i.e. intentional irresponsibility) in any manner at all. 

By extension the requirement in the Rainbow Covenant also have provisions and responsibilities (and an accountability to GOD in the day of Judgment) for the rulers and judges over families, tribes, nations meaning all those who exercise authority, power and influence over the human social to administer, execute and establish justice, as well as a just, fair, equitable lawful order:

“Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed;
For in the image of God He made man.

It should be clear to all who read the blogs of this author that if they hold the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures to be nothing but ridiculous myths and fables or that to believe the Christian Holy Scriptures meant to not believe what it explicitly recorded but to twist it into saying something else, then they should find things better suited to their beliefs, values and passions to do to spent the very short and limited time they have been allotted in their current life, rather than waste any unit of their life here in hysterical scoffing and mocking.

But to the rest whose hearts are not so lifted up through greedy super ego frenzied gorging, if you have understood the writings of this author, you would know (or should know anyway) that when this author railed against evil in the human social it is exactly in these two Biblical context of the Rainbow Covenant (applicable to all of humankind) and the Everlasting Covenant (applicable to those who are or had been the partaker of the New Covenant mediated by the MESSIAH and the MESSENGER of the Everlasting Covenant). 

The evil that is against the requirement of the Rainbow Covenant is and has been applicable to every living human being irregardless of whether they have a relationship with the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, irregardless of what they believe in or don't believe in. And this is evil expressed in words or acts that carried the intent to deceive, to manipulated, to mock andor slander (i.e. falsely accuse or bring a false charge against), to defraud or to cheat (includes rendering a fraudulent or unjust judgment), to exploit, to abuse or to harm (except in the administrating of justice and lawful order) in any manner at all.

The GOD who created all is indeed the GOD having real (as opposed to derived) power and authority over all, and according to HIS will and purpose HE will require an accounting of everyone, every human being (and even every Angel or Spirit personage), who has set themselves against HIM, at the time HE had appointed. And whoever you are irregardless of how great and powerful you are today and how much in total delusion about yourself you have been since, know for a certainty that death awaits you as it awaits all and that GOD had appointed for all man (includes woman) ‘to die once’ then after that to be brought back to life for ‘the Judgment’ at the time appointed when GOD will require all to account for everything they have done in the first lifetime. This is the day (i.e time) of punishment and Day of Judgment recorded in Christian Holy Scripture which will be more bearable for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah then for those arrogantly wicked living in these Last Days of this Age of Man.

Basic Rules Of Engagement

From the context of not adversarial interaction, one of the main causes of violence and consequently also of evil in the human social order is conflict. And the most basic cause of conflict in non adversarial interactions among people, is the disrespect for (and consequently the disregarding of) the basic protocol of engagement, the rules of engagement whenever we engage with someone in some discourse, association, relationship or activity. Bad faith and ill will (through all manner of lust and greed) aside, it is this disregard that always lead to the breaking of the basic rules of engagement resulting in all manner of conflicts which often time escalates to open hostility and violence purely because people just do not ‘have’ the naturally inherent common sense to know when and how to peacefully disengaged.

Thousands of years of civilization the last couple of hundred years of which have seen tremendous stride and advances in science, technology and all fields of knowledge but yet today in the education system of the human social order even in the most developed and advanced nations there is this massive failure to adequately address this issue that would have greatly help to reduce the frequency and pervasiveness of conflicts and the resulting violence in the human social order.

Free Associations Among Humankind

Generally there are three basic non exclusive types of non adversarial human associations. These are:
1. Free associations where unrelated people (i.e people who has no prior association with each other up) come together without any formalized rules, other than the accepted common courtesy and expected behavior of their respective social norm, to freely join in activities and interactions. Occupational colleagues, casual companionship, camaraderie, friendship etc., are examples of free associations. Though there are no formalize rules in these types of associations it does not mean that there are no ‘unwritten’ rules which all parties need to respect and observe in their conduct and interface for those who are parties to this type of associations for such associations to happen in the first place.
2. Kinship or kindred associations. These are family type relationships through parentage and also through marriage and extend down into clan, tribal, racial, nationality and other types of social grouping where members share a bond loyalty due to common or mutual interest. Traditionally one of the expectations of this type of association is that of some degree of loyalty but today though it is still one of the expectations it is lesser so. But even worst the loyalty expected by each party of the others is not even felt to be obligated by the expectant party as self interest rules almost entirely and almost all loyalty performance is totally self focused to demand and expect loyalty from the other parties without any real commitment by any of the party involved to do same with regard to what they expect from the other party.
3. Contracted or covenanted associations. This is the direct opposite of free association in which there are no formalized rules to the association other than what the common behavior norms ingrained by the social order. Contracted associations are formalized association with clearly specified expectations of various obligation from each party to the association. These also usually carry penalties for non performance, non conformance and non compliance which may or may not effect (i.e. result in) a dissolution of the contracted or covenanted association depending on the severity of the failure to meet the obligations of the contract or covenant. Contracted agreements or covenants may also have terms of dissolution ranging from objectives achieved to full term or tenure duration of the contract. These terms of dissolution or termination notwithstanding the contracts can be renewable or extended on further mutual additional agreements. One of the most common covenanted or contracted associations is that of the marriage. In most of today's social order where the agreement or marriage contract is not defined and agreed to by the parties involved but by the legislative requirement of the specific national entity.

Even though sometimes used interchangeably associations and relationships have some key differences when used in the context of the human social interactions, the most notable of which is that relationships are more personal, having a higher degree of inter party bonding (and elements of intimacy or feeling of closeness or mutual caring) whereas in associations there are less or none at all. Of course in common and general usage of both these terms, this core difference between association and relationship is often not reflected as human beings are mostly not precise in their thinking and in their communications. In this blog the term relationship as used by this author, depending on the contexts of usage, refers either to how the word is generally understood and used, or specifically to a love bonded relationship from the context of the Ten Commandments of relationship which is with GOD and with neighbors (includes everyone). In this discussion the term is used in this latter context.

All human associations and relationships have elements of the transactional in them. In fact as multi-cellular complex organism, every single person's life consists of a constant stream of transactional activities that cycle energy and the building blocks of life within the physical body.

These transactional elements are to meet the needs and wants of the parties involved. While in most cases these needs and wants are apparent, in others they are less obvious, manifesting in a desire to serve and to provide for those in need of sustenance, care, comfort, well being, order and direction in life. The transactional derivatives of these are the emotional satisfaction or other rewards derived from the providing for a real or perceived need or want of the other party or parties. Whatever the case, there is always commonly an expectation of a certain level of reciprocity by each party from the other party or parties in any type of human associations and relationships.

It is not in the scope of this discussion to go into the details of human associations and relationships including all the basic rules of engagement that must be respected, as it is such a huge topic that will probably take up several large volume books to adequately discuss. Here pertinent to this discussion issue is the concept of free association when humankind freely without pre-specified conditional obligations, freely mixed and associate with one another.

Free association is a very common way human beings associated freely without encumbrances andor obligated commitments, with one another. From casual mutual once off associations for whatever purpose, to simple neighborly courtesy on a regular basis without actually getting to know each other personally, as well as all manner of contacts whether brief single instances or those that are over a longer duration. While in time past it is true that most free associations are the result of proximity whether from place of living, working, commuting or even frequent hang outs as part of leisure activities, in the contemporary age of technology empowered communication free associations the proximity context has become that of being able to frequently and easily reach others through any communication medium. 

While the most common form of free association are fleeting and casual, there are those that are of longer duration with deeper involvement among the parties usually as a result of common interest or shared passion. Some also develop into friendship and camaraderie type associations with a higher level of commitments each party would come to expect from the association. These developments not withstanding unless there is some contractual agreement whether formalized or not, these basically remains as free association with no party in the association obligated to continue the association should they decide otherwise. But the lack of obligation not withstanding, very often the decision of one party to terminate a free association with another often result in vindictive retribution from the affected party to harm the person of the other party in some ways from abusive harassment to violent brutal murder. This is the manifested expression and absolute proof of the evil seeded and fueled by ego gorging lust.

Free associations which naturally would exclude all those acting out of bad faith, ill will and criminal intent as these would be predatory and parasitic in nature and cannot be classed as association but predation. This is not to say that many free associations as well as other form of associations and “relationships are not conducted by one or more parties in the association with a hidden or exploitative intent to prey on the other party. Irrespective of evil intentions, in free associations the parties involved are not bound to each other by any commitment to the association in anyway except to conduct themselves properly and rationally in accordance to the accepted social norm of their social order including what is permitted within the civil and criminal legislation. The activities and scope of association of the parties in association of this type are entirely defined by and dependent on mutual consensus and consent as well as mutual interest and mutual allowances.

Many free associations develop over time into some ‘sort of relationship and ‘friendship or even into some informal (i.e. non formalized) contracted or covenanted associations as the parties began investing more in the associations and therefore began to have some expectations of obligations and commitments from one another. These however must be mutually agreed by all parties before any party has a right to begin to demand more commitments from the other parties. In most situation no real mutual agreement is arrived at, except for the natural expectation each party begin to develop according to their own perception of what they deem as fair and right. But this so called fair and right expectation is never ever fair or right simply because the only valid way to progress from free association to a contracted or covenanted association (whether or not legally binding) is to formalized clearly defined expectations each have grown to require from the association. Indeed this is the only valid way for any contracted or covenanted association to form, all parties involved must first agree to what is contracted or covenanted. No party in a free association can unilaterally demand a commitment (other then the social acceptable norm of proper courtesy and civil behavior) from any other party without the other parties' agreements.

And as no long as there is no mutually agreed expectations formalized, the association remains free and without obligation, meaning that any party involved in this type of association have the right to freely choose without any obligation or any commitment to the other parties to discontinue the association at anytime. This dissociation can be gradual or instantaneous. No reason or rationale needed to be given to the other party or parties except what common courtesy (which is one of the fundamental rules or protocol of engagement) dictates. If during the association there was any involvement of common or shared property then naturally all must be fairly distributed to whomever it is due by right of ownership after which by right of possession or by consensus unless there were prior agreements.

If there is a falling out among the parties irregardless of the issue, or when the parties find they cannot agree to the extend that they cannot agree even to disagree, an abrupt total cutting off of all communication is a valid manner to terminate, end or discontinued the association unless there are encumbrances such as extended obligations or common property in need of distribution settlement. Without encumbrances an abrupt total cutting off of all communication is in fact not a only a valid manner to end a falling out in an association, it would also in most cases be the best way to do so to stop any escalation of the disagreement into open hostility, conflict and possible violence.

These are all very simple things that any rational intelligent human being would understand (i.e. should understand anyway). Only extremely arrogant ego gorging people who are so totally self absorbed and so full of themselves, would in willful arrogance be unable to accept another party (who never having entered into any contractual agreement with them) refusing to have anything to do with them irregardless of whether there are valid reasons or not, then to resort to invent lies to malign or even worse to resort to violence so that they may harm the other party or parties who had not done anything to harm them. This we read so often reflected in some of the worst cases such as: where a suitor because his suite was rejected, in evil fury would throw corrosive acid on or attack to injure, disfigure or murder the person who decline the suit; or when in relationship breakups one of the partner would resort to murder or violent carnage. Needless to say these are among the most heinous of evil perpetrated by the most heinous of human beings due their mega super ego gorging that they will react in the most violent manner at even the slightest of being slighted when others don't go along to fall in or give in to them. This if you think you can believe this author, are typified by all those who committed crime against humanity in all mass murdering tyrants from Stalin and Hitler to Pol Pot. The only difference between all these ego mega maniacs of such heinous acts and these mass murderers, are the amount of power they were able to command that restrict the scale and scope of their evil deeds.

Only willfully evil and arrogant ego gorging people would refuse to accept other parties' freedom and right to end a relationship or an association that neither had prior to the association made any legally binding commitment to the other party as part of the agreement to form the association. And only people of such minds would resort to seek to harm the other party or parties in order to extracted vindictive furious retribution from being unable to stand even a minor dent or injury to their super inflated egos.

And anyone whose minds have not become blinded due to a willing ignorance, they would have been able to clearly see, to understand that nearly the entirety of all evils that have pervasively infected the human social order from since the beginning has been primarily the lust and gluttony of the human ego, sowing and growing to all manner of other lust, greed and pride. For this reason this author, in all of his Christian blogs have been railing against the super feeding of the ego as the root cause to all the evil we see everywhere in our societies today.

Some Simple Things To Know — If You Don't Like My Apple Don't Shake My Tree. 

For anyone seeking an association or relationship with this author, the fact that I am authoring seven Christian religious blogs surely must ring a bell in their heads whatever they are full of, that I am at best very religious and at worst even considered by some who are willfully arrogant and arrogantly stupid to be fanatical. 

One cannot come seeking a relationship or an association with this author without realizing and understanding that I have very strong religious values, and then had the audacity to expect that I will just ignore it when they constantly push values that I am strongly against to my face continually, and further to have the gall to expect me to approve and agree with these evil beliefs and these values just because of our associations or relationships.

Generally, I do not push my beliefs or values to anyone, I keep them to the platform of my blogs and the other platforms I used that will not force my beliefs on anyone, but always allowing for the freedom of people to decide and choose whether they want to know or to not know. It is one of my foundation beliefs and values that GOD created us as free will independent minded personages, and being not self contradictory GOD allows us to exercise this freedom (within the confines of our physical limitations) to chose whether to obey and live according to HIS requirement or to reject HIM and HIS requirements. But as GOD and the ultimate SOVEREIGN over all things, HE requires all HIS intelligent free will creatures (created to have a conscious love based intelligent relationship with one another and with HIM) to behave in good faith towards one another and not to seek to take advantage of, cheat, exploit, mistreat, abuse or harm one another. And this requirement is the basis that GOD will, at the appointed time for punishment, bring everyone who has ever lived before HIS Judgment seat to account for all they have done in their first lifetime. At that time, for every evil word and deed, everyone will be punished accordingly in order that they might intimately and personally know and feel the consequences of evil they have committed, sown and perpetuated. This is the means by which true repentance will be tested and extracted (proven and judged) of everyone, and all those who refusing to truly repent will accordingly be destroyed for ever. This is the righteousness and justice of GOD ALMIGHTY, no one gets away with anything contrary to lies of all the evil religions of this world.

I am not writing all these Christian blogs because GOD asked or told me to, but as my responsibility to GOD through the Everlasting Covenant instituted by the LORD JESUS. The Covenant I have accepted and entered into with GOD and JESUS after believing. And in accordance with what I understood so I have acted in faith towards GOD and LORD JESUS, responsibly living out my short lifetime testifying to what I believe and know to be true, knowing full well that just as the world had hated and murdered the LORD JESUS for HIS message, so too they will hate me and will seek to murder me despite me not having harmed or deceived anyone, neither have I encouraged anyone to do so, but plead with all that they should not need to and must not resort to evil no matter what. For the knowledge empowerment I have been granted, I have not acted to abuse the power in seeking power or position for myself or to defraud anyone, having taken nothing from anyone. But pleading with all to recognized the plain, clear and simple truth recorded in Christian Holy Scriptures of which I have extensively written, and exhorting all who believed to turn from embracing the evil that the whole world have embraced as a recourse to their lives in all they seek after.

The only time I ever go into discussing my values and faith directly with other parties is if these parties approaching me are the ones to bring them up. I don't talk about my religion and beliefs with others unless they bring it up, I leave people alone to do what they want, to believe what they want, to say what they want. But you can't come up to my face and push your religion, your values and every other crap that I am against and hate and expect me to agree with you, expect me not to speak out against you. If I do that then I will really be a fraud pretending to be something and someone I am not just so as to be agreeable. And if you continually push all these things to me and having me repeatedly telling you each time to cease and decease but you can't seem to get it, you should not be surprised that I will sooner or later have to just cut you off and have nothing to do with you at some point. The only reason you would be surprised is that you have been so totally self absorb, willfully arrogant and/or arrogantly, willfully stupid which would be for me not only a definitive reason to cease to have anything to do with you, but my responsibility in compliance to my Covenant with my GOD to have nothing to do with the willfully wicked or the willfully and arrogantly stupid.

Brief Discussion Of Our Association And Issues Of Contention

Here is a brief and contextually accurate account of my association with Mr. Oooh I Am from the period of 2009 C.E. to 2013 C.E., during which my discourses with Mr. Oooh I Am were mainly through [1] face to face conversions — 80%; [2] cellphone calls — 10%; [3] email correspondence — 10% (all approximation only). 

In as much as I would prefer not to disclose or discuss any of my personal relationships and associations with other parties that are private in nature, this disclosure had been made necessary by the vile and slanderous insinuations and accusations of Mr. Oooh I Am posted in the platform of my workmy blogs — in order to defame and slander me and to discredit my work — my responsibility according to my faith and belief. And that belief is that with power comes responsibility. In as much as a person who is accused and charged before a court of law need to disclose the issue pertinent to refute the charges so also I have presented here what is needful without going into the full details that my accuser was so fearful that I would do, as evidenced by his continuous threat against me to deter me from publishing this response.

Mr. Oooh I Am first contacted me in 2009 C.E. because of my ‘Termites And Ants blog’. Mr. Oooh I Am is a termite and forest enthusiast who is especially interest in and passionate about the black free ranging termite, Macrotermes carbonarius. And it is with acquiring this in his mind that he contacted me. Obviously he wanted and needed to have a friend in the pursuit of his interest and passion especially one who will be to help him get what he wanted. While we both have these two common interest, we do not share them to the same level of obsessive intensity. 

From the very first trip we took together, our differences in core beliefs and values were already very obvious. Generally unless a person is really clearly bent on criminal or predatory activities I do not actively avoid them because I just do not judge others and will freely associate with anyone as long as they do not exhibit unfriendly behaviors, criminal predatory (includes parasitic) tendencies or other clearly evil behaviors. As a friendly antisocial, I freely associate and socialize with people and try to treat them all with neighborly kindness that fulfills the commandments of my GOD, always seeking to do all the good I can, and to avoid and stay clear of doing evil. I treat everyone irregardless of social status the same, with proper respect and courtesy due any member of the humankind, with my primarily agenda of seeking to do what is right and what is good before my GOD and SOVEREIGN

While I generally do not bring up or discuss my beliefs and values unless someone approached me to discuss them, with Mr. Oooh I Am, however he just cannot stop bringing up his beliefs to the point of continually pushing them despite being told to cease and decease repeatedly. Mr. Oooh I Am's very apparent lack of self control (as is easily discerned from his posted ego gorging comments) due to his extreme greed and lust that is typical of the majority of humankind, with many being even more extreme than Mr. Oooh I Am.

In 2010 C.E., in one of the numerous instances of Mr. Oooh I Am pushing on me his ridiculous, moronic beliefs despite my repeatedly telling him to cease, I cut off all communication with him. This was when he refused to stop his continuous stream of abusive email to my email mailbox. Finally I told him that I would tag all his email as spam which led him to immediately cease, and with that our first period of association ended.

Then about a year later, just at the season when the black termite, Macrotermes carbonarius, releases their alate swarms, Mr. Oooh I Am wrote to me, this time using his other email account (as his main account had been tagged by me as from a spammer) [L1] to sort of “apologize” to seek a reconciliation in order to get my help to have another go to collect the black termite, Macrotermes carbonarius

I am, and I have always been a very forgiving person (you don't have to believe this if you choose not to) and seeing how he indirectly apologized in his ego deflation shielding way (which is just about as “apologetic” as mega ego gorgers can in reality go), we got together again to participate in areas of our common passions and interests. This was after I first again told him what he needed to stop doing in order to continue having any association with me - and that was to stop pushing his ego gorging fanatical beliefs in all manner of ridiculous theories about aliens, Jews, Illuminati and whatever else ‘power that be’ on me.

Though Mr. Oooh I Am seemingly got the message (not that ego mega gorgers can ever get the message due to their unwillingness to limit their lust and greed) and agreed, but he was never able to restraint himself except momentarily. He did adopt a less abusive respond when told to stop each time (probably for fear that I will again cut of communication with him and have nothing to do with him) and while he was no longer as pushy to the point of insane obsession as before, and he would usually cease for awhile when I just didn't respond andor ignored him. But it will be but a short while before he would continue again.

However not only was he continuing to be unable to stop pushing his religions, he also (having become more familiar with me) began pushing his evil agenda to malign others when he could not get what he wanted from them or when they prefer to keep company with others rather than him. Each time he did that I would tell him off in hope that he would understand the evil he was doing and would stop. But as with his obsession with Illuminati, with aliens hiding among human beings or on the dark side of the moon, and Jews running and controlling the human social order and other insane ego gorging ideas, so it is with this evil agenda of maligning others for no valid reason except that he couldn't get what he wanted either from them or because (from his reasoning) of them. Though I would at the beginning tell him off but eventually, most times, I would just ignore him not bordering to respond. Only when he refused to take the hint and stop, would I again tell him off.

I am all for giving people a chance, and always encourage people to not take to the path of evil whenever this issue comes up in my conversation with others who I have become familiar enough with that such issues would surface in conversations. That does not mean that I push my values to others who I barely know or who do not know me or have very little or no association with me. The key word here is familiar, those who have gotten to know me well. This is the case with everyone even with members of my own family; I leave people to their own devices unless they attempt to force such devices on me.

As our associations continued longer, more of more of Mr. Oooh I Am's real true color were coming out. About three months before I broke off communication with him this second time, I noted that he had began to become more abusively accusative whenever he can't get what he wants from his being a so called good friend to me. This was usually for me to accompany him on jungle exploring trips and when sometimes I declined. Of course I would tell him off whenever that happens. This is not to say that this was not revealed very early in our association when Mr Oooh I Am would malign anyone [L2] and everyone: from women who preferred the company of other men rather than his, to other races whom he reasoned were getting all the women he found to be attractive; and even calling the GOD of the Christian Holy Scripture a sadomasochist because GOD didn't ‘give’ to him this girl (who commuted to work in the same company bus with him in his previous job) that he had a crush on. He (at that time was then still a convert to the Christmas religion) had lack the courage to even open up his mouth and speak to the girl and wanted GOD to literally just hand her over to him. As I said, I am all for giving people a chance to learn the truth and to come to the true understanding that they might strive to stop seeking to do evil.

All this more or less went on repeatedly on and off from 2011 C.E. until I again cut off all communication with him in June C.E. 2013 after deciding that enough had been done and said. After telling him to cease yet again and he didn't and wouldn't, I saw no point further talking to, or to have anything to do with, such an arrogantly stupid and willfully evil person who is forever bent on the super gorging of his ego and spreading his evil agenda to malign others whenever he can't get what he wanted, from or because (as he reasoned) of them. 

If you were to read through all his ego gorging comments to slander and malign me, you would (or should anyway), be able to discern that Mr. Oooh I Am, totally had no idea that from his very own words he was actually revealing and proving himself to be exactly everything he accused me of being while simultaneously contradicting his own claims to impeccable spirituality, high moral integrity, being highly knowledgeable and of being a true great friend. Technically that is insanity (i.e. deliberate or willful arrogant stupidity or self delusion) though legally it might not be and clinically they can't lock him up in an asylum. That was another reason I made the decision to not have anything at all to do with him. It is always advisable to leave and avoid those technically insane (i.e. delusional) people to their greed and lust fueled insanity (i.e. delusion). Excessive greedy and lustful people are also very prone to violence carnage and all other manner of evil, as can be witnessed so extensively in the human social order. These are unable to accept any reality related corrections of their destructive, evil andor offending behavior and are slighted and offended (i.e. so called hurt and infuriated) by the smallest things; always seeing others as to blame while seeing themselves as blameless when anything unpleasant or undesirable happened to them or when they are unable to, or fail to get what they wanted.

Did I ever consider Mr. Oooh I Am to be a friend? No, because he obviously cannot be a true friend, never ever acting in good faith, being near solely motivated by his lust and greed. And that was exactly what I told him to his face on a few occasions, not to malign or insult him but as a friend (as of being a friend acting in good faith) to tell him the obvious truth encouraging him to change his ways. This is not because I judge him or see myself as a better person than he but when people exhibit and express all the standard behaviors of deceit, deception, dishonesty and manipulation to get what they want and are constantly maligning others when they can't get what they want from them, you have to be really stupid to trust them and look to them as friends. Totally self absorbed, narcissistic people are completely self expedient, always seeking to feed their lust and greed to use anyone and everyone they can that they might achieve their lust and greed driven craving and agenda.

Was I a friend to him? Obviously, and not just a friend but a good friend , one of his best friends, as Mr. Oooh I Am himself acknowledged and admitted in his posted comments. And this is not because of no good reason. I was indeed a good friend (from the context of conduct and behavior, seeking for the good and well being of others) to Mr. Oooh I Am, probably one of the best friend he ever had [7], helping him out in numerous instances and many occasions. This is because I treat everyone with the same good will of friendship and neighborly love irregardless, seeking and desiring for them what is good. This however does not mean that I would condone and support evil or continued on to associate with anyone who explicitly and willfully is. Everyone who really knows me knows this to be true, but you don't have to believe this if you chose not to.

While Mr. Oooh I Am desired to continue his ‘friendship’ with me, he was unwilling (and thus unable) to stop his offending behavior which had led to my first dissociation [L1] with him. Some one once wrote that madness is to continue doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting to get a different result. That precisely described the behavior of Mr. Oooh I Am. He desired to continue our ‘friendship but will not stop the offending behaviors that had led to the first breakup [L1], yet thinking that he can continue our ‘friendship’ while still continuing on offending despite being told repeatedly to stop. I am all for giving people a chance to change or improve, but when this is not forthcoming there has to be time when enough is enough.

In the world, most people consider a friend as someone who will back them up no matter what, but for me it is to do what is right and ultimately good for them, to tell them the truth especially about themselves in the things they are doing (andor advancing) that ultimately will hurt, harm andor destroy them. This is with the hope that they will see, understand and stop. Most people (i.e. almost everyone) don't like this but then that is exactly why this world is filled to the brim with evil, as anyone sane can easily discern. 

This was the specific reason JESUS was murdered by the Jews and Romans, as also happened to many of HIS faithful Apostles and disciples throughout the ages. This was the specific reason the Council of Nicaea in the Nicene Creed outlawed the Covenant that JESUS instituted, ordained in HIS BLOOD, so that all of the faithful followers of JESUS because they will always seek to do good, could be hunted down to force them to turn from obeying, to stop them obeying JESUS, failing which to have them murdered. While the great catholic religious organization that engineered the Council of Nicaea to issue the Nicene Creed had ever since that time been complicit to all manner of evil, insidiously committing all manner of deceits, exploitation, violent carnages, and perverted atrocities on men, women and children, while actively and vigorously covering and concealing them until this very day. This by the way, is both a history truth (i.e. fact), and the regular news of today (even as it was almost totally hushed up until some couple of decades ago) thanks to a more opened social order owed in no small part to the technology of the internet. Yet to this very day, in the countries where this great harlot continued to hold political influence, all her evil acts and maneuvering are still been hushed up. Anyone who even for one micro second would believe that this evil blasphemous religious entity could be anything related to the CREATOR GOD is explicitly insulting the CREATOR of all things.

Ask yourself these questions:

‘Would the real, true disciples of JESUS CHRIST engineered a creed to empower them to persecute, torture and murder people and follow through with these torture and murders for centuries? Would the true servants of JESUS CHRIST be complicit with the political rulers in the world, soliciting their services to hunt down in order to persecute, torture and murder people because these people chose to obey JESUS CHRIST's clear, explicit and specific commandments and instructions?’

So you still think people just don't love to, and won't believe lies?

Read in discussion on the true meaning in the word of the original words in the Christian Holy Scriptures translated into the English word ‘GOD’ that exposed the lies of evil religions pretending to be from GOD, but in their doctrines they all both implicitly and explicitly blaspheme GOD in ridiculous lies and double speak pretending to reverence and praise GOD. And read in the discussion on ‘The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil’ how for centuries the Great Harlot Church and her daughter harlot churches had been very clearly and plainly blaspheming GOD in their doctrines of Original Sin.

The Simple Truth of Consequences

One thing most of us would (or at least should anyway) know is that nearly all people (unless they are totally insane) know how to conduct themselves publicly or openly in a manner that is in acceptably line with the social norm they are living in. This is not to say that there are no people who would continually push the limits of this social acceptable norm, or that the great majority would secretly conduct activities that are against these norms as long as they think they can get away with it undetected andor unpunished.

Our brilliant and incredibly ingenious scientists and leading experts on human behavior all knows this to be true yet they are increasingly forwarding an agenda in all their so called fact finding scientific researches that we are the victims of our genetics switches, the bio-synapse circuitry in our brains andor the bio-chemicals flowing in our body. It was not too long ago when there was this agendum (i.e. agenda) that we are the victims of our society and that if we grow up to become criminal adults, our society and our parents are mostly to entirely at fault. What all these evil agenda do is that they have always been implicitly advancing that we are incapable of exercising freewill and independent decision making to choose how we want to conduct our lives, that we are all victims of a cruel God. Yes, implicit blasphemies, even by people who explicitly claimed there is not such thing as a GOD who created everything.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that humankind are not severely encumbered and limited by our genetics that defines and confines us, while our life directions and consequently our perceptions and understanding are greatly affected by our social environment. Indeed we are temporary life forms with very pressing needs, and not just for the sustenance that enables our lives, but also the needs for activities that stimulates and propel us to desire to want to continue to be alive and to procreate. Though our genetic make up does confine us (our physiology and psychology), and dooms us to a maintenance intensive terminal life, while our social environment is responsible significantly for our values and beliefs, but individually, as living, physical and temporary creature intelligence free will personages these however, do not leave us as nothing but automation. In any given situation we can usually choose to respond differently even as it might be difficult and distressing with the odds heavily stacked against us; we have a choice and a fair measure of control over how we decide to behave.

Do you see a pedophile or serial rapist just grabbing any child or person to rape or sexually abused them in a public place in full view and attention of people andor fully armed law enforcement or security personnel who can stop them immediately? Do you see a group of terrorist openly marching up to an army camp that is on full alert to attack it without being adequate armed and prepared? Unless people are so high on drugs or near totally (from the obsessive super goring of their ego or from being manipulated due to their extreme greed and lust) insane, you won't see them doing anything that would result immediately on them being restrained, thwarted or harmed because they know they can't get away with it. All this should tell us that everyone and anyone unless they are so drugged up or clinically insane, knows how to moderate and regulate their behavior to avoid unpleasant and undesirable things from happening to them or that would prevent them from achieving their objectives. They all know about consequences, cause and effect. And they all can and do modify their behavior accordingly, meaning they are able to choose how to behave, and how and when to behave to achieve their intents. Maybe our brilliant scientists don't want to call that as having intelligence and free will. Maybe they want to call that genetic automation of preprogrammed behavior with near unlimited options enabled by the Darwinian mutation endowment of cognitive abilities.

Generally unless they have become so obsessed to point of delusion andor insanity, humankind can and do mitigated and moderate their behavior to avoid the undesirable effects on them that are immediate or almost immediate (within a day to a few days), especially those that would prevent or hinder them from achieving their desired objectives. 

This does not mean that almost every single member of humankind do not temporarily loose control over their emotions during certain occasions to behave contrarily to their ‘good sense’ and to act in a manner that may immediately or very shortly (within a matter of days) cause them to regret or suffer the consequences of those actions. Similarly it does not mean that many members of humankind do not continuously behave, act to seek out and par take of activities that they know would ultimately be harmful or bring adverse consequences to them as long as these consequences and harms are not immediately so adverse as to make them stop or be unable to continue. And exactly as our brilliant men and women of science have been doing with their loped sided research in deliberately pretending stupidity which sees only one micro aspect of behavior, intentionally in denial over the whole big picture, also all these who have given themselves over to their lust and greed, to behave inappropriately and in destructive manners also invent all manner of excuses for their willing and willful lack of self control.

The case in point is that of Mr. Oooh I Am who because of his unbridled greed and lust to gorge his ego, refused to refrain from his negative behaviors in pushing at me all his ridiculous beliefs and his recriminatory behavior of maligning others (whenever he can't get what he wants from them) despite knowing full well that those behavior are repugnant to me and had led me to terminate my association with him once before. Then finding that his continued obnoxious and evil behavior had again led me to terminate my association with him, he then chose in furious vengeance to falsely accuse me on a public platform (i.e the internet) in order to slander me so that he could do the maximum damage and harm to me by discrediting my work via maligning my person (reputation).

Then like every one whose lust and greed had blinded their good sense making them into the arrogantly stupid I write about often, the loon of moron that Mr. Oooh I Am had made himself into, despite his having a super genius level IQ (i.e. according to him, on the upper limit of that estimated of Albert Einstein), on finding his name exposed [4], resorted to making stupid moronic and criminal threats [E1] to try and frighten me into not publishing a response [E2E3, E4] to his vile slander, fearful that I will expose all of his evil and shameful lies, behavior and conduct during the period of our association. And if you have been discerning you would have understood that this is for no other reason then because of his obsessive lust and greed to fuel the gorging of his super sized ego, which is a very common behavior of all those who have become arrogantly stupid, from the same lust and greed to super feed their ego, despite being endowed with great intelligence. And no, these are not because these members of humankind have been dealt a cruel hand by evolution in the genetic codification and the social engineering of the social order that had limited them to being mere automation, giving them no choice but to behave arrogantly and stupidly.

Mr. Oooh I Am   [1. The Slander]   [2. The Serious Stuff]
(a response to the slander posted by a fake fraud of a so called good friend)

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The main basis of all this author's discussion is to the original inspired text of the Christian Holy Scriptures sourced from material currently (at time of the post) publicly available as ‘translated’ text in numerous version of the Christian Bible, and also Strong Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Version. The discussion focus and context is with respect to this author's Christian faith and beliefs through the calling of ALMIGHTY GOD to the baptism of repentance into the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS of the Christian Bible Gospel's accounts.
The references sources of all other religions and systems of belief (hereafter referred to as the Referenced Sources), are to materials freely available and published online on the World Wide Web and other service protocols on the Internet. These are published by eitherthe generally proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters; or the self proclaimed, acclaimed and acknowledged experts and masters of such beliefs and religionsas well as of all others who published dissertations and discussions on these system of beliefs and religions whether presented as biased or unbiased discussion, dissertations or compilations.
The materials directly and specifically attributed to, as sources that form the basis to this author's discussions topics are by no means all the sources referenced by this author but just a small sampling of such information that are accurately representative of what is published.
Anyone who dispute the accuracy or truthfulness of the discussions, dissertations and assertions with regards to other religions and systems of beliefs (other than the true Christian faith of this author) are requested to take the matter up with the Reference Sources.
This author at no point claimed to be discussing the original work of the originator of any other religions or system of beliefs other than the Christian Faith by the Everlasting Covenant mediated by LORD JESUS. All discussions of other religions and system of beliefs are based solely on what have been published and available at the time the discussion was posted, and attributed to the Reference Sources.
Please bear in mind that almost all held views and assertions of nearly all religions and system of beliefs varied their doctrines and teachings significantly from time to time through the course of human history, as well as by their various and differing members of those who are the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed experts, authorities and/or masters of these religions and systems of beliefs, whether they are those generally acknowledged by the human social order and/or those who claimed affiliations to these religions and systems of beliefs, or those who are self appointed. Therefore if anyone finds any discussion by this author of these religions and systems of beliefs to be inaccurate, they should refer back to those materials published on these religions and system of beliefs that were contemporary to the date the discussion was first posted.

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